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If you're launching a Rhode Island business, the best business decision is to form an LLC.

An LLC will separate and safeguard your personal assets. But before you start, knowing how long it will take to form one is a good idea.

Together with our authorized LLC specialists, who have 20+ years of expertise in the field, we reviewed the processing times for forming an LLC in the state of Rhode Island by examining the recent official records of the Secretary of State.

Here's a thorough breakdown of everything you should know.

Quick Summary

  • It takes 3-4 business days to form a Rhode Island LLC online or by mail.
  • You can form your LLC online, by mail, or in person.
  • Your LLC formation time depends on the filing method you choose.

How Long Does It Take to Form an LLC in Rhode Island?

It takes 3-4 business days to form an LLC online or by mail in Rhode Island. But you'll need to consider the mail time may span to 2 weeks.

The Secretary of State also offers in-person filings, as we'll see below.

Rhode Island LLC Processing Time

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Rhode Island LLC processing time varies with the filing method. Here are the turnaround times for each filing method.

1. Online Filings

All online filings are submitted to the Department of State, Business Services Division.

To form a Domestic LLC in Rhode Island, you must file the Articles of Organization to the Secretary of State.

You must create an account using your company's name, a valid email address, and credit card details for your transaction.

Pay a $150 filing fee plus a $6 "enhanced fee" to complete the process.

Filing fees can be settled using a check or credit card on the Business Services Division [1].

Rhode Island LLC online filing processing takes 3-4 business days. To download your documents:

Visit the Corporate Database of the Rhode Island Secretary of State and look up your LLC using its name.

Click the name of your LLC on the results page. Choose "ALL FILINGS" and click the "View Filings" option at the bottom of your LLC's online record.

To download and preserve your records, look for "Articles of Organization" and click the right link [2].

2. Mail Filings

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For mail filings, you either type Rhode Island LLCs Articles of Organization on your computer, print it, sign it, or print it, fill it out by hand (with a black pen), and sign it. Use standard white paper (8.5" x 11") when printing.

Send the application, together with a $150 check or money order (not cash), to:

Rhode Island Secretary of State
Division of Business Services
148 W. River Street
Providence, RI 02904

The Secretary of State may reject your LLC formation paperwork if you fail to include the following:

  • The name of the LLC
  • The name and Rhode Island address of the resident agent
  • The principal address of the LLC
  • Partnership, corporation, or a separate entity from members
  • LLC Managers or members
  • Effective date
  • Signature of an authorized person
  • Filer's contact information

Rhode Island LLC processing time for mail filings takes 2 weeks [3]. This considers the processing period of 3-4 working days and the time your documents spend in the mail.

If the Rhode Island Secretary of State rejects your LLC, they will send you a letter outlining the issues and what needs to be changed.

They'll also give you your money back and let you submit it again after making the necessary changes.

3. In-person Filings

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Download the Articles of Organization under paper filings on the Business Services website for in-person paper filing.

Read the instructions on the first page and continue to fill in your details as required.

Deliver your completed Articles of Organization and $150 filing fee to:

Business Services Division Providence
Rhode Island 02904-2615
148 West River Street

Make a money order or check payable to the "Rhode Island Department of State" if paying by these methods.

The hours for walk-in filing are 8:30 am-4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

In-person LLC formation documents are usually processed in a few hours (or less).

You will get a stamped copy of your approved Articles of Organization and your LLC's immediate approval.

Steps to Start an LLC in Rhode Island

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Follow these important steps to start an LLC in Rhode Island:


What's the Fastest Way to Get an LLC in Rhode Island?

Filing online is the fastest way to get an LLC in Rhode Island. Online filing has the shortest processing time.

Should I Form an LLC in Rhode Island?

You should form an LLC in Rhode Island if you're looking to start a business or a sole proprietorship. LLCs provide liability protection, tax flexibility, and management.

Should You Hire an LLC Service in Rhode Island?

If you're a prospective LLC owner in Rhode Island, creating an LLC can be difficult due to the state's stringent regulatory demands.

Fortunately, our list of the top LLC formation services in Rhode Island can help you choose a service to help you submit your LLC documents.

Although these seven services listed above wouldn’t speed up your LLC's registration, they present an extensive range of affordable options that satisfy all the necessary conditions for establishing an LLC.

They offer operating agreement bundles, LLC creation packages, and registered agent services.

Additionally, most of these LLC providers offer late-night and weekend client assistance, so you're guaranteed that any issues will be handled quickly.



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