How Long Does It Take To Form an LLC in Oklahoma (The Guide)

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Last updated: November 16, 2023
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Forming an LLC in Oklahoma will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the company's structure, but there is a standardized procedure on how long it takes the Oklahoma Secretary of State to collect and approve LLC registration papers.

Teaming with our experienced LLC experts, we spent considerable time examining the Oklahoma Secretary of State's website for potential LLC filing alternatives and processing timelines.

Here's a detailed summary of everything you need to know about the LLC processing times in Oklahoma.

Quick Summary

  • It takes 5 to 7 business days to form an LLC in Oklahoma by mail and 2 to 3 working days if filed online.
  • The state of Oklahoma does not offer expedited service. 
  • If you choose to file in person, the registration documents are processed within the day. 
  • Based on experience, I discovered that the processing time may be prolonged because of several factors like workload volume, document issues, time of the year and holidays.

What is The Fastest Way to Start an LLC in Oklahoma?

A clock beside a laptop in Oklahoma office

The fastest way to start an LLC in Oklahoma is by filing in person – the documents are processed within the day. You can download and print the form online, and submit it to the state’s office in person.

Don’t forget to pay the $100 filing cost plus a service fee as a check or money order. You can also complete payment using cash or a credit card.

LLC Processing Time in Oklahoma

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The Oklahoma LLC processing time accounts for the total time it takes the Secretary of State to receive your registration documents, process them and mail them to your resident agent.

Here's a detailed description of each filing option and the processing time the Oklahoma SOS provides.

1. Expedited Oklahoma LLC Processing Time By Mail

The state of Oklahoma does not offer expedited service for LLC formation.

2. Non-Expedited Oklahoma LLC Processing Time By Mail

Sorting a pile of papers

Mail filing in Oklahoma takes 5-7 business days to process. Note that the document processing takes 2-3 business days plus the extra mailing time.

When submitting your articles of formation, you must attach the state filing fees as a money order or check payable to the Oklahoma SOS.

Cash is not accepted for mail filings, and the SOS staff will automatically reject LLC papers submitted without this fee.

Submit your complete articles of formation to the following state’s office address:

Secretary of State
421 NW 13th Street
Suite 210
Oklahoma City, OK 73103

3. Oklahoma LLC Processing Time Online

LLC processing time for online filings is 2-3 business days.

To register an LLC online in Oklahoma, you must create an online account with the Oklahoma Secretary of State's Business Services [1].

After registration, you will receive a copy of the registration and your LLC’s filing number [2].

4. Oklahoma LLC Processing Time In Person

Submitting an expedited file to another person

If you need your LLC formation paperwork authorized quickly, filing them in person is ideal because the processing is within the day.

You can visit this address:

Colcord Center

421 NW 13th St,

Suite 210/220

Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Factors Influencing The Formation Timeline Of Oklahoma LLCs

A stack of papers and a woman searching on her laptop about LLC processing time in Oklahoma

Although there is an established formation timeline, the process may be prolonged due to the following reasons:

  • Volume of application: Processing times may be prolonged due to workload volume. The documents are reviewed manually by the state agency.

  • Documentation issues: The state will reject documents with incomplete or innacurate information. Correcting the mistake entails additional paperwork and causes delays.

  • Peak filing seasons: In my years as a business consultant, I always advise my clients to avoid filing during peak seasons since it can prolong the processing time.

  • Weekends or holidays: State agencies do not conduct business during this period. It’s always best to file on a Monday.

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Do I Need a General Business License If I have an LLC in Oklahoma?

You do not need a general business license if you have an LLC in Oklahoma. However, the state may require licenses, permits and special registration for specific type of businesses before they could operate in the state.

Do You Have to Renew Your LLC Every Year in Oklahoma?

You have to renew your LLC every year in Oklahoma by paying an annual fee of $25 to keep your registration active.

Should You Hire an LLC Service in Oklahoma?

Although there are various advantages to forming a domestic or foreign LLC in Oklahoma, it can be difficult if you are new to the process and unaware of Oklahoma LLCs rules and regulations.

Choosing the best Oklahoma LLC formation services for your corporation is a step on the right track if you want fast compliance filing and good standing with the Secretary of State.

While these expert services will not speed up the formation process, they will guarantee that the required paperwork is filed on time and that the right state fees are paid.



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