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The best New York LLC formation service frees up your time, allowing you to focus on managing and growing your business. From business formation to tax planning, as well as ensuring that your business stays in good standing with the state, the exemplary LLC service will do the heavy lifting on your behalf.

In this guide, we have selected the best LLC services in New York to help startups and small businesses like you set up a limited liability company as a business entity. Let's get started!


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With quality LLC formation package features matched with affordable pricing, ZenBusiness stands as the best LLC service for New York startups and small business owners.

Since 2015, it has already formed over 300,000 LLCs nationwide and runs an average 4.7/5 rating across 4,500 online client reviews.

ZenBusiness offers three LLC formation package tiers, with the most basic starting at $39 per year plus the New York state fee.

That price point already includes a one-year free registered agent service and a free operating agreement template.

ZenBusiness Service Features

  • Starter Formation Package: Includes LLC formation, one-year registered agent service, and a free operating agreement template.
  • Pro package: Includes EIN (Employer Identification Number) registration, VIP processing, handling of annual report filings, and two yearly amendments.
  • Premium package: Includes rush filing, business domain name, website email address, and domain privacy.
  • Registered Agent Services: All three of its LLC formation packages include a full year of free registered agent service. The service then renews annually for $119 or $99 a la carte.
  • Features cost-effective LLC formation packages
  • Responsive and personalized customer service
  • Outstanding customer feedback online
  • Includes one year of registered agent service
  • Does not have much experience since they are a relatively new company
  • Requires paying an additional $70 to get an EIN for basic packages

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent logo with two office workers talking to each other

Providing LLC formation services since 1998, Northwest Registered Agent has already made a name for itself for having top-notch customer support in the industry and an affordable LLC formation package.

Northwest Registered Agent's LLC formation pricing starts at $39 and includes a free year of registered agent service, keeping your initial costs low.

Plus, their highly trained customer support team can assist you through each stage of the formation process.

You may also contact them at any moment if you have any questions or require assistance.

Northwest Registered Agent Service features

  • Base Formation Package: Includes all paperwork required for the LLC formation process, such as name searches, registration, and filing of all legal documents. Plus, the 1-year free registered agent is included.
  • Deluxe Package: Includes services from the base package plus access to an Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • Registered Agent Services: Includes a free year of registered agent service. The service then renews annually for $125.
  • Best-in-the-industry customer support
  • Includes one year of registered agent service
  • Has a mail forwarding service
  • Limited features in their packages
  • Doesn't have many customer reviews online


Incfile logo with business people in the background

If you're concerned about high startup fees in New York and only need your formation documents filed, then InFile is your best pick.

They offer a free LLC service in New York (Yes, ZERO dollars!), leaving you to pay only state fees and other minor charges like address and certification fees.

IncFile's customer service department is also plausible with its rapid response time.

This is corroborated by over 10,000 customer reviews, nearly all of which have perfect five-star ratings.

IncFile Service Features

  • Free Silver Package: Includes New York LLC formation, 1 year of free registered agent service, and lifetime company compliance alerts.
  • Incfile Gold: Includes preparation of operating agreement, banking resolution, and EIN registration.
  • Platinum Package: Adds free business website and domain name, business contract templates, and priority expedited filing.
  • Registered Agent Services: Includes a free year of registered agent service. The service then renews annually for $119.
  • Has free LLC service
  • Includes one year of registered agent service
  • Over 98% of positive customer reviews online
  • Has a few upsells and third-party offers
  • Requires paying an extra fee to get an EIN registration
  • Company alerts are quite overwhelming


LegalZoom logo with office people in the background

LegalZoom is a one-stop online shop for legal services.

Because of this, they have assisted over 4 million people and businesses in various ways since its founding in 2011, half of which involve the formation of LLCs.

Compared to some other LLC services in this list, LegalZoom fees & prices are too high for what you get.

Their entry-level package is reasonable but not as feature-rich as ZenBusiness and IncFile. Nonetheless, they aren't the strongest brand in the LLC formation service industry for nothing.

LegalZoom Service Features

  • LLC formation Economy Package: Price starts at $79 + New York state fee. Includes basic LLC filing services.
  • Basic Economy Package: Price starts at $329 + New York state fee. Adds business name search, Peace of Mind Review™ compliance check, and 30-minute tax savings consultation.
  • Standard Package: Price starts at $349 + New York state fee. Adds deluxe organizer and official certificates and seal.
  • Express Gold Package: Price starts at $349 + New York state fee. Adds express shipping and VIP processing.
  • Business Advisory Plan: Offers tax advice, attorney help, and access to legal forms.
  • Registered Agent Services: Costs $159 in the first year if added to a formation package. The service then renews annually for $249.
  • Established brand in LLC formation services
  • Extended customer support hours
  • Extensive legal services for your New York LLC
  • High client volume
  • LLC formation packages don't include a lot of features
  • No registered agent included
  • Many upsell to high-priced add-on services


Bizfilings logo with business people in the background

Among the LLC formation service provider in this list, BizFilings has the highest price point. However, they make up for it by providing the best and lowest charge for New York publication service today.

Each of their LLC formation packages also includes six months of registered agent service, which, quite frankly, is better than nothing.

BizFilings is a pretty well-rounded LLC service. In addition to the New York publication service, they are well-known for their return policy.

If they make a mistake, they will "absorb all extra fees and expenditures necessary to fix the inaccuracy or mistake as quickly as possible."

While not every customer feedback is available online, BizFIlings has processed over 500,000 business filings since its founding in 1996. Plus, they are now a subsidiary of Wolters Kluwer, a major worldwide compliance firm.

BizFilings Service Features

  • Basic LLC Formation Package: Price starts at $99 + state fee. Includes preparation and filing of Articles of Organization, Business name search, 6 months BizComply tool.
  • Standard LLC Formation Package: Price varies from $159 to $244 + state fee. Adds LLC kit and seal, Sample LLC forms, Expedited BizFilings processing.
  • Complete LLC Formation Package: Price varies from $199 to $434 + state fee. Adds Federal Tax ID Number (EIN), Video instruction manual for your LLC formation, Certified copy of your documents with overnight shipping, and State-specific features.
  • Registered Agent Services: Includes six months free of registered agent service in every LLC formation package.
  • Includes publication services
  • 6 months free of registered agent included
  • Experienced LLC formation service
  • Extended customer support hours
  • Higher price point of packages than competitors
  • Inconsistent turnaround times
  • Very few customer reviews are available online

Advantages of Creating an LLC in New York

Two businessmen shaking hands

Depending on the type of your business, there are various benefits to establishing an LLC in New York. This business entity offers the personal liability protection given by corporations and the tax flexibility of a sole proprietorship. Read below for more information.

Personal Liability Protection

Incorporating LLC as a business entity can keep you protected from personal creditors. This means that a business creditor cannot pursue an LLC member's personal assets, such as their home, vehicle, or bank accounts.

But, setting up a New York limited liability company does more than protect small businesses from debt collectors. They also protect them from potential personal liability incurred or brought on by other owners or members of the LLC.

Pass-Through Taxation

Forming an LLC in New York gives you an advantage over forming a corporation, especially with taxation. You can take advantage of pass-through taxation as an LLC, which means that taxes are passed through the business and straight to you as personal income tax.

As a result, unlike most large corporations, your New York-based LLC will not be obligated to pay taxes on both the corporate and personal levels. With a New York LLC, small business owners get to simplify managing and minimizing their taxes.

Less Complexity in Formation and Operation

If you feel that dealing with legal documents and paperwork on a regular basis is not for you, you may consider forming an LLC. Its formation process and operation are far more straightforward than that of a corporation.

A New York LLC formation only requires the filing of articles of organization with the New York Secretary of State. Furthermore, unlike a corporation, an LLC is not required to have annual meetings or keep detailed minutes.

Flexibility in Raising Capital

It may be easier for a New York LLC to raise capital than if it was structured as a sole proprietorship or general partnership. As an LLC in New York, you can add new members without giving them a complete say in management. Unlike a sole proprietorship or general partnership, you cannot accept investments without becoming partners.

New York LLC Formation Process

A person using a laptop in a laptop

Technically, the New York Secretary of State does not necessitate the use of an LLC formation service to start an LLC in New York.

Although these services are quite advantageous, you may save money by completing the process yourself.

You may form a New York LLC in eight easy steps:

  • Step 1: Select a Name for Your LLC
  • Step 2: Appoint a Registered Agent
  • Step 3: File New York Articles of Organization
  • Step 4: Create an LLC Operating Agreement
  • Step 5: New York LLC Publication Requirement
  • Step 6: Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Step 7: Pay the Annual Filing Fee
  • Step 8: Taxing LLC Members
  • Step 9: Get a Business License

For more detailed information on how to start an LLC in New York, read our free guide here.

Qualities to Look For in a New York LLC Service

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There are a few factors to consider when selecting among New York LLC formation services. Some of the qualities of the best LLC services to look for are as follows:

  • Competitive pricing of packages: Consider a reasonably priced bundle that includes all of the tools to establish your own business.
  • Ease of use: The order process of forming a business should be simple. An LLC formation service with an easy-to-use internet interface is also a plus as it gives a better online experience.
  • Customer support: For a hassle-free and worry-free experience, LLC formation services with a quick response time are the ideal option.
  • Proven track record: Customer reviews are there for a reason. Check to see if the firm has an excellent track record and client reviews. These things are easily found online.


How to Lookup an LLC in New York?

Visit the New York Department of State Division of Records website and enter your desired name in the search bar. If the results show business entities that are not overly similar to yours or find no matching entity name, you are free to use it.

On the other hand, if the search results find limited liability companies' name that resembles or is identical to your desired name, you are not allowed to use them.

How to Dissolve an LLC in New York?

In order to dissolve an LLC in New York, you must file Articles of Dissolution with the New York Secretary of State, which you may access and download in PDF form on their website.

The following is an outline of the process for properly dissolving an LLC in New York:

  • Step 1: Follow Articles of Dissolution
  • Step 2: Wind Up Your LLC
  • Step 3: Notify Concerned Parties
  • Step 4: Obtain Tax Clearance
  • Step 5: Terminate Out-Of-State Registrations

How Long Does It Take To Form My LLC in New York?

The turnaround time for the approval of your LLC formation in New York will depend on the filing method or filing service you choose. Online filing with the New York Secretary of State is approved immediately. Meanwhile, mail filing usually takes 4 and a half months with COVID measures in place, although the normal processing time was 3 to 5 weeks previously.

But, if you wish to rush your LLC formation, the New York Secretary of State is still honoring expedited requests, with 3 expedited LLC options for mail filings: 24-hour processing, same-day processing, and 2-hour processing.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a New York LLC?

There is a $200 filing fee for the articles of organization due to the New York Secretary of State.

Do I Need an LLC Service in New York?

It depends on what you need at the moment. The Secretary of State does not require hiring LLC services for your business formation, so you can actually do the process on your own. However, if you don't want to deal with all of the paperwork that comes with the LLC formation process, then you might want to consider hiring New York LLC formation services.

Do I Need to Hire a New York Registered Agent Service?

Yes, LLCs in New York are required to designate a registered agent who will be responsible for receiving and handling legal documents, government correspondence, and more on behalf of your New York LLC.

If you prefer, you can be your own registered agent or work with professional registered agent service. By hiring a New York registered agent service for your LLC, you can avoid late fees and maintain good standing with the state.

How Many Small Businesses Are There in New York Today?

New York is one of the top states in the United States with the highest number of small businesses. Based on the recent report by the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are 2.1 million small businesses in New York.

How to Choose the Best LLC Service in New York for You...

Though there are numerous New York LLC formation services that may help you form an LLC, these five are among the best in the business service industry, making it easier for business owners to get started without worrying too much about the registration process itself. However, your pick will still be determined by what you are searching for in a service.

We recommend ZenBusiness if you want a well-rounded service and NorthWest Registered Agent for excellent client service. If you want the best value in service, we suggest IncFile and LegalZoom for solid brand power. But, if you need to have a New York publication service at the lowest price, we recommend BizFilings.

We hope this guide has helped you pick the right and best New York LLC formation service for your business.

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