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Deciding to form your Texas LLC is a big step toward securing your liability, so it’s imperative to hire a credible LLC service provider who can ease up your work while managing your business.

And though numerous LLC formation service providers are available today, choosing the best LLC service in the state can be a tough grind.

To give you some insight and help you make an informed decision, we consulted our legal team and tested the most renowned LLC service in Texas.

In this review, we share the different service features and prices of the top LLC service providers, including their pros and cons.

Read along to find out which Texas LLC service you should hire for your Texas business entity.

5 Top LLC Services in Texas (February 2023)

1 - ZenBusiness (Editor's Choice)

A business man working on a laptop as a background and a logo of ZenBusiness

LLC formation services provided by ZenBusiness are budget-friendly and feature-rich. ZenBusiness offers three levels of Texas LLC formation services package tiers—the most basic one costs $39, which includes one year of free registered agent service and a free operating agreement template.

ZenBusiness also provides a series of reminders to help business owners remember when key periodic filings are due.

As the best Texas LLC service, ZenBusiness is renowned for its straightforward pricing structure, especially for a-la-carte services. In our experience, it was pretty easy to pay for a single service without purchasing an annual membership.

Additionally, they offer discounts for their legal services—and over 300,000 LLCs have been formed through its service since it was founded in 2015. Based on 4,500 positive online reviews, ZenBusiness has achieved an average rating of 4.7/5.

Service Features:

  • Starter Texas LLC formation Package ($39): This includes a free CPA assessment, a Texas LLC formation, a registered agent service for a whole year, and a free operating agreement template.
  • Pro Package ($199): This includes Employer Identification Number (EIN) registration, VIP processing, handling of annual report filings, and two yearly amendments. 
  • Premium Package ($299): Provides rush filing, business domain name, own business website, email address, and domain privacy. 
  • Registered Agent Service ($99):  Each of its three LLC formation packages includes a year's worth of free registered agent service. The service is then annually renewed for $119 or $99 a la carte.
  • Offers cost-effective LLC formation packages
  • Has multiple packages
  • Worry-free compliance filing
  • Their LLC formation process is fast
  • Has excellent customer feedback online
  • New brand in the industry
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2 - Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent Service logo with an office worker standing up looking at a book in the background

Choosing Northwest Registered Agent is excellent if you're looking for a long-standing provider with an outstanding reputation.

Not only that, Northwest Registered Agent has the best client service on this list. With its top-notch LLC formation services at a fairly affordable price, it has made a name for itself since 1998.

Their LCC formation packages are quite reasonable, with the LCC formation pricing starting at $39 and including a free year of registered agent services.

We appreciate that they have enough internal personnel to manage a large customer base and their data. As a result, their data privacy is outstanding.

Also, Northwest Registered Agent service does not outsource any of its online LLC services; hence we find it more autonomous and complete than its competitors.

Service Features:

  • Base Formation Package ($39): All paperwork for forming your Texas LLC is included, such as name searches, registration, and filing of legal documents. In addition, a year's worth of agent service is included for free.
  • Deluxe Package ($179): This package includes the services from the Based Formation Package and access to an Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • Registered Agent Services ($125): Free agent service is provided for an entire year. After that, it renews annually for $135.
  • Fees are transparent
  • Client data privacy is guaranteed
  • More than a decade worth of experience in LLC formation
  • Offers one year of free agent service
  • Features in its packages are pricey
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3 - IncFile

Two people talking while holding a tablet

IncFile is the best Texas LLC formation service if you want an affordable option with the best value for your money.

The customer support team at Incfile is attentive and motivated to answer consumer complaints rapidly. You may ask for help via your statutory agent dashboard if you have any questions.

In order to make ordering and using this LLC service easier for consumers, a simplified user interface has been given top priority. We found this a huge bonus.

The only drawbacks of this business formation service are its third-party offers and some upsell. Even so, IncFile remains one of the best providers of LLC filing services.

Service Features:

  • Free Silver Package ($0): This package includes creating your Texas LLC, one year of free agent service, and lifetime company compliance alerts.
  • IncFile Gold ($199): Includes preparing the certificate of formation, operating agreement, banking, and registering the EIN.
  • Platinum Package ($344): Provides a free business website and domain name, business contract templates, and priority expedited filing services.
  • Registered Agent Service ($199): One year of free agent service is included. It then renews annually for $199.
  • Large customer base of over 800,000 businesses
  • Budget-friendly offers for any small Texas business
  • Offers free registered agent services for one year
  • Professional phone and email helpdesk
  • There are a few upsells and third-party offers
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4 - Rocket Lawyer

RocketLawyer with an office worker using a laptop in the background

Rocket Lawyer is one of the most recognized online legal services available right now, with over 25 million registered customers.

The firm provides clients with quick access to any legal help they require, whether for business formation, Texas registered agent services, or even legal aid.

We gained access to very skilled attorneys with extensive real-world experience for precise legal advice.

So, you can always rely on Rocket Lawyer for trustworthy and efficient legal aid, whether you want to start a business or purchase real estate.

A wide variety of specialized legal documents are available from Rocket Lawyer. You can access various documents when you log in, depending on your specific needs.

As one of the best LLC service providers, the company also offers to hand-deliver paperwork to the Texas Secretary of State's office in less than a week, which is an advantage regarding turnaround time.

Service Features:

  • LLC Formation Service ($99): This bundle gives you access to all basic Texas business formation services. Note that you can get this service for free if you sign up for their premium membership plan.
  • Legal Documents ($39.99): With this plan, you get access to different legal documents, like an operating agreement, that you can download, edit and share with your business partners.
  • EIN Registration ($59.99): Here, Rocket Lawyer will handle all the processes involved in EIN registration so that you can get a business bank account.
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Free seven-day trial
  • Access to licensed attorneys
  • Most services are available for premium members only
  • Packages are pricey
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5 - LegalZoom

Legalzoom logo with an office worker in the background

LegalZoom is a one-stop online shop for legal services that has helped over 4 million people and businesses in several ways—that primarily involves LLC formation.

Even though it is more expensive than the companies on this list for being an established brand, it still offers the best LLC services for small business owners in Texas.

However, although LegalZoom's entry-level package is reasonable, it lacks some features. Despite this, this online business formation service still dominates the LLC formation service industry.

Service Features:

  • Basic Economy Package ($79 plus the state filing fee): The package includes basic LLC services plus a business name search, a Peace of Mind ReviewTM, a compliance check, and a 30-minute business tax consultation for an individual or business entity.
  • Standard Package ($329 plus Texas state fees): This bundle includes everything in the basic economy package plus deluxe organizers and official certificates.
  • Express Gold Package ($349 plus the Texas state fees): apart from all features of the lower tier packages, this plan also includes express shipping and VIP processing.
  • Registered Agent Services ($159): If included in the package, the starting price is $159. After this, the service will renew for $249 annually.
  • A well-known brand in the industry
  • Offers extended customer support hours
  • Provides comprehensive Texas LLC services
  • Their packages don't include many service features
  • No premium registered agent service is included
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Advantages of Creating an LLC in Texas

A group of people discussing the benefits of creating an LLC in Texas

Depending on your business type, your Texas LLC will benefit your company in the following ways [1]:

1. Personal Assets Protection

You can protect yourself and your assets from personal creditors with your Texas LLC. It is one of many reasons entrepreneurs and business owners form an LLC in Texas.

As a small business owner, forming an LLC also protects you from liabilities incurred by other members or owners of the LLC.

2. Pass-Through Taxation

You can enjoy more tax advantages with a Texas LLC than with a corporation. You will receive income from the taxes passing through your LLC due to pass-through taxation [2].

Managing your taxes in Texas is also simplified and minimized. Furthermore, corporate and personal taxes are no longer required.

3. Less Complexity in Formation and Operation

Creating a Texas LLC can save you from regularly dealing with legal documents and paperwork. It is because an LLC is far more straightforward to form than a corporation.

Additionally, your Texas LLC formation requires only the filing of articles of organization with the Secretary of State. And unlike a corporation, a Texas LLC does not require annual meetings or detailed minutes,

4. Flexibility in Raising Capital

Raising the capital becomes more straightforward with your Texas LLC. As an LLC in Texas, you can add members without giving them a complete say in the management.

And accepting investments is also not allowed without becoming a partner, unlike sole proprietorships and general partnerships.

Texas LLC Formation Process

A business man taking notes of the LLC formation process in Texas

Here are seven easy steps to follow if you want to form an LLC in Texas:

  • Step 1: Look Up an LLC Name in Texas and choose a name for your Limited Liability Company
  • Step 2: Find a Texas registered agent
  • Step 3: File your Texas Certificate of Formation
  • Step 4: Construct your Texas LLC Operating Agreement
  • Step 5: Get your Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Step 6: Choose the type of your Texas LLC
  • Step 7: File your Texas LLC annual report

Our Selection Process

A group of individuals talking about the LLC selection process in Texas

Here’s a detailed description of our selection process that helped us rank the best services.

1. Customer Support

There are a lot of complex steps to follow when starting the LLC formation process in Texas. And this means you need professional guidance through it all.

Before ranking these best texas LLC formation services, we reached out to their helpdesks via chat, phone, and email. We categorized each service based on the customer support team's promptness, professionalism, and feedback.

2. Service Features

As for service features, it's crucial to hire a service provider who offers more features at an affordable price.

After subscribing and purchasing different plans from the top 20 LLC services in Texas, these five in our list proved to be the most feature-rich ones.

3. Turnaround Times

To ensure we ranked the services accordingly, we simultaneously made different document orders on the various top LLC service providers in Texas.

We then patiently waited to see how fast the delivery time of each service provider was and ranked them from the fastest to the slowest.

We prioritized LLC services that had a 1-5 business day turnaround.

4. Pricing

We evaluated the various pricing schemes while assessing service providers in Texas to ascertain which service or bundle delivers the most economical value.

After signing up for several packages, we rated the ones we thought were the most economical while still offering the crucial elements that company owners require to launch their LLC ventures.


How Long Does It Take To Form My LLC in Texas?

It takes anywhere between 3 to 21 business days to form your LLC in Texas, depending on which application method you use. Texas LLC mail filing approvals take up to four weeks, while Texas LLC online filing approvals take four business days.

How Much Does It Cost To Create a Texas LLC?

It costs $300 to create a Texas LLC in addition to a 2.7% convenience fee mandated by the state. If you want to reserve your LLC name before Submitting the Certificate of Formation, you must submit a name reservation application, which costs $40.

Do I Need a Texas LLC Formation Services?

Yes, you need a Texas LLC formation service if you don’t want to handle all the business paperwork by yourself. However, the Secretary of State claims you can launch your own company and complete the process without utilizing LLC services.

What Is the Best LLC Service in Texas for You?

Hiring a good LLC service is important if you want to be solely involved in running your business while someone else handles compliance and filing legal documents with the Texas secretary of state.

After evaluating the services mentioned, we’ve concluded that ZenBusiness offers the most extensive, specialized service features that give you the necessary instruments to get your firm off the ground. ZenBusiness provides comprehensive business creation as well as trustworthy legal services.

By managing all legal procedures and the added services, such as web design, superior registered agent service, and compliance, ZenBusiness saves your Texas business considerable time and money.

Our #1 Recommendation


A business man working on a laptop as a background and a logo of ZenBusiness
  • Offers cost-effective LLC formation packages
  • Has multiple packages
  • Worry-free compliance filing
  • Their LLC formation process is fast
  • Has excellent customer feedback online
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of February
  • New brand in the industry

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