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Knowing what is needed from a Rhode Island registered agent service is critical to keeping your startup in accordance with state legislation. Finding a reputable registered agent firm is just as crucial as obtaining the best bargain when hiring a registered agent.

So if you're looking for a registered agent, we've got you covered! We've personally tested the top 3 services on the list, and we did extensive research and comparison of over 10 companies together with our legal team.

Below is a list of the top 7 Rhode Island registered agent services that you can try.

Top 7 Best Registered Agents in Rhode Island (January 2023)

1 - Northwest Registered Agent Service (Editor's Choice)

Northwest Registered Agent Service logo with an office worker standing up looking at a book in the background

Northwest Registered Agent is among the most well-known firms in the statutory agent services sector; the company has a solid history of providing high-quality services and skilled customer relations.

This registered agent has worked with more than 2.9 million businesses since it launched. It has also received a lot of positive online customer feedback.

We were very satisfied with their way of not disclosing our personal information and how easy it was to contact them and receive help from their customer service.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Service ($125): Includes Privacy by Default®, document scanning, mail forwarding, and Local Corporate Guides®.
  • LLC Formation Package (starting at $39): The initial cost is only $39, plus the billing fee, after which you will be charged annually $125.
  • They do not share client data
  • Client service is exceptional
  • Well-versed in their formation services for 20+ years
  • They clear fees to client
  • A free one-year statutory agent service in their creation bundle
  • Not the most budget-friendly service available
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2 - ZenBusiness Registered Agent

ZenBusiness with an office worker in the background

ZenBusiness registered agent service provides professional formation services in Rhode Island, expert assistance, tailored services, and a dashboard that may be customized.

We liked that ZenBusiness is committed to assisting small business entity owners in starting, running, and growing a successful firm.

Their intuitive website was full of resourceful information that helped us understand the legal side of running and managing our business.

Service Features:

  • The standard package ($99/year): Offers direct access to different online documents, plus formation services, expert assistance, and hands-on registered agent service.
  • The complete registered agent service package ($149/year): Includes electronic legal document accessibility; ZenBusiness also offers stress-free compliance and professional legal advice.
  • Inexpensive plans and straightforward pricing for registered agent services
  • Client support hours are extended
  • Has an excellent customer feedback
  • Has great refund policy of money-back guarantee
  • Lacks brand familiarity
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3 - IncFile Registered Agent

A businesswoman using a laptop with the incfile logo in the foreground

Incfile registered agent service is a web-based service that assists owners of small businesses in forming business organizations, filing compliance paperwork, and filing taxes.

Their best registered agent service is designed for the contracting state in which your business entity runs.

During our trial, IncFile offered us a single, one-time operation cost, so no long-term contracts or retainers were required.

Although it is one of the top services in Rhode Island, their customer support is a bit limited and available only during the week.

 Service Features:

  • Registered agent service ($0): Digital dashboard, e-mail and SMS reminders, legal documents forwarding, physical location for receiving papers, as well as notification when documentation is acquired.
  • Strong user online interface
  • All formation packages have a free statutory agent service
  • Rapid turnaround time in ordering
  • There are no hidden charges for their registered agent services
  • Support services are not extended
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4 - LegalZoom Registered Agent

Legalzoom logo with a person doing work in the background in a library

LegalZoom is a top market player in legal services. While it is not the cheapest choice in the industry, LegalZoom provided us, as their clients, with verified dependability, product variety, and excellent customer service.

With everything in view, LegalZoom is the ideal choice for people seeking dependability and expertise from an industry leader for entrepreneurship development and online legal services.

Service Features:

  • Registered agent service ($299/year): e-mail and document forwarding, Layer of Privacy, Compliance calendar, Identity theft protection. LegalZoom registered agent service may cost more than its rival, but you will also feel safer using it due to its knowledge and brand image.
  • A lot of client reviews to assist you in reaching a choice
  • Availability of a diverse variety of legal services and goods
  • Experts in forming a professional liability company
  • Costs more than other business formation options
  • Lack of transparency
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5 - Rocket Lawyer Registered Agent

RocketLawyer with an office worker using a laptop in the background

Rocket Lawyer is a legal technology startup that provides small businesses with low-cost legal papers, high-quality assistance, and other services.

The organization takes pride in providing its Rhode Island customers with almost any legal support they require, whether it is business creation, generator legal assistance or LLC registered agent.

As your registered agent, Rocket Lawyer will not only organize your documents and remind you of deadlines, but it will also serve as your physical address. They will be available to answer questions during normal business hours. They will automatically notify you via email if something urgent requires your attention. They will also quickly send you any documents you need.

Rocket Lawyer is also a fantastic option if you need continuous legal services after opening an LLC in Rhode Island.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Service: A Rocket Lawyer Rhode Island registered agent, will ensure that you meet any tax and paper deadlines that you must meet. This is important because having it will help you avoid any state penalties.
  • 1 Year of Rhode Island registered agent service
  • Document protection
  • Legal services for one year
  • Obtains credit card details during registration
  • More pricey in comparison to competitors
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6 - Swyft Filings Registered Agent

Swyftfilings logo with two office people working in the background

Swyft Filings is a company formation agency that establishes small and medium businesses. Swyft Filings is a low-cost entrepreneurship development service with some of the industry's shortest response times.

Although your documents and information are published on their online dashboard, you can rest assured that your privacy is protected and that, aside from your registered agent, you are the only one who has access to them. They will also not reveal any of your personal information.

Thanks to their quick application procedure and excellent customer service team, you'll get all the tools you need to start your firm quickly.

Service Features

  • Registered Agent Service: Includes an online portal through which you can access all of your documents. You will automatically have your account after signing up with them.
  • The application procedure may be finished in as little as 10 minutes
  • Assures its outcomes in a variety of ways
  • Unlimited access to customer assistance
  • Absences of free Registered Agent Services, unlike other Rhode island, registered agents
  • Lacks transparency
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7 - Harbor Compliance Registered Agent

Harbor Compliance logo with a business person reading a notebook in the background

Harbor Compliance statutory agent service is a corporation that specializes in offering compliance solutions to small businesses and nonprofit associations.

According to its LinkedIn page, this best registered agent service was created in 2012 and employed between 50 and 200 workers.

Since its founding, they have assisted over 20,000 organizations, enterprises, and NGOs to achieve compliance-related demands.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Service (starts at $89): Compliance software solutions, online dashboard, one-day digital delivery of your legal documents, and annual charges ranging from $89 to $99 per state with no additional fees.
  • Their customer evaluations are outstanding
  • Harbor Compliance registered agent services provide a savings option
  • Enables business owners to test software without a charge
  • Extremely costly
  • The service of a Rhode Island registered agent isn't included in LLC and corporation formation bundles
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What Are the Benefits of Working With a Registered Agent Service in Rhode Island?

The benefits of working with a registered agent service in Rhode Island include the following:

1. Privacy

Only the registered agents' addresses will be public, not your personal or business address. This means all legal documents like service of process or lawsuits will be sent to the agent's address.

2. Fewer State Penalties

Rhode Island registered agent service prevents the possibility of non-compliance hence your company will greatly avoid state penalties.

3. Timely Compliance Alerts

A professional Rhode Island statutory agent will provide you with frequent compliance reminders while you just concentrate on expanding your firm.

4. Schedule Flexibility

By using a registered agent service, you may maintain a flexible schedule. The agent is always available during normal business hours to receive all essential files and handle compliance on your behalf.


How Much Does a Statutory Agent Service Cost in Rhode Island?

Acn excellent statutory agent service typically costs between $99 and $349.

On the cheaper and average quality side, some registered agent services range between $49 and $80.

What Are the Requirements for a Rhode Island Registered Agent?

An office person looking through requirements needed for a registered agent service in Rhode Island

Specific legislative responsibilities must be met by each Rhode Island registered agent.

Here are the Rhode Island Registered Agent Requirements:

  1. Keep a registered physical office in Rhode Island
  2. Keep a Rhode Island physical address
  3. Maintain year-round normal business hours
  4. Acknowledge process service on clients' behalf
  5. Timely delivery of process and business documents to clients

Our Selection Process

When reviewing and ranking the registered agent services in Rhode Island, we did so based on a number of strict criteria. We were also assisted by a team of legal advisors and licensed attorneys, using their expertise to ensure our scores were correct.

1. Price

The first criterion we used was the price of each registered agent service in Rhode Island, both as base cost and terms of special offers. Our goal is to ensure each client gets as much value of their money as possible.

2. Expertise

When scoring companies in this area, we made sure to prioritize companies with long-standing business practices and a proven track record. We strive to provide high-quality registered agent services in Rhode Island, capable of handling any task given to them.

3. Customer Support

We scored each registered agent in Rhode Island based on how long it took their customer service to respond to our queries and problems and how much time they needed to resolve them. We did this so that our clients would have their questions answered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

4. Turnaround time

Finally, we have gone through the entire ordering process with each of the companies of the list to find out how quickly they would handle our request. We then noted these times and ranked them against each other for the benefit of our clients.


Can I Be My Own Statutory Agent in Rhode Island?

Yes, you can be your own statutory agent in Rhode Island and many other states.

What Does a Rhode Island Registered Agent Do?

A Rhode Island registered agent do is to receive papers on behalf of the firm and forwards them to the relevant party inside the company.

How Do I Change My Rhode Island Registered Agent?

To change your Rhode Island registered agent, you must submit a Statement of Change with the RI Secretary of State.

The Most Adept Registered Agent in Rhode Island is...

Rhode Island registered agents' job is crucial to your firm's safety and legal status. We determined Northwest Registered Agent to be by far one of several top LLC services that are available after evaluating and rating every one of the choices online.

We particularly liked how they safeguarded our company's sensitive information, and their in-house helpdesk team was always available to solve our issues.

Northwest Registered Agent is ideal if you operate a startup because they offer faster formation and filing, easier EIN/TIN acquisition, and account management. Additionally, if you value your confidentiality and do not want your information to display on public documents, Northwest registered agent has a solid data privacy system that you can rely on.

Our #1 Recommendation

Northwest Registered Agent Service

Northwest Registered Agent Service logo with an office worker standing up looking at a book in the background
Overall Score
  • They do not share client data
  • Client service is exceptional
  • Well-versed in their formation services for 20+ years
  • They clear fees to client
  • A free one-year statutory agent service in their creation bundle
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of January
  • Not the most budget-friendly service available

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