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A limited liability company is an excellent type of business entity because it protects its owners from personal liability from the company's debts and actions.

If you want to form an LLC in New Hampshire, an LLC formation service can assist you in getting your business up and running.

To help you make an informed decision, we looked into the top LLC services in New Hampshire, compared their service features, packages, and customer support options.

Here is how they size up.

6 Best LLC Services in New Hampshire (November 2022)

1 - ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness with an office worker in the background

ZenBusiness is a Texas-based service committed to assisting businessmen in establishing, maintaining, and developing their enterprises since 2015.

The platform is convenient, and there are several add-on options from which to create a plan that meets your requirements.

You may draft and submit your entire company formation paperwork with ZenBusiness, eliminating the need to hire attorneys or other relatively pricey specialists to finish the task for you.

ZenBusiness is an excellent choice if you want to create an LLC in a cost-effective and satisfactory manner.

Service Features:

  • ZenBusiness Starter ($49): Articles of organization filing, limitless name availability checks, telephone and email customer service, digital dashboard accessibility to crucial papers and documentation for your LLC, free accounting consulting, free automated spending monitoring, and tax deduction tagging. This also comes with a complimentary worry-free compliance package during the first year that comprises yearly filing reports warning and submission, 2 free filing modifications annually, and document filing protection to retain a good standing if papers are not filed promptly.
  • ZenBusiness Pro ($199): ZenBusiness Pro offers all of the LLC services included in the starter plan, a personalized operating agreement, and expedited filing.
  • Premium ZenBusiness ($299): ZenBusiness premium includes everything on the above-mentioned business formation services, in addition to expedited filing and software services (domain, email, website)
  • New Hampshire Registered Agent Service: Zenbusiness' New Hampshire registered agent services cost $99 for the initial year and $199 after that for established firms. Once you employ ZenBusiness as your registered agent, any legal paperwork is sent to the firm, and judicial concerns are forwarded to the owner.
  • They offer various formation packages to choose from
  • The prices of each package is reasonable
  • They provide a worry-free compliance
  • They make business formation as quickly as possible
  • Has a lot of positive customer’s feedback
  • Low-aided brand recall
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2 - Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent with an office worker in the background

Northwest Registered Agent is a family-owned and operated company with dependable employees. It was founded in 1998 and has since grown to become a popular LLC service.

According to my experience, Northwest registered agent is quick and responsive, and their formation package includes all of the features you'll need to set up your LLC.

They operate approximately 700 agents for customer service nationally.

It aims to provide excellent customer service from representatives around the United States and claims never to disclose its client's personal information.

Northwest Registered Agent is a dependable, credible specialized firm that can guarantee your LLC formation or establishment is completed promptly and efficiently, thanks to its user-friendly web portal and outstanding customer service.

Service Features:

  • LLC formation ($39 plus state fees):  Northwest Registered Agent will set up and run your LLC for $39 plus statutory fees. This bundle includes LLC formation and maintenance, registered agent service, contact information, mail sending, complimentary telephone for 2 months, security by default, and a professional counselor service.
  • New Hampshire Registered Agent Service: Northwest Registered Agent's LLC services cost $39 plus the state fee. This comes with a free Registered Agent service for the first year. Thereafter, the service is extended at the cost of $125 every year.
  • Well-versed in the formation processes
  • Excellent privacy protection
  • Their fees are very transparent
  • 1-year free registered agent service
  • Expensive
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3 - IncFile

Incfile logo with an office person using a laptop in the background

Incfile was founded in 2004 and has gradually gained the attention of many entrepreneurs due to the excellent services it provides.

As a result, they have assisted in the establishment of over 50,000 businesses, and they have proven to be effective, quick, and dependable based on our experiences with them.

The organization has a reputation for supplying high-quality assistance at a cheaper cost than that of its competitors.

Whether this is your first time applying for an LLC or company, the supplier's user-friendly portal will make the process less overwhelming.

IncFile primarily focuses on providing quick LLC creation, filings, and compliance solutions for entrepreneurs looking to incorporate an LLC with little trouble.

Service Features:

  • Silver Incfile ($0): A full year of registered agent services, lifelong company compliance notifications, next-day order fulfillment, a website, and corporate tax advice are all included.
  • Gold Incfile ($149): Every one of the services included in the silver package is included in the gold plan, as well as a gold LLC Kit, which includes a fine binder, metal die-cast corporate engraving seal, and a contract Library (entry to 25+ legal document templates). An employee identification number (EIN), operating agreement, financial resolution, and expedited shipment are also all included.
  • Incfile Platinum ($249): Incfile Platinum provides every one of the preceding levels' functions and solutions, as well as a customized web page and domain, timely delivery of LLC formation papers as well as other documentation, and a platinum LLC kit.
  • New Hampshire Registered Agent Service: For each of their products, Incfile's registered agent services provide a free year of registered agent service. Then it's $119/per year. This service provides an interface via which clients may view their data.

Clients are provided primarily with relevant data, documents, and legal communication. Clients are immediately alerted through email or SMS whenever important papers are acquired.

  • Very affordable LLC formation service
  • LLC formation package including a free registered agent service for a year
  • History of over 500,000 set businesses
  • Phone and email support
  • Exorbitant upsells
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4 - LegalZoom

LegalZoom with a person in an office in the background

LegalZoom is a web-based service company that is regarded as a one-stop shop for every one of your regulatory obligations.

From its inception in 1999, LegalZoom has grown its reputation to become the leading and well-known LLC formation services and registered agent service.

Clients who need business formation or asset protection assistance generally utilize the site, although it also helps with property rights, marital manners, and property investment.

LegalZoom links clients with skilled lawyers and claims to be less costly compared to hiring a legal team.

Service Features:

  • Economy ($79): This package contains a name check and company filing, articles of incorporation, lifetime customer service, and a financial data approval document.
  • Standard ($329): LegalZoom Standard includes all of the features of the Economy package, as well as a company kit that contains a personally tailored binder for organizing important organizational papers, a business seal to give your LLC's contracts and documents a more business context, and 20 member certificates customized with your business' data for those other holders.
  • Express Gold ($349): LegalZoom Standard contains all of the features of the Economy plan, as well as expedited service and rapid shipment.
  • Registered Agent in New Hampshire: Their professional registered agent service begins at $299 annually and comprises $1 million in identity theft defense and monitoring services, infinite cloud storage for significant corporate records, access to a regulatory schedule with upcoming crucial due dates, and documentation and service charge when shifting from a vying Registered Agent. Court filings, the state's official correspondence, state income tax warnings, secretary of state updates, and yearly report mailings are all also included in this.
  • Brand strength
  • Excellent client service
  • A money-back policy applicable at any moment within 60 days after the transaction
  • Services for business creation are pricey
  • Add-ons are expensive
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5 - Swyft Filings

Swyftfilings logo with two office people working in the background

Swyft Filings is a low-cost business creation service that offers some of the sector's shortest response times.

Swyft Filings is a recent LLC business that provides free accounting advice as well as low-cost resources.

Although they have only been in operation since 2015, they have received thousands of excellent ratings from delighted consumers. They allow new entrepreneurs to get started quickly and affordably.

Service Features:

  • Basic ($49): Articles of incorporation preparation and filing, name existence confirmation, long-term customer assistance, one-hour corporate tax counseling, ComplianceGuard firm notifications, and one year of a free domain name.
  • Standard ($149): Everything provided in the Basic package includes an EIN, organizational minutes, banking resolution, and LLC operating agreement.
  • Premium ($299): Includes all the features in the Standard plan, plus an online corporate kit, a company website, and three months of hosting.
  • New Hampshire Registered Agent Service: Swyft Filings' registered agent services begin at $149 annually and continuously extend annually. Their LLC formation plans do not cover this.
  • Affordable formation of an LLC
  • Swyft Filings has received excellent comments from its clients
  • Customer service that is genuine and personalized
  • Upselling excessively
  • Erratic service reliability
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6 - Harbor Compliance

Two businessmen talking while looking to a gadget

Harbor Compliance, formed by a group of federal licensing professionals and digital innovators, is a global leader in compliance solutions and registered agent services for all types of businesses.

Harbor Compliance is very popular for its excellent customer service.

They are manned with qualified individuals who can assist you with any problem, unlike certain rivals who outsource their assistance to third-party contact centers.

Harbor Compliance uses modern tools to expedite the compliance procedure while making business creation simple.

Service Features:

  • Formation Package ($399): The drafting and filing of Articles of Organization, a federal tax ID number (EIN), registered agent service, name availability search, and an operating agreement template are all included in this set
  • Compliance Package Compliance ($799): This package includes every feature in the formation package, a managed annual report, a preliminary report, an LLC kit and seal, publication, a C Corp or S Corp tax election, and continuous assistance.
  • New Hampshire Registered Agent Service: Harbor Compliance's registered agent services cost $99 annually for your own registered agent service, which you can discontinue at any moment. This features a registered agent, 24-hour document delivery, free paper scanning, simple software, configurable reminders, yearly report reminders, and knowledgeable customer service.
  • Customer service that is personalized
  • Harbor Compliance doesn't auto-bill you or store your payment card information.
  • Quick response time
  • Extremely costly
  • There are no refunds
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Advantages of Creating LLC in New Hampshire

Two professionals doing a handshake

Selecting an LLC in New Hampshire as a corporate entity offers several advantages to every business.

1. Personal liability insurance

One of the most significant advantages of starting an LLC in New Hampshire is how it isolates your personal possessions from those of the company. This safeguards your house, vehicle, and money if your company is fined or fails on a debt.

Significant protection is not available in single ownership or conventional association.

2. Flexible Taxation

For taxation purposes, LLCs are classified as a "pass-through" business entity, similar to a partnership or sole proprietorship. LLCs do not pay corporate taxes but rather distribute earnings to their shareholders as individual income.

It saves money by eliminating dual taxes. In most cases, shareholders of an LLC will draft an Operating Agreement outlining the way the LLC would be taxed. The IRS generally classifies certain LLCs as companies. Thus, make sure to be vigilant.

3. Paperwork reduction

LLCs are simpler to establish and keep their good legal standing since they have fewer severe compliance requirements as well as less documentation. The particular procedure is controlled by a particular state, although the documentation and expense are usually modest.

4. Organizational adaptability

An LLC in New Hampshire could be managed by shareholders, allowing all proprietors to participate in daily judgment calls. Members of LLCs can choose from member-managed and manager-managed models.

Member control indicates the members who actually engage in the management of the firm's operations.

5. Ownership adaptability

Shareholders of an LLC corporate structure can decide the way earnings are distributed. When one individual invests in far more funds or more hard work (performing the work and effort of putting the firm to fulfillment), the contract may offer them a growing portion of the earnings.

New Hampshire LLC Formation Process

Business owners signing a contract with an LLC service provider in New Hampshire

If you want to establish this business structure, be sure to take the following steps:

  • Step 1: Give Your New Hampshire LLC a Name
  • Step 2: Choose a Registered Agent
  • Step 3: File Your Certificate of Formation in New Hampshire
  • Step 4: Create an Operating Agreement for your LLC
  • Step 5: Obtain an EIN
  • Step 6: Open a Business Bank Account

Qualities to Look For in a New Hampshire LLC Service

A businessman showing something to his client
  • Customer Support - A competent LLC formation service provider should be able to address almost any difficult or simple inquiry concerning your LLC by skilled support company employees and deliver an efficient service in a time frame that is reasonable.
  • Usage Efficiency - A decent LLC creation service provider should have an easy-to-use online ordering procedure. The purchase orders and transaction websites must be designed in such a manner that the pricing of every option is clearly visible. An online dashboard is a useful online service solution that conveniently manages every one of your LLC documents.
  • A track record of success - It's going to be tough to discover a business with a greater standing among its current consumers. Assure that you uncover evaluations of an LLC provider's services and that practically all of them are generally positive. The number of industrial clients they have determine the amount of brand power they have, demonstrating that they have been operating for a while and have a good experience in the industry.
  • Reasonable prices - Neither of the packages must be overloaded with unnecessary features, as some LLC formation service providers do. Pick a good package from your favorite LLC formation provider that you believe will meet the demands of your firm without the frills that you will not be able to use. Make sure you select one that works within your means so you don't have to pay exorbitant fees. There are several LLC providers that offer high-quality LLC services at reasonable prices, so pick one wisely.
  • Features Included - Your chosen package or service from an LLC provider must include all of the services your company requires. Choose a supplier with useful features that are relevant to your business. This assures that their features will truly aid in the formation of your LLC and the avoidance of unneeded services.


How much does it cost to start an LLC in NH?

It costs about $100 to start an LLC in NH.

How long does it take to get an LLC approved in NH?

It takes between 3-5 weeks to get an LLC approved in NH.


Operating a profitable company entails beyond just simply selling items and attracting customers.

For many companies, a New Hampshire LLC service is a godsend. Establishing a New Hampshire LLC can protect your personal possessions while also allowing you to develop your company.

We determined that ZenBusiness stood out the best among all the New Hampshire LLC formation services we've analyzed.

It’s affordable, fast, and reliable, and it offers everything that you need to start an LLC in New Hampshire.

Our #1 Recommendation


ZenBusiness with an office worker in the background
Overall Score
  • They offer various formation packages to choose from
  • The prices of each package is reasonable
  • They provide a worry-free compliance
  • They make business formation as quickly as possible
  • Has a lot of positive customer’s feedback
  • Low-aided brand recall

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