4 Best LLC Services in Hawaii (2024 Unbiased Analysis)

Jon Morgan
Published by Jon Morgan | Co-Founder & Chief Editor
Last updated: June 20, 2024
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Based on the insights from the Office of Advocacy, in Hawaii's dynamic economy, a significant 99.3 percent of businesses are classified as small businesses, with a substantial portion being structured as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs).

Finding the best LLC service in Hawaii can save you from business formation errors, unfulfilled requirements, and missed deadlines.

With more than 4 years of experience in LLC formation, I have gone the extra mile to determine which Hawaii LLC services stand out in the industry.

During my research, I consulted with experienced lawyers and legal experts to assess and compare various service providers based on specific criteria and their formation service features.

Company LLC Packages LLC Fees Registered Agent Price Same & Next Day Filing Money-Back Guarantee Free Package Features BBB Accredited Advisory Services
(Best Overall)
3 From 0$ $199 Pro & Premium Package 60 days LLC Filing & 100% Accuracy Guarantee Yes Accounting Consultation
(Best Premium)
1 $39 (using our link) First year free with LLC purchase / $125 from 2nd year No 90 days None No, A rating No
(Most Affordable)
3 From $0 First year free with LLC purchase / $119 from 2nd year Platinum Package Order refundable before state payment (usually 24h), minus $30 fee. LLC Filing, FREE Registered Agent (1 year), EIN, Operating Agreement, Business Tax Consultation & more No Tax: Free 1-hour
(Best Essentials)
3 From $0 $299 No 60 days LLC Filing, Digital welcome packet, Customizable website Yes, A+ rating Attorney Consultations (Premium Plan)

4 Best LLC Services in Hawaii (July 2024)

1 - ZenBusiness (Best Overall)

Rated 4.82/5
Logo of ZenBusiness with a background of a woman writing down notes in front of a laptop
Ease of Use
User Ratings
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Pros and Cons

  • Starts with budget-friendly options at $0, excluding state charges.
  • Users commend its user-friendliness and effective customer service.
  • Broad range of services, including LLC establishment and compliance.
  • Known for rapid processing and timely filings.
  • Actively involved in social responsibility and community work.
  • Packages offer great value for their price.
  • Formation packages do not include Registered Agent service.
  • Customer support has limited hours.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs needing affordable, comprehensive LLC services with great customer support.

Who is it not for?

  • Those seeking face-to-face business formation services.

The Verdict

ZenBusiness is praised for its ease of use and comprehensive services, making it an excellent choice for small business owners who value simplicity and affordability. They offer strong customer support but may not be ideal for those looking for personalized in-person consultations.

Would you recommend ZenBusiness (Best Overall)?

ZenBusiness is a relatively new business formation service provider that has been in operation since 2015.

ZenBusiness is progressively climbing the ladder among startup businesses in Hawaii and around the US, thanks to its extensive choice of LLC formation packages that match any business's needs and budget.

Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction drove us to seek their service, and we were pleased with what they offered. We found their systems simple to use and intuitive, saving us time.

Their dashboard, designed for clarity, offers a post-filing guide, and their resource-rich section is perfect for business management insights.

A standout feature is their billing policy for registered agent services, initiated only post-LLC creation, reflecting their dedication to clients. ZenBusiness masterfully combines promptness, clarity, and excellent support.

We would highly recommend them whether you are starting a business or just need some advice.

LLC Formation Packages:

  • Starter Formation Package ($0 + $51 State Fee): LLC formation, name search, and online dashboard. Includes standard filing speed (2 to 3 weeks), accounting consultation, automatic expense tracking, tax deduction tagging, and a 100% accuracy guarantee. Worry-free compliance is free for the first year (optional), with a renewal cost of $199/year if accepted by customers. Moreover, users can benefit from a one-month free trial of the Banking and Bank Account services, priced at $5 per month thereafter. The package also has the Money Pro Bookkeeping tool and a Website Builder.
  • Pro package ($199 + $51 State Fee): Everything from the Starter package and registering your Employer Identification Number (EIN). The package also includes the swift "rush" filing speed, averaging 1-2 business days. An LLC operating agreement template is available at $99 for further assistance. 
  • Premium package ($349 + $51 State Fee): All features from the two packages above, including a customizable business website, domain name registration, privacy, business email address, and business document templates. 
  • Registered Agent Service ($199): Renews annually for just $199. Provides a public physical address and a registered agent.

2 - Northwest Registered Agent (Best Premium)

Rated 4.72/5
Northwest Registered Agent logo with a business woman doing work in the background
Ease of Use
User Ratings
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Pros and Cons

  • Your address stays private, a unique advantage of Northwest.
  • Flexibility to tailor services to your specific needs.
  • Customer support is highly regarded for its promptness and expertise.
  • Special discount available for Venture Smarter readers.
  • Established for over two decades, demonstrating reliability.
  • There are more budget-friendly options, though quality may differ.
  • Basic service costs are reasonable, but add-ons can increase expenses.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

  • Businesses prioritizing privacy and personalized support during LLC formation.

Who is it not for?

  • Budget-conscious startups looking for the lowest possible cost.

The Verdict

Northwest is known for exceptional support and privacy protection, making it ideal for businesses concerned with data security. However, its services come at a premium price compared to some competitors.

Would you recommend Northwest Registered Agent (Best Premium)?

Northwest Registered Agent is a well-established business formation service based in Washington and has been in operation for over 20 years.

Northwest has become one of the best Hawaii LLC services known for its customer-centric LLC formation process.

We went through the initial steps in 9 minutes, and in a mere 72 hours, our filing was finalized.

From our experience, their highly skilled support team was there to help us with questions throughout the formation process. We really liked their online dashboard as well.

They also have outstanding customer reviews on BBB, despite having yet to gain accreditation from the platform.

Northwest Registered Agent has opened offices in all other 50 states and has serviced over two million businesses. They work with up to 200 new LLCs and corporations daily.

LLC Formation Packages:

  • Base Formation Package ($39 + $51 State Fee): LLC formation process paperwork, 1-year free registered agent, and operating agreement, and it can be used to create businesses, organizations, and LLCs.
  • Full Service LLC Formation Package ($225 + $51 State Fee): This takes care of your EIN processing and provides you with a free LLC operating agreement. In addition, there are features such as limited mail forwarding, and free forms and tools.
  • Registered Agent Service ($125): Free in the first year with LLC formation packages, then renewed annually for $125. Includes representation services and a physical address available during regular business hours.

3 - Bizee (Most Affordable)

Rated 4.62/5
Ease of Use
User Ratings
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Pros and Cons

  • Zero cost for initial LLC setup.
  • First year of Registered Agent included free in all packages.
  • Established industry presence with 25+ years of experience.
  • Quick and efficient service turnaround, often in one day.
  • High prices for select add-on services.
  • Weekday-only customer service availability.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

  • Startups and entrepreneurs looking for cost-effective, straightforward LLC registration.

Who is it not for?

  • Businesses needing extensive legal services and support beyond basic LLC formation.

The Verdict

IncFile offers an easy and affordable path to LLC formation, suitable for those on a tight budget. It lacks the breadth of additional legal services provided by more comprehensive platforms.

Would you recommend Bizee (Most Affordable)?

Bizee, previously known as Incfile, stands out as the most affordable choice for LLC formation services, offering unparalleled value in the industry.

This reputable service provider simplifies the LLC formation process, making it accessible in all 50 states, including Hawaii.

Their user-friendly platform ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for anyone looking to establish an LLC. This ease of use is a significant factor in why Bizee is a top choice for entrepreneurs nationwide.

Our personal experience with Bizee's customer service was noteworthy.

Although it required a few phone calls to connect with their representative, the professionalism, competence, and responsiveness we encountered were impressive.

This level of customer care adds to the overall value of their service.

They also offer additional perks, such as a year of Registered Agent service at no charge and complimentary LLC compliance updates.

Overall, Bizee is an excellent choice for affordable, reliable, and user-friendly LLC formation services.

LLC Formation Packages:

  • Silver Package ($0 + $51 State Fee): Filing the necessary paperwork to form an LLC in Hawaii, lifetime notifications of your company's compliance, plus a complimentary year of service from a Registered Agent - all in one convenient Silver Package!
  • Gold Package ($199 + $51 State Fee): This LLC services package offers all the benefits of the Free Silver Package, plus assistance in preparing your operating agreement, an EIN registration, and banking resolution.
  • Platinum Package ($299 + $51 State Fee): Enjoy all the benefits of the Bizee Gold Package, including a complimentary business website, domain name search, quick filing, and contract templates - all at no extra charge!
  • Registered Agent Service ($119): Enjoy free registered agent service in Hawaii in the first year. After that, it costs $119 and renews for $119 annually. It has a customizable Dashboard that makes it simple to access your documents online.

4 - LegalZoom (Best Essentials)

Rated 4.48/5
Legalzoom logo with coworkers discussing in the background
Ease of Use
User Ratings
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Pros and Cons

  • Variety of no-cost business templates.
  • Comprehensive legal services for various needs.
  • Easy-to-use website with straightforward procedures.
  • Positive reviews for customer support.
  • LLC services more expensive than other providers.
  • Regular promotion of extra services.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

  • Small business owners looking for a range of legal services beyond just LLC formation.

Who is it not for?

  • Those who need the cheapest service without extra legal help.

The Verdict

LegalZoom provides a wide array of legal services which makes it a good fit for businesses that might grow into those needs. It is less cost-effective for those who just need basic LLC formation without the additional legal services.

Would you recommend LegalZoom (Best Essentials)?

The final best Hawaii LLC service on our list offers one of the most comprehensive legal and filing services in the LLC service industry.

Their Hawaii registered agents offer compliance calendars and scan and forward crucial documents. Additionally, they issue refunds to dissatisfied customers. That's why giving them a try is a win-win situation.

Based on our experience, their Compliance Calendar has been an invaluable resource for keeping track of important compliance deadlines.

LegalZoom thoroughly reviews and copies pertinent documents, and as registered agents, they promptly contacted us by phone when we received a court date.

Their exceptional attention to detail and steadfast commitment to client satisfaction has been truly impressive.

If you're a Hawaii business owner who values brand power more than affordability, LegalZoom is the best LLC service for your business.

LLC Formation Packages:

  • Basic Package ($0 + $51 State Fee): This package comprises the essential features required to establish a legal LLC. It encompasses the articles of organization, name check service to authenticate the validity of your preferred business and a digital welcome packet. The package also provides a customizable WIX-powered website for a professional online presence.
  • Pro Package ($249 + $51 State Fee): Experience all the great features of the Basic package, plus an EIN and operating agreement. With the Pro package, you also get initial phone consultations on insurance and taxes matters and a Hawaii comprehensive guide on business licensing.
  • Premium Package ($299 + $51 State Fee): Enjoy Basic and Pro package features plus tailored guidance from a business attorney specialist in Hawaii. You also expect a 30 minutes countless attorney consultation and changes to the LLC formation document in the first 3 subscription months.
  • Registered Agent Service ($299): This LLC Formation Service Package is an add-on service to every formation package. It renews annually for $299; the first year may cost $249 if you open your LLC through LegalZoom.

Why Should You Trust Us

You should trust Venture Smarter for your Hawaii LLC formation needs because our team has meticulously evaluated and interacted with numerous service providers, leveraging the insights of experienced lawyers and legal experts to bring you unbiased, evidence-based recommendations.

Venture Smarter commitment to your business's success drives us to offer services that not only meet the basic requirements but also provide additional value, such as privacy protection, efficient mail forwarding, and comprehensive support.

By choosing Venture Smarter, you're leveraging a wealth of experience and a commitment to quality that is reflected in our careful selection of registered agent services.

Venture Smarter's top picks are based on a combination of security, privacy, customer service, and value for money, ensuring that your business receives the best possible support in Hawaii.

How We Picked And Tested The Best LLC Services In Hawaii

A top view image of a woman using a laptop

In our search for the best LLC services in Hawaii, we thoroughly examined 18 providers.

We conducted anonymous tests for an impartial assessment of their offerings and consulted with legal professionals knowledgeable about Hawaii's business environment.

Our assessment criteria included a comprehensive look at each service's pricing structure, the range of primary and supplementary services offered, and their reputation within the industry.

We also looked at user experience on their platforms, their knowledge of Hawaii-specific regulations, service delivery efficiency, customer support quality, and user feedback.

1. Pricing

Pricing is a critical factor when selecting an LLC service, as it directly impacts businesses' affordability and overall value.

The price of an LLC service can influence the decision-making process, as businesses must balance their budget constraints with the need for comprehensive and reliable LLC formation services.

Our findings highlight Bizee as a standout choice, offering a free package with a year of Registered Agent service at no additional cost.

ZenBusiness also competes strongly with its free starter package, excluding state fees. LegalZoom, while offering a basic package at no service charge plus state fees, tends to be on the higher end overall.

Northwest Registered Agent presents an attractive deal at $39 plus state fees, which includes a year of free Registered Agent service, making it a compelling option for those seeking value at a modest price.

"Selecting the best LLC service in Hawaii is not just about filing paperwork; it's about securing a partner that understands the unique business landscape of the islands. It's about ensuring your business has the right foundation for growth and compliance."

- Delina Yasmeh, J.D./Tax LL.M, Distinguished Expert in Mergers & Acquisitions

2. Service Offered

The range of services offered by an LLC formation company is critical because it determines how well the company can cater to the diverse needs of different businesses.

When evaluating LLC services, we looked at the inclusiveness of their packages.

This included checking for basic offerings like name checks, document filing, compliance alerts, and value-added services like registered agent services, tax consultations, and customized legal documents.

This review provides a clear view of the service offerings from different LLC formation companies, highlighting the strengths of ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agent in providing a wide array of services.

LegalZoom, despite its strong market presence, could improve in terms of service inclusivity and pricing.

3. Ease of Use

Ease of use is a critical factor in selecting an LLC service because it directly impacts the efficiency and comfort with which business owners can navigate the formation process.

A user-friendly platform simplifies complex legal procedures, making it accessible for entrepreneurs who may not have extensive legal knowledge.

In summary, while most companies strive to offer a user-friendly experience, ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agent are particularly noted for their ease of use.

On the other hand, LegalZoom and Bizee have areas where their platforms could be more streamlined and intuitive for users.

4. Customer Support

Customer support is a critical component when choosing an LLC service.

Effective support ensures that businesses receive timely assistance and guidance throughout the LLC formation process, helping them navigate legal complexities and compliance issues.

In summary, ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agent excel in customer support, offering quick, knowledgeable, and accessible service.

While providing professional support, Bizee has some areas to improve, particularly in response times.

5. Turnaround Time

Efficient turnaround times can significantly expedite the process of starting and legally operating a business, ensuring that entrepreneurs can commence their business activities without unnecessary delays.

ZenBusiness stands out for its efficient turnaround time. Their Pro package offers a "rush" filing speed option, which averages 1-2 business days.

Northwest also demonstrates commendable efficiency. During our interaction, the initial steps were completed in just 9 minutes, and the filing was finalized within 72 hours.

ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agent are noted for their efficient document handling. Bizee, while offering quick service, has some inconsistencies in turnaround times.

6. Local Expertise

Local expertise in LLC formation services is crucial because it ensures that the service provider deeply understands state-specific laws and regulations.

Companies with local expertise are better equipped to navigate the unique legal landscape of Hawaii, offering tailored advice and services that align with Hawaii's specific business laws, tax codes, and filing requirements.

Northwest Registered Agent and ZenBusiness demonstrate strong expertise in Hawaii's business laws, offering tailored services for state-specific requirements.

7. Reliability and Reputation

The reliability and reputation of an LLC service provider are critical factors for businesses when choosing a partner for their LLC formation.

A strong reputation, reflected in user reviews and ratings on platforms like TrustPilot and Better Business Bureau (BBB), indicates a history of consistent, quality service and customer satisfaction.

ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agent have high ratings for consistent and reliable services. LegalZoom, despite its brand power, has received mixed reviews.

Steps to creating an LLC in Hawaii

A top view image of a woman using a laptop

Whether you opt to use LLC formation services or not, you should understand the formation process of a limited liability company as a business entity.

The following are the steps to starting an LLC in Hawaii:

  • Step 1: Pick a Name for Your Hawaii LLC
  • Step 2: Appoint Hawaai-based Registered Agent
  • Step 3: Get Hawaii Licenses & Permits
  • Step 4: File your Hawaii Articles of Organization
  • Step 5: Draft your LLC Operating Agreement
  • Step 6: Obtain an EIN through the Internal Revenue Service

According to the Office of Advocacy, 49.3 percent of Hawaii employees work within these vital small business sectors, highlighting the critical contribution that these predominantly LLC-structured businesses make to the state's employment landscape.

Learn more about the cost of starting an LLC in Hawaii in our free guide.


How Long Does Forming a Hawaii LLC Usually Take?

Forming a Hawaii LLC usually takes 5 to 7 business days when Articles of Organization are filed online with the Hawaii Secretary of State. On the other hand, in-person filing usually takes approximately 3-4 weeks.

Can I Speed up the Formation of my LLC in Hawaii?

Yes, you can speed up the formation of your LLC in Hawaii for an extra $25. The Hawaii Secretary of State can expedite filing requests and process them within 1 to 3 business days.

Is an LLC Operating Agreement Required in Hawaii?

No, an LLC operating agreement is not required in Hawaii. However, having an operating agreement is one of the foundations of an LLC. It establishes the standards and expectations for the LLC and protects its operations. It also builds the Hawaii LLC's credibility as a legal entity.

Our Verdict On The Best LLC Formation Services in Hawaii

In selecting the best LLC formation service in Hawaii, you should consider the pricing of their packages, ease of use, customer support, and proven track record.

Based on our in-depth research and expert assessment, ZenBusiness is the LLC formation service that satisfies all of these criteria.

We recommend ZenBusiness because it provides a roster of LLC formation packages that match any Hawaii business needs and budget.

We tested their services and can attest that they have a competent customer service team who took the time to ensure we understood their LLC services.

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