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Hiring reputable LLC formation services for your Kentucky LLC is the most prudent strategy to shield your assets from any debts that may occur throughout the course of your business entity's operation.

To spare you from having to go through each online LLC creation service in Kentucky, we've done the legwork for you by evaluating and reviewing some of the top options.

We also collaborated with our legal team to gain professional advice on which services are ranked best based on price, service features, and customer service.

Top 6 LLC Formation Services in Kentucky (February 2023)

1 - ZenBusiness (Editor's Choice)

A business man using a laptop as a background for ZenBusiness logo

ZenBusiness is the perfect LLC formation service for startups and entrepreneurs because of the quality and affordability of the LLC formation packages they offer.

While they're relatively new in the formation industry, ZenBusiness has formed over 300,000 LLCs nationwide since 2015, with an average 4.7/5 rating across 4,500 online client reviews.

During our ZenBusiness trial, we obtained free guidance from a professional accountant to assist us in setting up bookkeeping, accounting, and tax problems.

ZenBusiness also provides three tiers of LLC formation packages to meet your unique business needs. Prices range from $39 to $299 annually, excluding the Kentucky state fee. It's a bonus that each package already includes a one-year free registered agent service.

Service Features:

  • Starter Formation Package ($49): LLC formation, free operating agreement template, and one-year Kentucky registered agent service.
  • Pro Package ($199): Starter Formation Package features EIN (Employer Identification Number) registration, VIP processing, handling of annual report filings, and two yearly amendments.
  • Premium Package ($299): Pro Package features rush filing, business domain name, website email address, and domain privacy.
  • Kentucky Registered Agent Services ($199): All three of its LLC formation packages include a full year of free registered agent service. The service then renews annually for $119 or $99 a la carte.
  • Faster formation process
  • Offer a variety of packages
  • Affordable LLC formation
  • Responsive and personalized customer service
  • Worry-free filing procedures
  • The brand is relatively new
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2 - Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest logo with an office person in the background

Northwest Registered Agent, founded in 1998, has already established a reputation for providing industry-leading customer service and affordable LLC formation packages.

Their Kentucky LLC services pricing starts at $39, which includes a free year of registered agent service.

They also have highly trained customer service operators who assisted us through each stage of the formation process.

We recommend hiring Northwest Registered Agent for your Kentucky LLC formation if you want to enjoy the perks of contacting a great customer service team anytime if you have questions or require assistance.

Service Features:

  • Base Formation Package ($39): LLC formation process paperwork, such as name searches, registration, and filing of all legal documents. Plus, 1-year free registered agent.
  • Deluxe Package ($179): Base formation package features access to an Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • Kentucky Registered Agent Services ($125): Includes a free year of registered agent service, then renews annually for the same amount.
    • No hidden charges
    • Client data is protected
    • Over 20 years of LLC formation experience
    • Includes one year of registered agent service
    • Expensive plans
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    3 - IncFile

    Incfile logo with a businesswoman in the background

    IncFile is the only service that offers zero fees on their Kentucky LLC formation services, so you only have to pay the state fees and other minor charges like address and certification fees.

    We love how simple it was to log in to their dashboard to monitor the progress of our orders– IncFile's dashboard acts as a central monitoring station for all your activities.

    Additionally, IncFile's customer service department provided fast response times to all of our issues.

    The only issue we didn't particularly appreciate with this company is that they outsource most of their services, and they have a lot of upsells.

    Service Features:

    • Free Silver Package ($0): Kentucky LLC formation, lifetime company compliance alerts, and 1-year free registered agent service.
    • Incfile Gold ($19): Free Silver Package features the preparation of the operating agreement, EIN registration, and banking resolution.
    • Platinum Package ($344): IncFile Gold features a free business website and domain name, priority expedited filing, and business contract templates.
    • Kentucky Registered Agent Services ($199): Includes a free year of registered agent service, then renews annually for $119.
    • Has created over 800,000 LLCs
    • Prompt customer care
    • Affordable packages
    • Includes one year of registered agent service
    • Has a few upsells and third-party offers
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    4 - Rocket Lawyer

    Rocketlawyer logo with an office person in the background

    Rocket Lawyer is primarily a legal service company that also offers business formation and registered agent services. They handle all legal paperwork on your behalf, including the service of process.

    Rocket Lawyer, which was founded in 2008, has already delivered legal services to over 800,000 businesses and is well-known for its reasonable pricing and high-quality legal information and assistance.

    Before purchasing their business bundle, we signed up for the free 7-day trial to see what that's like.

    Even though the trial offers partial access, we recommend it because it helps you test and find a suitable plan before subscribing to any of them. However, remember that this trial auto-charges if you don't cancel it.

    Service Features:

    • Business Formation Service ($99.99): If purchased independently, it costs $99.99 plus state fees.
    • Business Bundle Plan ($349): Business Incorporation Service, Operating Agreement draft, one year of Registered Agent Service and Legal Services, and other legal services.
    • Kentucky Registered Agent Services ($149.99): Includes a free year of registered agent service, then renews annually for $149.99.
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • Free year of registered agent services
    • Discount for premium members
    • High prices compared to some competitors
    • Free trial converts automatically
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    5 - Swyft Filings

    Swyftfilings logo with an office worker in the background

    Swyft Filings, with its flexible pricing structure and quick response times, may be an excellent option for a Kentucky LLC formation.

    Swyft Filings, as a business formation provider, has partnered with an accounting firm to offer Kentucky business owners counseling on how to effectively handle the tax and accounting elements of their LLCs.

    Swyft Filings does not include a registered agent service in its formation packages, which we found unsatisfactory.

    Service Features:

    • Basic ($49): The Basic package covers the business formation, filing of articles of incorporation, and name availability verification.
    • Standard ($149): This bundle includes everything in the lower plan, as well as an operating agreement and TIN registration.
    • Premium ($299): The premium plan includes all other package features, as well as a free corporate website and hosting.
    • Prioritizes customer satisfaction
    • Offer accounting consultation
    • Payment can be made in installments
    • Many services are contracted out
    • No free Kentucky registered agent service
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    6 - LegalZoom

    The LegalZoom logo with a business person in the background doing work

    LegalZoom provides every legal service you might need. Since its founding in 2011, they have assisted over 4 million people and businesses, ranging from business formations and operations to intellectual property.

    Although LegalZoom appears to be an expensive option compared to other LLC services on this list, it could be worth the investment.

    We found their entry-level plan affordable, but it lacks the feature set of ZenBusiness and IncFile. Nonetheless, LegalZoom is a good fit if you want prolonged legal advice for your Kansas business entity.

    Service Features:

    • Basic Economy Package ($79): Includes business formation plus business name search and 30-minute tax savings consultation.
    • Standard Package ($349): Includes basic Economy features plus deluxe organizer and official certificates and seal.
    • Express Gold Package ($349): Includes features from lower plans plus express shipping and VIP processing.
    • Kentucky Registered Agent Services ($159): Costs this amount in the first year if added to a formation package, then renews annually for $249.
    • Established brand in LLC formation services
    • Extended customer support hours
    • Extensive legal services for your Kentucky LLC
    • No registered agent service included
    • Many upsell to high-priced add-on services
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    Advantages of Creating an LLC in Kentucky

    An image of two professionals discussing the benefits of creating an LLC in Kentucky

    Here are some of the main advantages of creating an LLC in Kentucky [1]:

    1. Personal Assets Protection

    Starting an LLC in Kentucky will protect you, as an LLC member, from personal creditors. This means that if your business is sued, only the business assets are at risk.

    2. Simple Formation and Operation

    A limited liability company is formed more quickly and easily than a corporation. LLCs often require less information for their formation documents than corporations, and the procedure is also shorter.

    Unlike corporations, LLCs are not required to establish corporate bylaws, name executives or board members, have initial board meetings, or issue stock.

    3. Flexible Taxation

    An image of a man and a woman discussing something while talking in the office

    When it comes to taxes, incorporating an LLC in Kentucky has an advantage over founding a corporation.

    Pass-through taxation applies to LLCs, which means that your taxes are transferred through the business and paid directly to you as personal income taxes [2].

    Also, LLCs can still choose how they will be taxed–either as a C company or an S corporation–which gives them more taxation alternatives than corporations.

    Kentucky LLC Formation Process

    Follow these five steps to start an LLC in Kentucky:

    • Step 1: Name Your Business
    • Step 2: Find a Kentucky Registered Agent
    • Step 3: Submit the Kentucky Certificate of Formation
    • Step 4: Put Together an LLC Operating Agreement
    • Step 5: Get an Employer Identification Number

    Our Selection Process

    Two women having a talk about Kentucky's LLC selection process

    Our selection process for the best LLC services in Kentucky was guided by four key aspects that we believe should be the backbone of any reliable service provider. These aspects are:

    1. Turnaround

    In our opinion, hiring the best service in Kentucky is based on ensuring that your LLC creation and compliance processes are as fast as possible.

    In terms of delivery, we selected the best LLC filing services with a quick response time, preferably 1-5 business days. We also prioritized those that provide speedy shipping in Kentucky.

    2. Customer Service

    Before selecting any LLC, we contacted their support via phone, chat and email, and ensured that their customer service was exceptional in terms of knowledge, attention to detail, and prompt reply.

    3. Service Features

    We researched every Kentucky LLC service and chose those with great package features. We choose LLC services that offer beneficial and important service aspects, particularly for startups, such as filing of articles of incorporation, TIN registration, and tax benefits.

    4. Price

    While evaluating service providers in Kentucky, we assessed the various pricing plans to determine which service or package provides the most value for money.

    After signing up for many packages, we assessed the ones we thought were the most cost-effective while still providing the essential features that business owners need to get started.


    How Long Does It Take To Form an LLC in Kentucky?

    It takes 24 hours to form an LLC in Kentucky online and anywhere between 2-3 weeks if filed by mail.

    How Much Does It Cost To Start an LLC in Kentucky?

    It costs $40 to start an LLC in Kentucky. The Kentucky Secretary of State charges this filing fee for the Certificate of Formation filed online and by mail. You may also file a name reservation for your LLC, which costs $15 when filed by mail or in person. This holds the name for 120 days.

    Is Kentucky a Good Place to Get an LLC?

    Yes, Kentucky is a good place to get an LLC because it offers various LLC tax incentives, tax credits, and small grants for small Kentucky businesses.

    What Is the Best Kentucky LLC Service for You?

    Though there are various Kentucky LLC formation services that may help you create your corporation, only a few of them can provide the best LLC services.

    After thorough research, we've determined that ZenBusiness is the best in the game. It includes all of the tools you need to start and operate a successful LLC in Kentucky at a low price.

    This genuine LLC creation company guarantees a pleasant experience by incorporating cutting-edge technology into its services and compliance filing processes.

    This allows you to start your Kentucky company more quickly and get it up and running in no time.

    Our #1 Recommendation


    A business man using a laptop as a background for ZenBusiness logo
    • Faster formation process
    • Offer a variety of packages
    • Affordable LLC formation
    • Responsive and personalized customer service
    • Worry-free filing procedures
    • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of February
    • The brand is relatively new

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