7 Best Registered Agent Services in New Hampshire in 2024

Jon Morgan
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Last updated: February 26, 2024
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As a seasoned business advisor, I've encountered numerous challenges that entrepreneurs face, particularly in the realm of legal compliance and documentation management in New Hampshire.

Understanding the pivotal role of registered agent services in this process, my team of experts and I have spent weeks researching and evaluating various registered agent services across New Hampshire.

Our comprehensive approach included consultations with legal professionals and direct interactions with customer service teams and consumers to ensure we provide you with the most reliable and effective recommendations.

This article presents a curated list of the 7 best-registered agent services in New Hampshire and the complexities of selecting an ideal one.

Top 7 Registered Agents in New Hampshire (February 2024)

1 - Northwest Registered Agent (Best Overall)

Northwest logo with an office person in the background
User Rating
1000+ Reviews
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Northwest Registered Agent is well-established in the industry and has existed for over two decades.

The company offers convenient formation options and quality services to help you get your firm off the ground. As a result, they're the leading agent service in New Hampshire.

From basic LLC formation to full-service plans, Northwest offers a spectrum of options to suit your business needs. Their packages include essential features like same-day filing, a full year of registered agent service, and detailed operating agreements designed to provide a seamless and efficient business formation experience.

We had the opportunity to experience Northwest's services firsthand. Over a month of testing, we were impressed by their unmatched pricing structure and the unwavering support of their customer service team.

Their approach simplified our processes and provided us with the peace of mind that our business was in capable hands.

Northwest Registered Agent is a perfect option for forming your LLC if you've been looking for a professional registered agent service with excellent customer service.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Services ($125): If you incorporate your LLC with Northwest, the first year of registered agent service is free.
  • Basic LLC Formation Plan ($39 + $102 State Fee): Articles of incorporation, an operational agreement, and a one-year complimentary registered agent service are all included in this package. It also offers regular and rapid processing speeds.
  • Full Service LLC Formation Plan ($225 + $102 State Fee): This package includes same-day filing, a full year of registered agent service, an operating agreement, and a client account with free forms and services.
  • Northwest protects your address from public records.
  • Tailor services to your specific needs for flexibility.
  • Highly praised customer support for expertise and responsiveness.
  • Exclusive discount available for Venture Smarter readers.
  • Proven reliability with over 25 years in business.
  • Emphasizes data privacy, no selling of customer information.
  • Mandatory agent appointment for LLC formation.
  • Lack of BBB accreditation may raise concerns.
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2 - ZenBusiness (Best Essentials)

A business man using a laptop as a background for ZenBusiness logo
User Rating
2000+ Reviews
Would you recommend ZenBusiness (Best Essentials)?

ZenBusiness is the perfect business partner for startups with the intricacies of tedious legal papers at a reasonable cost.

Their suite of services, encompassing enterprise software, advertising, and sociological analysis, caters to the diverse needs of modern businesses.

Our journey with ZenBusiness began with the crafting of a tailor-made business plan, a process that was both enlightening and transformative. Their team didn't just stop at plan creation; they delved deep into our financial structure, offering insights and advice that reshaped our financial management strategies.

What truly sets ZenBusiness apart is their customer service. We found their team to be friendly and genuinely attentive, providing support and answers at any hour of the day.

ZenBusiness stands out for providing essential services that are characterized by great customer care and reliable knowledge. This makes them an ideal choice for businesses seeking to effortlessly navigate legal complexities.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Service ($199): The annual renewal fee for registered agent service is $199.
  • Starter LLC Formation Package ($0 + $102 State Fee): This plan covers essential LLC filing services, including name availability checks. LLC submission takes 2-3 weeks, costs $0 + state fee and guarantees accuracy. Also, it provides free monthly banking and a bank account. Starter offers 1-year worry-free compliance, which is optional, renewing at $199 annually.
  • Pro LLC Formation Package ($199 + $102 State Fee): This pack combines the Basic features with added benefits, like the quickest "rush" filing speed of 1 to 2 business days. It includes an operating agreement that organizes internal processes, reducing conflicts and enhancing efficiency. The EIN simplifies IRS interactions and all legal steps.
  • Premium LLC Formation Package ($299 + $102 State Fee):  Premium builds on Pro's strengths with business document templates, cutting down time-consuming tasks and saving you from monotonous work and unnecessary expenses. It involves free bookkeeping and a customizable website builder for a month, making it even more practical for a digital presence.
  • Embraces social responsibility, engages in community activities.
  • Empowers small businesses through services and grants.
  • Streamlined and swift purchase procedures.
  • Offers flexibility, but no Registered Agent in formation plans.
  • Customer support availability is limited.
  • Registered Agent service not included.
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3 - Bizee (Most Affordable)

User Rating
1000+ Reviews
Would you recommend Bizee (Most Affordable)?

Renowned for their high-quality services at budget-friendly prices, Bizee (formerly Incfile) stands out as the go-to solution for entrepreneurs mindful of their finances.

Their expertise spans across all 50 states and Washington, D.C., ensuring comprehensive knowledge of entity formation regulations.

Our first encounter with forming a New Hampshire LLC was made remarkably smooth thanks to Bizee's intuitive website. The user-friendly interface significantly expedited our application process, a feature especially beneficial for those new to business formation.

If you set up a business with Bizee, you can receive a complimentary registered agent service during the first year, plus a free LLC formation.

Unlike the other registered agent services, their prices are reliable. They are ready to support business owners who develop creative solutions and inspire progress.

Bizee agent's key selling point is its inexpensive cost of various services, suitable for financial formation or regulation.

They are worth examining if you're concerned with financial formation or regulation.

Service Features

  • Registered Agent Services ($119): This is a fixed price for new services or renewing the registered agent. However, a full-year discount is applied if you open the LLC using Bizee.
  • Free Silver LLC Formation Package ($0 + $102 State Fee): The New Hampshire LLC formation service is packed with articles of Organization preparation and filing, unlimited name searches, and a year of free registered agent service available.
  • Bizee Gold LLC Formation Package ($199 + $102 State Fee): This package includes the silver bundle, as well as an EIN business tax number, IRS Form 2553, and an operating agreement. The company also has banking resolutions, an online access dashboard, and a tax advice option.
  • Platinum LLC Formation Package ($299 + $102 State Fee): The package includes the Gold Package, as well as free business websites, domain registrations, and business contract templates. Users can also file for free the next day.
  • Get a free 1-year Registered Agent service.
  • Demonstrated credibility spanning 25 years.
  • Affordable Registered Agent priced at $119.
  • User-friendly dashboard for easy access.
  • Document scanning may experience occasional delays.
  • Customer support is limited to weekdays.
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4 - LegalZoom (Best Premium)

A man and a woman talking in front of a tablet

LegalZoom is well-known in the online legal services industry. Whether you're a business owner or searching for personal legal services, you can find it all with LegalZoom.

Though this registered agent may not be the most affordable option in the market, we were drawn to their wide range of products and exceptional customer service.

For example, LegalZoom's services begin at $299 during the first year, which is on the higher end when compared to its competitors.

Having experienced LegalZoom's registered agent services firsthand, I can confidently recommend them to anyone seeking reliable and expert support for their entrepreneurial growth and online service needs.

Service Features

  • Registered Agent Services ($299): This service has an initial fee of $249 for the first year, followed by a renewal fee of $299. The registered agent service features unlimited cloud storage, crucial email notifications, and 1 million dollars in protection against identity theft.
  • LLC Basic Formation Package ($0 + $102 State Fee): The pack's features include a comprehensive digital LLC orientation bundle, a meticulous name search service, a WIX-powered website, and articles of organization.
  • LLC Pro Formation Package ($249 + $102 State Fee):  Pro pack Involves all the Basic plan features plus an operating agreement that outlines the entity's guidelines and offers dispute resolution mechanisms. Additionally, this package includes an EIN for swift bank account setup and tax filing purposes. You'll have access to tax-saving consultations and an in-depth guide to business licensing.
  • LLC Premium Formation Package ($299 + $102 State Fee):  The plan includes the LLC Pro package, modifications to your LLC document within the initial 90-day period of your subscription, and multiple consultations with attorneys regarding the latest legal updates. The plan also offers valuable and interactive guidance from a proficient business attorney.
  • Offers invaluable legal guidance and support.
  • Efficient document storage through cloud service.
  • Diverse selection of free business templates.
  • LLC services come at a higher cost.
  • Leads in registered agent service pricing.
  • Persistent attempts to upsell extra services.
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5 - Harbor Compliance

Harbor compliance logo with an office worker in the background

Harbor Compliance is a fairly new registered agent company but it managed to get to the top rather quickly. Currently, they are one of the leading providers of compliance solutions.

Their national registered agent service, backed by innovative compliance software, provides unmatched accuracy and performance to multi-state enterprises.

We put the registered agent to the test and were satisfied with the results. With their pre-filled state paperwork and user-friendly tools, we saved ourselves a lot of time and money.

We would recommend this registered agent as a solid alternative for companies and NGOs looking for individualized service while staying in conformity for a good price.

However, Harbor Compliance registered agents do not provide cheap add-ons or the ability to choose products.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Service ($88): Yearly rates range from $89 to $99 per state, with no other expenses. You can save 5-10% if you pay for registered agent services in advance for more than two years.
  • LLC Formation Package ($99 + $102 State Fee): This registered agent plan covers completing and filing your articles of incorporation with the state, as well as confirming the availability of your chosen name.
  • Timely compliance task management.
  • Savings for extended contracts.
  • Expert consultations provided.
  • Premium pricing is a concern.
  • Inconsistent customer service.
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6 - Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings logo with an office worker in the background

Swyft Filings is another solid choice if you're looking for a registered service agent in New Hampshire. They can help you with the local state's statutory obligations.

Swyft Filings can offer you the alternative of having them assign a registered professional agent for your New Hampshire LLC.

Additionally, they commit to obtaining the annual fee as a partnership representative when first assigned.

We tried them out, and their registered agent service was pretty decent. We found the platform to be reasonably priced and simple to use, and it met all of our fundamental requirements.

If you decide to go with Swyft Filings, create your billing alerts and avoid add-on services because they are not that cheap.

Service Features

  • Registered Agent Services ($99 per three months): A quarterly registered agent subscription.
  • Basic LLC Formation Package ($0 + $102 State Fee): You will be able to file the articles of organization to create an LLC with this package.
  • Standard LLC Formation Package ($199 + $102 State Fee):  This plan includes everything in the basic pack. A Federal Tax ID (EIN) and the majority of the documentation required to establish your business.
  • Premium LLC Formation Package ($299 + $102 State Fee): This bundle includes all basic and standard services as well as some extras such as a free domain and corporate website hosting. For authorized articles, there is also a personalized digital corporate kit and a FedEx tracking number.
  • Quick turnaround time for filing documents.
  • Transparent pricing without hidden charges.
  • Positive reviews emphasize reliability.
  • Lack of tax planning and advice.
  • No international business services.
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7 - New Hampshire Registered Agent Service

A man naming a New Hampshire LLC

New Hampshire Registered Agents take their clients seriously.

We witnessed firsthand how diligently New Hampshire handled our company filings and provided registered agent services.

They consistently demonstrated a commitment to delivering good service. Plus, their prices are reasonable.

When we needed to form a new LLC quickly and effortlessly, New Hampshire Agent's service proved to be a good choice.

We believe their service is particularly suitable for those seeking one-time expert legal advice or assistance with specific filings.

On the other hand, we noticed that their range of services is a bit limited compared to some other providers.

Still, it is a minor drawback that didn't detract from the overall quality and efficiency of their registered agent services.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Services ($35): This registered agent package includes email notifications, encrypted user accounts, etc.
  • Budget - friendly registered agent.
  • Offers a secure system where you can permanently save incorporation documents.
  • No hidden costs and fees.
  • Limited services.
  • Limited discounts.

Why Should You Trust Us

Place your trust in Venture Smarter for your LLC formation needs in New Hampshire, where our approach transcends mere recommendations; we immerse ourselves in the services we assess. Our team at Venture Smarter, consisting of legal advisors and business specialists, has meticulously scrutinized and evaluated the top LLC services in New Hampshire to ensure you receive dependable guidance.

Driven by our commitment to your business's success, Venture Smarter team embark on a thorough evaluation process. Engaging anonymously with each service provider, we draw upon the insights of our independent review team to provide unbiased, evidence-based suggestions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in New Hampshire.

Recognizing the vital significance of choosing the right service for your business's foundation, the Venture Smarter team offers reviews based on firsthand experience and legal expertise. Our unbiased, comprehensive analysis offers you a detailed perspective amidst a multitude of superficial advice.

Dedicated to fostering your business's growth and ensuring legal compliance, we meticulously assess each service's features, customer support, affordability, and efficiency. Our selections are not arbitrary; they are informed by the specific legal requirements and business environment of New Hampshire, ensuring they meet the elevated standards necessary for your business's success in the state.

How We Picked And Tested The Best Registered Agent Services In New Hampshire?

Two team mates looking up an LLC in California

In our quest to identify the top registered agent services in New Hampshire, we meticulously reviewed 20 different companies. Our approach was comprehensive and hands-on: we engaged with these services under the guise of potential clients to ensure an authentic experience.

Our team, comprising seasoned business advisors and legal experts, delved deep into each service's offerings, scrutinizing every detail.

We based our assessment on various important aspects like the range of services offered, their pricing structures, and the overall customer experience.

Here are what we looked at:

1. Pricing

Price is pivotal, especially for emerging businesses or those operating within a tight budget. It's not just about finding the cheapest option but about identifying the service that offers the best value for money.

In our analysis, Bizee emerged as a standout for affordability, offering registered agent services at just $119 annually. On the other end of the spectrum, LegalZoom, with its $299 annual fee, was considered a pricier option.

A study by the National Association of Registered Agents (NARA) found that businesses using registered agent services can save an average of $2,100 annually compared to handling legal documents themselves.

2. Service Offerings

Aside from the primary role of receiving legal documents on a business's behalf, the best services offer more than this basic function. Features like online dashboards, compliance alerts, and additional services like mail forwarding or annual report filings can be game-changers.

We prioritized services that provide features like same-day document scanning, online document storage, and compliance alerts.

Northwest Registered Agent and ZenBusiness were had comprehensive service features, including advanced online dashboards and regular compliance alerts.

3. Third-party Reviews

Third-party reviews offer an unbiased perspective on the quality and reliability of a registered agent service.

We gave preference to services with a history of positive customer reviews, minimal complaints, and consistent performance over the years.

Northwest Registered Agent and ZenBusiness stood out with positive ratings on platforms like TrustPilot, reflecting their high customer satisfaction levels.

4. Ease of Use

A straightforward, easy-to-navigate service can save time and reduce frustration, particularly for those new to business formation and legal compliance.

Bizee offers a user-friendly interface, making the process smooth for clients.

5. Transition Process

When switching registered agent services, a seamless transition is crucial to avoid any lapses in compliance or service coverage.

ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agent provide efficient and hassle-free transition processes.

6. Confidentiality

In today's digital age, safeguarding sensitive business information is paramount. A registered agent service must offer robust data protection measures.

Northwest Registered Agent commits strongly to data privacy, while some other services show room for improvement.

According to the New Hampshire Secretary of State, 18% of businesses prioritize services with registered agent address privacy options, which helps maintain business address confidentiality.

7. Turnaround Time

In the realm of legal compliance, time is of the essence. The speed at which a registered agent service processes and relays documents can be critical.

We observed Northwest Registered Agent and Bizee to have exceptionally quick turnaround times, efficiently managing document processing and delivery.

8. Customer Support

Efficient customer support determines the proper and timely treatment of legal documents and queries. It's about the availability, responsiveness, and quality of support.

Companies like ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agent had multiple communication channels, including phone, email, and live chat. Their response times were swift, and they offered extended hours of support.

Our interactions revealed that while some companies use bots for initial inquiries, firms like ZenBusiness provide a more personalized service with human support.

"Having access to responsive and knowledgeable customer support is important. Choose a service that provides timely assistance and can answer your questions efficiently." - Jon Morgan, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Venture Smarter

How Much Does a Registered Agent Service Cost in New Hampshire?

In New Hampshire, the cost of registered agent services varies significantly, ranging from $35 to $299 annually. This variation in pricing is due to the different levels of services offered by various firms. Some companies even include free registered agent services as part of their LLC formation packages, which can be a great value for those starting a new business.

Additionally, it's worth mentioning that you can act as your registered agent or appoint a friend or family member for this role at no cost. While this can be a cost-effective solution, it's crucial to understand the responsibilities and requirements involved in being a registered agent.

What Are the Requirements for a New Hampshire Registered Agent?

Coworkers discussing paperwork

Regardless of whether your business entity is a limited liability company (LLC) or a business, the city of New Hampshire requires the following from registered agents, as per the state code Title XXVIII Section 304-C:36 [3]:

  • They must be residents or companies that offer New Hampshire registered agent services.
  • They must keep a physical address in the jurisdiction, referred to as a "registered office."
  • They must accept legal papers (service of process) throughout regular business hours.

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Do I Need My Own Registered Agent for My LLC in NH?

Yes, you need your own registered agent for your limited liability company in NH. A New Hampshire registered agent is mandated by law for all commercial enterprises, particularly a New Hampshire business and LLC.

How Important is Local Expertise for a Registered Agent in New Hampshire?

Local expertise is vital for a registered agent in New Hampshire, as it ensures compliance with state-specific legal requirements and regulations, enabling businesses to operate smoothly and stay informed about any changes in state laws.

Our Verdict On The Best Registered Agent Services In New Hampshire

The role of a New Hampshire registered agent service is essential in maintaining your business's legal compliance and preserving its good standing within the state.

In our quest to find the most reliable registered agent service in New Hampshire, we meticulously evaluated several options and found Northwest Registered Agent to stand out as the best choice.

Their service stood out not just in theory but in practical application. During our testing phase, Northwest demonstrated exceptional efficiency and a deep understanding of our business needs. Their ability to streamline setting up and maintaining our business compliance was impressive.

Thanks to their streamlined packages and services, Northwest Registered Agent can offer whatever you need to start and sustain your business effortlessly.

Our #1 Recommendation

Northwest Registered Agent (Best Overall)

Northwest logo with an office person in the background
  • Northwest protects your address from public records.
  • Tailor services to your specific needs for flexibility.
  • Highly praised customer support for expertise and responsiveness.
  • Exclusive discount available for Venture Smarter readers.
  • Proven reliability with over 25 years in business.
  • Emphasizes data privacy, no selling of customer information.
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of February
  • Mandatory agent appointment for LLC formation.
  • Lack of BBB accreditation may raise concerns.

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