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Employing an LLC service provider is essential if you run a Virginia business and want assistance with paperwork and compliance.

However, choosing the best LLC formation service provider that passes muster and ideally suits your company structure might be challenging, given the wide range of suppliers available.

Together with our team of experienced legal professionals, we thoroughly evaluated some of the top LLC services in Virginia to help you get started.

Additionally, after consulting with our legal team, we grouped up these services to provide a more thorough overview based on their primary service attributes, document delivery methods, and price plans.

Read along to find out the best LLC service we recommend for helping you with your Virginia business.

7 Best Virginia LLC Services (September 2023)

1 - ZenBusiness (Editor's Choice)

A logo of ZenBusiness with a background of a business woman using a laptop
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2000+ Reviews
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ZenBusiness is an online LLC service that was launched in 2015.

Through the innovative application of technology, ZenBusiness can provide quick, adaptable, and cost-effective services for business formation.

The company offers a starter plan with all you need to start and run a business effectively.

We tested them and they offered us thorough formation support during the entire procedure. From beginning to end, they ensured a hassle-free and straightforward experience.

According to the plan and delivery time we chose, ZenBusiness gathered and submitted our incorporation articles and other necessary papers to the Virginia Secretary of State.

ZenBusiness also manages your annual report and gives up to two yearly modifications, ensuring that your company is in good standing with the Virginia state.

To ensure compliance with all state regulations, this business formation service provides alerts for crucial dates and monitors your compliance status.

Looking for more information about this organization? Our ZenBusiness review provides a detailed analysis.

Service Features:

  • Starters Plan ($0 + $100 State Fee): This choice provides you with all the essentials to establish your LLC affordably. Included is the standard LLC filing service, typically taking 2 to 3 weeks. Additionally, you'll receive a bank account and a user-friendly website builder, allowing customization to your preferences. You can also decide to include worry-free compliance, which is initially free for the first year and can be renewed at a cost of $199 annually.
  • Pro Plan ($199 + $100 State Fee): The Pro Package covers everything found in the Starter Plan and adds a quicker "rush" filing speed of 1 to 2 business days. This package is great if you're in a hurry to start your business. It also provides an EIN (a special number from the IRS). Additionally, with the Pro Plan, you can get an operating agreement for $99. This agreement helps everyone in the LLC understand how things will be done and keeps everyone protected.
  • Premium Plan ($349 + $100 State Fee): Bringing together all the Pro features, the Premium Plan also introduces business document templates. These templates are there to help with the kind of paperwork that takes a lot of time and to make tasks that keep repeating easier, so things run even smoother. On top of that, this plan includes website services like getting your own domain name, hosting, and a special email address for your website.
  • Registered Agent Services ($199): As your own registered agent, ZenBusiness will handle your filing deadlines and yearly report submissions.
  • There are several forming packages available
  • Straightforward and speedy compliance filing
  • Plan costs are affordable
  • A quick method for creating an LLC
  • Fantastic online reviews
  • Formation of non-profit business is not supported
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2 - Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent logo with an office worker in the background
User Rating
1000+ Reviews
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Nearly two million firms have been incorporated through Northwest Registered Agent since its launch in 1998.

With an efficient registered agent and incorporation services included, its base package is pretty endowed.

This company has risen to the top because of its affordable prices and attentive customer care.

With offices in all 50 states, 200+ corporate guides, and more than 20 years of experience, Northwest Registered Agent has what it takes to assist you in creating a Virginia LLC correctly.

This company formation service offers the best customer care in the business.

In our experience, each time we called the company's number, we could ask to speak to our personalized customer care, who was professional and prompt to respond.

We had a great experience with them each time.

Uncover key information about this company by checking the Northwest Registered Agent review.

Service Features:

  • Base Formation Package ($39 + $100 State Fee): This Virginia LLC formation service plan offers business registration, operating agreement, name verifications, and compliance filing with the Virginia state corporation commission.
  • Deluxe Package ($179 + $100 State Fee): This deluxe bundle comes with EIN/TIN registration plus all essential features of the lower plan.
  • Registered Agent Services ($125): Includes a free year of premium Northwest registered agent service and Virginia resident agent business address. It renews annually for the same amount.
  • Well-trained with over 20 years of corporate formation experiences
  • No hidden costs for their bundle
  • Includes free registered agent service in Virginia for an entire year
  • Protect user information and records
  • This Virginia LLC service has pricey bundles
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3 - Incfile

A businesswoman using a laptop with the incfile logo in the foreground
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1000+ Reviews
Would you recommend Incfile?

Incfile is one of the few Virginia LLC formation services which promises to file your paperwork within one business day without charging you more.

Furthermore, they will create your LLC at no cost and act as your registered agent for an entire year.

We put them to the test and we were quite pleased with the results.

Until we acquired our final report, they provided limitless phone and email support, and we received a real-time file track and trace feature.

Online data storage for your LLC records and a unique dashboard that keeps track of important due dates and compliance reminders are just some advantageous features that Incfile offers.

Thanks to these, you can stay updated on future state standards.

We also like that every Incfile customer gets free, one-hour business tax advice from a licensed expert.

Service Features:

  • Silver Package ($0 + $100 State Fee): Free Virginia LLC incorporation, lifelong business compliance alerts, and a Virginia registered agent service. In this case, the cost of an LLC in Virginia is $100, the state fee.
  • Incfile Gold ($99/year + $100 State Fee): Has features from the lower package plus drafting the operating agreement, EIN acquisition, and banking settlement papers.
  • Platinum Package ($299/year + $100 State Fee): All services from all lower packages plus a free corporate website, domain business name, and faster document delivery.
  • Registered Agent Service ($119): If made using an LLC creation package, the first year is free. The renewal fee will be $119 per year after the first year.
  • Excellent email and phone support
  • Has established over 800,000 LLCs since it began
  • Affordable LLC formation services
  • Excellent feedback from customers
  • Annoying upsells
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4 - Rocket Lawyer

Rocketlawyer logo with an office person in the background

This San Francisco-based company offers consumers access to a selection of pre-formatted legal documents and other top-notch legal services.

If you are unsure about joining, keep in mind that the company offers a 7-day free trial period to try out their value-added services.

Rocket Lawyer boasts one of the most excellent, individualized customer support.

We tried their services, and they made navigating the formation process very easy for us.

Thoughtfully forwarding all vital emails to you, they serve as a defense against spam while helping you maintain a competitive edge in the world of business.

The difficulties we had with forming LLC were carefully explained to us by one of their attorneys.

Interested in knowing more about this enterprise? Our Rocket Lawyer review should provide you with plenty of insight.

Service Features:

  • LLC Formation Package ($99.99 + $100 State Fee): Free legal paperwork, lawyer services, and LLC formation services included. Additionally, you will get a 25% discount on registered agent services. If you decide to become a member for a $39.99 monthly subscription, you'll get your LLC for free.
  • Registered Agent Service ($149.99 for non-members): As a member, you will receive a 25% discount. To become a member, it will cost you $39.99 per month and you can apply on their website.
  • Access to lawyers
  • Excellent support team
  • Offers a trial account
  • Expensive
  • Renews monthly
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5 - Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings logo with an office worker in the background

Swyft Filings is a reasonably priced company creation service with some of the fastest response times in the business.

Thanks to their short application process and excellent customer support team, you'll have all the tools necessary to launch your company quickly.

We really liked working with them. The customer support team was willing to listen and answer all of our concerns.

We recommend it for small enterprises or business owners that need to start their company fast and inexpensively.

Another great thing with Swyft Filings is that they offer a 100% refund policy in case you're disappointed with their services.

Service Features:

  • Basic Plan ($0 + $100 State Fee): Preparing and filing business documents, business name checks and verifications, and free domain name.
  • Standard ($199 + $100 State Fee): Personalized operating agreement, EIN acquisition, and custom corporate minutes.
  • Premium ($299 + $100 State Fee): All lower plan features, digital document delivery, express processing, and website hosting.
  • Registered Agent Service ($99 / 3 months): Billing for the registered agent service occurs quarterly (ongoing quarterly subscription).
  • Affordable prices
  • Faster turnaround
  • Short application process
  • Slower support
  • Rigorous upselling
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6 - MyCompanyWorks

MyCompanyWorks logo with a business woman doing paperwork in the background

MyCompanyWorks enable budding entrepreneurs to quickly file the required paperwork to establish an LLC or corporation.

This company offers a straightforward order management dashboard, free business alerts, and an interactive setup process.

Every plan has manuals and guides that help with the establishment and running of different types of businesses in Virginia.

Along with officially establishing our business structure, we also received help opening a business bank account and designing a logo. Which is quite neat.

However, expensive plans may obscure some of this legal service's advantages.

Service Features:

  • Basic plan ($59 + $100 State Fee): Offers essentials for forming a business, like name searches and drafting articles of organization.
  • Entrepreneur ($199 + $100 State Fee): Basic plan features plus access to Set-up Wizard and faster filing.
  • Complete ($299 + $100 State Fee): Everything in the basic and entrepreneur package plus EIN acquisition and VIP processing.
  • Registered Agent Service ($99): With the last two packages, you get a free first year of registered agent service.
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Free tax consultation
  • E-delivery of official papers
  • Pretty expensive
  • Limited customer support hours
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7 - Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance logo with a business person reading a notebook in the background

Harbor Compliance puts the bulk of its products into a unified software suite for faster processing.

This software, the cornerstone of their service, enables you to keep track of your registration and licensing expertly from a centralized location.

We love that you can also get a one-on-one compliance consultation from one of their tax managers.

This Virginia LLC formation service also provides excellent customer assistance.

Their compliance professionals have one-on-one interactions with their clients.

Check our full review of Harbor Compliance.

Service Features:

  • LLC Formation Package ($99 + $100 State Fee): This involves checking the availability of names as well as drafting and submitting your articles of incorporation to the state.
  • Virginia Registered Agent Service ($99): Harbor Compliance acts as your primary communication point with the Virginia SOS under this plan. If you register for more than 2 years, you get a 2-5% bulk discount.
  • Demo option for trials
  • Offers great discounts
  • Timely compliance filing
  • Lacks a refund policy
  • Necessary upfront payment to access yearly service
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Advantages of Creating LLC in Virginia

Two professionals talking about the benefits of creating LLC in Virginia

Hiring an LLC ensures that your business compliance is handled correctly. Here are the advantages of creating a Virginia Limited Liability Company.

1. Pass-Through Taxation

Per the Virginia state corporation commission, there is no double taxation for LLCs.

They are liable for pass-through taxation instead [1]. This indicates that taxes are paid directly to LLC owners as individual income tax and are routed via the organization.

2. Liability Protection

The easiest way to limit your obligation to private creditors and debt collection agencies in Virginia is to form a Limited Liability Company.

As a result, when you start your firm, debt collectors cannot seize your assets.

Additionally, LLCs can shield owners and members of small businesses from other LLC owners and members who might become liable.

3. Flexibility in Raising Venture Capital

Raising cash is easier when you have a Virginia LLC. Additionally, if you are a Virginia LLC, you can add additional members without giving them full managerial authority.

4. Easy Management

Making your Virginia LLC will spare you from dealing with record-keeping and filing official papers daily. The creation of an LLC is also more straightforward than that of other organizations.

Our Selection Process

To recommend the best Virginia LLC formation services, we worked with our legal advisors and created a selection process that takes into account key features like price, customer service, turnaround, and service features. Here’s how:

1. Price

A close up shot of a business man counting dollars

Regarding price points, we chose those with a competitive and fair price structure in Virginia.

We subscribed to the various packages provided by the best LLC services in Virginia before ranking these seven as they offered the most value for the money.

We advise using these most economical LLC services since they meet any small business budget and give your company the resources it needs to succeed.

2. Turnaround Time

Before choosing any of these companies, we ensured that their turnaround times were as rapid and efficient as practical.

Here, we simultaneously placed several orders on each site and watched with interest to see how swiftly delivery was made.

Then, we scored and assessed services with shorter waiting times (one to ten working days).

See our article for more infromation about how long does it take to form an LLC in Virginia.

3. Service Features

Two ladies having a conversation in an office

One of the most crucial aspects we considered while evaluating service providers is the nature of their services.

This is crucial because some companies provide expensive bundles with limited service options.

To obtain firsthand knowledge, we bought various packages from the leading Virginia LLC formation services and tested their features.

Following that, we created a list of the top service providers that offer features necessary for business entities, such as business name search, corporate licensure, Virginia LLC annual report filing, and Virginia registered agent services.

4. Customer Support

One factor we considered before selecting these LLC formation services was a prompt response time.

We made phone, chat, and email inquiries to all of the customer service departments of every LLC creation service on this list.

Then, depending on how quickly each answered and how well they addressed our concerns, we rated each on a scale of 1 to 10.

We agree that receiving excellent customer service makes starting your business hassle-free.

Virginia LLC Formation Process

A business man working on Virginia LLC formation process

If you want to save money and not hire an LLC service provider, you can start your own Virginia LLC by following these six steps [2].

  • Step 1: Select an available name for your Virginia Limited Liability Company.
  • Step 2: Submit a professional business address for your LLC.
  • Step 3: Hire a reliable Virginia registered agent service.
  • Step 4: Draft your articles of organization/incorporation with the SOS.
  • Step 5: Register for an EIN for tax purposes.
  • Step 6: Draft an operating agreement for your business entity.


Is Virginia a Good State to Register LLC in?

Yes, Virginia is a good state to register an LLC in because it has the lowest corporate tax rate of 6%. Additionally, there are no general business license requirements for LLCs.

Do LLC Pay Taxes in Virginia?

No, LLCs do not pay taxes in Virginia because they're treated as pass-through entities. However, each LLC member is expected to report a 15.3% federal self-employment tax rate on their individual income.

Do You Need a Business License to Start an LLC in Virginia?

No, you do not need a business license in Virginia for an LLC. Virginia SOS doesn't have a general business license for LLCs, but you may need to apply for an occupational license depending on your business type.

What Is the Best Virginia LLC Service for You?

The finest LLC service offers low package pricing, simplicity of use, first-rate customer assistance, and a track record of satisfied clients.

After extensive testing and research on LLC services, we eventually suggest ZenBusiness because it satisfies all the above-mentioned requirements.

With ZenBusiness, you may pick from a range of add-on services to create a package that meets the needs of your company organization.

Customer service is easier to access because of their extended hours. Any business concerns can be handled expeditiously.

This Virginia also has a 60-day refund policy if you are unhappy with their service package.

Our #1 Recommendation


A logo of ZenBusiness with a background of a business woman using a laptop
  • There are several forming packages available
  • Straightforward and speedy compliance filing
  • Plan costs are affordable
  • A quick method for creating an LLC
  • Fantastic online reviews
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of September
  • Formation of non-profit business is not supported

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