4 Best Registered Agent Services in Nebraska (2024)

Jon Morgan
Published by Jon Morgan | Co-Founder & Chief Editor
Last updated: February 25, 2024
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As an experienced professional in the field, I recognize the significance of obtaining registered agent services in Nebraska to guarantee that your business entity complies with state regulations.

However, with numerous options available, it can be challenging to determine the best fit for your business.

To help you make the right choice, I partnered with a team of highly skilled attorneys and conducted thorough research on the top registered agent services available in Nebraska for 2023.

Venture Smarter research encompassed customer satisfaction and pricing factors, resulting in a comprehensive list of valuable registered agents.

Top 4 Registered Agents in Nebraska (May 2024)

1 - Northwest Registered Agent (Best Overall)

Rated 4.9/5
Northwest Registered Agent Service logo with a business woman in the background
Privacy and Security
Compliance Alerts
User Ratings
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Pros and Cons

  • Privacy protection with business address use.
  • Custom-built software simplifies operations.
  • State compliance notifications keep business on track.
  • Business maintenance tools for ongoing support.
  • Free legal forms provide post-formation support.
  • Business website and hosting included.
  • Domain and hosting renewals may be costly.
  • Monthly fees for business email after initial offer.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

  • Businesses seeking privacy and nationwide coverage.

Who is it not for?

  • Businesses looking for the cheapest option.

The Verdict

Northwest offers comprehensive services with a focus on privacy and local scanning, ideal for businesses that value these features and can afford a slightly higher price.

Would you recommend Northwest Registered Agent (Best Overall)?

Northwest Registered Agent offers all the necessary resources to ensure that your business fulfills all of its legal duties, including providing a Nebraska street address to serve as your company's contact point.

According to their website, Northwest Registered Agent serves over 3 million businesses nationwide.

Working with Northwest Registered Agent as your Nebraska registered agent service allows you to access the necessary paperwork, mail forwarding, and business address services.

Our experience with Northwest Registered Agent has been nothing but positive.

From the professionalism of their customer service agents to reliable online services, we were satisfied with their whole offer.

Although their packages may be more expensive, the quality and quantity of services provided by this company make it worthwhile in our opinion. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking a dependable service.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Services ($125): The first year of registered agent service is free if you form your LLC with Northwest.
  • Basic LLC Formation Plan ($39 + $109 State Fee): This bundle includes articles of incorporation, an operating agreement, and a one-year free registered agent service. It also provides consistent and fast processing rates.
  • Full Service LLC Formation Plan ($225 + $109 State Fee): Filing on the same day, an operating agreement, a full year of registered agent service, and a client account that has free forms and services are all included in this package.

2 - ZenBusiness (Best Essentials)

Rated 4.8/5
Logo of ZenBusiness with a hardworking business woman in the background
Privacy and Security
Compliance Alerts
User Ratings
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Pros and Cons

  • Unlimited owner support, fostering collaboration.
  • Domain name privacy protects your information.
  • Free year of Worry-Free Compliance with starter package.
  • User-friendly platform, simplifying the process.
  • EIN acquisition not included in the starter package.
  • Additional costs for domain and email after first year.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

  • Small business owners needing affordable and comprehensive services.

Who is it not for?

  • Large corporations that might need more tailored services.

The Verdict

ZenBusiness provides excellent value with essential services at a competitive price, making it a top choice for small businesses looking to balance cost and quality.

Would you recommend ZenBusiness (Best Essentials)?

After initially only being available to customers who had utilized ZenBusiness for Nebraska's LLC formation services, they have made their registered agent service available to all customers lately. According to ZenBusiness, this expansion has led to a 30% increase in registered agent service subscriptions among their clientele.

Their specialty is LLC formation, and they are masters at it, which can simplify setting up your business. They are affordable and reliable.

Plus, we found their website is easy to use, making your job as stress-free as possible.

From the ease of setting up our business to the helpful customer service team, we've been very pleased with the services ZenBusiness provided us.

ZenBusiness was able to register our LLC within a few days, including all necessary documentation. We were impressed with the responsiveness and expertise of their customer service team.

Their pricing for a registered agent in Nebraska is reasonable and transparent, so we got good value for our money.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Service ($199): The price for registered agent service is $199 on a yearly basis.
  • Starter LLC Formation Package ($0 + $104 State Fee):  The Zen Business LLC formation service encompasses essential business filing and name availability checks. With a standard filing speed of approximately 2 to 3 weeks, the package ensures accuracy with our 100% guarantee. You'll also get to receive features including a 1-month free trial for Banking and Bank Account services at $5/month, Money Pro Bookkeeping at $30/month, and a Website Builder at $15/month. If accepted, you can also opt for worry-free compliance for the first year, with a renewal option at $199/year.
  • Pro LLC Formation Package ($199 + $104 State Fee): It contains all Starter package features and additional LLC creation services, such as faster filling time, taking approximately 1 to 2 business days. Furthermore, the package has an operating agreement template ($99) and an Employer Identification Number.
  • Premium LLC Formation Package ($349 + $104 State Fee): This package covers not only the Pro package services but also a customizable website, business email address, company domain name and privacy, and business document templates.

3 - Bizee (Most Affordable)

Rated 4.7/5
Privacy and Security
Compliance Alerts
User Ratings
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Pros and Cons

  • Comprehensive packages for different business needs.
  • Variety of legal services for full compliance.
  • Virtual address maintains privacy and professionalism.
  • Higher-tier packages can be expensive.
  • In-depth tax advice may require separate payment.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs and startups looking for budget-friendly options with basic services.

Who is it not for?

  • Businesses that require extensive hands-on support and customization.

The Verdict

Bizee offers a cost-effective solution for new businesses that need straightforward registered agent services without additional complexities.

Would you recommend Bizee (Most Affordable)?

Bizee (formerly Incfile) is another great option if you are looking for something affordable.

We felt comfortable knowing that our documents were in good hands and that our company was being taken care of with attention.

We were also impressed with the timely delivery of our documents and the easy formation process.

Bizee ensures you have a Nebraska address accessible during regular business hours to receive legal paperwork for your organization. This can keep you in compliance and protect your business in different ways.

However, Bizee does have some third-party promotions and upselling that can be a little annoying.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Services ($119): This is an annual fixed rate, either you buy the service separately or you renew it. But, if you decide to create your startup with Bizee, the registered agent is free of charge in the first year.
  • Free Silver LLC Formation Package ($0 + $109 State Fee): The offer is packed with articles of organization preparation and filing, a year of free registered agent service, and unlimited name searches.
  • Bizee Gold LLC Formation Package ($199 + $109 State Fee): The silver bundle is included, as well as an EIN company tax number, IRS Form 2553, and an operating agreement. In addition, the organization offers banking resolutions, an online access dashboard, and tax guidance.
  • Platinum LLC Formation Package ($299 + $109 State Fee): Is included in the Gold Package, along with a business website, domain registrations, and business contract templates.

4 - LegalZoom (Best Premium)

Rated 4.5/5
LegalZoom with a person in an office in the background
Privacy and Security
Compliance Alerts
User Ratings
Sign Up To LegalZoom

Pros and Cons

  • Registered Agent Services help manage compliance.
  • Wide range of legal services from formation to compliance.
  • Access to tax professionals and independent network of attorneys.
  • Annual fees for Registered Agent Services after the first year.
  • Pricing can be unclear without a personalized quote.
  • In-depth consultations might incur additional costs.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

  • Businesses looking for established credibility and a full suite of legal services.

Who is it not for?

  • Small businesses or solopreneurs sensitive to higher pricing structures.

The Verdict

LegalZoom is suitable for businesses that require a wide range of legal services beyond just registered agent duties and are willing to pay a premium for comprehensive coverage.

Would you recommend LegalZoom (Best Premium)?

LegalZoom has earned a great reputation for providing expert legal services. It's a good option for Nebraska business owners wanting to remain in compliance with state registration requirements.

They will provide you with a registered agent committed to receiving and forwarding legal documents, such as service of process and other official notifications, to you on time.

We found the pre-populated Operating Agreement provided by LegalZoom to be exceedingly convenient. We really appreciated the knowledge and guidance of their expert support teams.

However, it's worth noting that some companies in Nebraska provide comparable quality and functionality to LegalZoom at a substantially lower price point.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Services ($299): The initial fee for establishing an LLC in collaboration with them is priced at $249, while the subsequent renewal fee amounts to $299. Features include access to limitless cloud storage, identity theft safety up to a value of $1 million, a Compliance Calendar, and notifications regarding crucial emails.
  • LLC Basic Formation Package ($0 + $109 State Fee): This package offers several key components, including a detailed digital LLC welcome packet, an all-encompassing name search, articles of organization, as well as a WIX-backed website.
  • LLC Pro Formation Package ($249 + $109 State Fee): The package includes all the features of the Basic package, along with an operating agreement, a thorough guide on business licensing, an EIN, and preliminary phone consultations pertaining to tax and insurance matters.
  • LLC Premium Formation Package ($299 + $109 State Fee): It includes all the features of the Pro plan. You'll also enjoy unlimited half-hour consultations with an experienced attorney and amendments to your formation documents within 90 days from the time of your initial subscription. Furthermore, you'll also receive tailored and interactive assistance from a skilled attorney based in Nebraska.

Why You Should Trust Us

When it comes to selecting the ideal registered agent service for your Nebraska business, my extensive background and firsthand experience in the sector provide a solid foundation for my recommendations.

As the CEO, co-founder, and editor-in-chief of Venture Smarter, I have spent over nine years working directly with both emerging startups and well-established companies, guiding them through the complexities of growth and legal compliance. My expertise is built on a robust academic background in business management, further enhanced by a variety of industry-specific certifications.

Throughout my career, I've collaborated with numerous registered agent services, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the legal and operational success of many businesses. This hands-on experience has afforded me a comprehensive understanding of what businesses truly require from their registered agent services in Nebraska.

Thus, when I suggest Northwest Registered Agent as the top choice for your business needs in Nebraska, it is based on a combination of professional judgment and consistently positive client feedback.

My commitment to the success of your business is backed by years of experience helping companies achieve their goals, making my recommendation of Northwest Registered Agent a reliable and trustworthy one.

How We Picked And Tested The Best Registered Agent Services in Nebraska

Venture Smarter research involved a detailed analysis of over 20 registered agent services in Nebraska. We aimed to cover a broad spectrum to ensure a well-rounded evaluation.

We assessed each service based on key factors like customer satisfaction, pricing, and overall service quality. This multi-faceted approach helped us gauge the effectiveness and value of each registered agent service.

1. Pricing

Understanding the cost of registered agent services is crucial for businesses, particularly startups or those operating on a tight budget.

Price plays a significant role in the decision-making process, as it directly impacts the financial planning of a business.

We compared the annual fees of each service, factoring in additional costs such as state fees and optional add-ons, to determine overall affordability.

As the most affordable option, Bizee offers registered agent services at $119 annually. This affordability and free first-year service with LLC formation make it an attractive choice for budget-conscious businesses.

Northwest offers services at a higher price point but justifies it with quality and a range of services.

2. Customer Support

Effective customer support is vital for any service, especially for registered agents who handle critical legal documents.

The quality, responsiveness, and accessibility of customer support can significantly impact the overall experience and efficiency of the service.

We conducted mock inquiries to each service’s support team, measuring response times and the accuracy of the information provided.

In our analysis, we noted that Northwest offers expertise and responsiveness, ensuring clients receive timely and knowledgeable assistance.

On the flip side, ZenBusiness has limited customer support hours, which might be a constraint for some users.

Bizee also provides customer support only on weekdays, which may not cater to all business needs, especially for urgent inquiries outside regular business hours.

3. Confidentiality

Confidentiality and protection of business data are paramount for registered agent services.

Companies that excel in safeguarding client information provide a significant advantage, especially when data breaches are a concern.

We reviewed each service’s privacy policies and interviewed representatives to understand measures taken to secure client information and prevent data breaches.

Northwest Registered Agent prioritizes data privacy and does not sell customer data, highlighting their commitment to confidentiality.

LegalZoom offers identity theft protection up to $1 million, showcasing their focus on safeguarding client information.

4. Service Features

The range and quality of service features are crucial in determining the effectiveness of a registered agent.

In this review, we looked at features like online dashboards, compliance alerts, and additional services like mail forwarding or annual report filings that enhanced the overall value and usability of the service.

Northwest Registered Agent offers comprehensive features, including a secure online portal, document filing, and annual report reminders.

ZenBusiness provides essential business filing and name availability checks, with additional services available in higher-tier packages.

We noted that although Bizee includes basic package features, it delays document scanning.

5. Ease of Use

A user-friendly platform simplifies the process of managing legal documents and compliance. This makes it accessible for businesses of all sizes and technical capabilities.

From our analysis, ZenBusiness, known for its easy-to-use website, facilitated a stress-free user experience.

Bizee provides an online access dashboard.

6. Third-Party Reviews

Third-party reviews provide an unbiased perspective on the quality and reliability of registered agent services.

They offer valuable insights from actual users, helping potential clients make informed decisions.

During our analysis, we looked at various third-party platforms like Google Reviews, Better Business Bureau, and Trustpilot.

Northwest Registered Agent received positive feedback for its customer support and comprehensive service features.

ZenBusiness, while offering reliable services, has faced criticism for additional costs for annual report filing and limited support hours.

7. Transition Process

A seamless transition process when switching registered agent services is crucial to avoid legal coverage and compliance gaps.

In this review, Northwest Registered Agent offers flexibility in services, making it easier for businesses to transition without disruption.

ZenBusiness also streamlines the purchase process, allowing for a smoother transition for new clients.

8. Turnaround Time

The speed at which registered agent services collect and relay legal documents is crucial for businesses to remain compliant and responsive to legal requirements.

ZenBusiness demonstrated a quick LLC registration process, including necessary documentation, highlighting its efficiency.

Bizee is known for the timely delivery of documents and an easy formation process, ensuring prompt and reliable service.

How Much Do Registered Agent Service Providers Cost in Nebraska?

Registered agent services in Nebraska can range between $99 and $349 annually. It all depends on the specific features and benefits you need for your business.

You can lower the cost of forming an LLC in Nebraska by opting for an LLC package that includes a free year of a registered agent if you are just getting started.

Related Articles:

Requirements For A Nebraska Registered Agent

A businesswoman looking at a notebook

Whether your business is a corporation, LLC, or non-profit, Nebraska has basic requirements registered agents must meet.

Nebraska state statute 21-113 mandates the following for registered agents:

  • Be a citizen of the state or someone with a valid business license in Nebraska.
  • A physical address in Nebraska for the registered office is a must. P.O. boxes don't qualify as acceptable addresses.
  • A registered agent should be able to accept legal documents and be at least 18 years.

Learn how to change a registered agent in Nebraska, if you are dissatisfied with the current one.

"When initiating a Nebraska LLC, the state mandates the designation of a Registered Agent, which is an individual or entity responsible for accepting legal documents on behalf of the LLC if it becomes involved in a lawsuit."

- Delina Yasmeh, J.D./Tax LL.M, Distinguished Expert in Mergers & Acquisitions


Does the State of Nebraska Require a Registered Agent?

The state of Nebraska requires a registered agent. As part of Nebraska's official document delivery process, a registered agent receives any service or process provided to a company during legal proceedings.

How Do I Choose My Own Registered Agent in Nebraska?

When choosing a registered agent in Nebraska, ensure that the business complies with state laws and regulations and that the registered agent is reliable, experienced, and available whenever you need them. Research your chosen agent's qualifications and experience with the relevant laws and regulations.

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent for My Nebraska LLC?

You can be your own registered agent for your Nebraska LLC. In Nebraska, it's typical for business owners to act as their registered agents.

Venture Smarter Verdict On The Best Registered Agent In Nebraska

The role of a Nebraska registered agent is imperative to your business's compliance and legal standing.

After carefully researching the top registered agents in Nebraska, we've concluded that Northwest Registered Agent Service is the best option.

They help business owners avoid common mistakes and, as a result, prevent unfavorable business outcomes.

With Northwest Registered Agent Service, you can get affordable services for your businesses.

We were amazed by their comprehensive packages with features such as document filing, annual report reminders, and a secure online portal. They can take care of complex processes with the utmost care and attention.

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