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New Jersey is home to a large number of LLC formation services that offer a wide range of package options to assist you in setting up your business easily.

As a seasoned entrepreneur and business consultant, I have helped numerous clients set up their LLCs and navigate complex legal requirements.

In my experience, New Jersey is home to many excellent LLC formation services that offer a range of package options. To help you make an informed decision, I have researched and tested each of the best LLC services in New Jersey.

In this article, we’ll provide a thorough comparison of each service and rank them based on service features, pricing, and turnaround. Continue reading to find out which New Jersey LLC service best suits your business entity.

Top 4 LLC Services in New Jersey (March 2023)

1 - ZenBusiness (Editor's Choice)

ZenBusiness logo and a young entrepreneur using a laptop in the background

ZenBusiness offers various packages that can be customized to your specific needs.

The company provides a solid service that makes starting a Limited Liability Company in New Jersey as easy as possible.

With more than 300,000 satisfied clients and just as many positive reviews.

We were impressed with ZenBusiness's customer service, which offers extended support to all its clients.

During our LLC formation process, we were able to contact their help desk from Monday through to Sunday, and they offered quality and timely responses.

Service Features:

  • Starter LLC Creation Package ($0 + $130 State Fee): The base plan offers a comprehensive package for establishing a new LLC. This includes New Jersey LLC name searches, the organization articles of filing packet, an LLC agreement template to help you create your operation manual, a certificate of formation issued by the state of New Jersey Department of State, and standard filing speed (2 to 3 weeks).
  • Pro LLC Formation Package ($199 + $130 State Fee): Everything from the lower package is included in this pro formation package, along with a faster-expedited filling speed (4 to 6 days) and a certified company copy.
  • Premium LLC Creation Package ($299 + $130 State Fee): This New Jersey LLC formation service plan offers all of the features of both previous service packages and an audit report, which will help you avoid costly tax penalties. You'll also get access to business credit reports, business websites, business e-mail, and monitoring services for up to five years after your company is formed. It comes with the fastest rush filling speed (1-2 days).
  • New Jersey Registered Agent Services ($199): ZenBusiness's registered agent service will provide a registered agent for your company for $199, give you access to information about your company online, receive important legal notices on your company's behalf, and act as a point of contact for the government.
  • Outstanding customer feedback for LLC formation services
  • Responsive customer support
  • Competitive packages
  • Superior compliance
  • Speedy turnaround time
  • Costly
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2 - Northwest Registered Agent Service

Northwest Registered Agent logo with a business woman doing work in the background

Northwest Registered Agent Service regularly receives positive reviews from satisfied customers because they offer excellent customer privacy protection, highly skilled support agents, and hassle-free online service.

This New Jersey registered agent service company has been in operation for over 20 years, and they’ve earned a loyal customer base primarily because they value its clients’ privacy and never charges hidden fees.

We appreciate the company's faster turnaround times - our orders were filed and delivered within 24 hours. We really appreciate their highly-skilled support agents and hassle-free online services.

So, Northwest Registered Agent is a good fit if you want your limited liability company to be up and running as quickly as possible.

Service Features:

  • Basic Plan ($39 + $130 State Fee): Basic Plan may be used to form corporations and LLCs, and nonprofits and comes with articles of organization, a year of free registered agent service, an operating agreement, and both standard and expedited processing speeds available.
  • Full Service LLC Formation Plan ($225 + $130 State Fee): With Full Service, you get free limited mail forwarding, same-business-day filing, an operating agreement, and a client account loaded with free forms and tools in addition to the service features from the Basic Plan.
  • Northwest Registered Agent Services ($125): If Northwest forms your LLC, the first year's registered agent service fee is free. Registering in all 52 jurisdictions will cost you $5,200. Expert corporate guides, free mail forwarding, and privacy are all included by default.
  • 2-decade-long of experince
  • They place a premium on protection
  • A direct pricing model for LLC services
  • Free registered agent services for one year
  • Higher prices
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3 - IncFile

Incfile logo with an business woman in the background

Another business entity that offers a range of services is Incfile, which also does LLC formation and registered agent services in New Jersey.

Since its founding in 2004, Incfile has created more than 800,000 companies.

Having such a large client base only serves to demonstrate how reliable Incfile is.

They assisted us in selecting the best business structure for our requirements and took care of all the paperwork and filings on our behalf.

IncFile also maintain your contact details so you can concentrate on running your business.

Service Features:

  • Silver Package ($0 + $130 State Fee): Silver Package includes preparing & filing the articles of organization, free registered agent service for the full year, unlimited name searches, and phone and email support.
  • Gold Package ($199 + $130 State Fee): In addition to the previous plan, in New Jersey Gold Package you get: EIN Business Tax Number, IRS Form 2553, operating agreement, banking resolution, lifetime company alerts, online access dashboard, business banking account, and business tax consultation.
  • Platinum Package ($299 + $130 State Fee): This plan has all the New Jersey Gold Package plus business contract templates, a domain name with business email, and free next-day filing.
  • Registered Agent Services ($130): It is free for the first year if made with an LLC formation package. After that first year, the renewal will be $119 per year for Agent Services. It comes with a personalized dashboard where you can access your documents online.
  • Affordable price points
  • Experienced and reliable
  • Great customer service
  • Excessive upsells
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4 - LegalZoom

Legalzoom logo with an office worker in the background

LegalZoom was founded by two attorneys with the primary intention of providing accessible and budget-friendly legal services to small startups.

It's a popular LLC service in New Jersey because of its easy-to-use approach.

When I was starting my own small business, I turned to LegalZoom precisely because of its affordable legal services. I found their platform easy to use, and the step-by-step instructions were helpful in creating my new limited liability company.

Their popularity in New Jersey is well-deserved, and I highly recommend LegalZoom to other small startups.

Service Features:

  • LLC formation Economy Package ($79 + $130 State Fee): LegalZoom Economy Package includes comprehensive name search and business entity filing, tax savings consultation, complete digital LLC welcome packet, peace of mind review, digital tracker, seven days a week lifetime customer support, entrepreneur’s business newsletter, and customizable website powered by Wix.
  • Standard Package ($329 + $130 State Fee): Includes everything New Jersey Economy package includes. However, it comes with the founder’s kit with a personalized notebook.
  • Express Gold Package ($349 + $130 State Fee): It includes everything that Standard packages have plus expedited shipping and the fastest processing speed.
  • Registered Agent Services ($299): If you choose to establish your business with LegalZoom, the registered agent will cost you $249 for the first year. Afterward, extending would cost $299.
  • Offers different budget-friendly packages
  • Offers unlimited revisions with your paperwork
  • They’re knowledgeable in the industry
  • You're not able to speak to a lawyer directly
  • Not all courts or government agencies accept their documents
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Benefits of Forming LLC in New Jersey

Business owner googling who is the best LLC service provider in New Jersey

LLCs can be a great way to protect your personal assets, and New Jersey is a great place to form an LLC. Aside from that, it can provide you with a number of business benefits. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Personal Assets Protection

This is the biggest advantage of forming a New Jersey LLC. With an LLC, you are not personally responsible for any debts or claims against your business entities.

This means that if someone sues your business and wins, they cannot go after your personal money to pay debts [1].

2. Multiple Tax Alternatives

The IRS allows LLCs to be taxed as corporations or partnerships and even allows them to be taxed as both at the same time if desired.

This flexibility gives you more control over how much tax you pay on profits from your business operation; however, it does require careful planning and attention to detail throughout the year so that taxes are properly calculated and paid each quarter according to IRS rules regarding LLCs (or other types of entities) [2].

3. Affordable Creation Process

The formation process for a New Jersey LLC is pretty straightforward, making it an inexpensive option for small businesses looking to start up quickly.

In addition, the total cost of creating an LLC in New Jersey is much less than it is in many other states—you can expect to spend about $500-600 on setup fees and other costs associated with getting started as an LLC owner [3].

New Jersey LLC Creation Process

Here's a quick overview of the steps you'll need to take:

  • Step 1: Get a name for your LLC in New Jersey
  • Step 2: Hire a New Jersey registered agent
  • Step 3: Draft the articles of the incorporation
  • Step 4: Draft all your operating agreements
  • Step 5: Obtain an EIN for your business account


Is It Good To Form an LLC in New Jersey?

Yes, it is good to form an LLC in New Jersey. It has lower taxes than many states and no corporate income tax, so it's an attractive location for businesses that want to minimize their tax liability.

What Is the Total Cost of Starting a New Jersey LLC?

The total cost of starting a New Jersey LLC is between $200 to $300. There are no annual fees or franchise taxes. You will also need to register with the Department of Revenue Services and pay $100 in annual tax returns.

How Long Will It Take to Create My New Jersey LLC?

It will take approximately one week to create your New Jersey LLC. However, the total time it takes to form your business will depend on whether or not you have a name or address for your new LLC.

Our Favourite New Jersey Service Provider Is...

New Jersey LLC formation services vary widely in terms of cost and service level. If you're looking for a solid track record and a well-rounded experience, then ZenBusiness may be a good pick for your LLC services needs.

Choosing ZenBusiness is a smart choice for startups. Its affordable LLC services plans and comprehensive service packages comprise New Jersey LLC name searches, the organization articles of filing package, a New Jersey LLC agreement template to assist you in creating your operating manual, and a certificate of formation from the state.

We appreciate how extensive their customer support is, as they were available to guide us even on weekends. And for this reason, we don't believe you'll go wrong with ZenBusiness.

Our #1 Recommendation


ZenBusiness logo and a young entrepreneur using a laptop in the background
  • Outstanding customer feedback for LLC formation services
  • Responsive customer support
  • Competitive packages
  • Superior compliance
  • Speedy turnaround time
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of March
  • Costly

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