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Last updated: June 21, 2024
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SunDoc Filings offer services in all 50 states, but they offer California-based LLC owners several advantages and have helped thousands of businesses in this state.

Since I've partnered with several formation services before, I've been given the opportunity to work closely with multiple online service providers, and SunDoc is one of them.

In this review, I will highlight the general features of SunDoc Filings and provide a more detailed report on the company's specific services and pricing.

The Venture Smarter article will further compare SunDoc filings with other business entities under the same enterprise to equip you with enough information to make an informed decision.

What Is SunDoc Filings?

A logo of Sundoc Filings and three people talking about business

SunDoc Filings is an LLC services company that has successfully assisted over 100,000 businesses with their LLC formation process since its inception in 1999, demonstrating a solid track record of efficiency and customer satisfaction, according to their website.

They are headquartered in California and mostly focus on LLC service for that state.

SunDoc Filings has thousands of positive customer reviews with thousands of satisfied SunDoc customers. They have a solid reputation for offering fast and efficient LLC service.

Since I've been working closely with SunDoc Filings, I learned that the company has a solid reputation in the industry, which is further solidified by thousands of positive customer reviews.

"SunDoc Filings provides nationwide incorporation filing and retrieval services for both professionals and entrepreneurs. It assists with the preparation and submission of various legal documents, such as articles of incorporation, annual reports and other corporate filings."

- Natalie Cusson, Small Business Owner, Writer 

SunDoc Filings

SunDoc Filings

Sundoc Filings logo and a young business man working on a laptop
Rated 4.48/5

SunDoc Filings Review Ratings

In Venture Smarter comprehensive review of SunDoc Filings, we meticulously evaluated various aspects of their service to provide a well-rounded rating.

Our ratings are based on factors like customer support, pricing, features, and turnaround time, ensuring a balanced and informed perspective.

Support - 4.7/5

SunDoc Filings excels in customer support, rating 4.7 out of 5. Customers consistently praise their responsive and knowledgeable support team.

The company offers personalized assistance via phone and email, ensuring queries are handled efficiently and effectively.

Our direct experience confirms this based on responsive and knowledgeable interactions, aligning closely with industry-leading standards.

Price - 4.2/5

We rated SunDoc Filings 4.2 out of 5 for their pricing.

Evaluating SunDoc Filings' claim of competitive pricing, we found their rates to be on par with, if not slightly better than, the industry average for similar services, providing value without compromising on quality.

While they offer competitive rates for their LLC formation packages, the absence of a registered agent service in the basic packages and slightly higher prices for some services than competitors influenced this rating.

Features - 4.2/5

SunDoc Filings received a 4.2 out of 5 for features.

Upon reviewing SunDoc Filings' comprehensive service range, it's evident that their offerings exceed just basic LLC formation, providing a holistic business setup solution that matches their promotional claims.

However, compared to some competitors, the limited scope of their packages slightly impacts this rating.

Turnaround - 4.8/5

The company's turnaround time is exceptional, meriting a 4.8 out of 5 rating.

SunDoc Filings is known for its quick and efficient processing, with many customers highlighting their fast service in handling documents and requests.

Contrasting the company's claim of 'fast and efficient processing' with our findings, turnaround time indeed reflects a significantly quicker document handling process compared to the average industry timeframe.

LLC Service Features & Prices

After creating an account on SunDoc Filings, I learned that the company offers LLC formation packages to suit your individual needs.

The packages include the following:

  • Pro LLC Formation Package ($79 + State Fees): This package only includes filing of your pre-prepared documents for your limited liability company and retrieval services.
  • Basic LLC Formation Package ($99 + State Fees): The basic package includes the preparation of formation documents, including your Articles of Organization and a name availability check.
  • Complete LLC Formation Package ($279 + State Fees): The complete package includes everything from the other two packages plus an LLC kit and seal, federal tax ID number, or EIN to form a business bank account, a crucial step for over millions of new businesses annually in the United States [1].
  • Registered Agent Service ($149): SunDoc Filings offers top registered agent services for $149 annually.

Additional Services

After further navigating the platform, I found out that SunDocs offers other services that might be useful for your business.

Apart from their LLC business formation services, you can also avail of the following:

  • C-Corp: starts at $79 plus state fees
  • Partnership: starts at $99 plus state fees
  • Nonprofit: $99 plus state fees
  • Business License: $99
  • Name Reservation: $39
  • Certificate of Good Standing: $39
  • Royal Corporate LLC Kit: $139
  • Tax ID: $70
  • Annual Reports: $39
  • Amendments: $39
  • Apostille Service: $75
  • Business Conversion: $149
  • Plain State UCC Search: $40
  • Foreign Qualification: $99


Two business men shaking hands in an office

Here are some of the essential advantages of using SunDoc Filings services:

  • Customer Support: My interaction with SunDoc Filings' customer support was exceptionally positive. Their team was not only reliable and efficient but also offered personalized assistance via phone and email. I found their help to be responsive and well-informed, addressing my queries with precision and understanding.
  • Easy To Use: The user-friendly interface, straightforward layout, and minimal upsells during the business formation process made it a hassle-free experience. Their informative website further simplified the application process, making it accessible even for those new to business formation.
  • Guarantee And Refund Policy: They provide a robust 100% satisfaction guarantee and refund policy, offering corrections, refunds, or credits for any issues business owners encounter. In my case, I didn't encounter any issues, but it was reassuring to know that they offered corrections, refunds, or credits if needed.
  • Positive Ratings: SunDoc Filings boasts a high customer satisfaction rate, evidenced by a 4.9 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot and numerous positive reviews, particularly for their quick and responsive service.


Business man searching for the downsides of Sundoc Filings

Despite SunDoc Filings being one of the best formation services in California, here are some downsides you may experience.

  • No Registered Agent Service: SunDoc Filings' packages lack registered agent services, which other companies commonly include for free in the first year.
  • Limited Package Options: Their packages are limited, lacking features like LLC operating agreements and nationwide filing, which are available at lower costs from competitors.

Who Should Hire SunDoc Filings?

Clients looking to create an LLC in California should hire SunDoc Filings.

Venture Smarter also recommend SunDoc Filings for business owners who value positive customer feedback and years of experience in the industry.

SunDoc Filings Users' Testimonials

An entrepreneur reading other user testimonials using a smartphone

"Exceeded my expectations!  Very fast service to handle two docs for Apostille on a rush basis.  Very friendly and helpful customer service.  Received my docs, and delivered right away to the State, the State processed them surprisingly fast, and Sun Docs picked them up and had them FedEx-ed to me right away.  Couldn't be happier.  I would definitely use them again."
- Jon D., Yelp

"SunDoc Filings is my go-to for all document retrieval and filing. They are quick, responsive, and you always have a real person to contact regarding your order. When you call, there's no ridiculous hold time and the customer service is truly top-notch. I highly recommend using SunDoc Filings for any and all document retrieval or filing."
- Anonymous Customer, Trustpilot

"I wish we could get a receipt of payment once the payment is made. This helps with our organizations credit card payment policy where a receipt needs to be submitted once a charge is made.Other than that, we are return customers and appreciate the speed of service."
- Anonymous Customer, Trustpilot 

"SunDoc is great! I have used it in the course of my employment with multiple companies. The representative who I dealt with most recently is Sheila Helems. She was extremely helpful and very responsive. She had my reports emailed to me within 2 hours when I was expecting a turnaround time of 24 hours. She was great - great company!"
- Jennifer McHale

SunDoc Filings Alternatives

Two business people comparing Sundoc Filings to other services

Since I've registered with several online formation providers over the years and utilized their respective services, I acquired considerable knowledge on how to gauge the efficiency and credibility of each company. Here are my personal insights on the company's top competitors.

1. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness offers some of the best pricing in the industry, starting at $0 plus state filing fees for their basic package.

They can help to form an LLC in any state and offer extras in their basic package, such as expense and deduction tracking, a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and more compared to SunDoc filing's bare-bones plan.

2. Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest logo with an office person in the background

Northwest Registered Agent is also a less expensive option, with plans starting at $39, and they include:

  • Registered agent service in this fee and mail forwarding with the US postal service
  • Business address
  • Privacy by default
  • Corporate guide service
  • Specialized customer service.

SunDoc Filings also offers good customer service, but Northwest shines with its registered agents and specialized service.

Northwest Registered Agent also provides formation features that SunDoc Filings doesn't, such as an operating agreement, speedy filing for any state, and more.

3. Bizee

Bizee (formerly Incfile) also offers formation services starting at $0, among the industry's best.

Bizee includes document prep, a year of free registered agent service, and a tax consultation with their base package.

Both services are comparable when it comes to customer support, and they have the same hours; however, Bizee offers live chat, which SunDoc Filings doesn't.

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Is SunDoc Filings Legitimate?

Yes, SunDoc Filings is legitimate. They started their business in 1999 and have helped thousands of customers with the business formation. They also have a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot.

Does SunDoc Filings Have Any Hidden Fees?

No, SunDoc Filings doesn’t have any hidden fees. SunDoc Filings strives to be transparent with its packages and prevent hidden fees.

How Fast Does SunDoc Filings Process An LLC?

On average, it takes a few days to a few weeks for SunDoc Filing to process an LLC. However, SunDoc Filings' turnaround time depends on the state, and they offer expedited processing. Their California LLC filings are generally very fast.

Venture Smarter Verdict on SunDoc Filings

SunDoc Filings is an excellent choice for LLC formation if you want to create a business in California. While they will help a company create an LLC in another state, California is their home base.

However, if you want to build an LLC in a state besides California, consider choosing ZenBusiness.

ZenBusiness is an excellent choice for creating a business in any state, with their base pricing starting at $0 and including a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, expense and deduction tracking, and more.

Our #1 Recommendation


Rated 4.95/5
  • Overly positive customer reviews
  • Annual report filing and ongoing LLC maintenance
  • One of the most affordable LLC services
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of June
  • Non-profit business formation is not provided

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