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Compliance with the Secretary of State is mandatory for businesses in Utah. Thus, hiring the best-registered agent service for your Utah LLC is the best way to ensure that all of your important documents are delivered to the right place on time.

After extensive research and testing, we have compiled a list of Utah's top registered agent services. We took the time to review each service in detail and provide our recommendations.

So, if you've decided to hire the best-registered agent service for your Utah LLC, this guide is for you.

Top 5 Best Registered Agents in Utah (March 2023)

1 - Northwest Registered Agent (Editor's Choice)

Northwest registered agent logo in front of a businesswoman

Northwest Registered Agent is a top-tier registered agent service in Utah, offering premier services.

With over 25 years of experience, they provide exceptional service for businesses and individuals looking for a reliable registered agent.

The company also provides a streamlined suite of Utah registered agent services, from registering businesses to filing annual reports and franchise taxes.

Furthermore, the US-based customer support team at Northwest Registered Agent comprises experienced professionals, including accountants, lawyers, and former attorneys.

We had the opportunity to experience Northwest registered agent services in Utah and were incredibly pleased with the results.

Their diverse team of experts brought a wealth of knowledge and experience. Thus, our team received the highest quality service possible.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Service ($125): This service includes expert corporate guides to make processes silky and stress-free. Privacy by default is included, next to free mail forwarding. If you opt for Northwest to form your LLC the first year of the registered agent service fee will be free, and it will cost $125 on renewal.
  • Basic Package ($39+ $54 State Fees): Basic Package comes with articles for organization, and one year of free registered agent service if you hire Northwest to form your LLC. This plan also includes an operating agreement and both standard and expedited processing speeds.
  • Full Service LLC Formation Package ($225 + $54 State Fees):
  • Formation Package comes with same business day filing, operating agreement, and a client account specially designed to support business growth with free forms and tools.
  • Protects your private information
  • Customer support is top-level
  • Versatile and with an array of professional experience
  • Formation packages plus one year of best-registered agent service
  • Convenient web dashboard
  • A bit pricey than the average registered agent service
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2 - ZenBusiness Registered Agent Services

ZenBusiness logo with a background of a business man using a laptop

ZenBusiness is among Utah's most trusted registered agents, providing top-notch and reliable customer service.

The $199 Utah registered agent service package gives you a user-friendly interface to easily access your account information, manage documents, and view your service history.

ZenBusiness is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. The registered agent company's experienced professionals are well-equipped to answer any questions.

Their 4.7/5 customer rating reflects their commitment to providing quality services. This makes ZenBusiness a good affordable registered agent service.

We recently used ZenBusiness registered agent services in Utah and were thoroughly impressed with the level of service we received. Their pricing was also surprisingly affordable.

We can definitely attest to their 4.7/5 rating – their registered agent services exceeded our expectations, and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a registered agent in Utah.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Service ($199): This Utah registered agent service package renews at $199 annually.
  • ZenBusiness Starter Package ($0 + $54 State Fee): Standard Utah plan covers the standard corporate filing service, which covers standard filing speed (2 to 3 weeks), name availability search capabilities and access to your files via the ZenBusiness site.
  • ZenBusiness Pro Package ($199 + $54 State Fee): ZenBusiness Pro offers different Utah LLC formation services like faster expedited filling speed (4 to 6 days), financial reports, employment ID number generation, and compliance alerts and reviews.
  • ZenBusiness Premium Package ($299 + $54 State Fee): Premium LLC formation plan incorporates the platform's services and the fastest rush filling speed (1-2 days) and customizable business website, which also comes with a website business e-mail.
  • Cost-efficient registered agent pricing model
  • Chat customer support hours extended
  • Garnered a ton of positive customer feedback
  • A 60-day refundable money
  • Low brand visibility
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3 - IncFile

Incfile logo with an business woman in the background

IncFile is a leading registered agent service provider in Utah. With a wide range of services, the company helps entrepreneurs and business owners get the most out of their businesses.

Incfile offers an incredibly affordable LLC formation package that includes all the necessary documents and filing fees.

Incfile's comprehensive registered agent package includes the free formation of the LLC, registered agent services, and business formation documents.

With over 800,000 customers served, IncFile has established itself as a trusted partner in the business formation space.

Its commitment to quality registered agent service is evident in the 13,500+ reviews online, with an overwhelmingly positive rating.

With an overwhelmingly positive rating, we decided to try IncFile registered agent services, and the quality of their service matched the ratings they received.

The registered agent company provided us with timely updates and kept us informed of any changes in state regulations. They also ensured that our legal filings were completed correctly and on time.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Service ($119): The registered agent package includes the free formation of the LLC, registered agent services, and business formation documents.
  • Silver Package ($0 + $54 State Fee): The formation is free of charge, and the only cost incurred is a yearly filing fee of $70, as per the Utah Department of Commerce.
  • Gold Package ($199 + $54 State Fee): Gold Package comes with all benefits from the Silver Package and brings addition. This plan includes banking resolution, IRS Form 2553, and an EIN. Thanks to the online access dashboard you will be able to access fast and easily to your online space.
  • Platinum Package ($299 + $54 State Fee): Platinum Package contains Gold Package features, next to business contract templates. This package also offers free next day filing and a domain name followed by a business email.
  • $0 for LLC filing
  • Transparent and honest in pricing
  • Free registered agent
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Limited options for customer support
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4 - LegalZoom

Two businessmen having a talk

LegalZoom is a leading provider of legal services, offering a wide range of services from registered agents to wills and trusts.

They are widely known for their registered agent services, which are often more expensive than the competition.

However, LegalZoom can offer a comprehensive package that includes virtual office services, access to legal professionals, and more.

Additionally, LegalZoom has a long-standing reputation for providing excellent customer service and is a popular choice for those seeking a one-stop shop for legal services.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Service ($299/): You'll access a range of registered agent features that help protect your business data, keep you up-to-date with compliance requirements, and provide unlimited cloud storage.
  • Economy Package ($79 + $54 State Fees): Formation Package includes the following: Filing the Articles of Organization, obtaining an EIN, and a Certificate of Good Standing.
  • Standard Package ($329 + $54 State Fees): Every feature of the Economy Package is included in the Standard Package, along with a personalized notebook and the founder's package, along with five-day priority processing.
  • Express Gold Package ($349 + $54 State Fees): This plan includes new features while combining the benefits of the Economical and Standard plans. Express Gold has been improved with the quickest processing and shipping times.
  • Large client base
  • A spectrum of legal services
  • Strong brand power
  • No registered agent is included in LLC formations
  • LLC formations come with no registered agent
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5 - Rocket Lawyer

Rocketlawyer logo with an office person in the background

Rocket Lawyer is a comprehensive legal services provider that offers various services related to business entity formation.

Their powerful estate planning software is designed to help business owners create a plan that will protect their assets and interests in the future.

In addition to estate planning, Rocket Lawyer also offers LLC formation and registered agent services.

With over 80,000 business entities served, the company has a proven track record of success.

Rocket Lawyer guarantees satisfaction with its registered agent services, so you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Services ($149.99): This service provides a secure and reliable way to store important legal papers and documents and submit the Utah Certificate of Formation. The annual fee for non-members is $149.99 and includes access to the document repository. Membership is available for $39.99 on monthly basis.
  • Formation Package ($99.99 + $54 State Fee): This plan gives you access to crucial services including document filing, record keeping, and handling legal notices. For new business owners, this strategy is the best option.
  • Prompt and efficient customer service
  • Customers have control over their budget
  • Access to legal documents and experts
  • Service features are limited
  • A credit card is required for a free trial
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Benefits Of Utah's Registered Agent Service

A registered agent in working in his office in Utah

Acting as your registered agent can be a great way to save money in the short term. Although, working with Utah's registered agent service has several advantages and makes the additional costs well worth it [1].

Here are the four main benefits of working with a registered agent service in Utah:

1. Ensure Privacy

Utilizing a registered agent service in Utah ensures that your business's personal information is confidential.

A registered agent service can help protect your business from unwanted solicitations such as junk mail or telemarketing calls.

Furthermore, the Registered Agent Service can provide additional privacy benefits, such as providing a secure address for the business and managing the company's legal documents [2].

2. Saves You Time, Money, and Effort

Businesses can save time, money, and effort in managing their legal affairs by utilizing a registered agent service.

The registered agent service simplifies the process of filing documents with the state and keeps businesses up-to-date on any changes in the law that may affect their operations.

A registered agent ensures that you comply with the state's filing requirements to avoid costly penalties for late filing. It also provides a reliable point of contact for all legal matters, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

3. More Freedom

A registered agent service in Utah gives businesses more freedom to operate. The registered agent takes care of all the administrative tasks associated with managing a business, including:

  • Filing necessary documents with the Utah Division of Corporations
  • Monitoring changes in regulations
  • Providing prompt communication of any important updates

By outsourcing these tasks, you can free up resources and time to focus on the core business operations. This will allow you to achieve your goals more efficiently.

A registered agent service ensures that all legal documents and notices are received and forwarded promptly.

Registered agents also provide legal protection for business owners by ensuring that businesses comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Additionally, having a registered agent provides businesses with a layer of privacy and legal protection.

This is because their contact information is kept confidential. It is especially beneficial for companies operating in a highly regulated industry or a state with complex business laws.

How Much Should I Pay for a Utah Registered Agent Service?

Depending on the size of the business, you can pay for a Utah registered agent service from as little as $50 to $300 annually. This cost may seem high, but it can save time and energy in the long run.

Who is Eligible To Become a Registered Agent?

A businessman thinking

In Utah, any individual or entity can be eligible to become a registered agent for a business as long as they are at least 18 years old. The registered agent must also be reachable during standard working hours and have an address in Utah.

You can consider the four options when selecting a registered agent in Utah: an individual, a business entity, a professional registered agent service, or a Utah statutory agent.

Our Selection Process

Our team of professionals worked diligently to ensure we provided the most accurate information about Utah registered agent services.

We took the time to consult with our licensed attorneys and legal advisors and researched over 30 Utah registered agent services to get the best-unbiased results.

1. Price

We committed to finding a registered agent service in Utah that offers competitive prices without sacrificing quality.

To fulfill our commitment, we carefully examined each company's pricing structure and compared it to other registered agent service companies on the market.

2. Service Features

We have only selected registered agent companies that exceeded our expectations regarding benefits and features.

We reviewed and assessed the service they are offering to aim to get the best full-package registered agent service in Utah.

3. Customer Support

We examined all customer reviews and feedback to understand the clients' views.

We also reached out to their clients and evaluated their views on the services they get from them. We made sure that the selection process was based on customer satisfaction.


Do I Need a Utah Registered Agent for My Utah LLC?

Yes, to form a Utah LLC, you need a Utah registered agent in Utah; otherwise, the LLC application will be rejected. The registered agent will act as a point of contact for your business and is responsible for receiving legal documents and notices from the state.

What Does a Utah Registered Agent Do?

A Utah registered agent acts as your business's point of contact.
This individual or entity is responsible for receiving important legal documents and notifications from the state. The documents and notifications include tax forms, notices of lawsuits, and annual reports.

Can I Act as My Own Registered Agent in Utah?

Yes, you can act as your own registered agent in Utah. You will be responsible for receiving important legal documents for your business. You must be available during regular business hours to promptly accept these documents and forward them to the appropriate parties.

Can I Use the Registered Agent Office Address as My Utah Business Address?

No, you cannot use the registered agent office address as your business address in Utah. The registered agent's address is used solely for legal services of process, such as court summons, subpoenas, and other legal documents. Therefore, it is not suitable for use as a business address.

Do I Need an EIN for My LLC?

Yes, you need an EIN for your LLC if it has one or more employees or is subject to excise tax. The majority of new single-member LLCs classified as disregarded entities will need an EIN. To apply for an EIN, LLC must file Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number.

Can I File My LLC and Personal Taxes Separately?

Yes, you can file your LLC and personal taxes separately. The IRS classifies one-member LLCs as sole proprietorships; the LLC does not pay taxes and is not required to submit a return with the IRS. The revenue generated by your LLC will be considered personal income on your tax returns. If you opt to be taxed as a corporation,  you must file your personal and business taxes separately.


What Do I Need to Create an LLC in Utah?

You need the following simple steps to create an LLC in Utah:

  • Step 1: Choose a Name for Your LLC
  • Step 2: Choose a Utah Registered Agent
  • Step 3: File Certificate of Organization With the State
  • Step 4: Make a Utah LLC Operating Agreement
  • Step 5: Obtain an EIN
  • Step 6: Open Your LLC Bank Account
  • Step 7: Get Business Insurance for Your Utah LLC
  • Step 8: Obtain Business Licenses

And the BEST Registered Agent in Utah is...

To keep up with state offices and regulations, save time, and maintain privacy, we highly recommend Northwest registered agent service.

Northwest registered agent offers an excellent selection of registered agent services and Utah formation services, including managing all legal documents and emails important to your business entity.

Working with Northwest was a great experience for us. They gave us a fantastic customer support team that ensured we created and maintained our business entity efficiently and effortlessly.

Our #1 Recommendation

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest registered agent logo in front of a businesswoman
  • Protects your private information
  • Customer support is top-level
  • Versatile and with an array of professional experience
  • Formation packages plus one year of best-registered agent service
  • Convenient web dashboard
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of March
  • A bit pricey than the average registered agent service

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