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If you want to start a limited liability company (LLC) in Massachusetts, you might wonder how long it would take and what obstacles you might face.

The best way to find out this is to consult a team of expert attorneys, as we did. Some of the best attorneys in Massachusetts have provided us with the necessary information about forming an LLC in this state.

In this article, you will learn about the different time lengths, methods, and ways to start an LLC in Massachusetts.

Quick Summary

  • Forming an LLC in Massachusetts takes between a day and a week, depending on the method used.
  • You can form an LLC in Massachusetts by filing online, by mail, by walk-in, or by fax.
  • You will pay a filing fee of $500 to form an LLC in Massachusetts.

How Long Does It Take to Form an LLC in Massachusetts?

An LLC owner researching forming an LLC in Massachusetts

It takes between a day and a week, depending on the method used, to form an LLC in Massachusetts.

If you decide to form an LLC in the state by filing online, it will take 1 to 2 business days to be processed and approved.

However, if you choose to make your filing by mail, it would take about a week before your filing is processed and approved.

If you are considering the expedited filing option, remember it is unavailable in Massachusetts. The fastest way to get your filing processed and approved is online.

The filing fee for an LLC in Massachusetts is $500, excluding other costs you might incur when starting an LLC.

Massachusetts LLC Processing Time

The Massachusetts LLC processing time is the duration it takes for the Secretary of State to review your LLC filing and approve it.

However, depending on the way you file for an LLC with the Secretary of State, you can expect different processing times:

1. Mail Or Walk-in Filing

An LLC owner filing paperwork through mail

Mail or walk-in filing for an LLC in Massachusetts takes about a week to process and approve. This duration includes the regular 1-2 business days plus the time it would take for the documents to arrive in your mail.

It is also important to note that when filing via mail or walk-in, you will be presented with a form known as a certificate of organization.

In this form, you will be asked to provide all the necessary information, such as your employer identification number (EIN), the name of your LLC, the name of a member or manager, and so on.

Once you have completed all of this appropriately, you can send it via mail or in person and wait for the LLC processing time to be approved.

2. Online Filing

If you want to file online, the processing time for your filing to get approved is 1 to 2 business days. 

This is because you submit the information directly on the online form that will be given to you, after which you click "submit" to get it processed.

With the online filing, you will be asked to provide some information, such as the name of your LLC, the location of your LLC’s principal office, the name and address of your registered agent, and so on.

You will also be asked to provide an email address for contact purposes should your filing be rejected and to get an expedited response from the corporation's division.

3. Filing by Fax

An LLC owner filing paperwork through fax

Filing by fax is available for business entities, and that includes LLCs. If you decide to file by fax, ensure it has a bar-coded fax voucher coversheet as the only coversheet [1].

This is because fax filing submitted without the bar-coded fax voucher coversheet will be rejected.

To file by fax, do the following:

  • Go to your mail page, find your section, select the type of company, and select the form you need.
  • Then, create the fax voucher coversheet through the link available on the Secretary of State's official website. Once you have done that, complete the form, select your filing category, and type.
  • When you are done with that, you will be directed to a secure payment page where you can pay with your Visa Card, Master Card, or other payment methods available.
  • Once this is done, you’ll have your fax cover sheet and payment confirmation. This will be used as your fax filing.
  • Next, you will place the fax voucher cover sheet, as the first and only cover sheet, on top of your fax filing and fax to the number listed on the fax voucher coversheet.
  • Your fax filing will be processed the same business day but not later than the next.

How To Start An LLC In Massachusetts

An LLC owner holding paperwork

If you wish to start an LLC in Massachusetts, there are certain steps you would need to take. Here they are below:

  • Get a Massachusetts LLC Name: First, you need to look up an LLC in Massachusetts and ensure that it is available for use by checking the Massachusetts Corporations Division website.
  • Get a Massachusetts Registered Agent: A Massachusetts registered agent is an individual or firm offering a registered agent service, such as receiving legal correspondence on behalf of your LLC. The state requires it.
  • File Massachusetts Certificate of Organization in the State: The Certificate of Organization is the document that creates your LLC within the state and the Massachusetts LLC filing fee costs $500.
  • Massachusetts LLC Operating Agreements: Create an LLC operating agreement between you and your LLC members detailing the LLC structure, how it should be run, and who owns the company.
  • Get an EIN for Your LLC: An employer identification number (EIN) shows that your LLC exists in Massachusetts, so you should get one from the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Open an LLC Bank Account: The last thing you need to do is open an LLC business bank account. This could be a traditional bank account, such as a Bank of America account, or an online bank account.


How Will I Know If My LLC Is Approved In Massachusetts?

Your LLC is approved when you are issued a Massachusetts LLC certificate that proves that your LLC exists within the state and that shows that your formation documents are filed and approved.

Do I Need a Business License For An LLC In Massachusetts?

Yes, you need a business license for an LLC in Massachusetts, which will be issued to you by the Massachusetts Secretary of State. You may need other local business licenses as well.

Is the Massachusetts LLC Annual Report Compulsory For A Foreign LLC?

Yes, the Massachusetts LLC annual report is compulsory for a foreign LLC, even if it didn’t make any earnings in a particular year. This is because the owner needs it to stay in good standing and be in compliance with the state.

Should You Hire An LLC Service In Massachusetts?

You should hire an LLC service in Massachusetts, considering that it is among the most expensive states to start a limited liability company.

Hiring an LLC service is the smartest way to protect your liabilities from potential debts that may arise, but it won't help your LLC get approved faster.

Having a professional LLC service at hand will help you focus on your business since someone else will be handling all the paperwork.

To save you from combing through each online LLC formation service in Massachusetts, we have done the research by testing and reviewing some of the best LLC services in Massachusetts.

This is to ensure that you get an LLC service that you can count on to make it easy for you to start an LLC in Massachusetts.



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