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If you plan to start a New Jersey limited liability company, you may have many questions about the process, including cost, the time it takes to file, and more.

We are experts in New Jersey's LLC formation process and have formed more than one business entity in New Jersey, so we know how long it typically takes and what the requirements are.

In this article, we will review how long it takes to create an LLC in New Jersey using various filing methods.

Quick Summary

  • It takes between 1 to 21 days to create an LLC in New Jersey.
  • Online filings typically take about one business day, mail filings for the Certificate of Formation can take up to two to three weeks, and fax filings up to 9 weeks.
  • New Jersey offers expedited filings through same-day processing, 2-hour processing, or one-hour processing.

How Long Will It Take To Start An LLC In New Jersey?

An LLC owner starting an LLC in New Jersey

It takes around 1 to 21 days to form a New Jersey limited liability company with the New Jersey Department of State.

You can file your New Jersey LLC via mail, fax, or online. New Jersey also offers expedited filing for New Jersey LLCs.

New Jersey Limited Liability Company Processing Time

An office worker starting a Limited Liability Company starting at New Jersey

Your LLC processing time will depend on the method of filing with the New Jersey Department of State. Some forms of filing for New Jersey LLCs are faster than others.

1. Online Filings

If you file your LLC online, you can expect the processing time to take about one business day.

Once the government agency approves your LLC in New Jersey, you can download all your documents, including your operating agreement, public records, and more, so there is no additional time to get the approval.

2. Mail Filings

Filing your New Jersey LLC by mail typically takes two to three weeks.

The actual filing takes 7 to 10 business days, and there is additional time for your New Jersey LLC documents to be sent to you by mail.

3. Fax Filings

Filing your LLC by fax in New Jersey can take around 9 weeks to process. The state will process your documents within a few days, but it can take a long time to get back to you due to the filing method and the potential need for signatures and other steps.

4. Expedited Filings

New Jersey offers expedited filing for a variety of prices based on how expedited you want your filing to be, and it only applies to at-the-counter transactions.

There is a $25 filing fee per filing, a same-day service fee for fax filing only that is $50, a 2-hour service fee per document of $500, and a 1-hour service fee per document of $1,000 [1].

Learn more about the cost of an LLC in New Jersey.

Steps To Begin An LLC In New Jersey

An LLC owner forming an LLC in New Jersey

To start an LLC in New Jersey, follow these steps [2]:

  • Look up an LLC in New Jersey and choose an LLC name for your business structure based on New Jersey naming requirements.
  • Choose your business or individual that will provide registered agent services in New Jersey.
  • File for a New Jersey business license
  • File your Certificate of Formation to conduct business with the Department of Treasury and the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services Commission.
  • Get your Certificate of Formation from the state.
  • Create your operating LLC agreement.
  • Get any additional New Jersey business licenses, such as a local business license.
  • Get an employer identification number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service to hire employees.
  • Register as a business owner with the Tax agency to pay any taxes necessary.
  • Open a business bank account.
  • Purchase limited liability protection insurance for your LLC.
  • Protect your business name with a logo or trademark.
  • Open a business credit card.
  • File any annual report for your Certificate of Formation.


Is New Jersey a Good State For an LLC?

Yes, New Jersey is a good state for an LLC because it provides you with contractual freedom and allows you to define capital contributions and share wins and losses of the company however you wish.

What's the Fastest Way To Get an LLC in New Jersey?

The fastest way to get an LLC in New Jersey is to file for formation by yourself online.

Do I Need a Lawyer To Form an LLC in New Jersey?

No, you do not need a lawyer to form an LLC in New Jersey, and you can register your LLC on the website of the Secretary of State.

Should You Hire An LLC Service In New Jersey?

Hiring a professional LLC service won't speed up the LLC approval process because they still have to wait for the state to accept your filing. However, there are several benefits of hiring an LLC service.

Hiring a professional LLC service can serve as your registered agent service to handle all the necessary paperwork required to create your LLC and keep it up to date.

An LLC service can help with the online filing of your Certificate of Formation, file any necessary licenses, appoint a registered agent to start an LLC and keep up to date on all requirements to keep your LLC in good standing.

These LLC formation services in New Jersey can help you through the process of your LLC's formation from start to finish.



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