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If you’re looking for the best formation service to start your business, BetterLegal is a great option.

BetterLegal is a business formation service founded in 2016. In addition to LLC formation services, they also offer legal advice and have helped hundreds of thousands of businesses to incorporate.

This BetterLegal review will cover the cost, packages, benefits, pros, cons, and more so you can decide if BetterLegal services are right for you.

What Is BetterLegal?

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BetterLegal is a business formation service that helps customers form an LLC or corporation.

BetterLegal was founded in 2016 and promises transparency and fast filing. The company is small but has served thousands of customers since they were in business.

BetterLegal has gained popularity over time and even competes with ZenBusiness.

BetterLegal is now considered one of the best alternative companies to LegalZoom. In our experience, they are far above LegalZoom in terms of the features they offer for their pricing.

They have helped over 750,000 companies with their software.

They offer all the necessities to form your LLC, including registration, tax registration, accounting, an operating agreement, and more. They provide step-by-step business formation services with legal advice.

Our #1 Recommendation

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Service Features And Prices

BetterLegal offers one business formation package.

  • LLC Formation package ($299 plus the state filing fee): This flat fee includes an Employer Identification Number (EIN), an operating agreement, a banking resolution to form a business bank account, a free website, a business tax analysis, filing of a Certificate of Formation, amendment or document search, and compliance services like filing annual reports.

Additional Services

BetterLegal offers additional services that serve as add-on services, including:

  • Registered agent services for $10 a month or $90 per year
  • State compliance services for $10 per month or $90 per year
  • Business permit and license search for $12
  • Corporation formation services at $299 plus state fee.


A man and a woman discussing the benefits of BetterLegal LLC

Here are the advantages of hiring BetterLegal.

1. Customer Support

BetterLegal's customer service is top-notch. Their LLC formation experts can be reached 24 hours a day via live chat, email, or customer service line.

We found that their team was easily contacted within minutes for every method, and each representative was knowledgeable.

2. Streamlined Process

Two guys talking about business in an office

If you use BetterLegal for every aspect of forming your business, you can save some serious money. They provide business owners with state compliance services, HR platform services, legal advice, and more.

The cost of using BetterLegal is less than hiring a lawyer who charges by the hour. BetterLegal allows you to connect legal aid with LLC business formation services to streamline the process of building your business.

In our experience, their process is easy and quick to get through, with the added benefit of legal or tax advice that other companies don't offer.

3. Turnaround Time

BetterLegal is transparent with its turnaround times. They claim to offer same-day filing for any business documents, including your Articles of Organization, which will be sent to the state the same day you file.

They also provide a two-business-day turnaround for document delivery. They do everything they can to move the process along as quickly as they can.

In our experience and backed up by many other reviews, their turnaround times are generally accurate.

4. Easy To Use

A business man showing a thumbs up while holding a laptop

BetterLegal is simple to use. Their software is simple to form your business and get the needed forms.

BetterLegal offers interactive tutorials to guide you through the steps of creating operating agreements and other helpful documents that you may need for your business structure.

We found that the process was simple, and the tutorials were helpful when forming a business.

5. No Hidden Fees

BetterLegal offers an affordable plan that you can also pay for monthly. Unlike other LLC services, there are no hidden fees later in the process.

When we formed our LLC, there were no upsells or surprise fees.

6. Secure Website

BetterLegal's website and software are entirely secure. They use 256-bit encryption that ensures your data remains safe from malicious businesses or hackers. We have never had to worry about our information security with BetterLegal.

7. Positive Reviews

BetterLegal has many positive reviews that appreciate the process and the website's turnaround time, prices, and clarity.

BetterLegal has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot, a 4.88 rating out of 5 with The Better Bussiness Bureau, and an A+ rating.

8. Business Templates

A young business man using a laptop in an office

BetterLegal has over 100 business templates you can use. Depending on your business's filing services or legal needs, they are also customizable.

You can also build templates and share them with other BetterLegal customers.

We found that these templates are invaluable to forming a business.


The only downside to BetterLegal is that they don't offer a money-back guarantee or a refund.

However, the fact that you can pay for the service monthly and cancel anytime makes this business stand above other services.

Who Should Hire BetterLegal?

Anyone looking for a fast and reliable LLC service provider to handle every aspect of their LLC formation should hire BetterLegal.

BetterLegal can also offer legal or tax advice in addition to an LLC or corporation.

Other User Testimonials

A business man reading user testimonials from a smartphone

 "I'd been putting off forming an LLC for months because I was afraid. I thought the process would be intimidating and extensive. Forming an LLC through BetterLegal was unbelievably simple. In under 15 mins, I had an LLC being processed and realized it was super easy to set up. I recommend BetterLegal for forming your first or next LLC!"
- KLF, Trustpilot

"After looking at 3 or 4 different companies to build my LLC, I decided on BetterLegal based on reviews, price, and what was included in the price. They weren't the most expensive service, but they were not the lowest cost either. The process online was quick and straightforward. Within probably two or so hrs, I got a notification that it was already submitted to the state. The next morning, less than 24 hrs. later, I had my LLC and paperwork. Very pleased."
- Todd, Trustpilot

"They have a clear and easy process to incorporate my business, and I received the documents for my LLC application in less than two days. There weren't unnecessary upsells and the price is way lower than some of the so-called big names doing the same thing that takes a couple of weeks or over a month to deliver. I'm very pleased that I chose BetterLegal to register my LLC. It could not be easier than that."
- Rozana, Trustpilot

"I started another LLC with LegalZoom a month before I submitted one with BetterLegal. Legal zoom has yet to even submit my paperwork to the state as far as I know because they never update you, and their website/dashboard is useless. With better legal, the whole process was complete, and I had all my paperwork and business fully formed in eight (8) business days! I'm completely satisfied with Better Legal. It worked exactly as I suspected it should. Thank you, Better Legal."
- Alvin, Trustpilot

Comparison To Other Services

Here’s how BetterLegal compares to some of the leading names in the industry.

1. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness logo with a background of a business man using a laptop

Both ZenBusiness and BetterLegal offer LLC formation services within the business formation industry. They provide similar services, but where ZenBusiness excels is the cost.

ZenBusiness's services start at $0; however, their packages don't include legal services that BetterLegal includes.

A BetterLegal LLC includes the same services as ZenBuisness, such as expedited filing, expert filing, support, annual report filing and compliance, and educational resources.

2. Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest and BetterLegal have a lot of aspects in common, including offering security to their customers, a quick turnaround time, no hidden fees, and more.

However, there are some significant differences between these two services.

BetterLegal's website is simple to use and quick for LLC formation, while Northwest's onboarding can be overwhelming. Northwest also charges to file annual reports, while BetterLegal doesn't. You must also pay extra for an EIN, free with BetterLegal LLC.

One thing that Northwest has that BetterLegal doesn't is registered agent service included.

BetterLegal makes up for this by providing additional services that other LLC services don't, such as legal advice, free resources, free compliance filing, a leading virtual tax service, and more.

3. IncFile

A businesswoman using a laptop with the incfile logo in the foreground

Incfile is known for offering the lowest cost LLC Formation among LLC service providers.

BetterLegal is more expensive than Incfile but offers other services that Incfile doesn't.

BetterLegal offers a banking resolution, a free website setup, an operating agreement, and an EIN. They also offer a quicker turnaround time than Incfile.

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Is BetterLegal A Legitimate Business?

Yes, BetterLegal is a legitimate business. They have been operating since 2016 and have over 750,000 companies using their software. They also have an A+ rating on The Better Business Bureau and an excellent review average on Trustpilot.

BetterLegal Vs LegalZoom, Which Is Better?

BetterLegal is a better overall service than LegalZoom. BetterLegal includes an EIN in their fee, which LegalZoom charges extra for. BetterLegal also has a faster turnaround time, gives you free compliance reminders, and more. Legal Zoom offers a la carte legal services rather than specifically business formation services.

Does BetterLegal Help With Filing Taxes?

While BetterLegal doesn't help you with filing your taxes directly, they can help with tax planning, S corp tax election, C corporation tax election, and an EIN for your business taxes [1].

Is BetterLegal A Good Way To Start An LLC?

BetterLegal is a great way to start an LLC. They have quick turnaround times, services included in their packages that other services charge for, and the addition of legal advice, tax analysis, and more than other LLC services don't offer.

How Long Does BetterLegal Take To Process Your LLC?

BetterLegal takes up to three days to process your LLC. They send your formation documents to the state within one business day and take about two business days to ship your formation documents to you. The time that the state takes to process your application varies based on the state.

What Is Cheaper, BetterLegal Or LegalZoom?

BetterLegal is overall cheaper than LegalZoom and includes more features than Legal Zoom. BetterLegal also doesn't have as many upsells as LegalZoom.

What Is BetterLegal's Refund Policy?

BetterLegal doesn't have a refund policy, and all sales are final. However, the service can be canceled anytime, and they even offer a monthly payment plan, unlike other services.

Is BetterLegal Worth It?

Considering Better Legal’s great reputation and the fact that they have helped form over 750,000 businesses makes them a great option to form your business.

Better Legal can offer you legal and tax advice that other formation services can’t.

However, if you don’t require legal help or legal documents, ZenBusiness can offer you lower prices for LLC formation.

ZenBusiness’s formation services start at $0 and include excellent customer service, fast formation, simple expenses, deduction tracking, and more.

We Recommend This Instead


A logo of ZenBusiness with a background of a business man using a laptop
  • They offer various formation packages to choose from
  • The prices of each package are reasonable
  • They provide a worry-free compliance
  • They make business formation as quickly as possible
  • Has a lot of positive customer feedback
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of March
  • Low brand recognition

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