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Apart from sole ownership, each legal corporate entity in the United States registered with a state must designate a registered agent.

All registered agents must be accessible to take service of process and official communications as your company's representative throughout regular business hours.

Every fifty states mandate industry groups to select a registered agent. We selected 7 of the best Ohio registered agent services at the moment after completing a detailed investigation of over 52 registered agent services.

Top 7 Best Registered Agents in Ohio (November 2022)

1 - Northwest Registered Agent (Editor's Choice)

Northwest Registered Agent logo with two office workers talking to each other

Northwest registered agent service typically offers registered agent services but also assists with business entity creation.

They have built a reputation as a reliable organization that provides online LLC formations and registered agent services nationally since its inception in 1998.

Northwest registered agent service also provides a few of the best-in-class registered agent services. Their record for offering excellent customer service is unrivaled, and clients appreciate their dependable and straightforward costing.

Registered Agent Services ($125/year): 

  • Provides a physical address in your jurisdiction
  • Presence all through normal business hours
  • Acknowledging service of process as a representative
  • Free email forwarding
  • Life-long support from professional corporate mentors
  • Pre-filled state forms, annual report alerts, digitized and properly stored papers
  • Same-day local scans and web access to every business solutions
  • They will not disclose or sell your info to a third party
  • Customer service is excellent
  • With a 20+ years in the industry of formation services
  • Clear and declared pricing fees
  • Has a free registered agent service for one year in their formation packages
  • Not the cheapest choice in the market
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2 - ZenBusiness

Zenbusiness logo with an office worker in the background

Setting up an Ohio business demands a number of legal documents, which can be stressful. However, ZenBusiness makes the whole thing quicker and more seamless.

The company assists you in filing their business formation forms with your jurisdiction, delivering far more personalized service with more advice than startups can provide by themselves.

ZenBusiness provides affordable corporate and LLC formation services in Ohio.

Whenever it comes to registered agent services, ZenBusiness thrives. The cost of registered agent services by itself is a mere $99 annually.

If you wish to incorporate an LLC, you'll have a year of free registered agent services, followed by $119 yearly.

ZenBusiness Standard Registered Agent ($99/year):

  • Registered representative
  • Access to documents online
  • Expert assistance

Complete ZenBusiness Registered Agent ($149/year):

  • Registered Agent
  • Expert assistance
  • Worry-Free compliance
  • Low-cost and clear pricing structure
  • Support are extended for customer service
  • Tons of positive feedback
  • Money-back assurance for 60 days
  • Low level of brand recognition
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3 - IncFile

Incfile logo with an office person in the background

Since 2004, Incfile, based in Houston, has assisted in the formation of over 75,000 corporations.

As we analyzed online services that assist you in creating a corporation online, Incfile was one of the brands that led our ranking.

Incfile can help you build your firm and provide a full year of registered agent service for just $0, one of the best rates we've encountered. After the first year, the statutory agent service will continue for $119 annually, which is a decent cost.

Service features:

  • Registered agent services ($119/year): If you use Incfile to find a registered agent, they Will inform you instantly of the service process so you’d be ready before you ever get the paperwork in your possession. You’ll also get their useful registered agent dashboard, which gives you unlimited access to your account and notifications to help you keep ahead of critical timelines and filing deadlines.
  • Has excellent online dashboard
  • All formation packages has a free registered agent
  • Order process is fast and efficient
  • There are no hidden costs
  • Support for assistance are limited
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4 - LegalZoom

Legalzoom logo with a business woman in the background

LegalZoom is undoubtedly one of the most well-known registered agents and business formation providers available.

LegalZoom is one of the most renowned firms in the market, with a wealth of expertise. From its very inception in 1999, the firm has assisted over 3.5 million consumers in diverse manners. These include the establishment of almost one million firms.

LegalZoom's registered agent services are far more costly than many other, higher-quality firms. The yearly charge for LegalZoom's best registered agent service is $299, without extra features or expenses.

Even though several rivals can match their costs, LegalZoom does offer some extra capabilities in addition to basic documentation delivery.

Service features:

  • Statutory agent services
  • Business information security
  • Calendar of compliance
  • Cloud storage is boundless.
  • Registered Agent Services ($299/year): A LegalZoom registered agent offers you a measure of anonymity as a proprietor and enables you to prevent penalties. And also, it lets you choose your own company schedules.
  • They also contact you as a sign of formality before mailing any judicial paperwork or legal documents, and the Compliance Calendar ensures you won't ever overlook deadlines. 
  • The adaptable service package
  • LegalZoom is one of the most famous LLC service providers, giving them greater name recognition than other firms
  • Real and professional lawyers
  • LegalZoom provides continuous legal services
  • High-priced registered agent services and LLC creation
  • There will be no free registered agent services in the first year
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5 - Swyft Filings

SwyftFilings logo with an office person in the background

The principal function of a registered agent in Ohio is to accept any official or legal documents between state agencies and your company.

Swyft Filings' best registered agent service is intended to give enterprises, including all kinds, a cost-effective and competent way to meet their registered agent obligations.

Swyft Filings, founded in 2012, is a fledgling firm in the congested LLC creation service sector.

Swyft Filings handles your registered agent requirements by a reputable service provider, so you won't have to worry about it afterward. That's all there is to it.

Service features:

  • Compliance Assurance - Their automated technology, supported by their team of business specialists, provides periodic notifications to ensure you stay compliant.
  • Automatic Renewals - Their dependable partner will renew your registration automatically, so you won't have to worry about continuing to deal with your registered agent. Be certain that the fixed fee quoted is the real amount.
  • Dashboard online -  They give you access to the protected online account where you may examine official papers or legal documents as immediately as they are uploaded.
  • Private and accountable - They maintain your company in compliance with state regulations and send reminders for crucial completion dates.
  • A pricing model that is adaptable
  • They will reimburse your service payments with no questions posed if you are dissatisfied for just about any cause
  • Customer service that is straightforward and personalized
  • Reasonable processing times
  • High cost for registered agent
  • Upselling excessively
  • Formation packages do not include a registered agent.
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6 - Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance logo with a business person in the background

Harbor Compliance, founded in 2012, is a company development service focused on assisting entrepreneurs in being lawful and structured. Their national statutory agent solution, backed by

Their superior compliance software provides multi-state enterprises with outstanding speed and protection.

Their pre-filled state paperwork technology spares you time and cash with fair, upfront pricing and volume savings.

Harbor Compliance is a knowledgeable expert in the subject of corporate governance matters. They can guarantee that your LLC establishment or organization runs as easily as possible.

Their one-day LLC formation order fulfillment and infrastructure of regional branches offer the best and quickest delivery time for the creation of your corporation.

Harbor Compliance Best Registered Agent Service ($99/year):

  • Registered Agent
  • The document was delivered within 24 hours
  • Document scanning for free
  • Simple-to-use software
  • Notifications that may be customized and annual report reminders
  • Expert Assistance
  • Their consumer feedback is outstanding
  • Online access to the registered agent's address is available immediately
  • Your documents will be delivered electronically the same day
  • Excellent customer service
  • Does not have the same level of brand authority compared to many of the more known companies
  • The website is antiquated and misleading
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7 - Ohio Registered Agent Service

They offer instant pre-populated paperwork in your internet portal and filing guidance on the cheaper and more convenient methods to file in Ohio.

They are an Ohio registered agent service that assists firms that assists out-of-state companies in registering to run a business entity in Ohio and assists existing Ohio companies in maintaining good status with the Ohio Secretary of State by serving as your registered agent.

They will email you notifications to submit your Ohio yearly information promptly, and you can constantly keep a record of your deadlines in your web registered agent portal.

Registered Agent Services ($49/year):

  • Alerts to file your Ohio annual reports on time
  • You'll have an account online where you may read, save, and/or keep your vital Ohio papers at any moment
  • Same-day document delivery
  • After a year, you will receive emails and an invoice requesting you to pay them again. You won't be automatically charged
  • Every Ohio service of process and vital papers are posted locally and quickly into your online account. 
  • There are no forwarding charges.
  • There are no additional fees.
  • Fixed price
  • Personalized statutory agent service for your company
  • No discounts
  • Lacks brand power

What Are the Benefits of Working With a Registered Agent Service in Ohio?

Although an entrepreneur can act as his or her registered agent, there are indeed a multitude of important factors just why the tiniest of businesses pick the best registered agent service provider to manage this vital necessity.

Here are some of the benefits of having an Ohio Registered Agent Service:

1. Privacy

An image that represents privacy as one of the advantages of working with a registered agent service in Ohio

One of the most significant advantages of using an Ohio registered agent service is the ability to utilize their location on the Ohio Secretary of State's website as well as other publicly accessible documents.

This implies that if you are your own registered agent for your company and name your residential address as the registered agent's office, your own contact details will appear on publicly available information, and task workers will send notices to your residence.

In addition, if your company is attacked, the service of the process will be delivered to the legal representative.

2. Our Corporation Operates in Multiple Jurisdictions

Whenever you establish your company to do an operation in jurisdictions besides the one where it was formed, you must have a registered agent in every one of those areas.

By choosing an Ohio Registered Agent service provider, you can have one firm handle this vital function within every area.

3. Organized Documents

A businesswoman holding paperwork

Ohio Registered agent services are advantageous to entrepreneurs to ensure compliance with statutory standards and that every critical alert to the firm is stored in a single place with their registered agent.

An Ohio registered agent service will give you your personal account online, allowing you to follow all mailings and updates.

You can quickly manage and trace every one of your daily mail through the internet.

Startup entrepreneurs are rarely knowledgeable or interested in legal compliance. Businesses that provide registered agent services concentrate in accordance with the state's laws and are knowledgeable in provincial and national rules and regulations.

They will help you remain in compliance, prevent exorbitant state charges, and keep an Ohio business firm in line with the industry average in your area of formation.

5. Risk Reduction

By transferring responsibility to the Ohio registered agent service, you limit the possibility of non-compliance.

An Ohio registered agent service will be accessible when needed and will give you timely notification of updates and just about any other steps that your company maintains, ensuring that your company never misses a due date.

How Much Does a Registered Agent Service Cost in Ohio?

An office person holding a credit card

An Ohio registered agent service typically costs around $50 and $300 each year, which is somewhat reasonable given the numerous privileges you may acquire from them.

Even though becoming your own registered agent is free, the contact details of an Ohio registered agent are publicly available, so you might just as well hire one if you want privacy in your Ohio business.

Furthermore, your Ohio registered agent must be ready to take service of the process throughout normal business hours.

Considering these, it would be really convenient for both you and your business to hire a registered agent, so you may focus on developing your business instead of having to spend your time on complex paperwork.

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What Are the Requirements for an Ohio Registered Agent?

An office woman doing paperwork

An Ohio statutory agent (registered agent) is required by Ohio State Law (Title 17, Section 1701.07) to:

  • All Ohio Registered agents must be ready to accept legal papers
  • All Ohio Registered agents must be of legal age (18+)
  • All Ohio Registered agents must possess a physical, registered office address in the state of Ohio. There are strictly no P.O. Boxes
  • All Ohio Registered agents must be a citizen or a corporation that offers registered agent services


What Is the Primary Function of the Best Registered Agent Service in Ohio?

The primary function of the best registered agent service in Ohio is to serve as the point of contact and receive statutory and other papers on your behalfs, such as lawsuits, regulatory and tax warnings, and communications.

Do I Need a Registered Agent for My LLC in Ohio?

Yes, you need a registered agent for your LLC in Ohio. If you create an LLC or business, you must have an Ohio-registered agent and a principal place of business, regardless of where you establish your firm.

How Do I Change My Registered Agent in Ohio?

To change your registered agent in Ohio, you must submit an Ohio Statutory Agent Update form to the Ohio Secretary of State's Business Services Division. The Ohio Statutory Agent Updates should be filed personally or electronically ($25).


All businesses and LLCs in Ohio must appoint an Ohio statutory agent (also known as an Ohio registered agent service) to receive service of process at their behest. It’s crucial to pick the right one for your business.

Our recommendation? It’s the Northwest Registered Agent service. You can be confident that your company is in good hands with their cycle time transparency, compliance calendar, personalized services, and life-long support.

Our #1 Recommendation

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent logo with two office workers talking to each other
Overall Score
  • They will not disclose or sell your info to a third party
  • Customer service is excellent
  • With a 20+ years in the industry of formation services
  • Clear and declared pricing fees
  • Has a free registered agent service for one year in their formation packages
  • Not the cheapest choice in the market

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