Last updated: February 3, 2023

If you’re running a business entity in South Carolina, it’s essential to hire a good LLC service provider who’ll ensure that your business is in the right standing with the state.

With numerous LLC formation service providers available in the state, it can be difficult to find the right one that suits your business. To help you out, we solicited expert advice from our legal team and reviewed the companies that have the best LLC service in South Carolina.

Continue reading to understand their attributes so that you can select the most appropriate one for your South Carolina business.

Top 5 LLC Formation Services in South Carolina (February 2023)

1 - ZenBusiness (Editor's Choice)

Logo of ZenBusiness with a background of a woman writing down notes in front of a laptop

Being on top of the list, ZenBusiness is known for its affordable, well-rounded LLC formation service features. It offers three LLC formation package tiers, and the most basic one starts at $39. It includes a year of registered agent service and a free operating agreement template.

Not only that, but they also provide discounts for their other legal services. ZenBusiness has helped start-up business owners and entrepreneurs nationwide—forming more than 300,000 LLCs.

While ZenBusiness offers three different packages, we recommend the Pro Plan to large and mid-sized firms seeking a streamlined process and submission of an Employer ID Number.

It is the most satisfactory option for large businesses that cannot manage compliance independently. Startups and small company owners may regret picking this plan because they may be overpaying for services that aren't necessary for their operations.

Using ZenBusiness was simple in our experience, and we had access to excellent assistance along the process. We also reached out to ZenBusiness' customer care team by email, phone, and their contact center.

Another useful feature we appreciated was the option to monitor the status of our orders and track the progress of our formation filing on their dashboard.

Service Features:

  • Starter Formation Package ($49): Includes a free CPA assessment, LLC formation, a registered agent service for a year, and a free operating agreement template.
  • Pro Package ($199): Includes Employer Identification Number (EIN) registration, VIP processing, handling of annual report filings, and two yearly amendments in this package. 
  • Premium Package ($299): Includes rush filing, business domain name, website email address, and domain privacy. 
  • South Carolina Registered Agent Service ($199):  All three LLC formation packages include a full year of South Carolina registered agent service. The service is then annually renewed for $119 or $99 a la carte.
  • Features cost-effective LLC formation packages
  • Responsive and personalized customer service
  • Outstanding customer feedback online
  • Speedy turnarounds
  • Smooth compliance
  • Brand is relatively new in the industry
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2 - Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest logo with an office worker drinking coffee in the background

Founded in 1998, Northwest Registered Agent comes into the picture with outstanding accomplishments as a highly-experienced company.

With its top-notch customer support and affordable formation packages, it has proven its reliability to start-up business owners and entrepreneurs—making a name for itself in the industry.

Northwest's excellent customer service is much appreciated. We commend them for having extremely attentive customer service professionals eager to give extensive and helpful information when required.

They are available throughout typical work hours, and we appreciate their courteous and prompt responses.

Their outstanding customer service staff supplied us with knowledge and phone help on various business support concerns, not simply LLC creation.

Instead, they offered advice for their offerings and were not aggressive with their upselling. They strictly assisted us in resolving our problems.

Service Features:

  • Base Formation Package ($39): Includes all the paperwork required to form your South Carolina LLC, such as name searches, registration, and filing of all legal documents. It also includes a year of free Northwest registered agent service.
  • Deluxe Package ($179): Includes the services from the Based Formation Package, plus access to an Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • Registered Agent Services ($125): Includes a full year of free registered agent service. It then renews annually for $135.
  • Solid client privacy system
  • Includes a free registered agent service for one year
  • Has more than a decade of experience
  • Fees are explicit
  • Pricey formation packages
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3 - IncFile

Two people talking while holding a tablet

IncFile is one of the few companies in the industry that doesn’t charge business entity owners and entrepreneurs for its LLC formation service. Instead, you only pay for South Carolina state fees, address fees, and certification services.

We appreciate this business formation service because it offers a well-designed, user-friendly business website, which we used to have a smooth business formation procedure.

IncFile's customer service is outstanding; we received a prompt and satisfactory response from the team.

IncFile assists startups creating an LLC that are looking for a straightforward way to do so by taking care of the essential parts of LLC formation services.

While many business formation providers take weeks or months to finish the LLC services, IncFile has a quick turnaround time—we got our orders within a single working day, making IncFile one of the most reliable LLC formation services.

The only drawback that arises with IncFile is their third-party offers, and a few upsells. Nonetheless, it does not change the fact that IncFile is among the best in the industry.

Service Features:

  • Free Silver Package ($0): Includes South Carolina LLC formation services, one year of registered agent service, and lifetime company compliance alerts.
  • IncFile Gold ($199): Includes the addition of preparation of operating agreement, banking resolution, and EIN registration for your South Carolina business.
  • Platinum Package ($344): Has a free business website and domain name, business contract templates, and priority expedited filing.
  • Registered Agent Services ($119): Includes free registered agent service for an entire year. The service then renews annually for $199.
  • Worked with over 800,000 clients
  • Offers affordable LLC formation services
  • Includes a full year of registered agent service
  • Has excellent help desk
  • Has a few upsells and third-party offers
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4 - Rocket Lawyer

Rocketlawyer logo with an office person in the background

Rocket Lawyer provides its consumers with legal services and guidance in a variety of methods, including corporate entrepreneurship, legal forms, paperwork access, powers of attorney, and actual legal advice from skilled professionals.

Rocket Lawyer also includes free LLC business incorporation as part of the monthly price. Furthermore, with Rocket Lawyer, we were able to produce papers that were tailored to our needs, which we immediately downloaded and shared.

So, if you're beginning a business, Rocket Lawyer's services can assist you in obtaining the business legal assistance you require.

We like that they also provide a seven-day free trial so you can sign up for this, test it out, and determine if their legal services are a suitable fit for your business requirements.

Rocket Lawyer also offers a money-back guarantee for 30 days. So, if you sign up for the free trial and are still dissatisfied after the first month, you may get your money back with no hesitation.

This is a remarkable deal that not all web-based LLC service providers have, which is why Rocket Lawyer has a significant edge apart from the free trial.

Service Features:

  • South Carolina LLC Formation Service ($39): This package includes the establishment of a new limited liability company, the necessary legal documentation to run your business, a certificate of incorporation, and South Carolina agreement documents.
  • South Carolina Registered Agent Service ($125): Rocket Lawyer will function as your registered agent, receive service of process on your behalf, and handle all your filing and compliance processes.
  • Available and extended support
  • Free trial offer
  • Legal services come with discounts
  • Pricey a la carte documents
  • Free features available for subscribers only
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5 - Swyft Filings

Swyftfilings logo with a business person on a computer in the background

Swyft Filings was formed in 2015 by experienced attorneys to make it easier for small business owners in South Carolina to start and manage their dream firms.

We rank this firm because of its individualized customer service and quick turnaround time on LLC creation.

Swyft Filings provides trustworthy direct customer service lines. We believe it is the only organization that assigns a business professional to each of its customers to assist them with LLC creation and to provide crucial information.

Swyft Filings' most cost-effective bundle is among the finest on the market. We purchased this bundle, and although it does not include several crucial elements, such as articles of incorporation, we were able to purchase these extra items individually.

Swyft Filings does not need you to purchase one of its premium packages to use this service.

The website is also easy to use and receives what you want. If you want a quick and easy service with few upsells, we recommend this service.

Service Features:

  • Basic ($49): The Basic package contains everything you need to establish a business plus infinite name availability search and verification.
  • Standard ($149): This bundle includes every aspect of the lesser plan. You will also obtain an operational agreement, corporate minutes, a personalized banking settlement, and a TIN application.
  • Premium ($299): The premium plan includes all other bundle services as well as a few extras, such as online distribution of state documents, a customized LLC kit, and a free official company website and hosting.
  • Cheaper lower-tier package
  • Great customer care team
  • Lots of positive client reviews
  • Limited package features
  • Registered agent is expensive
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Advantages of Creating an LLC in South Carolina

Two people agreeing with the benefits of creating an LLC in South Carolina

Creating your South Carolina LLC benefits your business in various ways [1].

From the protection of your liability to the flexibility of raising capital, you can rest assured that your South Carolina LLC will spare you from troubles and worries.

Read on to learn more about how creating your South Carolina LLC can help establish your business.

1. Personal Liability Protection

Your South Carolina business will protect your liability from personal creditors and debt collectors. Debt collectors cannot go after your assets upon establishing your business.

In addition, LLCs can also protect small business owners and members from their fellow LLC owners and members who may potentially incur their liability.

2. Pass-Through Taxation

Creating your South Carolina LCC gives you an edge over corporations, especially in taxation. Because by pass-through taxation as an LLC, the taxes passing through your business will come straight to you as personal income [2].

Your South Carolina LLC can also allow you to simplify managing and minimize your taxes. With this in mind, your South Carolina-based LLC is no longer required to pay corporate and personal taxes—giving you an edge over other large corporations.

3. Less Complexity in Formation and Operation

Creating your South Carolina LLC is your best option if you find it difficult or tiring to deal with legal documents and paperwork regularly. Because through your South Carolina LLC, you will have a far more straightforward formation process than corporations.

Additionally, your LLC only requires filing articles of organization with the South Carolina Secretary of the State. And unlike a corporation, your LLC is no longer required to have annual meetings or even keep detailed minutes.

4. Flexibility in Raising Capital

Your South Carolina LLC allows you to raise capital more straightforwardly, unlike before.

Furthermore, you can add new members without giving them a complete say in management. And accepting investments is not allowed without becoming partners, unlike a sole proprietorship and general partnership.

Our Selection Process

An image of business men discussing the LLC selection process in South Carolina

We selected these five LLC services based on the following aspects:

1. Price

When evaluating service providers in South Carolina, we compared the different pricing plans to determine which service or package offers the most value for money.

After subscribing to different packages, we proceeded to rank the ones that we found most affordable but still provided the essential features that entrepreneurs need to get started on their businesses.

2. Customer Support

As for customer support, you want to work with a provider who’s available and prompt to respond to your questions and issues. We reached out to the support teams of the different services via the chat features, phone, and email.

We then rated them based on their promptness, communication, and problem-solving skills.

3. Service Features

One of the key aspects we cherish when evaluating service providers is their service features. This is important because there are services that offer expensive packages that are feature-limited.

To experience firsthand, we bought different packages from the best LLC providers in South Carolina and tested the features therein.

We then rounded up the services that offer service features that are crucial for startups, like business formation, compliance filing, and EIN registration.

4. Turnarounds

Before recommending any of these services, we made sure their turnarounds are efficient and speedy as possible.

To put them to the test, we filed different orders at the same time on each website and patiently waited to see how soon deliveries were done.

We then ranked services with the best and fastest turnarounds – one to five business working days.

South Carolina LLC Formation Process

A business man writing down the LLC formation process in South Carolina

You can start an LLC in South Carolina by yourself —saving hundreds of dollars for other expenses. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Choose a name for your South Carolina LLC
  • Step 2: Search for a registered agent in South Carolina
  • Step 3: Submit the South Carolina Certificate of Formation
  • Step 4: Create a South Carolina LLC Operating Agreement
  • Step 5: Obtain your Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Step 6: Select the type of your LLC in South Carolina
  • Step 7: File your South Carolina LLC annual report


How Long Does It Take To Form My LLC in South Carolina?

It takes 5-7 business days to form your LLC in South Carolina. Depending on your service, getting your South Carolina LLC approved may take some time. Submitting the Articles of Organization typically takes 24 hours online.

How Much Does It Cost To Create a South Carolina LLC?

It costs $110 to create a South Carolina LLC. Then the South Carolina Secretary of State will let you reserve the name of your LLC for $25.

Do I Need an LLC Service in South Carolina?

Yes, you need an LLC service in South Carolina if you don't want to deal with all the paperwork associated with the LLC formation process in South Carolina.

What Is the Best LLC Service in South Carolina For You?

If you’re looking to hire an LLC service provider with diverse, exclusive service features that provide the tools necessary for your business, we highly recommend ZenBusiness.

As the best LLC service in South Carolina, ZenBusiness offers well-rounded business formation plus dependable legal services.

Using ZenBusiness may help your South Carolina business save significant time and money by handling all legal requirements and the extra services, such as website design, premium registered agent service, and compliance, to get your new company off the ground fully.

Depending on the ZenBusiness plan you choose, they do an excellent job of assisting you with business formation and other responsibilities as you start your company.

Our #1 Recommendation


Logo of ZenBusiness with a background of a woman writing down notes in front of a laptop
  • Features cost-effective LLC formation packages
  • Responsive and personalized customer service
  • Outstanding customer feedback online
  • Speedy turnarounds
  • Smooth compliance
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of February
  • Brand is relatively new in the industry

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