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Jon Morgan
Published by Jon Morgan | Co-Founder & Chief Editor
Last updated: May 21, 2024
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Swyft Filings is an excellent and affordable option for creating an LLC, especially for entrepreneurs. Since I've partnered with the company before, I can attest to its cost-effective but nevertheless excellent service.

Inasmuch as the company is relatively new in the industry, Swyft Filings has grown considerably and has catered to numerous satisfied clients.

As an expert in the field of business formation, I'll provide my insights and evaluate whether their LLC service is worth the money based on pricing, features, and other factors involved in the LLC formation service.

What Is Swyft Filings?

A group of young professionals representing Swyft Filings LLC

Swyft Filings is a business formation service that offers distinct packages. I have personally availed of compliance alerts, a customized digital LLC kit, a federal tax identification number, and other Swyft Filings LLC services.

According to a 2023 industry analysis report, Swyft Filings has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs form their LLCs, ranking it among the top affordable LLC creation services.

Thanks to their short application procedure and excellent customer support team, you'll have all the tools necessary to launch your company.

Swyft Filings is the ideal partner for small enterprises and new business owners who need to establish their company quickly but inexpensively.

In my experience, most clients have limited available capital to launch their respective businesses, this is where Swyft Filings may be of assistance.

With business formation services starting at just $49 plus state costs, Swyft lets you pay for your entire cart in two payments, enhancing accessibility for small company owners with tight cash flow.

This implies that you can include as many extra LLC services as you think your company needs to launch successfully.

"If you’re looking for a reliable service to simply form an LLC in your state, Swyft Filings will get the job done. If you are interested in additional services (like adding a registered agent) there are other companies that offer services for a better price."

- Miranda Riva, Esq., Legal Content Writer

Swyft Filings Review Ratings

Venture Smarter thorough analysis of Swyft Filings involved a detailed examination of the company across various crucial factors.

The ratings we've given are based on the company's effectiveness in vital areas important for businesses looking for LLC formation and associated services.

Support - 4.6/5

Swyft Filings earned a high rating in support due to their responsive and knowledgeable customer service team. Clients can reach out via phone or email during business hours, and the company also offers online chat support.

Personally, I found their application to be completed in under 10 minutes, and their support team resolved my queries on the first call, validating their efficiency and customer service excellence.

Their team's ability to provide helpful and timely assistance, especially in guiding clients through the LLC formation process, significantly contributes to this high score.

Price - 4.3/5

The pricing structure of Swyft Filings is designed to cater to businesses with varying budgets, which is why it scores well in this category.

Their basic LLC formation package and state filing fees start at an affordable rate.

The option to pay the total cost in two instalments further enhances accessibility for small businesses with tight cash flow, making their services more appealing.

My firsthand use of this payment plan eased the financial burden of startup costs, confirming their commitment to supporting small business owners.

Features - 4.5/5

Swyft Filings offers a range of beneficial features for business formation, including compliance alerts, a customized digital LLC kit, and a federal tax identification number.

These features, coupled with their expedited service options and free tax consultation, make their packages comprehensive and valuable, leading to a high rating in this category.

Claiming to be the ideal partner for startups, my experience with Swyft Filings indeed provided the essential tools and guidance needed to efficiently launch my business, aligning perfectly with their promise.

Turnaround - 4.6/5

The company's ability to offer express filing options, reducing formation time significantly in most states, is a standout feature.

This efficiency in processing and handling documentation, ensuring quick and reliable service, is why Swyft Filings scores highly in turnaround time.

LLC Service Features & Prices

Swyft Filings includes three separate pricing packages for basic LLC formation.

Swyft Filings packages are as follows:

  • Basic LLC Formation Package ($0 Plus State Filing Fees): The Swyft Filings basic package includes a company name availability check, prep and filing of the Articles Of Organization, a business tax consultation, compliance reminders, and a free business domain name.  
  • Standard LLC Formation Package ($199 Plus State Filing Fees): The Swyft filings standard package includes everything from the previous plan plus a custom banking resolution for a business bank account, organizational minutes, and a federal tax ID (EIN). 
  • LLC Premium Package ($299 Plus State Filing Fees): Includes all basic and standard services and additional ones, including free domain and business website hosting, a customized digital corporate kit, and the FedEx delivery of your approved articles with a tracking number.
  • Registered Agent Service ($199): Swyft Filings charges $199 per year for their registered agent services, which isn’t included in any of their packages.

Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings logo with an office worker in the background
Rated 4.50/5

Additional Services

Swyft Filings lets its clients choose various add-ons that are extremely valuable to their business.

These include the following:

  • C-Corp Registration starts at $49 plus state fees
  • S-Corp Registration starts at $49 plus state fees
  • Nonprofit Registration starts at $49 plus state fees
  • DBA $99 plus state fees
  • EIN Registration $79
  • Annual Reports $99
  • Initial Report $55
  • Foreign Qualification $199 plus state fees
  • Amendments are $99 plus state fees
  • Dissolution is $149 plus state fees
  • Apostille $75
  • Conversion $199 plus state fees
  • Certified Copy $65
  • Trademark Registration $99
  • Seller's Permit $129
  • Digital Corporate Kit $99 plus state fees
  • Corporate Bylaws and Agreements $35


Three individuals talking about the benefits offered by Swyft Filings

Since I've personally employed their service, here are some of the essential advantages of using Swyft Filings services for your LLC formation:

  • Expedited Service
    The express filing option comes with the premium package but can be added to any other package. In most states, expedited filing reduces the formation time from one to a couple of days from seven to 20 days.
  • Free Tax Consultation
    Swyft Filings works with a national accounting firm to give you an hour-long consultation on business tax requirements, deductions, business bank accounts, and other relevant topics to business formation.
  • Federal EIN
    You will need an employer identification number to open a business bank account for your business formation services and hire employees. Swyft Filings makes it easy to obtain an EIN for your new business.
  • Customized Digital Corporate Kit
    Swyft Filings gives you a customized digital corporate kit that includes an ownership ledger, 20 stock certificates, and other valuable tools for LLC formation service [1]. According to a 2023 survey by the Small Business Administration, 85% of small business owners reported that digital tools have significantly streamlined their operations, with a 60% improvement in overall efficiency.
  • Compliance Alerts
    Swyft Filings offers a compliance alert feature to keep your limited liability company formations compliant. The company also provides you lifetime customer support with alerts, so you don’t miss any of these deadlines.
  • Free Business Website
    As I've helped clients form LLCs and other entities, I know the importance of a business website. I appreciated Swyft Filings offering a free website creation service and registration in every package available for a year.
  • Customer Service
    After numerous interactions with their customer service, I can vouch for the company's reliability and efficiency. You can actually reach out via phone call or email from 9 am to 6 pm.
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on my clients' reviews and online customer feedback, Swyft Filings is praised for its fast turnaround times and simple-to-use dashboard. The company actually garnered a 4.8 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot and a 4.45 out of 5-star rating on the Better Business Bureau [2].
  • User Experience
    Swyft Filings offers a great user experience. They provide a slick and modern website with a simple ordering process. Their website guides you step by step through the entire process.
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction
    Swyft Filings will put things right for you at no additional cost or reimburse your fees in full if they make a mistake when incorporating your business if the procedure takes longer than anticipated. Furthermore, they provide a 100% money-back guarantee.


A business man writing down notes about the downsides of Swyft Filings

Despite Swyft Filings being a great LLC services provider, here are some downsides you may experience.

  • Misleading Language
    Swyft Filings has some misleading language on its website. For example, many of their services are provided by third parties, such as the registered agent service and tax consultation.
  • No Registered Agent Service Included
    One of the significant downsides of Swyft Filings is that registered agent service is not included in their packages, and their registered agent service is also more expensive than many other services.
  • Rigorous Upselling
    The number of upsellings during the signup process is one of the drawbacks of using Swyft Filings. You should anticipate receiving a barrage of add-ons after adding your desired bundle to the basket.

Who Should Hire Swyft Filings?

Clients looking to create an LLC quickly should hire Swyft Filings.

Venture Smarter recommend Swyft Filings for business owners who:

  • Place a high value on positive customer reviews
  • Don’t need a registered agent included
  • Value the extra benefits such as tax consultation and website

Swyft Filings Customer Testimonials

A close up shot of a business man reading other user testimonials in his smartphone

“I had a great experience working with Swyft Filings. They provided fast, knowledgeable, and reliable service when I used their online service to file for my S Corporation. They met their deadline and have courteous and responsive customer service. Thumbs up and 5 stars for service. Thank you!”
- Han & Jen

“ Sanora was especially awesome and reassuring! My LLC got lost in the mail, and she made sure all proper channels were checked and double-checked! Sanora showed interest in me and my business and made my frustrations melt away!!! Best customer service I've ever received, and I have 10 Years of customer service under my belt. In addition, not only did she make sure my request was expedited, but I received approval emails within the hour for my LLC !”
- Kaye

“The service was great. I had a couple of questions about the done number and my LLC number, and both of them were answered to my satisfaction. She didn't know what the problem was or what the answer was she made sure that she found out in a quick, timely manner. I appreciate how she went about it. She's very professional yeah you see the person you want to keep there working that's for sure thank you”
- Paul.

“I was afraid I would have to handle the situation myself, but the rep was kind enough to check if they could help me with a delay with the state. It was my fault that I had dropped the ball and didn't think there was anything Swyft Filing could do but sure enough, because of their resources and expertise; they were able to assist me and get me back on track. I will recommend this to all my family and friends because it's rare to get this type of service today. Thank you.”
- Maria V.

Swyft Filings Alternatives

To fully appreciate the merits of the company, we will differentiate Swyft Filings to three of its most noted competitors in the industry.

In this section, we'll be comparing Swyft Filings to three of its biggest rivals.

1. ZenBusiness

Logo of ZenBusiness with a background of a woman writing down notes in front of a laptop

The main distinction between these two businesses is that Swyft Filings charges a one-time, flat-rate fee, whereas ZenBusiness is a subscription service.

Swyft Filings provides a flat price or a subscription model, whereas all of ZenBusiness' options are continuing subscriptions.

The general strategy used for customer assistance is another significant distinction between these two LLC services.

When you register for an account with Swyft, a personal service representative is assigned to you.

This enables you to develop a relationship with the customer agent gradually.

ZenBusiness also offers excellent customer service, but they operate under a more conventional paradigm where you phone and are helped by whichever customer service team employee is on duty.

ZenBusiness’s pricing starts at $0 for LLC formation services, so ZenBusiness is a winner when it comes to price.

ZenBusiness also has some inclusions in their basic packages that Swyft Filings doesn’t, such as a banking resolution, business advice, expenses and deduction tracking, and more.

Swyft Filings' registered agent service is cheaper than ZenBusiness, but neither business includes them in their packages.

2. Northwest

These businesses offer a wide range of services besides just creating your LLC.

For instance, they provide yearly reports, company license searches, registered agent services, and international legal documents.

Swyft Filings does not provide mail forwarding or virtual office services, but Northwest Registered Agent does.

However, Swyft Filings can assist you with apostille and entity conversions, something Northwest does not offer.

Northwest’s pricing point of $225 is relatively expensive compared to many of its rivals.

Even so, a noteworthy element that makes their cost more appealing is adding a full year of their registered agent service.

Swyft Filings charges $49 service fees for their business creation package.

However, given there is no free registered agent service, operating agreement, or yearly reports included under this plan, it offers very little beyond the fundamentals of creation.

None of Swyft Filings' formation plans have free registered agent services, adding on costs an extra $149.

The procedure of forming a business with Northwest couldn't be much simpler.

To start the process, you must provide them with basic details about your company and yourself.

Swyft Filings website also offers good usability, with a quick and easy process that, in Venture Smarter experience, it took 15 minutes or less.

Northwest Registered Agent’s pricing starts at $39 and includes a registered agent service in its package, which Swyft Filings doesn’t.

While Sywft Filings has good customer service, Northwest Registered Agent’s specialized customer service shines above most other providers.

Swyft Filings offers a more convenient website and process than Northwest Registered Agent’s process.

3. Bizee


Swyft Filings and Bizee (formerly Incfile) both provide comparable characteristics. Both provide decent usability and everything you require to create a business in your state.

Of course, there are differences between the two providers in how features are distributed across the various tiers.

Both businesses provide all the specific services in addition to assistance with DBA names, choosing a tax status (S-corp status, 501(c)(3) status, etc.), getting an EIN, and more.

Swyft does provide a few extra unique features over Bizee. For instance, it may assist with acquiring reseller licenses, sales tax licenses, and other speciality company licenses.

Bizee's base plan starts at $0 and includes free registered agent service for a year. This LLC service company also offers faster turnaround times for the filing process than Swyft Filings.

The company's registered agent service is also more expensive than Bizee's, with the latter being $119 after the first year.

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Is Swyft Filings Legitimate?

Yes, Swyft Filings is legitimate. They have been in the business formation industry since 2015 and made the Inc. 5000 list for the third year in a row.

Does Swyft Filings Have A Refund Policy?

Yes, Swyft Filings has a refund policy and offers a 100 percent refund if you aren’t satisfied with the business formation service; however, they don’t refund state filing fees or third-party fees like most LLC services.

What Business Is Swyft Filings Best For?

Swyft Filings is best for a business that only needs essential business formation services.

Venture Smarter Verdict on Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings is a great choice for business formation services. Their basic package is an affordable option for a business on a budget.

However, if you’re looking for a less expensive service to start your business, consider choosing ZenBusiness.

ZenBusiness’s pricing starts at $0 for LLC formation services, so ZenBusiness is a winner when it comes to price.

ZenBusiness also has some inclusions in their basic packages that Swyft Filings doesn’t, such as a banking resolution, business advice, expenses and deduction tracking, and more.

ZenBusiness makes it simple to file your LLCs quickly and efficiently.

We Recommend This Instead


A ZenBusiness logo with a working entrepreneur in the background
Rated 4.95/5
  • They offer worry-free compliance
  • They offer a 100 percent accuracy guarantee
  • Lifetime support over the phone or chat
  • They offer a variety of add-on services
  • They provide ongoing compliance alerts
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of June
  • Have to pay extra for registered agent service and some other essentials

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