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Since I've been collaborating with several formation services for a decade, Northwest Registered Agent is among the most reliable company in the industry. As such, it has gained the trust of many entrepreneurs nationwide.

I've spent hundreds of hours researching Northwest and other registered agent services to give you all the necessary information.

As an expert in the field of business formation, I'll provide you with my personal insight on the services offered, features, cost and benefits of employing Northwest Registered Agent to enable you to properly decide if the company meets your business needs.

What Is Northwest Registered Agent?

Northwest Registered Agent Service logo with an office worker in the background

Northwest Registered Agent is an LLC formation service and a registered agent service based out of Washington.

They have been in business for over two decades and have modernized to develop quick, easy-to-use online LLC formation services.

Based on my interaction with the formation service, I would rate Northwest an impressive 9/10 for reliability and efficiency. Online customer reviews rate the company with an average of 4.7/5 and there are numerous testimonies that reflect positive feedback.

Their packages fit every budget, and their service is customer-centric, which means a lot to entrepreneurs who are just getting started in the business world.

Our #1 Recommendation

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Core Services and Prices

Initially, when you register with the website, you will have to choose which type of platform you want to avail for your business. Having used Northwest Registered Agent myself, there are several services the company offers.

  • Pay-in-Full Plan ($39 + State Fees): It includes LLC formation services, free registered agent services, mail forwarding to your business address, free phone service for 60 days, privacy, Guide® service, lifetime customer support, and an online dashboard for legal documents. Only orders made through our specific partner page are eligible for this discount ($39 for business formation and registered agent service included); this comprehensive plan normally costs $225.
  • Registered Agent Service ($125/yr): Northwest will serve as your registered agent and ensure all business correspondence is processed promptly and filed correctly for a fee of $125 per year. Additionally, they maintain track of due dates and provide reminders for tax returns and yearly reports that need to be filed. You can renew this service for $125 per year.
  • Annual Compliance ($100): Northwest provides annual compliance to subscribers of this plan that includes timely notifications dn compliance filing with the state.

Additional Services

  • Corporation $225 + state fees
  • Nonprofit Formation $225 + state fees
  • Annual Reports $100 + state fees
  • Phone Service $9/month
  • Mail Forwarding $20/month
  • EIN Services start at $50
  • Virtual Office $29 per month
  • Trademark Services $249, including the USPTO fees
  • Foreign Qualification $100 plus state fees
  • Law on Call $9 a month
  • National Registered Agent $100 per state
  • BOC-3 Process Registered Agent $125 + state fees


A group of people discussing the benefits of hiring Northwest registered agent service

Here are the perks of hiring Northwest.

1. Positive Online Reviews

The legitimacy of Northwest Registered Agent is validated through an overwhelming amount of positive online reviews. Many repeat clients attest to their efficient and responsive customer assistance, professionalism, complete LLC formation services, all for an excellent price.

2. User-Friendly Ordering System

You don't have to be experienced to use their system. Northwest Registered Agent's website is simple to use. The order forms and pages create a transparent picture of the cost.

The online dashboard also organizes your LLC paperwork for convenience and ease of use.

We found that their ordering system was simple to use and very straightforward.

3. Professional, Friendly Customer Service

A professional and friendly woman that works at a customer service in Northwest registered agent

Northwest has fantastic customer service. They typically have rapid response times and guide every service they offer, not just LLC formation.

Many customers praise them for being professional and friendly.

In our experience with customer service, every rep we came across was professional and friendly and answered every question we had with ease.

4. No Hidden Fees

In our experience, Northwest is very upfront and transparent about its costs. What they offer in the package is what you get, and you won't be surprised with other fees at the end of checkout.

5. Secure Information

A woman using a computer with protected information

Since I've registered with Northwest, I can attest to their 'Privacy by Default' feature. It is a service designed to protect the privacy of the client by limiting the amount of disclosed personal information. It is an automatic feature where the company use their own business address and process documents on behalf of the client.

When filling out paperwork on your behalf, they will keep personal information to a minimum if they can. In essence, they will take all reasonable steps to safeguard your privacy and your company's data.

Northwest also takes your security seriously. They write all their code and don't allow third-party applications on their website to keep your information secure. Additionally, Northwest pledges never to sell your information.

6. Same-Day Filing

Northwest Registered Agent offers same-day filing if you want to form your LLC quickly.

They will file your application with the state on the same business day that you order.

Though they send your application to the state immediately, the approval time is still dependent on the state and how quickly they process applications.

We found that Northwest was as quick, if not quicker, than other filing services.

7. Monthly Payment Options

Northwest Registered Agent offers monthly payment options for their business formation plans, which many companies do not. This gives greater flexibility to customers and their budgets.

8. Little To No Upsells

Two people having a conversation in an office

Northwest Registered Agent also has very few upsells, and they aren't overly intrusive to the process.

Some of their upsells are also beneficial, such as a federal EIN, compliance filing, mail forwarding, and more.

We found that their upsells are helpful, but there is little pressure to add them to your plan.

While Northwest doesn't offer extras that some other services include, they include everything you genuinely need for LLC formation services.

Their registered agent package is less expensive than LegalZoom and accessible for the first year.


Expensive EIN Services

Most services offer EIN registration as part of their formation packages or charge less for it. However, with Northwest, the EIN application costs $50 and is available as an add-on only. This is quite expensive, considering that you can complete the EIN application for free on the IRS website.

Expensive Formation Package

Northwest charges an upfront $225 for forming an LLC or a Corporation. This fee is inclusive of their registered agent services, but it’s relatively costly compared to other rivals who offer free LLC formation services.

Who Should Hire Northwest Registered Agent Service?

Two handsome business men shaking hands in an office

Those who own a small business or are forming a small business and looking for a professional service and a company that truly values your privacy should hire Northwest.

Northwest registered agent is also a good choice for anyone looking for LLC and quality registered agent services all in the same package.

If you're looking for someone that offers personalized service to help you through the LLC formation process, Northwest registered agent is for you.

Our #1 Recommendation

Northwest registered agent logo in front of a businesswoman



Northwest Registered Agent Customer Testimonials

"The process was easy and fast, done that same week with no issues, and everything was 100% digital without waiting for the mail. It was also affordable (around $100 less than competitors); I recommend it for small businesses."
- Alex C., Trustpilot

"They are easy to contact, and an actual person answers. Any emails I have sent have been responded to over the same day. They offer plenty of free information if you want to do tasks yourself to save money."
- Wayno Bra, Trustpilot 

"As a new business owner, I wanted to do it right and build a lasting company. Northwest gave me a chance by giving me a monthly billing option. I'm also a creative person and have to focus on company development. Northwest allows that freedom by taking a side of the business off my hands."
- Felicity Media Production LLC, Better Business Bureau

"If you want to set up an LLC, go to Northwest Registered Agent! These guys are amazing. Not only do they offer a truly excellent program for an excellent price, but their level of service is also unbelievable!"
- Charles B., Better Business Bureau

"Northwest Registered Agent is our favorite company. They're also a great option if you're on a budget. We've been using them for our LLCs for many years, and we highly recommend them."
- Matt Horowitz, Founder & Educator, LLC University

Northwest Registered Agent Alternatives

In this Northwest Registered Agent review, we also looked at how the company compares to its main competitors. Here’s how.

1. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness with an office worker in the background

ZenBusiness is an LLC formation service, as well as other services. They can help you with basic LLC formation services in any state. They also offer registered agent services as a separate service at a fee of $199 and legal documents.

ZenBusiness provides a worry-free compliance service for $199/yr, an LLC operating agreement at $99, an accounting consultation, an Employer Identification Number, and good ads credit in their basic package.

Overall, Northwest has more free extras included in their price and is less expensive than ZenBusiness.

Regarding customer service, Zenbusiness has a general team available from Monday to Sunday and is reachable via phone, email, or chat.

Northwest outshines Zenbusiness with its personalized Corporate Guide customer service, reachable via phone, chat, or email. It's a bummer, however, that they don't work on weekends.

ZenBusiness ordering procedure was completed in ten to fifteen minutes at most. Having all the business data you want on hand can help you prepare. Although Northwest's website isn't quite as simple to use as its rivals, the layout of its purchase forms and checkout pages gives users a lot of transparency.

2. IncFile

IncFile is an LLC service and registered agent business. They offer services like same-day filing and other legal services like trademark applications.

In their base formation package, Incfile only offers a free name search, one year of premium registered agent service, and nothing else. IncFile also has an unclear refund policy, and it isn't transparent who they work with to provide their services.

Northwest Registered Agent is transparent with their pricing and who they work with, and they have several extras in their base package.

IncFile costs $119 annually for registered agent services, which is averagely typical for the sector. IncFile also offers a complimentary year of registered agent package with every LLC creation package, which is a nice touch.

Northwest charges $125 annually for its registered agent services, and they don't have a free offer unless you buy their paid-in-full plan for $225.

Northwest and Incfile are comparable in how soon your order will be handled on their end, yet you will be subject to the filing deadlines of the state you are creating a limited liability company. A next-day business processing promise is included with every Incfile package.

3. Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer LLC Service logo in front of an office worker working

Rocket Lawyer isn't a specialized business formation service but is more of a legal site. They offer a base business formation package.

The essentials for a company formation are the only features in the package. Their registered agent package is $149.99 per year. Rocket Lawyer is ideal if you need legal help.

Northwest has better customer service and has a quicker LLC service, and more extras in their price, including a free registered agent plan for the first year.

Both Rocket Lawyer and Northwest provide expediting services that, in many jurisdictions, may cut the time to incorporate an entity in half to just a few days.

Regarding business services, Northwest and Rocket Lawyer are mostly comparable. Both provide certified copies, LLC operating agreements, and registered agent services.

However, Northwest doesn't offer any special services that Rocket Lawyer provides, including real estate services, such as creating a quitclaim deed or lease agreement.


Should You Hire Northwest Registered Agent For Business Formation Services?

You should hire Northwest Registered Agent for your business formation process if you're looking for responsive customer service at a low cost.

How Do I Cancel Northwest Registered Agent?

You can cancel Northwest Registered agent anytime by logging onto your account and canceling the service in your client portal.

Is Northwest Registered Agent Legitimate?

Yes, Northwest Registered Agent is legitimate. Since their start in 1998, they have made a name for themselves in the registered agent business. Northwest Registered Agent LLC is one of the best registered agents nationwide.

How Much Does Northwest Registered Agent Cost?

Northwest Registered Agent costs $39 if you opt for their Base Package. You can also opt for their Deluxe Package for $179. If you don’t need formation services, registered agent service costs $125 annually and renews for $135 every year.

Where is Northwest Registered Agent Located?

Northwest Registered Agent is located across several US states. For a detailed list of their locations in individual states, click here.

Why Is Northwest Registered Agent Unique?

Northwest Registered Agent is unique because they are the only registered agent that allows you to use their office address to minimize your data exposure. They also use minimal third-party apps to present hacking.

Do We Recommend Northwest Registered Agent?

After going through the entire formation process with Northwest and seeing firsthand whether their customer service and pricing are really worth the hype, we finally decided that this formation service truly brings value to the table.

Forming an LLC can be daunting, but Northwest makes it easy.

They are chosen for outstanding customer service and the many extras included in the Northwest Registered Agent packages, including free statutory agent service for a year.

Their core services are affordable but still offer quality and quick turnaround, both of which are essential in setting up your business the right way.

Our #1 Recommendation


Northwest registered agent logo in front of a businesswoman
  • Positive customer reviews
  • User-friendly online ordering system
  • The professional customer service team
  • No hidden fees
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of October
  • Northwest Registered Agent doesn't include a federal tax ID number in their basic package

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