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If you plan to start a Tennessee LLC with the Secretary of State, you may have questions about the filing process and how long it will take to start an LLC.

We have formed multiple LLCs in Tennessee and can help guide you through this process.

We know how long it typically takes and what are the requirements to complete the formation process.

In this article, we will review how long does it take to form an LLC in Tennessee using several different filing methods.

Quick Summary

  • It takes between 1 to 21 days to form Tennessee LLCs, depending on the filing method you choose.
  • When you file online to start an LLC, your LLC is immediately approved, and you can download the form directly from the state website.
  • Mail filing of your LLC typically takes two to three weeks and requires an additional $20 filing fee.

How Long Does It Take To Form An LLC In Tennessee?

Holding a file and searching how long does it take to form an llc in tennessee

It takes around 1 to 21 days to form an LLC in Tennessee with the state of Tennessee.

You can file your LLC in Tennessee via mail, online, or in person.

Tennessee limited liability companies do not have the option of expedited filing.

Tennessee LLC Processing Time

The processing time for your LLC in Tennessee will depend on the method of filing.

Some methods of filing have a faster processing time than others.

1. Online Filings

Using a laptop to file online

With online filings, you can expect a faster LLC processing time.

Once your domestic or foreign LLC is approved, you can download all your documents from online filings, including your Articles of Organization, operating agreement, and more.

When you file online, there is no additional time to get your company up and running.

2. Mail Filings

If you file for an LLC in Tennessee by mail, it will take two to three weeks for your request to be approved.

The state will process the application within 3 to 5 business days but may actually take another week for the documents to be received through mail.

There is an additional $20 filing fee when filing by mail that should be included in your Tennessee LLC cost [1].

3. In Person Filings

Giving instructions on how to form LLC

If you file your Tennessee Articles of Organization with the state’s office in person, you can expect the processing time to occur within the same business day.

There is an additional $20 processing fee when filing in person.

4. Expedited Filings

Tennessee doesn’t specifically offer expedited filings, but there is a method you can use to form your LLC faster, and it consists of the following steps:

  • Overnight your filing to the state with a prepaid overnight envelope
  • The state will use the envelope to return your approved documents
  • This can shorten the mail time from weeks to just days
  • You can use any shipping company like UPS, FedEx, or USPS
  • The shipping cost depends on how fast you want your LLC documents back.

Steps To Start An LLC In Tennessee 

Checking two files to double check requirements

To begin an LLC in Tennessee, follow these steps [2]:

  1. Look up for an LLC in Tennessee and choose an LLC name for your business. Check that your business name is available through the Secretary of State.
  2. Choose your Tennessee registered agent service. A registered agent can be an individual or professional service.
  3. File your LLC Articles Of Organization with the Secretary of State.
  4. Create an operating agreement that lays out how your LLC will operate.
  5. Apply for any business or tax license required by business law. There is no state license, but there may be local licenses needed.
  6. File for an employer identification number (EIN) with the Internal Revenue Service. An EIN can be helpful to open a business bank account but is also needed if you have employees.
  7. Open a business bank account to start tracking your sales.
  8. Purchase limited liability protection insurance for your LLC.
  9. File an LLC annual report necessary with the state. You must file your Tennessee LLC annual report every year on the anniversary of your incorporation.


Do Tennessee LLCs Pay Any Taxes?

Yes, Tennessee LLCs pay certain taxes. While they don’t pay federal income taxes, they do impose a franchise and excise tax on the majority of LLCs.

Do I Need A Business License To Do Business In Tennessee?

No, you won't need a business license to do business in Tennessee. Tennessee has no general business license. However, every LLC must register for business tax with the Department of Revenue, which costs $15.

Is Tennessee A Good State To Form An LLC In?

Yes, Tennessee is a good state to form an LLC in due to asset protection of limited liability and no state income tax.

Should You Hire An LLC Service In Tennessee?

Hiring a professional LLC service won’t make the LLC approval process for your company any quicker because they have to wait for the state to accept your filing regardless of how you file.

However, hiring a professional LLC service to start your company has several benefits.

A professional service will serve as your registered agent service, provide a physical address, accept mail on behalf of your company, and help you maintain your status by promptly addressing a process of service and deadlines.

An LLC service can help with the filing of business licenses, required documents and paperwork, and more.

These top LLC formation services in Tennessee can help you to create your Tennessee LLC with less time and effort.



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