Our Testing Methodology

We are focused on helping individuals and businesses understand the process of forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company) and selecting the right service provider for their needs.

Importance Of Choosing The Right Service Provider

Choosing the right service provider can impact the ease of the formation process, the quality of the documents created, the level of ongoing support, and the overall success of the LLC.

Reliable and experienced service provider can help ensure a smooth and efficient formation, while a poor choice may lead to complications and potential legal issues.

Why Trust Us?

We bring years of experience and expertise in forming LLCs and selecting the right service providers.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals with deep knowledge and understanding of the complexities involved in the process.

We have helped numerous individuals and businesses successfully navigate the LLC formation journey, making us well-versed in the industry's best practices.

Our Methodology

Top view of laptop and notes for reviewing service providers
  • We examine the customer support of each service provider: We interact with customer support teams to assess their friendliness, expertise, and helpfulness in assisting customers. We explore the various customer support channels they offer and evaluate their responsiveness and quality of service.
  • We examine customer reviews and ratings: We explore what customers are saying by analyzing their feedback and reviews from various sources, such as our own feedback form found on each review page, online review platforms, social media platforms, and industry-specific forums.
  • We evaluate company-provided samples: We occasionally contact companies and ask for samples such as "articles of organization" or "operating agreements" to examine their quality and how professionally they are created.
  • We analyze each service provider's website: We analyze the design, user experience, and accessibility of the company's website. Also, we examine its ease of navigation and the ability to find relevant information.
  • We analyze the services they provide: We evaluate the range and quality of services offered by each company.
  • We assess value for money: We carefully consider the cost-effectiveness and value the service providers offer.
  • We research company history: We explore each service provider's background, reputation, and industry standing, considering the company's years of operation, expertise in LLC formation services, notable accolades, or industry recognition. This helps us understand their track record and position in the market.
  • We evaluate application processing speed: We analyze how long it usually takes for the company to form an LLC and deliver the necessary documents. We check if they offer faster processing options and assess how dependable their turnaround times are based on what customers have said in their reviews and testimonials.
  • We examine the range of services and resources provided: We consider if the service provider goes beyond just helping with the initial formation process by offering extra resources or tools to assist LLC owners. These additional offerings might include things like keeping track of compliance, providing document templates, offering educational materials, or providing ongoing support and guidance.
  • We analyze refund and satisfaction guarantee policies: We examine the company's refund policy, satisfaction guarantee, or any other promises they make to customers. Also, we evaluate how straightforward and fair their refund process is, if it's applicable.

Evaluation Procedure

Our objective is to mitigate any influence from marketing biases. Hence, we assess companies/services through a rigorous and standardized procedure, ensuring equitable evaluations for each entity.

We eradicate ambiguity from our company/service assessments by furnishing uniform and precise benchmarks, tailored to the nature of the entity. Our evaluations are conducted on a 5-star rating system, allowing for swift comprehension of the entity's standing.

  • Five stars: Editor's choice
  • Four stars: Highly commendable option
  • Three stars: Satisfactory - aligns with a subset of our criteria
  • Two stars: Falls short of our criteria
  • One star: Not recommended by us

Earning the Editor’s Choice

A company needs to adhere to our rigorous criteria right from the outset, encompassing aspects like engagement and provision of services. This commitment must persist as we assess ongoing service quality and effectiveness.

Consistently delivering an exceptional journey during our comprehensive standardized assessment procedure will result in a company being bestowed with our coveted Editor’s Choice endorsement, in alignment with our distinct rating benchmarks.

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