How Long Does It Take To Form an LLC in Nebraska (The Guide)

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Last updated: June 21, 2024
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If you plan on launching an LLC in Nebraska, you should know how long the Nebraska Secretary of State takes to receive, verify and process your LLC incorporation documents.

According to the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, nearly 60% of newly formed LLCs in Nebraska are in the agriculture, manufacturing, and services sectors, reflecting the state's economic strengths and the areas of entrepreneurial focus.

As an expert in Mergers and Acquisitions and a Master's Degree holder in tax law, I’ve helped clients form a limited liability company across various states.

If you're thinking about starting your LLC registration process but need help with filing the appropriate paperwork, here's a list of the best Nebraska LLC services you can hire to help you out.

Quick Summary

  • It takes 7 business days to form an LLC in Nevada by mail and 1-2 business days if you file online.
  • Expedited service is available. However, you will need to call the Secretary of State to inquire for the fees and options. 
  • Data from the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry reveals that approximately 25% of new LLCs in Nebraska were started by out-of-state entrepreneurs, highlighting Nebraska’s attractiveness to non-resident business founders.
  • To avoid potential delays, I always review the document to ensure the information is correct and submit all the required formation papers. 

What is The Fastest Way to Start an LLC in Nebraska?

An office worker forming an LLC in Nebraska

The fastest way to start an LLC in Nebraska is by filing through mail using expedited service. It takes an average of 1 business day for the state to approve your application.

It’s ideal to contact the state’s office directly to determine filing fees and other expedited options.

"However, the benefit of hiring a filing company isn’t to reduce LLC approval time. It’s to have someone else take care of the paperwork for you (and make sure it’s filed correctly)."

- Matt Horwitz, Founder & Educator, LLC University

LLC Processing Time in Nebraska

When starting a new LLC in Nebraska, you must register the entity with the Secretary of State and submit the Nebraska LLC certificate of organization [1].

Here's a brief breakdown of the LLC processing times of each filing method the SOS offers.

1. Expedited Nebraska LLC Processing Time By Mail (Same-day processing, contact the SOS Business Service Division)

A person in an office filing paperwork online

Expedited service in Nebraska is available upon request.

If you want to have your registration papers approved within the same day of filing, you should contact the Secretary of State Business Services Division at (402) 471-4079.

Once I contacted the SOS Business Services Division, the staff guided me on expedited shipping and the fees to be paid for the service.

2. Non-Expedited Nebraska LLC Processing Time By Mail (7 business days)

The LLC processing time, which includes the time it takes to process mail submissions, is completed within 7 business days.

When I filed by mail, I was instructed to mandate a cover letter with details, including my name and phone number.

You should also include the correct filing fees in the form of checks or money orders payable to the Nevada Secretary of State.

Here's the official mailing address:

Secretary of State
PO Box 3395
Omaha, NE 68103 USA

3. Nebraska LLC Processing Time Online (1-2 business days)

A person in an office doing paperwork

Online document filing takes 1-2 business days to be reviewed and approved [2].

I was able to file online on the SOS office website under the Corporate Document eDelivery platform. If you're a frequent filer, the SOS has a subscriber account you can create and use every time you file online [3].

There's a minimum of $2 fee on every transaction completed online to cover the operating costs.

Factors Influencing The Formation Timeline Of Nebraska LLCs

An LLC owner doing paperwork in Nebraska

Even though the state mentions an established processing timeline, there are several reasons that may delay the processing time.

These include the following:

  • Volume of applications: Due to the high volume of applications, it takes a week for the Secretary of State to process the application.
  • Processing errors: Equipment malfunction, network errors and other processing issues prolong the formation timeline.
  • Weekends and holidays: The state’s office is closed during weekends and holidays. That's why I file early on the weekdays to prevent potential delays.

Data from the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry reveals that approximately 25% of new LLCs in Nebraska were started by out-of-state entrepreneurs, highlighting Nebraska’s attractiveness to non-resident business founders.

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Where Can I Check the Status of My Nebraska LLC Formation During the Processing Period?

You can check the status of your Nebraska LLC formation during the processing period on the transaction history link on the service homepage.

Is There a Difference in Processing Time for Domestic and Foreign LLCs in Nebraska?

There is no difference in processing time for domestic and foreign LLCs in Nebraska because the Secretary of State determines processing and approval times.

Do I Need a General Business License for my LLC in Nebraska?

You don’t need a general business license for your LLC in Nebraska. However, you may need to obtain certain permits or professional licenses on the federal, county or city level depending on the nature of your business.



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