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Selecting the best West Virginia registered agent service for your LLC or business is imperative. Several legitimate organizations in West Virginia provide registered agent services, making it tough to evaluate which one is the ideal choice for your business.

In this article, we will assist you in selecting the best-registered agent for your company. We analyzed over 10 West Virginia registered agent services and consulted with legal experts from West Virginia who had experience working in this field.

So without further ado, here’s the list of best registered agents in West Virginia:

Top 6 Best Registered Agents in West Virginia (January 2023)

1 - Northwest Registered Agent (Editor's Choice)

Northwest Registered Agent with an office worker in the background

Northwest Registered Agent service is a dependable, competent, and professional registered agent service firm that can assist you in forming or incorporating your LLC immediately and skillfully.

Northwest Registered Agent is the country's second-largest registered agent company.

It provides high-quality LLC formation services and is an excellent solution for small firms that value privacy.

We found Northwest's customer support team to be second-to-none, with quick and reliable response times and comprehensive answers each time we had questions.

It's ideal for people in business searching for a low-cost and dependable service to assist them in establishing and building their developing firm, making them the best-registered agent service on our list.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Services ($125 per year): Includes a physical address, annual report alerts, free e-mailing, presence throughout business hours, accepts service of process, scanned and securely stored paperwork, same-day local scans, Corporate Guides support, pre-filled state forms, and complete online access.
  • LLC Formation ($39 per year): Reminders for annual reports, scanning and uploading e-mail, customer service for life, formation and upkeep of an LLC, West Virginia registered agent service, business address, mail forwarding, No charge for 60 days of phone service, data protection, service corporate guide, your registered agent, federal tax identification number (EIN), operating agreement for an LLC, and Incfile will give you with a 30-minute tax consultation with a licensed tax professional.

Northwest Registered Agent Service strives to exceed customers' standards. When you make a purchase, you should anticipate prompt, high-quality service.

To start and sustain your business effectively, Northwest can supply you with anything you need, thanks to its streamlined bundles and fantastic relationship administration.

  • Strong privacy data protection
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Experience of 20 years
  • Apparent fees
  • Formation bundle includes free first year registered agent service
  • More expensive than other providers
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2 - ZenBusiness Registered Agent

ZenBusiness LLC Service logo with an office worker looking at a laptop in the background

This organization is a registered agent service and is the most dependable in the industry. It ensures registered agents in each of the 50 states. ZenBusiness registered agent service is an Austin.

Ross Buhrdorf, the former Chief Technology Officer of HomeAway, established the firm in 2015.

Despite being a young firm, it is outperforming its competitors with low-cost programs and outstanding customer service making it one of the best-registered agent services.

And if you do not want to start a corporation, their standard package includes a registered agent and several other benefits. Our experience accessing online files was effortless with the straightforward user interface and document organization. Many clients are pleased with the included amenities in their registered agent packages and the excellent customer service and cost.

Service Features:

  • ZenBusiness Registered Agent Service Standard Package ($99/year): Expert support, business formation access, use of online documents.
  • Complete ZenBusiness Registered Agent ($149/year): offers online document access, worry-free compliance, company formation access, and expert assistance.

ZenBusiness registered agent service is the most effective LLC service for any company. Although there is no free plan, a pricing range will operate for every spending plan.

It is an excellent choice because of its cost, openness, items supplied, and simple interface. ZenBusiness possesses several key characteristics that distinguish it as a competitive challenger and among the top online services.

  • Comprehensive and affordable price packages
  • Chat customer support is extended
  • Got a lot of positive customer reviews
  • Offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Limited brand awareness
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3 - IncFile Registered Agent

Two guys talking while holding a cup of coffee and a phone

Incfile registered agent in West Virginia is one of the most well-known formation services available currently.

The organization, headquartered in Houston, mainly provides quick formation, compliance, and filing services for business people looking to build a business entity conveniently.

It is challenging to locate a company that will incorporate your LLC for free while also providing a year of free registered agent service. Furthermore, the customer service we received from their support team was professional, friendly, and, frankly, one of the best we have experienced in our research.

If you use Incfile to find a registered agent in West Virginia, they will inform you instantly of the service process so you can be ready before you even get the paperwork in your possession.

You'll also get their useful Registered Agent Dashboard, which gives you continuous access to the system and notifications to help you keep on top of critical obligations and filing periods.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Services ($119 per year): They will tell you precisely about the service of the process so you may be ready when the docs arrive. You'll get their convenient online dashboard giving you a 24/7 gateway to the system and notifications to ensure you stay compliant.
  • LLC Formation (starts at $125): Articles of Organization, Incfile will scan the business name database in your jurisdiction to confirm that the name you chose for your company is eligible, free Registered Agent services for one year, customer service for life, online document access, order tracking using the dashboard, company notifications, expedited filing, sample legal documents, business e-mail, and domain name.

IncFile is excellent for business people seeking a free LLC formation service in West Virginia. We particularly value this company's positive feedback from the customers, and the provision of Virginia registered agent service through all LLC creation bundles.

The firm's low purchase price further ensures that you are never shut out, regardless of your budget. IncFile may be the ideal LLC service for you if you are willing to risk their unpredictable customer care to save money.

  • Online dashboards are extremely useful.
  • A free registered agent service is offered with every formation package.
  • Processing orders promptly
  • Clear fees are stated properly
  • Support availability is limited
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4 - LegalZoom Registered Agent

Legalzoom logo with a person doing work in the background in a library

LegalZoom is an excellent option for smaller firms that lack in-house legal teams or attorneys yet want frequent legal support. LegalZoom is famous in the web-based technology market, with headquarters in Glendale, California.

The business employs more than 1000 people, has been in operation since 2001, and has assisted over 2 million companies with their legal needs throughout the decades.

They are also an industry top player in legal assistance. LegalZoom is not just an excellent alternative for forming a limited liability corporation (LLC).

It also offers legal assistance in other areas of your life, such as personal, family, and proprietary information.

All state laws for a business require a registered agent. Many countries allow people to be registered agents for LLC incorporation after they meet the appropriate conditions.

LegalZoom offers third-party expert registered agent services for $299 annually, saving you space and giving you privacy.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Services ($299/year): LegalZoom registered agents are available in a single bundle that includes three essential advantages. A compliance calendar, company data protection, and limitless cloud storage are all included in registered agent services.

LegalZoom's registered agent services enable entrepreneurs to create their firms conveniently and affordably.

Nonetheless, if competence and the flexibility to reach customer service are high requirements for your firm, this could be a suitable choice.

  • Excellent customer service
  • Quality website
  • A lot of expertise
  • Expensive additional services
  • Limited features in formation packages
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5 - Swyft Filings Registered Agent

Swyftfilings logo with an office worker in the background

Swyft Filings is a legal internet service that will assist you directly and immediately in incorporating your small company organization and submitting the necessary paperwork with government agencies.

The firm, founded in 2012, serves both US nationals and immigrants and supports several company creation services. Swyft Filings registered agent, with its pliable price plan and short response times, might be a good alternative for certain simple LLC forms or legal entities.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Service ($149 per year): You'll be able to control everything from your online dashboard, including getting any crucial notices or requests from your registered agent. You will also receive a worry-free guarantee.

You will never face some problem with their compliance guarantee! It is intended to alert you to important deadlines that you must fulfill. Finally, you will receive their automated renewals, which eliminates the need for you to spend time extending your arrangement with their registered agent because it is fully automated.

The platform is ideal for anybody wishing to launch a business in the United States as they will handle your company's requirements for you.

Unfortunately, they also had some disappointed consumers since they might be more transparent regarding annual payments, and their upsell process appears to be somewhat perplexing. Generally, they provide a reliable service for businesses wishing to establish their company.

  • There is a full money-back guarantee
  • Swyft Filings registered agent considers PayPal, cheques, bank transfers, and debit/credit cards as payment options
  • Customers are generally pleased
  • Does not send invoice and limited notices for annual charges for service
  • They do not have a free registered agent service in the first year
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6 - Harbor Compliance Registered Agent

Two businessmen talking while looking to a gadget

Harbor Compliance registered agent is a trustworthy expert firm that provides LLC forms, formation, and other corporate compliance-related operations.

They provide the fundamentals of LLC creation and full enterprise solutions, giving them benefits regarding their all-inclusive technique. This implies they can support you with commencement and across your firm's whole life.

Every one of its customers is given a registered agent so that customers do not have to stand in a queue when initiating inquiries. It is also easier to acquire personalized care as you'll never receive one-size-fits-all support for customers.

Harbor Compliance provides company and nonprofit licensing. What they do seems to be well. However, this method may not make the information accessible to anyone and everyone, which does not diminish the devotion at its foundation.

Their efforts are similarly focused on serving clients associated with companies, nonprofits, and LLCs, and also the tools to keep any of these properties compliant with state and federal legislation.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Service ($199/year): The Harbor Compliance registered agent delivers formation packages and compliance solutions to small start-ups and big national enterprises through their software and management.

Their compliance software helps you track taxes, licenses, and registrations, and their compliance service aids you if you need advice or management of your company's compliance.

Harbor Compliance is an expert in corporate compliance. They guarantee that your LLC establishment or formation runs as efficiently as possible.

On the other hand, the LLC creation bundle is rather pricey for tiny start-ups and businesses on a tight budget. They also should specify refund restrictions as well as service information to prevent possible confusion with customers.

  • They take your safety seriously by securing their website using scanning and encryption software
  • Quick processing time
  • Harbor Compliance registered agents don't store your payment card information
  • Extremely costly
  • The website needs a significant overhaul
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What Are the Benefits of Working With a Registered Agent Service in West Virginia?

Online West Virginia registered agents provide services to major corporations that feature several advantages [1].

  • Online registered agents provide something more than peace of mind: Among the essential advantages of hiring your registered agent for business owners is that they are assured of getting alerts for any relevant papers pertaining to their company.
  • The papers are often completed promptly: Many firms today are entirely digitally made, allowing their proprietors to travel as they want. A West Virginia registered agent should supply a permanent physical address to which every company notification can be delivered at any moment.
  • Confidentiality: No matter how or where the business is managed, the proprietor guarantees confidentiality and discretion by West Virginia registered agent services. Clients, users, and relatives should not be aware of any significant information, particularly if the company owner has received a written warning.
  • You would need a registered agent in each state where you register your company as a non-resident: Suppose you establish your business to operate in countries where it was formed, an approach called foreign qualifying. In that case, you must have a West Virginia registered agent in every one of those countries.
  • Lessen the possibilities of non-compliance: By using a West Virginia registered agent service, you may stay in accordance with the law, prevent high state overhead costs, and keep your business in a positive status in the state/s where it was formed.


How Much Does a Registered Agent Service Cost in West Virginia?

A client thinking how much does a West Virginia registered agent service cost

A West Virginia registered agent service normally costs between $50 and $300 yearly, which is pretty affordable considering the number of benefits you could gain instead of becoming your own registered agent.

Hiring the best rated registered agents in West Virginia is necessary when forming a business or nonprofit or registering to do business in either state. Most state permits also need a registered agent. The registered agent's role is to receive legal documents and other formal notifications on behalf of the business.

Everyone with an office in the state open to accepting shipments throughout business hours is qualified to enter. However, your registered agent in West Virginia is more than just a legal requirement, with duties extending beyond acknowledging your correspondence.

Your registered agent in West Virginia serves as a vital legal frontier for your company, offering detection of potentially severe problems.

Considering the dangers, choosing a professional agency that manages sensitive legal documents and swiftly transmits them for action seems essential. It's better than being your own registered agent instead.

What Are the Requirements for a West Virginia Registered Agent?

An office worker doing paperwork while using a laptop

West Virginia's laws make registered agents liable for the most fundamental services. The following are the responsibilities of a West Virginia registered agent:

1. Physical Address in West Virginia

A registered office in West Virginia is required for a registered agent. The office could be any form of physical business address where correspondence and delivery of processes could be sent and received successfully.

2. Always Available

A West Virginia registered agent should be ready to take care of processes during normal business hours.

3. Accept Process Service

A West Virginia registered agent is required to receive service of procedure based on the firms they represent.

4. Obtain Official Alerts

West Virginia registered agents should be able to transmit court documents such as revenue notices and annual report alerts on the authority of the organization they represent.

5. Official Notifications

A West Virginia registered agent should be able to transmit court documents such as revenue notices and annual report alerts on the authority of the organization they represent.

A West Virginia registered agent is not obliged to retain correspondence connection records and information.


How Do I Choose a Registered Agent in West Virginia?

To choose a registered agent in West Virginia, you must conduct an internet search. There are many registered agent services on the internet ready to accommodate you.

What Is the Difference Between a Commercial Registered Agent and a Noncommercial Registered Agent in West Virginia?

A commercial registered agent in West Virginia has submitted a registration statement to a state body in charge of company registrations and conformity, while a Noncommercial registered agent is often an independently owned and operated business that provides operations within just one or a few countries.

Do You Need a Registered Agent for an LLC in West Virginia?

Yes, you need a registered agent for an LLC in West Virginia. According to a Section of the Virginia Code, every company in the State of Virginia is obligated to have a registered agent.

The Most Professional Registered Agent in West Virginia is...

Choosing the perfect West Virginia registered agent service for your service procedures is critical. Although you may alter your registered agent later, we believe choosing the correct registered agent for your company from the beginning is vital.

This approach made me realize that Northwest Registered Agent is your West Virginia company's best-registered agent service option.

Since Northwest Registered Agent has been in the industry for over two decades, you can rely on their suite of registered agent services to provide you with everything you need for your LLC.

In addition, a team of experts and former lawyers is at your disposal anytime to answer all your questions and doubts free of charge.

Our #1 Recommendation

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent with an office worker in the background
Overall Score
  • Strong privacy data protection
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Experience of 20 years
  • Apparent fees
  • Formation bundle includes free first year registered agent service
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of January
  • More expensive than other providers

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