• Founded and led by LJ Viveros since 1999, Market Solutions has navigated the sale of its Latin America operations to Logitech, Inc., demonstrating strategic business growth and international expansion.
  • Market Solutions has been a leading advisor to global brands such as BlackBerry, Logitech, Sega, Sharp, Sony, and Toshiba, showcasing its influence and reach in the business consultancy domain.
  • In the SEO and digital marketing space, the firm has significantly impacted companies like Authority Builders, The HOTH, LeadSpring, Surfer, and Diggity Marketing, with notable engagements including Matt Diggity as a gold-level subscriber.
  • LJ Viveros, with over 40 years of experience, has successfully negotiated and closed deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars, including eight-figure liquidity events and numerous exits, across more than 35 countries.


LJ Viveros, the founder of Market Solutions, brings a wealth of experience from his extensive career. Starting his entrepreneurial journey at 24, he has founded, built, and sold several businesses, including a significant transaction where Market Solutions’ Latin America operations were sold to Logitech, Inc. His tenure as a global division general manager at Panasonic, a $70-billion corporation, underscores his capability in leading and scaling businesses on a global scale. Viveros has been instrumental in closing numerous high-value deals, including eight-figure liquidity events, various exits, asset sales, and facilitating growth for both large and small clients worldwide.


LJ Viveros is a proud graduate of Saint Mary’s College, where he earned his degree in Communications, laying the foundational knowledge for his exceptional career in business consultancy and strategic communication. Distinguished as the youngest alumnus of the Matsushita Executive Management Institute in Japan, LJ has also received specialized executive training. This prestigious program is known for its rigorous focus on leadership, business management, and international business strategies, further equipping him with the skills necessary to navigate and succeed in the global business landscape.

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