Last updated: January 17, 2023

Finding the ideal registered agent for your company's needs takes a lot of time and energy.

To help you find the best-registered agent service for your needs, we have conducted thorough research and compared all of the top registered agent services in South Dakota.

With consulted our attorneys and together investigated every one of the alternatives to rank them based on specific criteria. Finally, we have compiled this list of South Dakota's best-registered agent services.

Let's have a look.

Top 7 Best Registered Agents in South Dakota (January 2023)

1 - Northwest Registered Agent (Editor's Choice)

Northwest Registered Agent logo with an office worker

Northwest registered agent service is an excellent value. They do everything from scanning documents, forwarding the papers, and reminding you of other deadlines and filings. They ensure you won't miss any of it, especially the taxes that must be paid.

We have personally tested the Northwest Registered Agent service and their other packages and can confirm that they have provided us with exceptional quality and dedication. This is evidenced by numerous good reviews about them available on the Internet.

And although it's not the cheapest option, they're worth the price because they provide the high-quality services you need by offering competent, friendly, and knowledgeable employees and solid confidentiality and privacy security.

Thanks to its streamlined packages and great relationship administration, Northwest can supply you with whatever you need to effortlessly start and sustain your company efficiently, making it the best-registered agent service in South Dakota.

Service Features:

  • Premium South Dakota Registered agent service: Includes 60 days of free phone service, physical address for business, forwarding of mail, privacy by design, and reminders to annual reports.
  • Values data privacy
  • Great customer service online
  • 20 years and ver well-versed in their field
  • Very transparent charges
  • A free one-year South Dakota registered agent service in their formation packages
  • Price is not the cheapest option
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2 - ZenBusiness Registered Agent

Zenbusiness logo in front of an office worker

ZenBusiness registered agent focuses on business entity formation services In South Dakota with low-cost plans and high-quality customer support. ZenBusiness simplifies and lowers the cost of simple legal filings for small-business owners.

ZenBusiness' registered agent services are affordable.

With only $99 per year, you can have an agent that will scan and forward the documents for you, remind you of your deadlines, have access to software, and take advantage of their personalized assistance.

Service Features:

  • Basic Package (starts at $99): A registered agent service. Starts at $99
  • Worry-free compliance package (starts at $149): This package includes a reminder of deadlines and taxes you must pay in addition to the services included in the basic package. It also includes filing legal papers, report alters, etc. Charged annually
  • Registered Agent Services (starts at $0): A free year is included with the LLC formation. Beyond that, you need to pay $119 per year.
    -Free Operating Agreement
    -Articles of incorporation
    -Telephone and email customer service
    -Accessibility to crucial LLC papers and legal documents
    -Worry-free CPA evaluation

ZenBusiness registered agent service is one of the most efficient LLC services for any company. Even though there are no free offers, their pricing range will work for anyone on a budget.

The service is simple, and there are several add-on packages from which you can choose to create a strategy that addresses your requirements.

  • A fair and simple pricing structure
  • Chat customer service hours are increased
  • Has earned favorable testimonials from clients
  • Money-back guarantee for 60 days
  • mediocre brand awareness
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3 - IncFile Registered Agent

Two guys talking while holding a cup of coffee and a phone

Since 2004, the Incfile registered agent service has assisted in the formation of a myriad of enterprises.

Its most basic LLC formation and incorporation options are free and include a complete year of South Dakota registered agent service for the firm.

However, if you already have a Limited Liability Company and want to receive only registered agent service, they offer it for $199 annually.

This is exactly the package we tested, and we got a personalized dashboard of commercial registered agents and a coordinated calendar. They also stored and scanned all documents before forwarding them to us.

Incfile registered agent in South Dakota, has been in operation for almost twenty years, and its key selling point is its inexpensive costs of a variety of services. They even provide a slew of extras, such as a free year of registered agent service and free LLC compliance updates.

Service Features:

  • Registered agent service ($199): Standard registered agent service, charged annually.
  • South Dakota LLC formation (starting at $0): Starting an LLC in South Dakota with them will give you a year of free registered agent services with all the features on offer. But you'll need to pay $199 for the following years.
  • Provides a very useful online dashboard.
  • A year of free South Dakota registered agent service in all formation packages
  • Quick turnaround duration
  • No extra costs
  • Only few alternatives for support
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4 - Harbor Compliance Registered Agent

Two businessmen talking while looking to a gadget

Harbor Compliance is a well-known LLC creation service provider in the United States, assisting business entities and NGOs in a variety of sectors with their LLC development.

It provides premium services to separate itself from other business services competitors. Its staff of company licensing specialists prepares and files applications, and its proprietary systems keep track of work, updates, and costs.

Harbor Compliance offers one of the cheapest best-registered agent services on the list. For only $99, you can have someone who will receive your legal documents.

You'll receive customizable notifications and annual reports. They also offer discounts on multiple orders.

Service Features:

  • Registered Agent Service ($199): includes compliant calendar, scanning and preparing documents, same day forwarding of electronic documents, etc.Charged annually.

Package for Formation offers: Availability of names, Articles of incorporation, Operating Agreement, EIN federal, One-year free registered agent

If you want to get the most return on investment, this expert LLC formation firm is a perfect option because it provides tailored help to every one of its customers.

Most consumers pick Harbor Compliance because of its excellent customer service. Conversely, Harbor Compliance's fees are costly for a small firm looking to incorporate an LLC.

  • One year of free registered agent service (if you form an LLC with them.)
  • Provides a savings alternative as well as prolonged contracts with their registered agent service in certain states
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fewer services are included in the bundle
  • No money-return
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5 - LegalZoom Registered Agent

Legalzoom logo with coworkers discussing in the background

LegalZoom is one of the most established options in the industry, given its wide variety of services. It has serviced over 3.5 million customers in different methods since its inception.

Over a million enterprises have been founded as a result of this figure. Although it is not the lowest price choice in the industry, LegalZoom provides clients with proven dependability, availability of products, and excellent customer service.

Their South Dakota registered agents provide compliance calendars, scanning and forwarding essential documents.

What we like about it is that they'll give you a refund if you're unsatisfied with their service. That's why it's worth trying with them. It's a win-win.

Service Features

These are the services included:

  • Compliance calendar (reminders sent via email)
  • Theft identity protection
  • Unlimited cloud storage for online documents

Overall, LegalZoom is a dependable service provider with extensive industry knowledge and tools that could get the task accomplished for your company.

If you believe it is too expensive for your liking, there are indeed cheaper options such as ZenBusiness.

  • LegalZoom registered agent has a variety of legal services
  • They provide dependable legal documents
  • Legalzoom registered agent offers one of the greatest return policies in the industry
  • Costly than competitors
  • Extensive upsells
  • No other plan options for commercial registered agent services
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6 - Swyft Filings Registered Agent

Swyftfilings logo with two office people working in the background

Knowledgeable attorneys formed Swyft Filings to make it simpler for startups and business entity owners to start their own firms.

They have assisted many enterprises and received vast numbers of 5-star reviews from both third parties and clients.

Swyft Filings makes the whole process of establishing your firm more manageable. In addition, they provide LLC dissolution in South Dakota, corporate kits, LLC kits, and fast processing.

Swyft filings offer low-cost of their services. But a registered agent is an exception, but still low-cost compared to other rivals like LegalZoom or IncFile.

Regardless of that, their service delivers! Just like LegalZoom, they also give a 100% refund if you're not satisfied with their service.

 Service Features

  • LLC Formation (starts at $149): An online dashboard will make it easier for you to access your documents online and see your filing deadlines. It's secured, so you don't have to worry about privacy matters. Never miss any of your deadlines with their compliance assurance! It's made to remind you of important deadlines you need to comply with.You don't have to spend time renewing your contract with their registered agent because it's automatic.

Swyft Filings may have some dissatisfied customers since they could have been more transparent about payments, and their upsell funnel appears to be a touch perplexing for a few people.

Despite the negative evaluations, it appears that the majority of consumers have extremely nice feedback.

  • Full money return
  • Excellent client service
  • Free tax consultation
  • Registered agent service not included in LLC formation
  • Excessive add-ons
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7 - South Dakota Registered Agent

South Dakota Registered Agent logo with a business person doing work in the background

South Dakota also has a local registered agent service that you can avail of for a very affordable price. This registered agent service only focuses on businesses in South Dakota, so you can be assured that they know all of your state's requirements, papers, and rules.

If you're thinking of serving as your registered agent in South Dakota, you need to provide a physical address.

If that doesn't sound good to you, then hiring a registered agent in South Dakota is a better option. They have a physical address that will receive the documents on your behalf.

Their commercial registered agents will scan, prepare, and forward your documents and remind you of any deadlines you need to comply with.

Service Features

Registered agent service ($49): Includes an account to log into their portal where you can access all documents that'll be posted timely. Compliant reminders, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to pay taxes or missing document deadlines. Access to all South Dakota forms. Pre-filled forms with your information in their database.

  • Excellent service
  • Convenient and very affordable
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Additional fees with other services
  • Doesn't offer any free or discounts

What Are the Benefits of Working With a Registered Agent Service in South Dakota?

A South Dakota registered agent on the phone while in front of a laptop

There are indeed a lot of benefits of hiring a registered agent for your South Dakota business.

For one, you'll get more freedom. Having an LLC requires a lot of communication and interactions with the state. You'll also need to be mindful of any deadlines and taxes to be paid.

The purpose of South Dakota registered agents' presence throughout normal business hours is to guarantee that critical paperwork, notifications, and documentation are received systematically.

Another reason why getting a South Dakota registered agent is worthwhile is that it can provide you with more privacy. You'll need a registered agent if you don't want your contact information or physical address to be made public.

Instead of your contact information and address, the commercial registered agents' contact information and address will be made public. They will also receive any documents or packages on your behalf.

This will be helpful if you want to avoid receiving service of process notices at your residence.

Having a South Dakota registered agent will give you peace of mind; knowing that you'll stay in compliance can prevent state penalty costs and keep your business entity in good standing. You'll also never overlook vital necessary documentation.

Lastly, using a South Dakota registered agent service can assist you with just about any issues with your company entity.

How Much Does a Registered Agent Service Cost in South Dakota?

Good agent services in South Dakota will normally cost between $99 and $349 each year. Some moderately priced registered agent services cost between $49 and $80.

Some business entity owners are hesitant to hire a commercial registered agent because they believe it will be too expensive. However, as previously discussed, you can obtain a premium-level commercial registered agent at a very low cost. You need to do some searching and inquiring.

You can also go to the above-mentioned agent services page. These are the best and most tested agents in South Dakota who will undoubtedly assist you with your business.

Select the best option for you. Although your choice may be costly, it will save you money, time, and energy in the long run. I'm convinced it's worth the expense.

What Are the Requirements for a Pennsylvania Registered Agent?

An office worker writing down on a notebook with coffee on the side

Other states do have more stringent criteria. Generally, a company or person may serve as your South Dakota registered agent provided these conditions:

  1. Crucial state and legal documentation must be received by the South Dakota registered agent within normal business hours.
  2. If the registered agent is an individual, the individual's name and physical address are necessary.
  3. The registered agent must be above 18 years old.
  4. The address of the South Dakota registered agent should be an actual street address. PO mailboxes are not permitted.
  5. A South Dakota registered agent should physically live in the state of the company or have a real office there.
  6. In the event that the agent is a corporation, it has to be in good standing and registered in the state.


Can I Be My Own Registered Agent in South Dakota?

Yes, you can be your own registered agent in South Dakota if you have the requirements for a South Dakota registered agent given by the law.

What Does South Dakota Law Say About Commercial Registered Agents?

As per South Dakota Law, all formal corporations in the country of South Dakota are mandated to have a Registered Agent. They obtain any relevant documentation from the State of South Dakota and any service or procedure that may be issued to a firm in litigation.

The Most Professional Registered Agent in South Dakota is...

South Dakota registered agent services are crucial to businesses' conformity and legal status. Based on my research, Northwest registered agent is one of the best registered agent services in South Dakota.

They will secure your private details and create the path you need to succeed effortlessly. You won't miss any payment deadlines or lose important data.

We also recommend Northwest registered agent because they offer client-centered customer service, as all other services you need to sustain your LLC.

Our #1 Recommendation

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent logo with an office worker
Overall Score
  • Values data privacy
  • Great customer service online
  • 20 years and ver well-versed in their field
  • Very transparent charges
  • A free one-year South Dakota registered agent service in their formation packages
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of January
  • Price is not the cheapest option

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