CorpNet Review (2024) Is It a Legitimate Business?

Jon Morgan
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Last updated: June 21, 2024
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If you're a startup owner looking to incorporate your business with CorpNet LLC service but are wondering whether it's a reliable service, this CorpNet review is for you.

Over the past few weeks, Venture Smarter legal team and I have tested the CorpNet LCC service to see how it works.

Furthermore, we subscribed to their different plans to get an overview of their customer service, turnaround, pricing, and customer support.

This article comprehensively reviews CorpNet LLC to help you make the right choice when hiring this service.

What Is CorpNet LLC Service?

A logo of CorpNet and a happy business man using a tablet

CorpNet LLC service is a medium-sized family-run company that offers its clients individual support for business development.

Since its founding in 1997, the company has assisted in the formation of over 100,000 enterprises nationwide, according to their website.

In all 50 states, CorpNet is a dependable source and service provider for company incorporation, LLC filings, and corporate compliance services.

Through the CorpNet Partner Program, the team simplifies the registration and compliance procedures for individuals and business entities.

Additionally, they provide 100% refunds for up to 30 days and expedited and 24-hour urgent filing services that are accessible upon request.

"While Corpnet does offer a long list of extra services that you can add to your LLC formation order, lots of those things can be done for free at home."

- Matt Horwitz, Leading Authority in LLC Education

CorpNet Review Ratings

In Venture Smarter comprehensive review of CorpNet, we evaluated various aspects of their service to provide a well-rounded perspective.

Our ratings reflect the company's performance in key areas that are crucial for businesses seeking LLC formation and related services.

Support - 4.6/5

CorpNet excels in customer support, earning a 4.6 out of 5.

CorpNet advertises personalized customer support. Our interactions confirmed this, as we received professional and thorough responses promptly, aligning with their commitment to excellence in customer service.

Even though higher plans provide more support options, their base-level service is commendable for its accessibility and quality.

Price - 3.9/5

We rated CorpNet's pricing at 3.9 out of 5.

Despite their assertion of affordability, we found the pricing to be on the higher side when factoring in state fees and additional charges.

This rating reflects the balance between the quality of services provided and the overall cost to the customer.

Features - 4.7/5

CorpNet's features score a high 4.7 out of 5.

Our firsthand experience with their Basic to Complete packages reveals a substantial array of tools and resources that align with their promises.

The Complete package notably delivers on its promise of comprehensive support, including customized document templates, which validates CorpNet's assertions about the value and breadth of their features.

Turnaround - 4.5/5

The company's turnaround time is rated at 4.5 out of 5.

CorpNet claims to offer fast document processing and filing, often within 24 hours. In our experience, this claim held true, with all our documents processed and filed within the promised timeframe, reflecting their commitment to efficiency.

This quick turnaround is a significant advantage for businesses eager to start their operations without delay.

LLC Service Features And Prices

This family-owned company offers three main plans for its services.

Here's a detailed breakdown of each package.

  • Basic Plan ($99 + state fees): This cheapest LLC formation package is a little more expensive than the average entry-level package offered by other LLC formation services. This plan includes business incorporation, compliance filing, an integrated legal alert system, and 60 days of CorpNet Registered Agent service.
  • Deluxe Package ($219 + state filing fees):  The deluxe package includes all basic plan features plus an EIN acquisition for tax purposes, a crucial step for the 80% of businesses that require this identification for tax filing and employer purposes, according to IRS guidelines [1]. Small business owners also get a complimentary statutory service for one year to handle compliance on their behalf.
  • Complete Package ($269 + state fees): This complete package includes the deluxe bundle features plus a bunch of customized document templates. You can get customized document seals, an LLC kit, corporate minutes, and an operating agreement. Of all the plans we purchased, the Complete plan offered the most value for money because of the comprehensive features.
  • Registered Agent Services ($149 per year): CorpNet offers services as your business's registered agent across all states, maintaining your corporation or LLC's compliance with service of process, legal notifications, and official correspondence.



A man taking a call while using a laptop and a logo of CorpNet LLC
Rated 4.43/5

Additional Services

The extra services offered by CorpNet include the following:

  • C-Corp Registration: starts at $99 plus state fees
  • S-Corp Registration: starts at $99 plus state fees
  • Limited Liability Partnership: starts at $99 plus state fees
  • DBA: $99
  • Change Registered Agent: $149
  • Foreign Qualification: $199
  • LLC Amendments: $149
  • LLC Dissolution: $249
  • Foreign Qualifications: $199
  • Initial Reports: $99 plus state fees
  • Annual Reports: $89 plus state fees
  • Certificate of Good Standing: $69
  • Certified Document Copies: $99
  • Annual Meeting Minutes: $199 per entity
  • S-Corp Election Status: $99
  • Reinstatements: $299 plus state fees
  • Operating Agreement: $99
  • Corporate Stock Certificate: $25 plus state fees


Two individuals having a conversation about the benefits of CorpNet

CorpNet offers great benefits to all its clients, including the following:

  • Smooth Creation Process: My experience with CorpNet highlighted their efficiency in streamlining the LLC formation process. They rapidly filed all necessary documents, including a customized operating agreement, facilitating a swift launch of my limited liability company.
  • Personalized Service: I found their support to be professional, courteous, and comprehensive. They offer a customer care line available five days a week, and their top-tier plan provides 24/7 support via phone, text, and email. Impressively, they also offer a 100% service charge refund for dissatisfied customers, though I had no need to use this.
  • Decent Value: The service packages from CorpNet, while less feature-rich compared to some competitors, still offer good value, including a 100% money-back guarantee. Higher-tier deluxe packages are available for additional exclusive features.
  • Ease of Use: Navigating the CorpNet dashboard was a breeze. Their website clearly explains the services offered, and as a customer, I received a detailed breakdown of what each plan includes. The information on available add-ons and their costs was transparent and helpful.
  • Faster Turnaround: CorpNet demonstrates efficiency in its process, checking name availability with the Secretary of State and preparing and filing paperwork within 24 hours after a name is chosen for the LLC.


A man thinking while holding a credit card and using his laptop

While CorpNet offers great service features and LLC formation, this online service has a few drawbacks.

  • Expensive Pricing: CorpNet's pricing is high, excluding state fees and shipping costs.
  • Higher Costs in Certain States: In states like Massachusetts with high state fees, additional business funds may be required.
  • Not Suitable for Non-Profit Organizations: Services are not applicable to non-profit entities.
  • Limited VIP Processing Services: VIP processing is only available in a few states, despite having offices in all 50 states.
  • State-Specific Expedited Filing: Expedited filing availability varies by state.

Who Should Hire CorpNet LLC Service?

Any entrepreneur looking for the essentials of forming an LLC should hire CorpNet LLC service.

Although their basic package is a bit pricey, it offers name searches, business registration, and document filing to get your business started.

CorpNet is also ideal for company owners who want an LLC business service with a proven track record and a 100% satisfaction guarantee system.

CorpNet Customer Testimonials

A business man reading user testimonials using his smartphone

"Registering my business with CorpNet has never been easier. The website has a 2-page form that was easy to fill out within minutes, and they handled my information with strict privacy."
- Mike, LA

"I loved my overall experience with CorpNet, but I was disappointed that they only offered registered agent services for 60 days, plus their lowest plan is expensive compared to other services."
- Thomas, Wisconsin

"Along with intriguing tools for my company's establishment, they provided a wide range of LLC formation services in three separate packages. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee and dependable customer service are, in my opinion, their unique selling points."
- Dan, Tennessee

"I had a lot of support setting up my firm with CorpNet. The entire process was speedy and efficient from beginning to end. The CorpNet staff kept in constant contact with me and are undoubtedly skilled in their field."
- Andrea, Virginia

CorpNet Alternatives

Here's a Venture Smarter side-by-side comparison of CorpNet with three top LLC services on the market.

1. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness logo and a young entrepreneur using a laptop in the background

Both companies provide consultations and open pricing, but ZenBusiness aspires to be a more flexible choice for continuing legal issues for enterprises.

In terms of business formation, ZenBusiness offers a free basic plan that covers all formation features, including worry-free compliance for the first year, while CorpNet charges $99 for its lowest plan.

ZenBusiness offers customer service via phone, email, and chats like CorpNet. What sets CorpNet apart is its bilingual chat feature which enables non-English speakers to get their LLCs formed.

Both websites provide their new and returning customers with valuable materials. This includes advice on document filing, definitions of technical terms, and a valuable frequently asked questions section.

2. Northwest Registered Agent

Compared to CorpNet's $99 + state costs for starting LLC formation services, Northwest's price point is less expensive at $39 + state fees.

In contrast to CorpNet, which charges $149 for premium registered agent services, Northwest maintains its value strategy at $125.

And if you want foreign qualifications for your LLC, Northwest Registered Agent charges $100, while CorpNet charges almost twice that amount.

A bespoke onboarding flow is offered by Northwest and CorpNet both, although in very different ways.

Northwest offers a wide range of possibilities for the seasoned business person familiar with all the terms used in regulatory business compliance and already understands the items they want.

On the other side, CorpNet favors a streamlined 3-package strategy with extra check-boxes that only provide easy customization for solopreneurs.

3. Bizee


Bizee is one of the most respected LLC formation businesses founded in 2004.

Its rise had been well merited, supported by a sound business model, competitive pricing, and a base of more than 250,000 devoted clients.

Compared to Bizee (formerly Incfile), CorpNet's package costs are more expensive than other businesses.

For instance, all three of their packages cost more than Bizee's, which is disappointing because they don't provide any additional incentives to make up for their higher rates.

With their least expensive LLC creation package, they only provide 60 days of registered agent service; with their more expensive packages, they give a year. A year of the same benefit from Bizee costs $0 plus the state service fees.

On the basic package level, Bizee turns around orders quicker than CorpNet. They both provide the option of accelerated filing as part of their premium packages.

Still, CorpNet outperforms Bizee in this regard because it completes its expedited filing in 24 hours as opposed to Bizee's 48.

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Is CorpNet Legitimate?

Yes, CorpNet is legitimate. This LLC formation service has been in the business for over 20 years and has helped 100,000+ businesses. There are also numerous online reviews from satisfied clients that back up their legitimacy.

Does CorpNet Have a Refund Policy?

Yes, CorpNet has a 100% refund policy. If you're dissatisfied with any of their service features, you can request a refund while stating the reason for it. CorpNet promises to refund your money with no questions asked.

Venture Smarter Verdict on CorpNet

Any business owner seeking an LLC creation service with positive client reviews can choose CorpNet.

However, because it excludes certain features that rivals provide in their least expensive LLC formation service package, the Basic package isn't a good bargain.

Additionally, the hefty service fees in the other packages are not merited by the add-ons offered.

This is why ZenBusiness is a better choice for your business. For starters, it offers free LLC formation services in its basic package, next to a free trial month of banking, bank account, and Money Pro Bookkeeping.

In addition to affordable packages, ZenBusiness also offers exclusive website features with dependable legal services.

Additionally, ZenBusiness offers extended customer service hours, so you can be sure that any issues you have will be resolved as soon as possible. A 60-day money-back guarantee is another great feature of this LLC service if you're unhappy with your chosen bundle.

Our #1 Recommendation


A working young entrepreneur and a ZenBusiness logo
Rated 4.95/5
  • Different formation plans
  • Speedy formation procedure
  • Pocket-friendly bundles
  • Smooth compliance filing
  • Stong online reviews
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of June
  • Non-profit business formation is unavailable

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