How Long Does It Take To Form An LLC In Virginia? (Guide)

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Last updated: March 20, 2024
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If you plan to start a Virginia LLC with the Secretary of State, you may have questions about the filing process, including how long it will take to form your limited liability company.

Since I’ve been a corporate attorney for over a decade, I’ve helped clients establish their LLCs in Virginia, so I know how long the filing process takes and what the requirements are for starting a limited liability company in the state.

In this article, we will review how long it takes to start an LLC in Virginia using the different filing methods they offer.

You have the option to hire a professional service to help you with LLC filing. These top LLC formation services in Virginia can help you complete your LLC filing quickly and allow you to focus more on your business.

Quick Summary

  • It takes an average of 2 weeks to form an LLC in Virginia if you filed by mail and within 5 business days if you submitted online. 
  • Expedited service is only available for online filings. It costs $50 to $100 for next day approval and $200 for same day processing. 
  • According to the Virginia State Corporation Commission, approximately 75% of new LLC applications are submitted online.
  • For in-person filing, I recommend you deliver the documents to the office and expect a processing time of 5 to 10 business days. 

What is The Fastest Way to Start an LLC in Virginia?

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The fastest way to start an LLC in Virginia is by filing online using expedited service.

The state offers online expedited processing for your LLC formation requests, which guarantees approval of your company within the next or the same day.

You only need to complete the form and submit your articles of organization online at [1].

LLC Processing Time in Virginia

The processing time for your LLC will depend on the filing method you choose.

You can file your LLC via mail, online, or in person. The state also offers expedited filing for forming your LLC [2].

1. Expedited Virginia LLC Processing Time Online (next-day processing + $50 or $100, same-day processing + $200)

Next-day processing comes with an online filing fee of $50 or $100 and must be submitted by 2 pm EST to receive a response by 4 pm the next business day [3].

For same-day processing, there is a $200 fee, and you must submit your paperwork by 10 am EST to receive a response by 4 pm the same day.

I always advise clients to comply with the time deadlines so that there are no delays in their expedited LLC processing time.

According to the Virginia State Corporation Commission, approximately 75% of new LLC applications are submitted online, reflecting the preference for digital services among entrepreneurs in the state.

Learn more about the exact cost of an LLC in Virginia.

2. Non-Expedited Virginia LLC Processing Time By Mail (2 - 5 business days)

The state of Virginia doesn’t offer expedited processing for paper submissions. In my experience, filing by mail typically takes up to two weeks to be approved.

The actual filing takes around 2 to 5 days, with additional processing time for your LLC company documents to be sent to you by mail.

You only pay the state filing fee of $100, which should be made payable to the State Corporation Commission, and send the documents to P.O. Box 1197, Richmond, VA 23218-1197.

3. Virginia LLC Processing Time Online (1 - 5 business days)

When you file online, you can expect your formation request to get approved within 1 to 5 days.

Once your domestic or foreign LLC application has been approved by the state, all legal documents will be made available to you. Having helped clients form an LLC in Virginia, they simply need to download the Articles of Organization as well as other pertinent documents.

4. Virginia LLC Processing Time In Person (5-10 business days)

If you file your Virginia LLC with the state’s office in person, you can expect the processing time to occur within an average of 5 to 10 business days.

However, remember that you will wait longer if you want your approved LLC filing documents mailed back to you.

I encourage my clients to personally pick up the documents to avoid any delays in the mail time.

"Considering non-business days and peak times can help in planning the LLC filing more effectively."

- Jon Morgan, CEO, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Venture Smarter

Factors Influencing the Formation Timeline of Virginia LLCs

Reading a book about LLC Processing time in Virginia

Although there is an established timeframe for the filing to be completed, there are factors that may extend the duration.

These are some of them:

  • Processing errors: Inaccurate information or spelling mistakes will prolong the filing process, so be sure to check all information before submitting the document. If you’re drafting your own articles of organization, you can follow the format provided by the state [4].
  • Non-business days: I always advise my clients to file their documents after the weekend or holidays. This way, the state can process their filings quickly.
  • Time of the year: Majority of businesses submit and renew at the beginning or end of the year. It is ideal to file after this timeframe to prevent delays with the approval.

In Virginia, the State Corporation Commission's data shows that over 85% of LLCs successfully complete their registration process without any delays or issues, showcasing the effectiveness of the state's streamlined business formation procedures.


Where Can I Check the Status of My Virginia LLC Formation During the Processing Period?

You can check the status of your Virginia LLC formation during the processing period online and by postal tracking. You can also contact the Secretary of State's office to determine your application status.

Is There a Difference in Processing Time for Domestic and Foreign LLCs in Virginia?

There is no difference in processing time for domestic and foreign LLCs in Virginia.

How Much Does an LLC Cost in Virginia?

An LLC in Virginia costs $100, which includes the state filing fee. Additional fees apply for business name reservation and other services.



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