How Much Does an LLC Cost in Virginia? (What Fees To Expect)

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Understanding the costs of forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Virginia is crucial for aspiring business owners.

As an experienced business consultant with years of expertise in Virginia's business regulations, I recognized the need for a comprehensive resource to help entrepreneurs understand the financial aspects of starting an LLC.

I conducted thorough research to compile this guide, examining official government resources, legal documentation, and expert opinions. Additionally, I consulted with business lawyers well-versed in Virginia's business regulations.

This article will give you an overview of the process and tell you how much it will cost to begin a Virginia LLC business entity.

Quick Summary

  • The cost to start an LLC in Virginia includes a $100 filing fee for the Articles of Organization and an annual registration fee of $50
  • Additional expenses may include fees for a registered agent, business permits and licenses, LLC name reservation, and attorney fees
  • The total cost of forming an LLC in Virginia can range from approximately $150 to $500, depending on specific requirements and legal assistance needed

Virginia LLC Formation Costs

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The cost to start an LLC in Virginia depends on the paperwork you need to file. Here are the expected things you will need to pay to form an LLC in Virginia.

Virginia LLC Filing Fees

The most significant expense of establishing a Virginia LLC is the $100 filing fee to file your LLC's Articles of Organization with the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

Filing legal documents online with the Virginia SCC is $50 while filing by mail costs $75, also paid to the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

Registered Agent Fee

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A registered agent service in Virginia keeps track of your annual reports and other paperwork, so you don't have to worry about late filings or the burden of doing it yourself.

Most registered agent services charge $125-$175 annually to act as your registered agent in Virginia. The exact fee depends on various factors and service providers.

Selecting an LLC registered agent who complies with state requirements and provides reliable services for your Virginia LLC is essential.

When considering registered agent services, it is recommended to review the offerings of different agents, their experience, and the level of support they provide.

Business Permits and Licenses

A business permit and license being approved

In Virginia, obtaining the necessary business license and permit for your Virginia LLC requires careful consideration of associated fees. The specific fees vary depending on the nature of your business activities and the jurisdiction you operate within.

The SCC offers a Business Permits and Licenses Tool to help you identify your needs.

The average cost of a business license in Virginia is $100, but some can be more expensive or less, depending on the industry and municipality.

Other LLC Filing Costs

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Other costs are associated with starting an LLC in Virginia, but they're not as common or as expensive.

Virginia LLC Name Reservation Fee

Filing corporate papers for Virginia LLC name reservation is not mandatory but is recommended for immediate business registration.

If you're ready to launch your business, you can skip this step and directly file the LLC Articles of Organization, which instantly registers your name.

However, if you plan to delay starting your company and want to secure your desired name, you can reserve it by paying a filing fee of $10 [1].

Foreign Qualification Fee

If your LLC is based in another state and plans to expand into Virginia, this only applies if it was formed there. It does not file the Articles of Organization. Instead, they must submit an "Application for Certificate of Registration."

The $100 filing fee is required, but you must only submit it once for a Foreign LLC.

A Foreign LLC in Virginia must qualify according to the regulations, or they risk facing stiff penalties. You can avoid them by filling out an Application for Certificate of Registration and sending it to the State Corporation Commission.

LLC Annual Fees

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Virginia LLCs must remit an annual registration fee to the State Corporation Commission.

The filing fee amounts to $50 and must be paid by the end of the LLC's anniversary month in the year following its formation. Compliance with this requirement ensures the LLC's continued legal standing.

Taxes Payable To The Virginia Department Of Taxation

The Department of Taxation administers and collects state taxes, which differ depending on the business type. You can find a variety of tax guides and resources on their website to help you get started.

Some examples of taxable business activities include:

1. State Income Tax

As the LLC's owner, you must pay this tax on all business profits. These earnings will be taxed through your personal tax return. The typical income tax rate in Virginia is between 3 and 5.75 percent.

You may claim all of your normal reimbursements and deductions at filing time.

2. State Sales Tax

If your LLC is a seller of goods, tangible goods & a service provider providing services, it has to collect sales & use taxes & then pay them to the Virginia Department of Revenue.

The sales tax varies in different regions, counties, & cities. The current state sales & use tax rate on LLCs in Virginia is 4.3% of the purchase price [2].

3. Federal Self-Employment Tax

The self-employment tax in the Commonwealth of Virginia is a flat rate of 15.3 percent, paid by all LLC Business members or managers [3].

This tax applies to any money you take out of your company. The self-employment tax rate in Virginia is 15.3 percent.

4. Federal Income Tax

Federal taxes are charged on taxable income based on your earnings, the tax bracket in which your LLC operates, deductions, and filing methods.

All of the profits generated by your LLC, after considering deductions and allowances such as healthcare or retirement plans, are subject to income tax.

5. Employee & Employer Taxes

When a limited liability company has several workers paid monthly, additional Employee-Employer taxes must be paid.

These tax considerations vary based on numerous criteria, such as the amount and number of employees.

Attorney Fees

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Attorneys may charge anything from nothing up to several thousand dollars for their services. After a free consultation, some lawyers charge by the hour.

On average, business attorneys typically charge between $150 and $350 per hour. Some will provide a fixed filing fee for creating a Virginia LLC, ranging from $500 to $2,000.

The cost of legal services varies depending on the lawyer's experience and geographical location.

Factors Affecting the Cost of an LLC in Virginia

Forming an LLC in Virginia has various factors influencing the overall cost. By considering these factors, entrepreneurs can better estimate and plan their LLC formation expenses.

Type of LLC (Single-member or Multi-member)

The LLC type, whether a single-member or multi-member entity, can impact the formation cost.

Single-member LLCs generally have lower initial costs as only one owner is involved. At the same time, multi-member LLCs may require additional legal agreements and documentation, potentially increasing the formation expenses.

Complexity of Business Structure

The complexity of the business structure itself can affect the cost. Virginia LLCs with intricate ownership arrangements, multiple subsidiaries, or complex management structures may require more legal and professional services, resulting in higher formation costs.

Engaging legal and professional services is essential when forming an LLC in Virginia.

Costs for legal assistance, such as drafting LLC operating agreements or obtaining industry-specific licenses, can vary based on the complexity of the business and the extent of legal guidance required.

Industry-specific Requirements

Certain industries in Virginia may have specific requirements for LLC formation, such as obtaining specialized licenses or permits.

These industry-specific requirements can add to the overall cost of forming an LLC, depending on the nature of the business.

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Does the Federal Government of Virginia Charge an LLC Tax?

The Federal Government of Virginia charges an LLC tax based on the company's income. The tax rate for Virginia LLCs is between 3 and 5.75 percent, while the self-employment tax rate is 15.3 percent. Federal Income Tax and other employee-employer taxes may also apply.

Is Virginia a Good State to Start an LLC?

Virginia is a great state to start an LLC. The process is relatively easy, and the taxes and annual fees are relatively low. You should, however, consult with an attorney to ensure you know all the necessary steps.

Do I Need to Pay a Fee to Form an Operating Agreement?

You do not need to pay a fee to form any operating agreements. Operating agreements are documents between the LLC's members that outline how the company will be operated. A Virginia LLC Operating Agreement is not required by law but is recommended for all LLCs.

Virginia LLC Cost

The filing fee for submitting the Articles of Organization with the State Corporation Commission is $100. An annual registration fee of $50 is also needed to maintain the LLC's active status.

However, considering other potential expenses, such as legal fees for drafting operating agreements or obtaining professional assistance, is essential.

While the Virginia LLC cost may vary depending on specific requirements, budgeting approximately $150 to $500 can be a reasonable estimate for starting an LLC in Virginia.

Consulting with best LLC formation services in Virginia, legal and financial experts can aid in navigating the process and ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations.



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