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To register your LLC in Oregon, you'll need to cover specific fees associated with the process.

Forming an LLC in Oregon can be costly, from filing fees to yearly upkeep and other business expenses.

After countless hours of research, we have combined all the necessary Oregon LLC cost information in this article.

Quick Summary

  • Filing the Articles of Organization in Oregon costs $100.
  • An Oregon foreign LLC is priced at $275.
  • An Oregon Corporation or LLC's annual report filing fee is just $100 per year when paid directly to the State of Oregon.

How Much Does An LLC Cost In Oregon?

Top view of an LLC costing document

An LLC in Oregon costs $100. As you initiate your LLC, various fees may arise.

These include the filing fee, an LLC formation service charge, creating an operating agreement draft, and employing a registered agent.

Let us talk about each pointing detail.

Oregon LLC Filing Fee

Setting up an LLC in Oregon requires only a one-time fee of $100 for the Articles of Organization.

Filing this to the Oregon Secretary of State triggers your official business status, and you don't need to worry about recurring fees or expenses [1].

In contrast to other states, Oregon does not offer a fast filing for the articles of organization option. 

Consequently, the processing of company formation documents may take anything from 2 or 3 business days up to two weeks, depending on backlogs and delays that occur along the way.

Oregon Annual Report Fee

Showing a business partner an annual report fee

The Oregon Annual report fee has a flat rate of $100, which needs to be factored into your yearly budget as a recurring cost.

Every 12 months, you must file an annual report with the state government to keep your business registered and in good standing.

It's simple to process - submit it online each year on the date you originally filed it.

To ensure you don't forget, the Secretary of State will send a notice 45 days prior as a friendly reminder.

Oregon Registered Agent Service Fee

Establishing an Oregon LLC necessitates choosing a Registered Agent that meets state regulations.

This individual or company is appointed to receive legal documents, such as service of process and other notifications, on behalf of the LLC.

Under ORS § 63.111, they must possess a physical address in Oregon to be reached during standard business hours [2].

LLCs can enlist a professional Oregon registered agent service to ensure their members' confidentiality and guarantee all documents are always collected, even when their owners may be away.

There is no additional cost if you choose to serve as your own registered agent or ask someone close to managing this role on behalf of your LLC.

Oregon Business Permits And License

A line of employees organizing the business permit and license

No matter the industry or your business, forming an Oregon LLC or any other legal entity may require federal, state, and local permits/licenses to operate within Oregon.

With the City of Portland Revenue Division, business owners in Oregon must obtain a range of local permits to comply with state laws.

Although costs differ between fields and types of licenses, here are some examples: a 3-year General Supervising Electrician's license is currently $100 while obtaining a one-year Greenhouse Grower's license could range from $148 to over $1,563 based on yearly gross sales.

Salem businesses must obtain licenses for certain activities, such as selling marijuana, renting property, and running a mobile food vendor.

To ensure you comply with local regulations and don't incur additional costs, consult your jurisdiction to determine which business permits are necessary and how much they'll cost.

How Much Is A Foreign LLC In Oregon?

A foreign LLC in Oregon is $275. If you form your business entity elsewhere and register it here, it will be labeled as a Foreign Oregon LLC.

Additionally, if the foreign LLC is operating in Oregon, it must register with the Department of Revenue and may be required to pay taxes depending on its business activity.

It is recommended to consult a qualified CPA or tax attorney for any questions regarding taxes and fees.

Other LLC Filing Costs

Filing other LLCcosts

Here are some extra expenses to consider when forming an LLC in Oregon:

1. LLC Name Reservation

Filing an Application for Name Reservation with the Oregon Secretary of State costs just $100, so you can safeguard it before officially registering your LLC.

You have 120 days from submitting your application until its expiration date, which is enough time to complete all necessary paperwork.

Quickly check if desired names are available by looking up an Oregon LLC.

Keep in mind that submitting applications may be done through mail, fax, or in person.

2. DBA (Doing Business As) Name

Doing business as name document

If you want to do business under a DBA (any name other than your legal business name), you will need an Assumed Business Name – New Registration form, which only costs $50.

Remember to renew it every two years through the Secretary of State's Online Business Registry for another fee of just $50.

If you have modifications, an Assumed Business Name - Amendment will save you fifty bucks. You can submit all filings via mail or fax or fill out a paper form and present it in person or online.

3. Certified Copies Of Business Documents

If you want certified copies of your business documents, the Secretary of State can provide them for a nominal fee of $15.

All you need is to fill out their Request for Copy form and submit it via postal mail, fax, or in-person - itemizing which document(s) you want to be copied.

4. Oregon Certificate of Existence

To get a Certificate of Existence for your LLC, submit the Request for Certificate form and pay the $10 fee.

You can also order documents verifying the merger or name change by mail, fax, or person.

Alternatively, Certificates of Existence are available to be ordered online as well.

5. LLC Employer Identification Number (EIN)

A Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), or EIN Number, is essential for any business.

The EIN number can be used to file taxes, open a business bank account in the name of your LLC, and hire employees.

6. LLC Operating Agreement Fee

Shaking hands with money in it

A well-written operating agreement can be pivotal in avoiding any potential conflicts between LLC owners or managers.

It helps to guide and protect the parties against future disagreements.

Therefore, numerous single-member LLCs and uncomplicated multi-member LLCs opt to generate their documents independently.


How Much Does It Cost To Open An Oregon LLC?

It costs $100 to open an Oregon LLC. All LLCs must pay a one-time filing fee to file the Articles of Organization. Your industry and location may also require you to get an Oregon business license; however, this depends on how much local permits cost in your area.

How Much Does An Llc In Oregon Cost Per Year?

An LLC in Oregon costs $100 per year for the Oregon Annual Report fee. To maintain your LLC in a compliant, active status, you must pay the necessary state fees directly to the Secretary of State. If you have appointed a Registered Agent service provider, they will require an annual subscription fee, typically around $125 per year.

Do You Need Professional Help With Your Oregon LLC?

Ensure that all the necessary steps to form an LLC in Oregon are taken correctly and according to your unique situation by enlisting the help of a professional.

For just around $100, which includes filing fees with the Oregon Secretary of State, you can rest assured knowing everything has been done accurately.

Partnering with a qualified attorney to form your Oregon LLC and provide guidance is crucial for success.

These professional LLC services in Oregon can assist you in understanding Oregon law so that your business remains compliant at all times.



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