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In New Hampshire, incorporating an LLC may be a difficult and expensive procedure if you don't understand where to start and aren't financially prepared.

To help you out, we spent five weeks researching the Secretary of State's website and compiled the New Hampshire LLC filing fees with the help of our licensed LLC experts.

Here is all the information you need to know if you're thinking about forming an LLC in New Hampshire.

Quick Summary

  • It costs $100 to form an LLC in New Hampshire by mail and $102 online.
  • New Hampshire doesn't have a general business license or a seller's permit tax.
  • All New Hampshire LLC owners must submit an annual report for a $100 filing fee.

How Much Does an LLC Cost in New Hampshire?

An office worker checking how much an LLC cost in New Hampshire

An LLC in New Hampshire costs $100 to file the certificate of formation by mail and $102 for online filing.

However, other filing costs might include business licenses, registered agent service fees, and trade name registration.

New Hampshire LLC Filing Fee

The filing fee for a New Hampshire LLC is $102 to obtain the certificate of formation online via the NH QuickStart website [1].

If you file by mail, you'll submit the documents to the New Hampshire Department of State's Corporate Division and pay a $100 filing fee.

It's disappointing that New Hampshire SOS does not offer expedited shipping options, so expect to have your mail orders processed in 15 business days or you can reduce the LLC processing time in New Hampshire by online submitting which take around 6-7 days to be processed.

New Hampshire Registered Agent Service Fee

A registered agent from New Hampshire handling paperwork

The NH Rev Stat § 304-C:35 statute mandates all LLCs to name a New Hampshire registered agent during registration.

An LLC's registered agent will receive court subpoenas and other official papers, such as the annual reports on behalf of the company.

You can serve as your own New Hampshire resident agent or hire a trustworthy agent company.

In either case, the New Hampshire Secretary of State's regulations specify that the following conditions must be satisfied to be a registered agent:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have a physical address in New Hampshire
  • Must be available throughout office hours
  • Should be qualified to handle legal documents

If you hire a professional service, New Hampshire LLC's cost for registered agent services may range from $59-$300, depending on the company you take on.

And suppose, for any reason, you need to change your New Hampshire registered agent. In that case, you must submit a Statement of Change of Registered Agent form along with a $15 filing fee to the New Hampshire Department of State's Corporate Division.

New Hampshire Business License

An office worker checking paperwork for business license

New Hampshire has no equivalent seller permit tax required for selling physical items. It also lacks a generic statewide license that applies to all enterprises.

But, depending on your LLC's activity, you might need to apply for specific licenses and permissions via the state.

For example, according to the New Hampshire Revenue website:

  • If you're in the Tobacco business, you need to apply for Tobacco Tax Operator's License.
  • If you're in the food and hotel services industry, you must apply for the Meals and Rooms License [2].

Other LLC Filing Costs

Here's a list of other expected Hampshire LLC fees and costs.

1. Trade Name Registration

An office worker registering a trade name

Trade names are the term used in New Hampshire for DBAs.

You may use a trade name rather than your LLC's formal title when running a business in this state. To check if your business name is available, see our article on how to look up an LLC in New Hampshire.

To do so, you must apply for a trade name registration and pay the $50 processing fee by mail or $52 if you register online [3].

All trade names must be unique and available for use per New Hampshire law. To ensure that your trade name complies with all regulations and is unique, you must search NH QuickStart's business name database.

After verifying all the details, you may register your trade name by submitting a Trade Name application form.

2. Hampshire LLC Certificate of Formation

A Certificate of Formation must be submitted to the Secretary of State to create a new limited liability company (LLC) in New Hampshire under NH law.

After the certificate of incorporation is submitted to the state and approved, an LLC is formally created.

It costs $100 to submit the certificate of formation by mail and $102 if you do it online.

3. New Hampshire Annual Report Fee

An LLC owner looking at annual report fees

An annual report is an essential document that an LLC in New Hampshire must submit every year.

Your New Hampshire annual report effectively confirms all information about your LLC. Plus, if there are any minor and major changes in your LLC, you need to update the SOS with this information by submitting an annual report.

Your annual report also serves as more proof to the Secretary of State of the legitimacy of your company.

It costs $100 to file an annual report in New Hampshire by mail and $102 if done online via the NH QuickStart website.

If you want your annual report document to be processed faster, submit the form online, and it'll be approved immediately. Mail submissions take 7-21 business days to be approved.

The annual report filing deadline in New Hampshire is April 1st of every year. Failure to meet the deadline will result in a $50 penalty fee and can harm your good status with the SOS.

4. New Hampshire LLC Certificate of Good Standing (CGS)

A CGS is required if your LLC in New Hampshire has to show that it's compliant and up-to-date with all tax filings.

In New Hampshire, you can request a certificate of good standing online, in person, or by mail.

If you order by mail or in person, you'll pay a $5 and $30 filing fee, respectively.

5. Certified Document Copies

An LLC owner looking at documents

New Hampshire LLC owners require certified copies of the legal records for internal and external business reasons.

Certified document copies include a certificate of formation, status certificate, or annual reports.

You can obtain certified document copies in New Hampshire for $50 by mail or $30 for in-person submissions.

If you want to register for your certified document copies online, you can visit the Corporate Division of the New Hampshire Secretary of State's website.

6. LLC Operating Agreement

Although creating an LLC operating agreement is not required when opening a New Hampshire business enterprise, it is essential because it's a document that describes the routine steps you do to run your business, maintains your liability protection, and increases the credibility of your business.

You may construct an operating agreement for your business for free online or engage an attorney for a fee of $50 to $200.

7. Employer Identification Number

A company owner looking for an employer identification number

An EIN is a unique code issued by the Internal Revenue Service to each LLC in New Hampshire.

An EIN is necessary to open a business bank account, file New Hampshire taxes, and acquire business entity loans.

You can file for an EIN directly on the IRS website for free. If you have all the details, the process is straightforward and takes no more than 20 minutes.

Alternatively, you can delegate this responsibility to a professional New Hampshire LLC formation service, and they'll register for an EIN on your behalf for a $50-$100 filing fee.

Foreign LLC Registration in New Hampshire

The Corporation Division must receive an Application for Registration as a Foreign Limited Liability Company together with a $100 filing fee by mail to register your New Hampshire foreign LLC. It will cost $102 if you apply for this process online.

After your foreign LLC has been approved, you must secure any expert or regional business licenses necessary to run your enterprise in New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire department requires this because, in New Hampshire, the rules for a domestic LLC also apply to a foreign LLC entity.


How Much Does It Cost To Register A Business in New Hampshire?

It costs $100 to register a business in New Hampshire by mail and $102 if you do it online. These amounts cover the submission of the articles of incorporation for your business, which, once approved, you're legally free to transact in New Hampshire.

How Much is LLC Annual Fee in New Hampshire?

The LLC annual fee in New Hampshire is $100 for filing the annual report. This document is vital to update the SOS on any changes within your LLC. Additionally, you may pay annual registered agent fees if you hire one plus relevant licenses based on your business sector.

Do You Need Professional Help with Your New Hampshire LLC?

If you don't want to deal with the burdensome documentation requirements and state regulations, it’s best to seek professional help from an LLC service.

These top LLC services in New Hampshire have experienced attorneys who can assist you with any questions you may have about setting up and managing LLCs there.

Furthermore, they will expeditiously and punctually do tax and bookkeeping work on your behalf, assisting you in maintaining your LLC's good status with the SOS.



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