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The Maryland LLC Operating Agreement is a document that outlines the organizational structure and decision-making process of your LLC.  It can be tailored to meet the company’s specific requirements.

As a business consultant and legal advisor with over a decade of practice, I have addressed clients’ concerns regarding LLC formation and drafting an operating agreement for their companies.

After in-depth research and collaboration with our panel of legal advisors, I’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide that contains all the information you need.

Another route is to seek legal expertise from Maryland LLC service professionals, who can compile an operating agreement with all the important clauses.

Quick Summary

  • In Maryland, having an LLC operating agreement is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended.
  • A Maryland LLC operating agreement is a legal document outlining governance and operational guidelines, crucial for detailing roles, responsibilities, and rights and ensuring the LLC runs according to member specifications rather than default state laws.
  • As noted in the 2023 U.S. Small Business Profile, Maryland is home to 604,176 small businesses, representing 99.5% of all businesses in the state, underscoring the importance of tailored operating agreements in such a vibrant business environment.
  • In Denise Potter et al. v. Ruby Potter, Case No. 671, 2018 Term, the scrutiny of a provision in a Maryland LLC's operating agreement, in my opinion, critically underscores its decisive impact on legal disputes.

Maryland Operating Agreement Free Template

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Disclaimer: This template is provided solely for informational purposes. Please seek advice from a legal expert before usage, as we do not guarantee its suitability or precision.

We recommend reading our article on the distinct differences between member-managed and manager-managed LLCs before you proceed to download our template.

What Is a Maryland LLC Operating Agreement?

A Maryland LLC operating agreement is a legal document that outlines the governance structure and operational guidelines of a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

This agreement is crucial as it details the roles, responsibilities, and rights of the members of the LLC, as well as the management structure, whether it's member-managed or manager-managed. It includes provisions for decision-making processes, the distribution of profits and losses, and procedures for adding or removing members.

While not legally required in Maryland, having an operating agreement is highly recommended. It provides a clear framework for the internal operations of the LLC, helping to prevent misunderstandings among members.

In Maryland, according to U.S. Small Business Profile stats, small businesses make up 99.5% of all business entities, totaling 604,176 [1].

The agreement also ensures that the LLC is run according to the members' specifications rather than defaulting to state laws.

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Writing Operating Agreement Do's and Don'ts

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  1. Include Dispute Resolution Procedures: Establish a clear process for resolving internal disputes. This can help avoid costly legal battles and ensure that disagreements are handled efficiently and fairly.
  2. Outline the Financial Structure: Clearly define the financial contributions of each member and how additional funds will be raised if needed. Include details on profit sharing and distributions.
  3. Plan for the Future: Consider including clauses that address potential future scenarios, such as the dissolution of the LLC, buyout procedures, or succession plans in the event of a member's death or departure.
  4. Review and Update Regularly: Laws and business circumstances can change. Regularly review and update your operating agreement to ensure it remains compliant and relevant.


  1. Don't Use Generic Templates Without Customization: While templates can be a good starting point, don’t rely solely on them. Customize your Operating Agreement to fit the specific needs and structure of your Maryland LLC.
  2. Don't Ignore Member Opinions: Since the Operating Agreement governs all members, it’s important to consider and incorporate the views and concerns of all parties involved.
  3. Don't Overlook Tax Implications: Be aware of how the structure of your LLC and the provisions in your Operating Agreement affect your tax obligations. In Maryland, as stated by the Maryland Department of Commerce, LLCs taxed as corporations are subject to a state-wide corporate income tax rate of 8.25% on their net income attributed to the state [2].
  4. Consult with a tax professional if necessary.
  5. Don't Neglect State Compliance: Ensure that your Operating Agreement doesn’t contain any provisions that are in conflict with Maryland state laws.

What Should Be Covered in My Operating Agreement?

Your operating agreement should comprehensively detail the foundational elements and operational guidelines of your LLC.

These include:

1. LLC Name

In Maryland, the LLC Name section of an operating agreement is pivotal. It must specify the official name of the LLC, ensuring it adheres to Maryland's legal requirements, including the inclusion of "LLC" or a similar designation. This name, distinct and distinguishable from other entities registered in Maryland, is used in all legal, financial, and official documents, solidifying the LLC's identity.

2. Ownership Details

This section should clearly outline the percentage of ownership held by each member, reflecting their investment or contribution to the LLC.

This section is crucial for defining the rights and responsibilities of members, including profit sharing and voting power.

It serves as a definitive record of each member's stake in the LLC, ensuring transparency and clarity in the management and operation of the business.

3. Voting Rights and Decision-Making Powers

This operating agreement section should establish the procedures for making key business decisions.

It details how votes are allocated among members, typically in proportion to ownership stakes, and defines the majority required for different types of decisions. It should specify the process for routine decisions as well as for significant actions like amendments to the agreement, mergers, or dissolution.

This section ensures that decision-making is structured, fair, and in line with the members' interests, providing a clear framework for the governance of the LLC.

4. Profit Distributions

One of the most important issues an operating agreement should address is how profits and losses will be distributed among the LLC's members.

This section should state how much of the company each member owns, what percentage of profits or losses each member will receive, and when distributions will be made.

5. Management

This section of the Maryland operating agreement should address how the LLC will be managed and who has the authority to make decisions on behalf of the company.

Owners can designate one of the members to act as the multi-member LLC manager or they can employ the services of a professional to do the work on their behalf.

6. Record-Keeping

This section of a Maryland LLC operating agreement mandates maintaining accurate and comprehensive records of the LLC's activities. This includes financial statements, member meeting minutes, and decisions made.

It should specify the location and method of record storage, ensuring accessibility and compliance with legal requirements.

Regular audits and updates are recommended to uphold transparency and accountability within the LLC.

7. Member Change Process

What happens if an LLC is dissolved? The legal document should include a plan for the dissolution of the company and steps to be taken by each member. It should stipulate voting requirements, liquidation of assets, and exit plans.

8. Meeting Requirements

It's essential to outline the protocols for holding member meetings. This includes the frequency of regular meetings, the process for calling special meetings, and the notice period required for each.

The section should also detail the quorum needed for decision-making, the format of meetings (in-person or virtual), and the procedure for recording and approving minutes. This ensures that all members are fairly represented and that meetings are conducted efficiently and in compliance with the agreement.

9. Operational Rules and Regulations

The Maryland LLC operating agreement should set forth guidelines for daily business conduct.

It outlines member roles, management structure, financial protocols, and compliance with state laws. This section is crucial for ensuring smooth operations and legal adherence within the framework of the LLC.

Do I really need an LLC operating agreement in Maryland?

No, it's not mandatory, but there are several advantages to consider, such as reinforcing limited liability status and avoiding state interference.

"An operating agreement is a document which governs the internal operations of the limited liability company (“LLC”) and can be drafted even after the LLC has been formed."

-Meghan Smith, Attorney

The following are some key reasons to have your own LLC Operating Agreement:

  • The LLC operating agreement outlines the rules and regulations of the LLC and serves as a guideline for how the business should operate.
  • The document reinforces limited liability status.
  • It legitimizes your business.
  • State laws will not immediately apply if the LLC has an operating agreement in place.
  • Avoid state interference.
  • It sets out the rights and responsibilities of each member and provides a framework for dividing profits, losses, and ownership interests.


Can a Maryland LLC Operating Agreement Be Changed?

A Maryland LLC operating agreement can be changed by filing an amendment with the state and the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation. The amendment must be signed by all members.

Can I Write My Own Operating Agreement in Maryland?

You can write your own operating agreement in Maryland. However, we recommend that you have an attorney help you with the process to make sure your document is legally compliant.

Does a Maryland LLC Need an Attorney for an Operating Agreement?

A Maryland LLC needs an attorney for an operating agreement to ensure all provisions are outlined within the document and compliance with statutory requirements.



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