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Whenever you need to change the business address for a Limited Liability Company, there are certain steps that must be followed in order to ensure that all necessary records are updated accordingly.

If done improperly, the changes will not take effect, and your business may experience future complications. But first, why even change your business address?

Why Change Your LLC Address?

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Although your location may not affect the overall legality of your LLC, it will certainly affect your company's appearance to other businesses and customers.

For example, if you are an eCommerce or internet-based business with no physical location in mind, it may be best to list a business address that represents the state and not the physical location of your business.

In addition, states have different laws, rules, and regulations surrounding corporations which you must follow as a director.

To stay within those guidelines, it is important to keep your business address in line with the laws of that state.

There are many procedures involved in order for these changes to take effect and not cause any problems surrounding the filing of paperwork, tax filings, and other documents which are handled with that address.

Changing Your LLC Address Online

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If you feel confident to make the necessary changes for your LLC business address online, here's what you will need to do:

  1. Gather all the legal documents, such as your business license, as well as tax forms that contain the company's employee identification number (EIN), in your LLC's formation documents (such as the articles of the organization).
  2. To see whether you can modify the address online, go to the agency's website for your state and check if you can alter it.

Keep in mind that you must update the address in the state where you formed the LLC and any additional states in which the Limited Liability Company is authorized to operate.

  1. If so, fill out the online form with your information which includes:
  • Your Company's Business Name
  • Old and New Business Address
  • Name and Address of your Registration License
  • The Identification Number on your Business Licenses
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)

If you need to change the address of an LLC operating in multiple states (such as Delaware and New York), select both locations when filling out this form.

  1. After submitting the form, print two copies of the confirmation page that is displayed on your screen.
  2. Write the confirmation number down and include it with all future correspondence to this agency, as well as any other state where your LLC does business (including those for which you do not need to change the address).

Check out IncFile's solution for fixed street addresses and access to your mail from anywhere if you prefer not to give away your personal address.

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Changing Your LLC Address by Mail

If you cannot change the address for your LLC online, you must submit a written request to make these changes by mail. First, you must:

  1. Obtain and complete Form WT-4.2, Request for Change of Principal Business Location

Don't forget to fill out Form DTF-96 to update your physical or mailing address.

  1. Include the following information on the form:
  • Your Fictitious Name (if applicable)
  • Company Name for Your LLC
  • The address you want to change in your company name
  1. Mail one original and one copy of the form with a check or money order for $50 to the new mailing address listed in the instructions.
  2. Make sure to include any necessary documentation that your business is registered in this state.

Changing Your Address with the IRS

Whenever an LLC's address is changed, it is considered a "notice of the change," and the IRS requires notice of these changes within 30 days.

To make changes at the IRS or other federal agencies, such as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, you will need to submit Form 8822-B.

Who to Notify About Your Address Change?

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After you update the necessary changes for your LLC, don't forget to notify anyone with whom you do business that the address has changed. This includes:

  1. Anyone who will receive mail at the new address (such as vendors)
  2. Your bank and other financial institutions associated with your business
  3. Utility companies such as gas, electric, and water
  4. The Department of Transportation (if your business is a trucking company)
  5. Your city, county, and state for tax purposes
  6. The Secretary of State or similar agency that registered your LLC in the first place
  7. Any professional licensing board that you are associated with, such as the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) or the American Institute of Architects.
  8. Other agencies you are associated with, such as the local chamber of commerce or business association


Can I Use a Po Box as My LLC Address?

A post office box cannot serve as a valid business address for your LLC. You must have a physical address. However, you can rent another mailbox at the same post office if you have a PO Box and wish to receive mail from different locations in one central location.

Does My LLC Need More than One Address?

You only need one business address for your LLC, but if you have multiple locations, you may want to provide the address of every location in order to ensure that mail is correctly routed.

Can I Use My Personal Address for My LLC?

No, you cannot use your personal address as an LLC address; it has to have a separate mailing address. The name of the person on the lease/title must match the name of your LLC in order for mail to be correctly routed to your business location.

How to Change Address of an LLC...

If you need to change the address for your LLC, follow these steps. Please be aware that you may have to send information in with your request to update the address on record.

If you are unsure about any of this process, verify it before starting with your state's Secretary of State website or Internal Revenue Service website.

Alternatively, you can update the address of your company by having IncFile submit the articles of the amendment on your behalf.

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