How to Change LLC Address? (Step by Step Guide)

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Last updated: June 20, 2024
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Changing the business address of your Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a crucial administrative task that requires careful planning and execution.

After years of experience as a seasoned business consultant, I've encountered numerous scenarios where business owners must change their LLC addresses for various reasons.

After thorough consultations with industry professionals and legal experts, I’ve prepared a comprehensive guide outlining the necessary steps and legal considerations in updating your LLC's address.

This guide will walk you through the essential steps to change your address, covering everything from notifying internal parties to updating online business listings.

Quick Summary

  • To change an address, begin by informing all LLC members and updating registered agent information, then notify external parties like banks, and clients, and update business listings both online and offline.
  • Research your state's specific requirements for changing an LLC address, obtain and fill out the required forms accurately, and submit them to the appropriate state authority.
  • According to IRS statistics, Form 8822-B is commonly used for address changes, with over 500,000 submissions each year by individuals and businesses.
  • I would set a specific effective date for the address change, arrange for mail forwarding services, and communicate the change clearly to employees, clients, and vendors to minimize disruptions.

Steps to Change LLC Address

A man renegotiating a Wisconsin LLC operating agreement

To change the address, here's a concise guide you should follow:

1. Notify Internal Parties

The first step is to inform all LLC members or owners about the decision.

To ensure a smooth transition when changing an LLC's address, we advise holding a meeting or sending a formal communication to all stakeholders, explaining the reasons and timeline for the change.

If the new address alters the principal office location or other key details in the operating agreement, these documents must be updated to comply with state laws, possibly requiring consultation with legal experts.

Additionally, it's crucial to promptly inform any designated managers of the change to allow for necessary adjustments in daily operations and communication strategies.

2. Update Registered Agent Information

Once the decision to change the LLC address is final, promptly inform the LLC registered agent. Provide them with the new address and relevant contact information to ensure they can continue fulfilling their responsibilities effectively.

According to a survey by the American Bar Association, nearly 85% of LLCs that promptly updated their registered agents about address changes reported no disruption in legal or state correspondence.

In our case, we double-checked that the registered agent has the correct updated contact information. This included mailing address, email address, and phone number to avoid miscommunication during the address change process.

Review the specific requirements of the state where the LLC is registered. Some states may have specific procedures for updating registered agent information.

"Every LLC must appoint a registered agent, who serves as the main point of contact in the state where the LLC is registered. Any updates or alterations to the LLC, such as changes of address, must be managed through the registered agent."

- Jon Morgan, CEO, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Venture Smarter

3. File the Necessary Forms

Each state may have different requirements and forms for changing the LLC address.

We recommend researching and familiarizing yourself with the specific procedures and forms prescribed by the state where your LLC is registered.

Obtain the relevant change of address form from the appropriate state authority, typically the Secretary of State's office.

The most common form used for address changes with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is Form 8822-B [1]. According to IRS statistics, over 500,000 address changes are filed annually using this form, reflecting its widespread use among individuals and businesses.

When filling out the change of address form, provide accurate and complete information to ensure a smooth update of the LLC's address.

Include the LLC's: 

  • Name
  • Employer identification number (EIN) or tax identification number (TIN) assigned by the IRS
  • Old address
  • New address
  • Effective Date of Change
  • Business Type
  • Signature

Before submitting the form, thoroughly review all the information provided.

Any errors or omissions could lead to delays in processing the LLC address change. Double-check that all details are accurate and up-to-date.

You can also use professional and affordable LLC filing services within your state.

4. Submit the Address Change Form

Office meeting agreement

Many states now offer online filing options for an LLC address change, providing a quicker and more convenient process. Alternatively, you can submit the paper form through mail, as some states require.

Follow the instructions provided by the state authority to submit the change of address form through the appropriate channels.

Ensure that all required documents and fees, if applicable, are included with the submission.

Some states may require a filing fee for processing the LLC address change. Verify the fee amount and ensure timely payment to avoid any delays in the process.

In our case, we maintained copies of all documents submitted and any communication with state authorities regarding our LLC address change. These records will be helpful for future reference and to demonstrate compliance if necessary.

5. Notify External Parties and Entities

Update all business correspondence with the new address, including letterheads, email signatures, and business cards. Inform employees and stakeholders about the updated contact information to ensure seamless communication.

Also, notify customers, clients, and vendors about the address change through various communication channels, such as email newsletters, social media posts, or direct mail.

Inform your bank and financial institutions about the address change to avoid delays in receiving important documents, statements, or payments. Update billing and shipping information with suppliers and service providers as well.

Lastly, notify relevant licensing agencies, the IRS, and other government authorities about the address change.

6. Update Online and Offline Business Listings

Update the contact information on the LLC's website, including the "Contact Us" page, footer, and any other relevant sections. Ensure that visitors to the website have access to the updated address.

Update the address on all social media profiles and pages associated with the LLC. This includes platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Based on our experience, you should review and update the LLC's information on online business directories, such as Google My Business, Yelp, and Yellow Pages, as consistency across these platforms ensures that customers can easily find the correct address.

Review all printed marketing materials, such as business cards, brochures, and flyers, to ensure they reflect the new address. Replace outdated materials to maintain a professional and accurate image.

7. Plan for the Transition Period

Plan and communicate a specific effective date for the address change. This will help internal and external parties anticipate and prepare for the transition.

Arrange for mail forwarding services to ensure that any mail sent to the old address is redirected to the new physical location. This will help avoid missing important correspondence during the transition period.

If the LLC has employees or staff, we recommend informing them about the address change and any steps they need to take. You should also provide clear instructions to minimize disruptions in business operations.

Be prepared for potential disruptions during the address change transition. Anticipate delays in mail delivery and potential changes in supplier and client interactions.

Plan contingencies to ensure minimal impact on business operations.

Changing Your LLC Address Online

Someone using a laptop

If you feel confident to make the necessary changes for your LLC business address online, here's what you will need to do:

1. Gather all the legal documents, such as your business license and tax forms containing the company's employee identification number (EIN), in your LLC's formation documents.

2. To see whether you can modify the address online, go to the agency's website for your state and check if you can alter it.

3. If so, complete the online form with your information, including your current LLC name, new address, and contact details.

4. After submitting the form, print two copies of the confirmation page displayed on your screen.

5. Write the confirmation number down and include it with all future correspondence to this agency and any other state where your LLC does business (including those for which you do not need to change the address).

Changing Your LLC Address by Mail

Opening an envelope to check the file

If you cannot change the address for your LLC online, we advise submitting a written request to make these changes by mail.

First, you must:

1. Obtain and complete Form WT-4.2, and request for change of Principal Business Location. Don't forget to complete Form DTF-96 to update your business mailing address.

2. Include the required  information on the form, such as:

  • Your Fictitious Name (if applicable)
  • Company Name for Your LLC
  • The address you want to change in your company name

3. Mail one original and one copy of the form with a check or money order for $50 to the new mailing address listed in the instructions.

4. Include any necessary documentation that your business is registered in this state.

Why Change Your LLC Address?

A woman planning to change her LLC address

Changing your address is a crucial administrative task that may arise for various reasons.

Drawing from our experience, here are seven common reasons why you might need to change your address:

  • Business Relocation: If your LLC is moving to a new physical location, you must update the principal office address to reflect the new business location.
  • Contact Information Update: Updating your business mailing address or other contact details ensures effective communication with clients, partners, and regulatory agencies.
  • Registered Office Address Change: If your registered office address differs from your principal office address, it's crucial to update both addresses for legal purposes.
  • Registered Agent Change: Changing your registered agent often involves updating the LLC's address to reflect the new agent's location.
  • Compliance Requirements: To comply with IRS regulations, you must maintain accurate and up-to-date records of your LLC's address and responsible party information.
  • Licensing Agencies: If your LLC requires licenses from relevant licensing agencies, updating your address is necessary to receive important notifications and renewals.
  • Privacy Concerns: In some cases, LLC owners may change their address for privacy and security reasons, especially if the previous address was a home address.

Who to Notify About Your Address Change?

Someone using a laptop

After you update the necessary changes for your LLC, we advise notifying anyone with whom you do business that the address has changed. This includes:

  • Anyone who will receive mail at the new address (such as vendors)
  • Your bank and other financial institutions associated with your business
  • Utility companies such as gas, electric, and water
  • The Department of Transportation (if your business is a trucking company)
  • Your city, county, and state for tax purposes
  • The Secretary of State or similar agency that registered your LLC in the first place
  • Any professional licensing board you are associated with, such as the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) or the American Institute of Architects
  • Other agencies you are associated with, such as the local chamber of commerce or business association

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Can My LLC Use Multiple Addresses Without Changing the Primary Address?

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Can I Use My Personal Address as an LLC Address

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