How to Change LLC Name in Virginia (Step by Step Guide)

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Last updated: October 19, 2023
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As businesses evolve and adapt to new opportunities, rebranding through a name change can be a strategic move to enhance market presence and redefine the company's identity.

After years of experience as a business consultant in Virginia, assisting numerous entrepreneurs and LLC owners, I noticed a common problem with changing an LLC name in Virginia.

To provide accurate and up-to-date information, I delved into extensive research, consulting legal experts and Virginia business entities.

As a trusted authority in the field, I've crafted this comprehensive guide to help businesses navigate the complexities of an LLC name change smoothly.

Quick Summary

  • To change LLC name in Virginia, seek approval, conduct a name search, file Articles of Amendment, Update licenses, notify IRS, and update bank accounts and contracts
  • Reasons for a Virginia LLC name change may include rebranding, avoiding confusion, and legal compliance
  • Potential challenges include name conflicts and delays—seek professional assistance for a smooth process

9 Steps To Changing Your LLC Business Name In Virginia

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A Virginia limited liability company is legally known by its registered name with the State Corporation Commission.

You can change your LLC name in Virginia anytime by submitting Articles of Amendment with the Virginia Corporation Commission.

1. Seek for Members'/Manager Approval

Changing the LLC name in Virginia requires approval from all members or managers of the company. Conduct a formal meeting to discuss and gain consensus on the new name. Document this approval process in the meeting minutes for legal compliance.

2. Come Up With A New Business Name

The next step is conducting a thorough search to ensure the desired name is available and complies with Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) requirements.

Your new name for Virginia LLC must comply with the rules set forth by the Virginia State Corporation Commission, which include the following:

  • The name must contain " Limited Company or Liability Company” or “LLC.”
  • The name cannot be the same as any existing legal business registered with the Commission.
  • The name cannot be misleading or deceptive.

3. Consider Your Business Structure

If your Virginia LLC conducts business structure as a corporation, you have to follow specific guidelines. For example, your name must contain the words “Corporation,” “Incorporated,” or any abbreviation thereof.

If you’re unsure whether your proposed Virginia LLC name complies with the law, you can submit a Name Reservation Request Form to the Commission for approval.

4. Check Virginia LLC Name Availability

Businesses must ensure they are not using the same name as another business entity in Virginia.

To check whether your desired Virginia LLC name is taken, visit the Corporation Commission website and utilize their free tool to search business names.

If the desired name is available and you want to secure it before making the official change, you can reserve the name with the SCC by filing a Name Reservation Request [1].

This step is optional but recommended to prevent others from using the name during the process.

5. Draft the Articles of Amendment

Draft the Virginia Articles of Amendment form, clearly stating the current name of the Virginia limited liability company, the new name, and the date of the name change. Make sure to include the necessary signatures as per the SCC's guidelines.

6. File LLC Articles of Amendment

An LLC owner filing LLC articles of amendment

The most important legal documents for your LLC name change are the Virginia Articles of Amendment.

Apart from changing your principal office address, mailing address, or your Virginia registered agent, the Articles of Amendment are used to change your Virginia LLC name.

The Amendment form is available on the Virginia State Corporation Commission's website. You must file Articles of Amendment with the Virginia SCC, which costs a $25 filing fee.

The amendment form itself is not very complicated, but you may want an attorney to look it over to be sure. Virginia Stock Corporation offers another form for corporations on its website. You can file online, in person, or by mail.

7. Update State Licenses and Permits

Next, update all relevant licenses and permits associated with your limited liability company to reflect the new name.

You’ll comprehensively list all licenses and permits your limited liability company holds. This may include local, state, or industry-specific licenses. Identify the ones that require the LLC's name change and proceed with the necessary updates.

Contact the relevant state agencies responsible for issuing your licenses and permits.

Submit the required documentation, which may include the amended LLC Articles of Organization and operating agreement and any additional forms they require to process the name change.

8. Notify the IRS and Other Government Agencies

Update your LLC's name with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and any other federal or state government agencies where your limited liability company is registered [2].

File Form SS-4 with the IRS to update your LLC's name for tax purposes. Provide the necessary details, including the old and new names, and submit the form following the IRS guidelines.

Review your LLC's registrations with other government agencies and update your information accordingly. This may include updating your information with the Virginia Department of Taxation and any relevant federal or state departments.

9. Update Business Bank Accounts and Contracts

Lastly, update your LLC business bank accounts and any contracts or agreements associated with your limited liability company to reflect the new name.

Notify your bank or financial institution of the LLC's name change. To update their records accordingly, provide them with the necessary documentation, such as the amended Articles of Organization.

Carefully review all existing contracts and agreements that reference your LLC's name. Reach out to the involved parties and inform them of the name change. Consider drafting amendments to the contracts to reflect the new name formally.

Reasons for Changing an LLC Name

LLC members are changing an LLC Name in Montana

There are various reasons why an LLC in Virginia might consider changing its company name.

Firstly, rebranding or updating the company's image to align with its evolving goals and values could prompt a company name change.

Secondly, a company should eliminate potential confusion with other businesses in the same industry, ensuring a distinctive identity.

A company name change might also be necessary for legal reasons, such as resolving trademark issues or complying with specific Virginia business regulations [3].

Whatever the reason, the decision to change an LLC's name should be carefully considered and aligned with the company's long-term objectives.

Potential Challenges and Solutions

Here are some potential challenges you may face during the name change process: 

Dealing with Rejected Name Changes

When attempting an LLC name change in Virginia, there's a possibility that the Virginia SCC might reject the chosen name due to conflicts with existing businesses or failure to meet specific naming requirements.

To address this, carefully research existing business names in Virginia using the Virginia business resources search tool. If your desired name is already in use, modify it slightly to make it unique and resubmit it for approval.

Resolving Conflicts with Existing Businesses

If the SCC identifies a potential conflict with an existing business name during the Virginia LLC name change process, consider contacting the business owner to discuss the situation.

In some cases, they may be open to finding a resolution that allows both entities to coexist peacefully. Alternatively, you should return to the drawing board and choose a new name that avoids conflicts.

Handling Delays or Unexpected Hurdles

During the name change process, unexpected delays or hurdles may arise, potentially extending the time it takes to complete the process. To mitigate delays, ensure all required documentation is accurately filled out and submitted promptly.

If any issues arise, promptly address them with the Virginia State Corporation Commission or seek legal advice to find solutions and keep the process moving forward.

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How Much Does It Cost to Register an LLC Business Name in Virginia?

It costs $100 to register a business name in Virginia. This filing fee covers the registration process and ensures the legal recognition of your business name. Registering your business name is essential in establishing your company's identity and protecting your brand.

How Fast Can You Change the LLC Name in Virginia?

You can change the LLC name in Virginia within 1-3 business days, but processing times may vary. It's crucial to ensure accurate and complete documentation to expedite the name change legitimately. Professional assistance may help navigate any complexities and streamline the procedure efficiently.

Can I Change a Reserved Business Name in Virginia?

You can change a reserved business name in Virginia by filing a Business Entity Name Amendment with the State Corporation Commission. Ensure the new name complies with Virginia's business naming guidelines. Seek legal advice for a smooth process, as this step may impact your business's legal standing and public representation.

Who Can File for an LLC Name Change in Virginia?

The members or managers of the business entity can file for an LLC name change in Virginia. To do so, they must follow the prescribed legal procedures and file the necessary documents with the appropriate state authorities.

Virginia LLC Name Change

Changing the name of an LLC in Virginia is a significant decision that can impact the company's branding, identity, and legal standing.

A well-executed name change can breathe new life into the business, attracting clients, partners, and opportunities.

It is essential to approach this undertaking meticulously, considering potential implications on licenses, permits, contracts, and online presence.

With careful planning and adherence to legal procedures, a limited liability company can seamlessly adopt its new identity and embark on a promising path toward future growth and success.

You can seek professional assistance through LLC formation services IncFile to help you through the LLC name-changing process in Virginia.



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