What Does Level 3 Communications LLC Do? (Answered)

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Last updated: April 10, 2024
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Level 3 Communications LLC is a prominent global communications company that specializes in providing a wide range of networking and integrated communications services.

With an extensive background in the telecommunications industry, and after conducting thorough research on Level 3 Communications LLC, I am well-versed in their operations and services.

I further consulted the best LLC formation legal advisors and attorneys to shed light on the vital role of Level 3 Communications LLC in the modern communication landscape.

In this article, I will offer a concise yet comprehensive overview of the services and capabilities the entity offers.

Quick Summary

  • Level 3 Communications LLC is a global communications company providing networking and integrated communication services, including broadband and IP-based solutions.
  • Level 3 Communications operates an extensive fiber-optic network linking more than 500 markets in over 66 countries.
  • CenturyLink's (now Lumen) strategic acquisition of Level 3 Communications for $34 billion in 2017 has significantly expanded its footprint in the global communications landscape.
  • Through market research, I've learned that Level 3 Communications' robust global network and comprehensive service offerings position it as a critical player in the telecommunications industry.

What Does Level 3 Communications LLC Do?

A woman explaining what does the 3 levels communications LLC do

Level 3 Communications LLC is an internet service provider that supplies telecommunication services.

It was founded in 1985 as a long-distance telephone company and has since expanded its services to include broadband, colocation, cloud services, and other IP-based communications services.

The company provides:

  • Integrated IP solutions
  • Collaboration services
  • Network management
  • Electronic telecommunications services for data, phone, and video
  • Toll-free services
  • Security services

Level 3 links more than 500 markets in more than 66 countries by using owned fiber networks on six continents and extensive undersea facilities.

Now known as Lumen, the company boasts of approximately 160,000 on-net buildings and an impressive 400,000 route miles of fiber optic cable globally, utilizing owned fiber networks on six continents and extensive undersea facilities.

"At Lumen, our mission is to digitally connect people, data, and applications - quickly, securely, and effortlessly."

- Kate Johnson President & Chief Executive Officer Lumen Technologies

I found their robust fiber networks and undersea facilities provide seamless connectivity, whether video conferencing or sending large data files. It's this global reach that has kept many of my clients' businesses agile and connected.

Their European headquarters is in London, England and their Latin America headquarters is in Buenos Aires.

Level 3 Cell Phone Carrier

A level 3 cell phone carrier provides data and voice services to other carriers. These carriers then offer their customers services, including businesses and consumers.

Toll-free voice calls that begin on the publicly switched telephone network (PSTN) are converted to IP (Internet Protocol) using the company's Softswitch technology as part of the way Level 3 Communication LLC operates.

Level 3 VoIP number

Free voice calls are forwarded via the internet rather than the PSTN using a level 3 VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) number [1]. My clients say it's a great way to save money on their phone bills. With this service, you can make free calls to any number worldwide.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection. This service is perfect for those who want to stay in touch with friends and family members who are far away. You can also use this service to make international calls.

Advantages of level 3 communications VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Level 3 logo in front of two coworkers working

There are a few key advantages of using VoIP from level 3 communications: 

  • From my experience, VoIP can be significantly cheaper than traditional phone service since it uses your existing internet connection.
  • The quality of VoIP calls is typically excellent and sometimes even better than traditional phone calls.
  • VoIP offers features not available with traditional phone services, such as the ability to see if someone is available to take a call, caller ID, and voicemail.
  • VoIP can be used on various devices, including your computer, smartphone, and tablet.
  • You can use VoIP anywhere there is an internet connection, which means you can make calls while traveling.
  • If your power goes out, you can still make calls with VoIP as long as you have an internet connection.

I found Level 3 Communications is an excellent option for those looking to save money on their phone bill with better security solutions.

The quality of the calls is typically excellent, and various features are unavailable with traditional phone service.

Level 3 Voice Termination Service

Level 3 Voice termination service enables seamless international voice termination to connect calls between different countries and facilitates domestic voice termination for local calls within a country.

This service ensures high-quality voice transmission, low latency, and competitive pricing for voice termination.

Innovative Technologies and Infrastructure

Level 3 Communications LLC uses an expansive fiber optic network, which spans continents and is the backbone for a myriad of services, from high-speed internet to secure data transmission for multinational corporations.

The company's commitment to IPv6 technology further distinguishes it from competitors. As the internet faces the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses, Level 3's early adoption of IPv6 ensures its network is future-proof, ready to support the burgeoning number of devices connecting to the internet.

This transition not only expands the address space but also enhances the security and performance of network communications, offering businesses a clear pathway to growth in an increasingly connected world.

Moreover, Level 3 Communications leverages cutting-edge data centers strategically located around the globe. These facilities are engineered to support the immense demands of cloud computing, offering businesses scalable solutions for data storage, processing, and distribution.

Is Level 3 LLC and Lumen the Same Company?

Level 3 LLC and Lumen are the same company. CenturyLink, Inc., now named Lumen, completed its acquisition of Level 3 LLC in November 2017.

This acquisition created a global network services company that offers a wide range of high-quality technology solutions over a secure and reliable fiber-rich network [2].


Who Owns Level 3 Communications Services Today?

As of today, Level 3 Communications Services is owned by CenturyLink, Inc. CenturyLink acquired Level 3 Communications in 2017, expanding its network infrastructure and service capabilities.

Why Should I Use Level 3 LLC VOIP Number?

You should use Level 3 VOIP because it allows sharing a phone number among many devices. Any device with the same number can answer calls made to that number, removing the need for call transfers and consumer missed calls.

Can Someone Trace the Level 3 LLC VOIP Phone Calls?

Not all individuals can trace Level 3 VOIP phone calls. Tracing can be challenging due to its digital nature and encryption methods. While some legitimate authorities with proper authorization may aid in tracking, general access to call data is restricted.


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  2. https://news.lumen.com/CenturyLink-to-acquire-Level-3-Communications

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