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As an Alaska LLC owner, you need an operating agreement to control your business's internal and external activities.

To help you draft a successful operating agreement, we solicited legal advice from our licensed business lawyers who've been in the LLC sector for over seventeen years.

After spending four weeks researching the Alaska LLC operating agreement components, we’ve compiled a detailed guide on everything you should know about this important document.

Quick Summary

  • A multi-member LLC operating agreement is a legally binding document that governs the LLC ownership and the obligations of the members.
  • An Alaska operating agreement contains the company’s details, member and registered agent details, management structure, and equity distribution percentages.
  • Your dissolution terms dictate what happens after the LLC disbands and how the remaining assets will be shared.

What Is an Alaska LLC Operating Agreement?

Reading Alaska LLC operating agreement on a document

An Alaska LLC operating agreement is a crucial legal contract that pinpoints who owns the company and gives key data about member obligations.

An Alaska LLC operating agreement lays out the fundamentals of the working relationships between members and the managers who supervise daily operations and the financial connection between members.

Operating agreements also distinguish between sole proprietorships and limited liability corporations, protecting a business owner's assets from their company assets.

The different types of company operating agreements are: 

  • Single-member operating agreement: This limited liability company operating agreement describes a firm's operations, governance, and ownership with a single owner (member). As the sole owner, your own LLC operating agreement formally assists you in establishing the company's standing as a distinct legal entity.
  • Multi-member operating agreement: The LLC operating agreement outlines important details concerning this LLC, such as the roles and responsibilities of the members. A multi-member LLC must have an operating agreement since they are the kind of LLCs that are most prone to experience internal conflicts.
  • A partnership operating agreement: It establishes precise business procedures for a company's partners. The contract aids in establishing guidelines for how the partners will conduct business, handle managerial duties, ownership and investments, profits and losses, and the organization's running.

How to Write an Alaska Operating Agreement?

To write an Alaska operating agreement, you must collect the LLC details and draft the content of each paragraph according to your entity.

You can also get professional help from a lawyer or a professional service that offers an LLC operating agreement template.

Here are the five steps to writing an Alaska operating agreement:

1. Figure Out the Ownership Percentages

Figuring out who the ownership belongs to and its percentage

The following crucial details regarding your LLC's members should be included in the first part of your written operating agreement: member titles, addresses, and names.

Once the fundamentals are established, you may go on to more particular information about the members, such as ownership percentages.

Many people often band together and combine their resources to get an LLC off the ground. These resources might be time, knowledge, or money.

In return, the group may choose the exact proportion of ownership each member will have in the business.

2. Allocate Rights, Responsibilities, and Compensation

Another crucial element of an operating agreement is protection. The rights and duties of each LLC member should be covered in this part of your legal instrument.

These might consist of:

  • Performance standards
  • Voting rights
  • Daily responsibilities of each member 
  • Salary or hourly wage

3. Specify the Conditions for Joining or Leaving the LLC

Specifying the agreement or conditions for joining and leaving the LLC

Successful operating agreements lay the foundation for future business transactions.

This implies that when you draft an operating agreement, you must be ready for potential occurrences like the addition of new members or the departure of current members.

It would be best if you had a strategy in place for when one of these things happens.

Be as specific as you can when describing what will happen to any ownership stake that a departing member holds and the benefits that a new member will get upon joining.

4. Establish Dissolution Terms

Another crucial component of an operating agreement is specifying dissolution conditions for when an LLC shuts.

Specific instructions, obligations, and responsibilities of each member in the case of an LLC dissolution should be included in this section.

Include all necessary information, such as:

  • What transpires with any corporate debt
  • How to distribute any residual assets
  • Obligations, guidelines, and rules for members

5. Include a Severability Clause

Finally, it’s important to include a severability clause. This clause protects certain provisions of the agreement if any portion of it is found to violate local, state, or federal law.

It declares that the remainder of the agreement will still hold if any component conflicts.

Components of an Alaska Operating Agreement

Giving and showing where to sign operating agreemetn

A strong and solid Alaska operating agreement must have the following elements:

Company Details

The date the LLC was formally established, the names of its participants, and the LLC ownership structure. Multi-member LLCs may allocate different members different "units" of ownership or use an equal ownership structure [1].

Management & Voting

The LLC's management structure, including whether members will run it themselves or designate a manager, and how members will cast their votes.

Each member typically gets one vote, but you may want to give some members greater influence over the outcome than others.

Capital Contributions

The sum that each member has contributed to the company. Additionally, this part includes a strategy for future fund-raising.


Regarding distribution, the most popular choice is to divide earnings equally. Your operating agreement should specify how you want them distributed if you choose a different method.

Member Meeting Rules

Describe the protocols for convening regular and extraordinary member meetings, including the prerequisites for notification, the quorum, and the voting procedures.

Record Keeping Procedures

An operating agreement describes the LLC's record-keeping standards, including those for financial records, member data, and meeting minutes.

Why Do You Need an LLC Operating Agreement in Alaska?

Showing contract for Alaska LLC operating agreement

You need an LLC operating agreement in Alaska to separate the entity from the members, resolve member conflicts, and open an LLC business bank accounts.

Here's a detailed rundown of the benefits of having an agreement for your limited liability company.

To Protect the Company

The operating agreement establishes the guidelines for limited liability companies. It will govern the LLC's operations if members don't follow the guidelines and it's obeyed.

This structure might be utilized to protect the LLC from being subject to governmental regulations and provide extra benefits.

Proof of Legitimacy

When looking for enterprises to invest in, genuine investors consider the legitimacy of the company. Operating agreements are a great way to guarantee that the LLC presents professionally.

It demonstrates that the LLC members care for the company and desire for it to abide by the law. This draws investors, which aids with expansion.

Secure Business Structure

LLCs are well-known because of their limited liability status. The government and court cannot be misled if the operating agreement is explicit about this, and they know it.

"An operating agreement also clarifies that the business and LLC members are distinct from one another."
- Mark Brandsdorfer, LLC Attorney 

To Open Financial Accounts

As a single-member LLC owner, you often require a copy of the operating agreement and the employer identification single-member LLC to open financial accounts to conduct business. Without this paperwork, it would be challenging for the company to obtain a business bank account.

To Resolve Conflicts

There can be disagreements in the future over allocations and voting. The operating agreement outlines each firm employee's terms and conditions.

The legal document is available for members to refer to if they require further information before proceeding with a task.


Is an LLC Operating Agreement Required in Alaska?

No, an LLC operating agreement is not required in Alaska because there isn’t a state rule for it. However, it's important to have this document to protect your business and its members, to prove ownership, and to set rules for conflict resolution.

Does a Single-Member LLC Require an Alaska Operating Agreement?

Yes, a single-member LLC requires an Alaska operating agreement to manage the business's internal operations, maintain a separate identity from the owner, and obtain financial accounts.

Do I Need to Send My Alaska Operating Agreement to the State?

No, you do not need to send your Alaska operating agreement to the state because it's an internal document governing the LLC and the members.

Do You Need Professional Help Drafting Your Alaska Operating Agreement?

The formation of an Alaska LLC and the drafting of an operating agreement can be a complicated task.

If you want to draft an Alaska operating agreement but are unsure where to start, ZenBusiness has you covered.

ZenBusiness offers an efficient service to construct an operating agreement unique to your company quickly.

If you don't want to start from scratch, their customizable operating agreement template allows you to edit and clearly state the operational guidelines that will guide the expansion and scaling of your new Alaska LLC.

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