How to Look up an LLC in Massachusetts? (Step-By-Step)

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Knowing the right steps when looking up a business name is essential if you're setting up an LLC in Massachusetts or simply researching the details of an existing LLC.

As a business law and company registration expert, I have prepared an in-depth guide to help you look up an LLC in Massachusetts.

This article will outline the necessary steps and resources and explore how to access vital information about a company's registration status, ownership, and other pertinent details.

Quick Summary

  • To look up an LLC in Massachusetts, visit the official website of the Secretary of the Commonwealth and use the online Business Entity Search tool.
  • You can also explore other search options, such as industry-specific directories, search engines, and business review sites.
  • According to recent data from the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth's office, approximately 60% of trademark registrations in Massachusetts are handled at the state level rather than federally.
  • My experience has shown that working with legal professionals can guide you through the trademark search process and help you understand any potential legal implications.

How Do I Look Up An LLC In Massachusetts?

You can look up an LLC in Massachusetts by visiting the official website of the Secretary of the Commonwealth. You’ll then search for the registered LLCs by name or unique identification number through the online Business Entity Search tool.

This resource provides accurate and up-to-date information about LLCs registered in Massachusetts.

1. The Secretary of the Commonwealth Search Tool

You have different options when searching for an LLC name on the Massachusetts Secretary of State's website.

You can gather various details related to LLCs operating in Massachusetts.

The results of the lookup typically include important information such as the following:

  • Entity name
  • ID Number
  • Old ID Number
  • Business address
  • Date of Organization in the State
  • Registered agent detail
  • Status of the LLC
  • Officers and directors of the corporation
  • Filings

Here are the methods you can use to search for an LLC in Massachusetts:

a. Search By Individual Name

With this option, you can search the LLC using the first, middle, or last name.

To perform this search:

  • Navigate to the search page.
  • Search for an individual by their first and last name. You can search by partial name if you’re unsure of the spelling.
  • Then, click the "View Details" button to redirect to the information page.

b. Search By Entity Name

For the entity name search:

  • Key in the your preferred name in the search bar.
  • You can choose to focus your search on a specific detail, using the "Search Type" options (Begins with, Exact match, Full text, or Soundex).
  • Click "Search Corporation" to be directed to the results page.

"Clicking on any of the displayed entity names redirects you to the business summary page, where you can access all the information available during your search using the entity name."

- Jon Morgan, CEO, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Venture Smarter

c. Search By Identification Number

Another search option to find an LLC name in Massachusetts is to search by identification number. This search is essential when trying to find out more about a company you are considering doing business with.

  • Navigate to the search page.
  • key in the 9 digits identification number in the search bar.
  • Click the "Search Corporations" button to learn more about the individual.

d. Search By Filing Number

The last search option in Massachusetts is to search by filing number.

For this option, click the filing number and select "Search Corporations" to get an LLC name. You’ll be taken to the search results page for pertinent information about the business entity.

This type of search helps when trying to learn more about a company you are considering doing business with.

2. Call The State

Two employees discussing information for Massachusetts LLC Lookup

If you have an urgent query or prefer immediate assistance, you can call the state at 1-800-392-6090. This phone number is likely to connect you with the appropriate department for business entity inquiries.

3. Send An Email

Send an email to the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth at In your email, provide the necessary details such as the name of the LLC and any other relevant information.

4. Other Business Entity Search Alternatives

Two office workers having a chat

Here are a few other search methods that you can incorporate in your search:

  • Use Industry-Specific Directories: Depending on the nature of the business, you can explore industry-specific directories or databases that might have information about Massachusetts LLCs.
  • Commercial Business Databases: Consider using commercial business databases or third-party services that aggregate business information. 
  • Legal and Business Directories: Check legal and business directories that include information about registered businesses in Massachusetts. These directories may provide additional details about the LLCs, such as key personnel and contact information.
  • Chamber of Commerce: Local chambers of commerce or business associations may have directories or resources that can help you find information about Massachusetts LLCs, especially those active in the local business community.
  • Search Engines: In some instances, legal cases or court records may mention the names of businesses, including LLCs. You can use the search engine to look for any legal proceedings involving the LLC you are interested in.
  • Review Sites and Forums: Some businesses may be reviewed or discussed on review sites, forums, or community platforms. While this information may not be official, it can sometimes offer insights into the reputation or experiences related to a specific LLC.

When using these methods, be sure to include accurate and specific details to facilitate a more effective search.

According to a report published in the International journal of Market Research, information accrued from from online surveys and reviews should be cross-checked with data from more reliable search methods to ensure information accuracy [1]. This is crucial as studies have shown that relying solely on online surveys and reviews can lead to inaccuracies, with up to a 20% discrepancy compared to data obtained from more robust search methods, according to the same report.

Additionally, consider the urgency of your inquiry and choose the method that aligns with your timeframe for receiving information.


How to Check If A Business Name Is Trademarked in Massachusetts?

To check if a business name is trademarked in Massachusetts, you can follow these steps:

1. Visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Database

You will need to visit the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) on the USPTO website and perform the search.

Trademarks are registered for specific classes of goods and services. If the business name is used for a different type of product or service, it may not conflict with your intended use. Take this into account when reviewing trademark results.

2. Check the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth Website

While the USPTO manages federal trademarks, the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth may have information on state-level trademarks. Visit their official website or contact them for additional information.

According to recent data from the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth's office, approximately 60% of trademark registrations in Massachusetts are handled at the state level rather than federally.

It's crucial to note that even if a business name is not federally registered as a trademark, it might still be in use and protected through common law rights.

For comprehensive and accurate information, especially if you plan to use the name for business purposes, consulting with legal professionals is advisable.

They can guide you through the trademark search process and help you understand any potential legal implications.

Performing a Massachusetts LLC lookup is essential for various reasons, such as the following:

  • Confirming the existence of the LLC and verifying its legal status is crucial for ensuring the legitimacy of the business entity.
  • Accessing details about the ownership structure of the LLC, including the names and addresses of members or managers. 
  • Identifying the registered agent of the LLC, who is designated to receive legal documents and official communications on behalf of the business. 
  • Checking the compliance status of the LLC with state regulations, including annual filing requirements. 
  • Assessing the financial stability and health of the LLC by reviewing financial reports and statements.
  • Verifying the availability of a business name before using it for a new venture. This helps avoid potential conflicts and ensures the uniqueness of the desired business name.
  • In the context of mergers, acquisitions, or business transactions, conducting an LLC lookup is a standard due diligence practice to gather information about the target company.
  • Learning more about the nature of the LLC's business activities, products, or services to determine compatibility or synergy with your own business.
  • Checking for any intellectual property filings or trademarks associated with the LLC's business name or products if you want to avoid infringement issues.
  • Utilizing the LLC Lookup offers a convenient way to search corporations and obtain critical insights when tracking down business entities that owe you money.

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How Do I Find Out if an LLC Name Is Available in Massachusetts?

You can find out the availability of an LLC name in Massachusetts by searching on the official website of the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth. Using their online business entity search tool, you can quickly check the availability and ensure compliance with naming requirements.

How Do I Find Out Who Owns an LLC in Massachusetts?

You can find out who owns an LLC in Massachusetts by accessing the Massachusetts Secretary online database or requesting information in person or by mail. This process can help you uncover the ownership details of the LLC in question.

How Much Do I Need To Check the Status of My Massachusetts LLC Status Online?

You  don't need any amount to check the status of your Massachusetts LLC online. You can retrieve the information you want through the online search tool or database provided by the state for free.




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