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When starting an LLC in Idaho as your business entity, it's important to make sure all your legal bases are covered. One of the first stages in forming your LLC is to look for and confirm the availability of your selected LLC name.

If you're looking for information on how to lookup a business entity name in Idaho, you're in the right place. In this article, we'll walk you through the steps involved in doing a company name search in the state of Idaho.

So, if you're ready to get started, let's dive right in!

How Do I Look Up an LLC in Idaho?

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So, you already have an idea of your preferred Idaho business entity name–great! The next step is to do a business name search in Idaho.

This will help ensure that no other existing businesses are using it as their own. Otherwise, it would lead to the rejection of your LLC formation by the Idaho Secretary of State, extending the processing period of your LLC.

Each Idaho business registered must have a distinct LLC name. The state of Idaho offers a business entity search by "Name" or by "Filing Number." Other advanced options include Search by Registered Agent, Active Entities, and Filing Date.

Step 1: Check the Idaho Entity Name Database

On the Secretary of State's website, there is an updated database of business entity names, where you can check the availability of your desired business name for free.

Step 2: Do a Search for your Business Name

Enter the LLC name you want to use and remove identifiers such as "LLC," then click Search. Capitalization doesn't matter. This will display all entities that have the same or similar names.

If your business name consists of many words, you may limit your search to the first two words to guarantee that you find all potential comparable names.

Step 3: Review Results

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Review the list of business entities in Idaho. Use this guide to determine whether your preferred LLC name is available or not:

  • If the business entity search returns no results, your selected entity name is free to use.
  • If the results indicate no similarity, your selected LLC name is distinct from others and is eligible for use.
  • If the business entity search returns exactly as it is, then it means that your desired LLC name is already taken and is currently not available for use. Therefore, you must come up with a new LLC name or a unique variation of your preferred LLC name.
  • If the list indicates deceptively similar name results, then it is not possible for your desired LLC name to be available for use. It would be best to come up with a new LLC name or a unique variation of your preferred LLC name.

However, even if the name of the business you desire is available, the Secretary of State will make a final assessment at the time of filing to verify that the name you choose isn't too similar to other registered business entities.

Information for Idaho LLC Look Up

Aside from the availability of the business name, the database on the state's website also provides the following business information:

  • Filing Type: Identifies whether the business entity type is Corporation, Limited Liability Company, etc.
  • Status: A business with an "active-existing" status indicates good standing with the Secretary of State Business department. Plus, all reports and filing fees are updated. Business status can also be dissolved or inactive.
  • Term of Duration: Determines how long the company entity will be in operation. Idaho businesses intend to operate indefinitely.
  • Principal Address: It's not specified, but the principal address may either be the actual mailing address of the business or a location where business documents are kept.
  • Registered Agent's Information: If a legal or tax notification has to be delivered to the business, the Registered Agent is the person to contact. One of the LLC owners can apply as the registered agent. But, because their home mailing address will be disclosed on the state website, many LLC owners would instead hire a registered agent service in the state of Idaho.
  • Initial Filing Date: Refers to the date the business entity was filed with the Idaho Secretary of State.

Idaho Search Options

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The Idaho Secretary of State's website has a database of all registered LLCs in the state. There are several ways you may use to conduct a thorough company name search, including:

  • Search by Business Name
  • Search by Registered Agent
  • Search by File Number
  • Search by Filing Date

Another search option to consider is "Trademark Search." You must be cautious that your Idaho business name does not violate the trademark of another company. Even though the desired Idaho business name is confirmed to be available on the state website, it may be protected by a registered trademark.

Therefore, it is recommended to do a trademark search using the Trademark Electronic Search System before deciding on a business name to avoid any legal issues in the future.


What's the Purpose of Looking Up an LLC in Idaho?

The purpose of looking up an LLC name in Idaho is to make sure your desired company name is available for use.

How Can I Search My Idaho Business Name?

Visit the Secretary of State's website and locate their database of business entity names. Enter the LLC name you want to use in the search box, remove identifiers such as "LLC," and click Search. Capitalization doesn't matter.

If the business entity search returns no results, your selected entity name is free to use. You can also conduct a thorough company name search by business name, registered agent, filing number, or filing date.

What are the Rules for Naming an Idaho LLC?

The general rules for naming an Idaho LLC are the following:

  1. Your LLC name must be unique.
  2. Your LLC name must be distinguishable from other business names. It is not possible to identify your name from others by adding suffixes, definite articles, conjunction, abbreviation, punctuation, or using singular or plural formation of words.
  3. All LLCs must have the terms "Limited Liability Company," "LLC" or "L.L.C." in their names, usually at the end.
  4. Your LLC name must not be similar to that of a government agency.

Can I Make an LLC Name Reservation with the Secretary of State?

Yes. The Secretary of State allows you to reserve a name for up to 4 months. There is a $20 filing fee upon submission of the Idaho name reservation form.

Idaho LLC Lookup: Bottom Line

Now that you know how to look up an LLC in Idaho be sure to do this first before submitting your articles of organization. You can do this by conducting a business name search on the Secretary of State's website. Other search options may be by name, registered agent, filing number, or filing date.

Looking up an LLC name in Idaho is one of the most critical steps when forming an LLC in Idaho –it confirms the availability of your desired business name and streamlines the process of your LLC formation.

Once you've confirmed the availability of your desired business name, you are ready to select your LLC's Registered Agent and file your Articles of Organization.

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