How to Look Up an LLC in Idaho? (Step by Step Guide)

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Last updated: June 20, 2024
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When starting a business entity in Idaho, you must ensure all your legal bases are covered. One of the first stages in forming your LLC is to look for and confirm the availability of your selected LLC name.

As a seasoned business consultant specializing in LLCs, coupled with extensive research into the intricacies of retrieving information on business entities across diverse states, I understand what it takes to perform a comprehensive LLC search.

Continue reading to find out what you need to look up Idaho LLC.

Quick Summary

  • To search for an LLC in Idaho, go to the Idaho Secretary of State website and use the business entity search bar. 
  • You can search by entity name or file number. 
  • According to the Idaho Secretary of State, the database holds over 10,000 registered trademarks, showcasing the state's commitment to intellectual property protection.
  • I've learned that taking the time to perform a diligent trademark search has become a crucial aspect of my business strategy, safeguarding against potential legal issues and fostering a unique brand identity within the competitive landscape.

How to Look Up an LLC in Idaho?

A man looking up an LLC in Idaho

The most effective way to look up an LLC in Idaho is to search the business by name.

This will help ensure that no other existing entity possesses the name. Otherwise, it would be rejected by the Idaho Secretary of State, extending the processing period of your LLC.

The most effective way to look up an LLC is by visiting the Secretary of State's official website.

1. Using The Secretary of State Search Tool

To search the database, enter the preferred entity name or file number in the search tab, then click the "search" button to initiate the search.

You can use the "Advanced Search" option that includes these search criteria:

  • Starts with
  • Contains
  • Search by Registered Agent
  • Active entities only

The result page will display the following information about the company:

  • Form information
  • Status
  • Filing date
  • Agent

a. Searching by Business Name

Enter the LLC name you want to search and remove identifiers such as "LLC," then click Search. Capitalization doesn't matter. This will display all entities that have the same or similar names.

If your business name contains many words, you may limit your Search to the first two words to guarantee that you find all potential comparable names.

"Utilizing digits (such as 5 or 101) rather than writing numbers in words ("five" or "one hundred and one") does not make a name unique, nor does the use of Roman numerals (like "II" instead of 2, or "MMXII" instead of 2012) add to its distinctiveness."

- Jon Morgan, CEO, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Venture Smarter

b. Searching by File Number

You can use this option if you know the company's file number.

This method allows for a direct and efficient retrieval of relevant details associated with the specified file number, streamlining the search process for accurate and targeted results.

2. Call The Business Service Department

A woman using a laptop while smiling

Get in touch with the Business Service Department directly to address your inquiry or request assistance. Initiating communication with the business service representatives ensure prompt and tailored support for your specific needs or queries related to the LLC in question.

Feel free to contact them at (208) 334-2301.

3. Email the Business Service Department

You can compose an email detailing your concern or request if you have a more detailed inquiry. Ensure you include pertinent information such as the LLC's file number, the nature of your query, and any additional relevant details.

Craft a clear and concise email, and address it to for a prompt and tailored response.

4. Other Business Entity Search Alternatives

In addition to searching for an Idaho business entity using the official state website, there are several alternatives that you can explore:

  • Utilize commercial online platforms specializing in business entity searches, such as Whois. These services often provide more user-friendly interfaces and additional information.
  • Explore Better Business Bureau, as the organization accredits most established businesses. The BBB contains profiles of companies registered with it [1]. According to the BBB, over 400,000 businesses in North America are currently accredited, demonstrating the organization's extensive reach and the trust placed in it by the business community.
  • Consult legal or business service providers that offer entity search services. These professionals may have access to comprehensive databases and can assist in obtaining the necessary information.
  • Check with the local Chamber of Commerce in Idaho, as they may offer resources or assistance in locating business entities within the state.
  • Contact the county clerk's office in the specific county where the business is registered. They may have local records and resources for business entity searches.
  • Explore reputable third-party business directories, which may have information on Idaho business entities. Examples include Yelp or industry-specific directories.

Each alternative may have its strengths and limitations, so consider the specific needs of your search when exploring these options.

How to Check If A Business Name Is Trademarked in Idaho?

Close up shot of a businessman using a laptop

You can do a trademark search for an Idaho LLC through these platforms:

1. Federal Trademark Check (Through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

The USPTO database contains crucial information related to trademarks in the country. This platform facilitates searches based on various criteria, including words within trademarks, specific products, or trademark owners.

Whether you are exploring the availability of a particular trademark, investigating similar products, or researching the ownership of a trademark, the USPTO database is a valuable tool.

2. State Trademark Check (SOS Website)

When conducting a State Trademark Check through the Secretary of State (SOS) website, you typically access a state-level database that contains information on registered trademarks within Idaho. According to the Idaho Secretary of State, this database includes over 10,000 registered trademarks, reflecting the state's active management and protection of intellectual property.

To perform a state-level search:

  • Navigate to the SOS website.
  • Go to the "Business Services" Tab.
  • Choose Trademark Search from the drop-down menu.
  • Perform the trademark search by name of file number.
  • You can customize your search using the advanced search options, including "Start with," "Contains," "Active trademarks only," or "Search owners."

By leveraging the state trademark check through the Secretary of State's website, you can make informed decisions and avoid potential conflicts in your jurisdictions.

Aside from checking name availability, Idaho LLC look-up can benefit you or your business in the following ways:

  • You can identify whether the business entity type is a corporation, Limited Liability Company, etc.
  • The search can reveal registered agents' information and even locate Idaho's best registered agent services.
  • Confirming the existence and status of an LLC through a lookup helps verify the legitimacy of a business entity in case you want to engage in business transactions, partnerships, or collaborations with the business.
  • Idaho LLC lookup provides information about the ownership and management structure of the LLC, which can inform your decision-making.
  • Some databases may provide information on an LLC's financial status, including whether it is in good standing with the state and has fulfilled its financial obligations.
  • An Idaho LLC look up can be part of broader market research, allowing you to gather information about similar businesses, assess market competition, and make informed decisions about positioning and differentiation.


Can I Make an LLC Name Reservation with the Idaho Secretary of State?

You can make an LLC name reservation with the Idaho Secretary of State by filing a $20 fee. It allows you to reserve a name for up to 4 months.

What are the Rules for Naming an Idaho LLC?

The rules of naming an Idaho LLC include ensuring the name is unique and distinguishable from other business names. Additionally, all LLCs in Idaho are required to include "Limited Liability Company," "LLC," or "L.L.C." in their names, typically placed at the end, and the name should not resemble that of a government agency, such as Federal, CIA, or Treasury.

Does Idaho LLC Require a Business License to Operate?

An Idaho LLC does not require a business license to operate in the state. However, the entity must be registered with the state before operating.



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