How to Look Up an LLC in Georgia? (The Most Efficient Way)

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Last updated: March 4, 2024
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Looking up a Georgia LLC is essential whether you're starting a company in Georgia or seeking information on a specific business entity. With over a decade of experience as a business consultant specializing in LLCs, I've navigated Georgia's legal landscape to assist clients with their LLC formation needs.

This article, developed through extensive research and in collaboration with a panel of legal advisors, aims to streamline your business name search process. We'll provide you with the necessary steps and insights to efficiently find the information you need about any LLC in Georgia, addressing your concerns with expertise and precision.

Quick Summary

  • To look up an LLC in Georgia, visit the Georgia Secretary of State's website and use the business search tool.
  • The search tool allows for various search methods, including by name, control number, registered agent name, and officer name.
  • Considering that small businesses constitute 99.6% of all businesses in Georgia, totaling 1.2 million, according to the US Small Business Administration, the importance of utilizing the Georgia LLC search tool effectively cannot be overstated for those looking to start or partner with an LLC.
  • In my professional opinion, the ease and efficiency of using Georgia's LLC search tool significantly streamline the due diligence process for potential business partners and investors.

A group of employees conducting a Georgia business entity search

In light of the US Chamber of Commerce reporting over 5 million business applications filed in 2022, utilizing the Georgia Secretary of State's search tool becomes crucial for navigating this influx and accessing the specific LLC information you need [1].

You can conduct a Georgia business entity search in several ways.

Use the Georgia Secretary of State Search Tool

Visit the website and click on the business search link. This will give you access to the particular LLC site you are looking for.

a. Name Search

This is the most common method to find LLCs in Georgia. Enter the name of the business you want in the search bar on Georgia's business entity search website.

Once you locate the LLC you need, click the "Details" button to access more information about the company.

b. Control Number

If the business name is not available, you can type in the state-assigned control number.

c. Registered Agent Name

Georgia registered agent name can be found on the public record. Officer names are usually listed on the articles of organization.

d. Officer Name

Some LLCs use officer titles for managers who oversee operations. If you know the officer's name you can use it to search for the LLC through the Secretary of State's website.

Now that you know how to look up an LLC, you could do business with the company.

2. Call the State

You can also contact the Corporations Division. Their phone number is 404-656-2817, and their working hours are 8am to 5pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday.

3. Send an Email

Another option is to send an email to the Georgia Secretary of State. You can contact them at However, this email isn't intended specifically for corporate questions, but all inquiries.

My advice is to use the contact form on the Secretary of State's website, as here you can select exactly which division you need help from.

4. Other Business Entity Search Alternatives

Besides the official state resources, here are five other ways to look up an LLC in Georgia:

  • Social Media: Many companies maintain profiles that can shed light on their operations and credibility.
  • Search Engines: Conducting a Google search can uncover a lot about an LLC, such as news pieces, critiques, and their official web presence.
  • Online Business Directories: Sites like Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, and sector-specific directories can provide insights and evaluations of LLCs.
  • Legal Information Platforms: Services such as LexisNexis or Westlaw can offer detailed legal backgrounds on LLCs, including any legal disputes.
  • Professional Networking Websites: Platforms like LinkedIn can provide details on the company's leadership and business dealings.

How to Check If A Business Name Is Trademarked in Georgia?

To check if a business name is trademarked in Georgia, you can follow these steps, which include both federal and state-level checks:

Federal Trademark Check (Through the USPTO)

The USPTO manages federal trademarks. You can use their online search system, known as the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS), to search for federally registered trademarks [2].

On the USPTO website, navigate to the TESS search page. You can conduct a basic search if you're looking for a specific name. For a more comprehensive search, use the advanced search feature, which allows you to search by various criteria, including the trademark owner's name, registration number, and goods/services category.

The search results will list all trademarks that match your search criteria, including active and inactive trademarks. Review the results to see if the business name you're interested in is already trademarked.

Each trademark record will have a status code indicating its current status (e.g., live, dead). A "live" status means the trademark is currently active, while a "dead" status indicates that the trademark is no longer in use or has been abandoned.

"When setting up a Georgia LLC, ensure your chosen name is unique and not already listed with the Georgia Secretary of State."

- Delina Yasmeh, J.D./Tax LL.M, Distinguished Expert in Mergers & Acquisitions

State Trademark Check (Through the Georgia Secretary of State Website)

The Georgia SOS manages state-level trademarks. Their website provides resources for searching and registering trademarks within the state [3].

Use the business search feature on the SOS website to search for business names and trademarks registered in Georgia. This search can help you identify if the name you're interested in is already in use or trademarked at the state level.

Similar to the federal search, review the search results for any matches. Pay attention to the status and details of any trademarks that closely match the name you're interested in.

Performing a trademark search, both at the federal and state levels, is crucial for several reasons:

  • Avoid legal issues: Identifies if the business name or logo you intend to use is already trademarked, helping avoid potential infringement issues, which could lead to costly legal disputes.
  • Ensure uniqueness: Ensures your brand name or logo is unique, helping to build a distinctive identity for your business in the marketplace.
  • Prevent rebranding: Helps avoid the need for rebranding if you later discover that your chosen name infringes on someone else's trademark, saving time, money, and resources.
  • Facilitate registration: Increases the likelihood of successfully registering your trademark by ensuring it doesn't conflict with existing trademarks, making the registration process smoother.
  • Market research: Provides insights into your competitors by revealing who has trademarked similar names or logos, which can be valuable for market research.
  • Avoid business interruptions: Helps prevent business interruptions or challenges that could arise from trademark disputes or forced rebranding efforts.
  • Enhance Brand Value: A unique and legally protected brand name or logo can significantly enhance the value of your brand and business.
  • Confidence in marketing: Provides confidence to invest in marketing and branding efforts, knowing that your brand is protected and unlikely to infringe on others' rights.

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What Is Needed to Form an LLC in Georgia?

You need to submit Form CD 030 - Articles of Organization, which costs $100, to the Georgia Corporations Division to establish a Georgia LLC. You can submit the paperwork online or send it by mail. Once you obtain the Articles of Organization, your LLC is officially created.

Do I Need to Open a Bank Account For My Georgia Business?

Yes, you need to open a bank account for your Georgia business to prove that it is an independent financial entity from your personal assets.

Georgia LLC Lookup

If you're looking up a Georgia business, the Secretary of State website is a great place to start. The Business Entity Search tool is easy to use and provides all the essential information you need.

After searching and validating the business entity, you can start an LLC in Georgia by following this guideline. If you need legal or tax advice, be sure to consult with an attorney or accountant.



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