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As an entrepreneur in Colorado who wants to change their LLC name, you should understand the filing steps involved to have your amendment request approved and to keep your limited liability company in compliance with Colorado state requirements.

After collaboration with seasoned LLC specialists, we determined which domestic and foreign name amendment documents and procedures you will be needing to complete the process.

Here's a detailed summary of all pertinent information about changing your LLC name in Colorado.

Quick Summary

  • To change an LLC name in Colorado, you can file the Articles of Amendment or Statement of Change with the Secretary of State.
  • It costs a $25 filing fee to change a Colorado business name.
  • The Secretary of State lets Colorado business owners only change their LLC names online.

3 Steps To Change an LLC Name in Colorado

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Follow these three steps to change your LLC name in Colorado correctly.

1. Choose a New Colorado LLC Name

The first step to changing your entity name is to select a new one that meets all the following Colorado naming requirements.

  • Your new name must be unique and not in use by other companies.
  • Your new business name must contain the words "Limited Liability Company" or the abbreviations "LLC" or "L.L.C."
  • Your name must be distinguishable and not easily confused with another entity's.
  • Your name must not contain certain words like FBI or indicate any federal/governmental agency affiliation.

Once you have a name in mind that meets the naming rules, you can do a name search to see if it's available for use.

The Colorado Secretary of State facilitates two ways to perform a business name search:

  • A name availability search indicates whether the name is available and gives you a rundown of similar titles already in use [1].
  • A business database search shows all similar names to your desired name but doesn't show if it's available for use [2].

2. File a Statement of Name Reservation Form

Filing a statement of name reservation form online

Once you have an eligible name for your LLC, you can secure it for 120 days by filing a Statement of Name Reservation form online with the Secretary of State.

To reserve a name online, find the "Business Forms List" on the Secretary of State's website and select the "Reserved Names" link at the top.

The section has everything you require to reserve, renew, or transfer a company name.

When you select "File Online," you will be asked to enter the name you want to reserve. You'll be prompted for personal and company information on the next screen.

Complete the form, and you'll have secured your new business name.

The Statement of Name Reservation comes with a $25 cost, which you may pay by credit card as part of the online filing procedure.

If the 120 days end and you still want to hold the name, you can file a Statement of Renewal Reservation of Name and pay an additional filing fee of $25 to hold it again for the next 120 days.

3. File a Colorado Statement of Change or Articles of Amendment

Filing a statement of change and articles of amendment documents

To change an LLC name in Colorado, you can file and submit any of these two documents:

  • Statement of Change
  • Articles of Amendment

You can only complete the process online on the official Secretary of State website; no paper submissions are allowed [3].

Articles of Amendment filed online are processed immediately but can take up to 1 business day if there is high filing traffic.

You must provide the following details when completing the Articles of Amendment form:

  • Current business entity name
  • Business ID number
  • Date of name amendment
  • New business name
  • Name and official signature of authorized individuals.
  • The mailing address of the filer
  • Correct filing fee

If you're doing business under a DBA or trade name and want to change it, you can file a Change of Trade Name form with the Colorado Secretary of State.

You can complete the filing process independently or hire a licensed LLC professional service with pre-filled forms that you can edit easily.

What To Do After You Change Your Colorado LLC Name?

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After you change an LLC name, you need to update your business records and notify the relevant authorities.

  • Change your corporate bylaws or internal Colorado LLC operating agreement to reflect your new Colorado trade name.
  • Update your Colorado LLC annual report.
  • Get in touch with your bank or other financial instruments to find out if you require a new business bank account or change the current name on your old accounts.
  • Verify the licenses and permits for your firm. If you need to update your business licenses and permits, cancel those already in place, or apply for new ones under your new company name, contact your county, city, or town.
  • Check to see whether you need to submit an EIN name change application. Visit the IRS website to check if you need to reapply.
  • Declare the new name to the IRS.
  • Change the new name on everything else, including marketing materials, website, business signage, social media business accounts, and business invoices and cheques.


How Much Does It Cost To Change a Business Name in Colorado?

It costs $25 to change a business name in Colorado. The filing fee covers the processing of the Articles of Amendment.

How Long Does It Take To Change a Business Name in Colorado?

It takes a few minutes up to 1 business day to change a business name in Colorado online.

Do You Need Help Changing Your Colorado LLC Name?

For a starting entrepreneur in Colorado, changing your LLC name can be an uphill task if you don't know what legal steps to follow and which appropriate statement of change paperwork to submit to the state.

If you want an easier way to change your LLC name, make sure to check IncFile’s amendment service.

Apart from filing the complex amendment paperwork for you, this Colorado LLC service will also handle compliance and file your periodic taxes and LLC annual reports to keep your Colorado business in the right standing with the State.

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