How to Find an LLC Owner? (8 Easy Ways)

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Last updated: June 19, 2024
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While the process of finding a Limited Liability Company (LLC) owner might appear daunting at first, there are several straightforward methods you can employ to uncover this information.

Having encountered numerous situations where my clients needed to find LLC owners for various purposes, I conducted extensive research to uncover the most effective methods.

Over several months, I delved into legal databases and public records and consulted with experts in the field of business law.

In this article, I will share eight easy and reliable ways to find LLC owners, equipping you with the necessary tools to access this vital information.

Quick Summary

  • To find an LLC owner, utilize methods such as requesting information from the Secretary of State's office, contacting the registered agent, and reviewing public filings and legal documents.
  • Consulting state business registrars and utilizing online business directories can also provide valuable insights into LLC ownership.
  • According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, while there are many stories of entrepreneurs in their 20s achieving significant success, the majority of startup founders are typically in their 40s.
  • I've learned that a combination of direct inquiries and leveraging online databases yields the most comprehensive results in uncovering LLC ownership details.

How To Find LLC Owners?

A person finding out a method on searching for the LLC owner

To find LLC owners, you may want to do some detective work and seek legal advice from a law firm.

Depending on the state, here are business finder methods you can use:

1. Request Information from the Secretary of State Office or Website

In my journey to uncover the owner of a local LLC, I found that direct communication with the Secretary of State's office was invaluable.

Most states maintain online databases or Secretary of State websites where individuals can search for business entities, including LLCs [1]. These platforms allow users to search by the business name, and sometimes by the names of the LLC members or managers.

For example, some states require LLCs to list their members and managers in their annual reports, making this information publicly accessible through a simple database search.

However, in some cases, LLC ownership information may be restricted or not easily accessible to the public.

You can submit a formal request to the Secretary of State's office, explaining the purpose for which you need the LLC owner(s) information. They may provide you with the necessary details if your request is deemed legitimate.

"You can search the Secretary of State's website for business entity filings using the LLC's name. Be aware that some states may charge a fee for this service and privacy restrictions might limit some information."

  • Delina Yasmeh, J.D./Tax LL.M, Distinguished Expert in Mergers & Acquisitions

2. Contact the Registered Agent

LLCs must designate an LLC registered agent who serves as the primary point of contact for official communications.

In the United States, where small businesses account for 45.9% of the workforce, employing 61.6 million people as noted in the Small Business Economic Profile, the complete services offered by the Registered Agent simplified and clarified the entire process.

Contacting the registered agent can be an effective way to reach the LLC owner(s). Obtain the registered agent's contact information from the state business registrar or through online databases that provide this service.

However, it's important to note that registered agents are not obligated to disclose ownership information and may be limited by privacy laws or company policies.

That being said, reaching out to the registered agent proved to be a turning point in my quest to connect with an elusive LLC owner. Drawing from my own experience, I learned that approaching the registered agent with respect and clarity about my intentions opened doors.

3. Consult State Business Registrars

Every LLC is required to register with the state where it operates.

State business registrars maintain comprehensive databases that store crucial information about registered businesses, including ownership details.

Simply visit the relevant state website for business registration or contact their office for assistance.

During my exploration to find a business partner's LLC details, consulting the state business registrar was a game-changer. My initial attempts felt like hitting a wall until I navigated to the state's business registration website.

There, I performed a business name search that not only revealed the LLC's registration details but also provided insights into its ownership structure.

4. Review the Operating Agreement

Woman in an office using her laptop

The LLC operating agreement is a legal document that outlines the ownership structure and management of an LLC.

While not all states require LLCs to have an operating agreement, many still choose to create one. If available, reviewing the LLC's operating agreement can provide valuable insights into the ownership composition.

5. Check Publicly Available Filings

LLCs must file various documents, such as annual report filings, with state authorities. These filings often contain information about the LLC's ownership structure.

Some states make these filings available to the public through their online search option databases. Searching and reviewing these public filings can provide valuable insights into the LLC owner(s).

6. Utilize Business Directories and Databases

Several reputable business directories and databases compile information on LLCs and their owners.

Examples include Dun & Bradstreet and Bloomberg [2]. These resources aggregate data from public sources and provide access to accurate and up-to-date information on LLC ownership.

You can also conduct a regulatory license search. Licenses or permits are typically registered under the owner's name, which provides a direct link to their identity.

7. Contact the LLC Directly

If the above methods do not yield satisfactory results, you can contact the LLC directly.

Many businesses have publicly available contact information, such as phone numbers or email addresses, which you can use to inquire about the LLC’s owner(s).

Be polite and clearly state your reason for wanting to contact the owner(s).

8. Hire a Professional Investigator or Attorney

If all else fails or the information is exceptionally hard to find, hiring a professional investigator or attorney specializing in corporate investigations can be a viable option.

These professionals have access to specialized databases, legal resources, and investigative techniques to effectively locate LLC owner(s).

Read our article and learn can an LLC have multiple owners.

Importance of Finding LLC Owners

Searching for information about an owner can offer several benefits and insights.

Here are some key benefits of searching for LLC owners:

Investigating the owner can determine who is responsible for the company's legal obligations and liabilities. This knowledge is crucial, especially if you plan to enter into business agreements or partnerships with the company.

2. Financial Stability

Researching the owner can help you assess their financial stability and track record. This information can be vital when considering investments, collaborations, or making informed business decisions.

3. Reputation and Background

Obtaining details about the owner can shed light on their professional reputation and background. It enables you to evaluate their experience, expertise, and past successes, helping you gauge their suitability for potential collaborations or partnerships.

4. Trust and Transparency

Transparency is crucial in business relationships. Investigating the owner of an LLC can reveal their level of transparency and willingness to share information.

A transparent owner demonstrates trustworthiness and can foster stronger business relationships.

5. Industry Insights

Learning about the owner can provide valuable insights into their industry and market niche. Understanding their expertise, connections, and strategies can help you gauge their potential impact on your business ventures.

6. Decision-Making

You can make more informed decisions regarding partnerships, investments, or even employment opportunities within the company through online directory searches. This knowledge empowers you to assess the risks and rewards of engaging with the LLC.

Researching an owner can help uncover any potential compliance issues or legal disputes associated with the company.

This information can assist you in evaluating the risks involved and making informed decisions based on the available facts.

When attempting to find the owner of an LLC, it is crucial to uphold ethical principles and abide by legal requirements.

Respecting privacy and confidentiality and complying with applicable laws and regulations are essential factors to consider.

Here are some key points to consider:

Ensure the purpose of seeking the LLC owner's information is legitimate and justified. Obtain the individual's consent whenever possible before conducting any search or inquiry.

2. Limited Disclosure

Avoid sharing personal information obtained during the search process with anyone who doesn't have a legitimate need to know. This includes refraining from disclosing information to third parties unless required by law.

3. Secure Handling

Safeguard any personal data collected during the search, ensuring it is stored securely and protected from unauthorized access or use.

4. Transparency

Be transparent with the owner of an LLC about the reasons for seeking their information, explaining the purpose and how their privacy will be respected.


What If I Can’t Find the Owner of an LLC?

If you can't find the LLC owner through any of these methods, your last resort is to contact the LLC's members and ask them who owns the business entities.

Can LLC Owners Be Anonymous?

An LLC owner can remain anonymous in some states. However, their name and address will be listed in public records in most states, alongside their registered agent.



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