How To Change a Registered Agent in Hawaii? (The Guide)

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Last updated: June 21, 2024
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If you are a business owner of Hawaii LLCs, it is essential to understand the process for changing your registered agent.

This process includes filing a Statement of Change of Registered Agent by Entity with the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, a formal notification to the state indicating that your business has selected a new registered agent.

After years of experience in the industry, we have decided to tell you everything you need to know to switch your registered agent in Hawaii efficiently.

Quick Summary

  • To change a registered agent in Hawaii, businesses must file a Statement of Change of Registered Agent by Entity with the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.
  • There are multiple methods for changing a registered agent in Hawaii, including using a professional service, filing online, or sending documents via mail.
  • In light of the 23.0% first-year failure rate for businesses in Hawaii, ensuring that your company has a solid foundation by choosing the right registered agent is a key step in safeguarding against early business challenges and legal issues.
  • In my opinion, regularly reviewing and, if necessary, changing your registered agent is as crucial as any other business strategy for long-term success in Hawaii.

How To Change Your Hawaiian Registered Agent?

Pointing at document to Hawaiian registered agent

To change your registered agent in Hawaii, complete Form X-7: "Statement of Change of Registered Agent by Entity" with the Hawaii Department of State.

You can submit this registered agent form by mail, fax, online, or by walking in. The filing fee for the Hawaii Statement of Change of Registered Agent by Entity is $25.

Let me elaborate on each method for you.

1. Changing Your Registered Agent Using a Professional Service

Businessman showing paperworks

Changing your registered agent in Hawaii is a straightforward process that can be easily accomplished by hiring a professional registered agent service.

Drawing from my experience, the first step involves choosing a new registered agent in Hawaii who must be a local resident or a business-authorized corporation, possess a local physical address, and be available during business hours for legal and official mail.

Once you have selected a new LLC registered agent, you must provide the necessary information and LLC paperwork to the professional service, which will then handle filing the required forms with the Hawaii Business Registration Division.

You will need to pay the state fees of $25 plus additional service charges which vary depending on the professional service you choose.

The new registered agents will then begin receiving legal documents and official correspondence on behalf of your business entity.

It is important to notify relevant parties of the change in registered agent to ensure that your business complies with state regulations.

2. Changing Your Registered Agent Online

Changing registered agent online

In light of the significant business growth in Hawaii, with 5,888 establishments opening between March 2021 and March 2022 according to the US Small Business Administration, changing your LLC registered agent online through the Hawaii Business Express website is a convenient option for the new wave of entrepreneurs [1].

Follow the steps provided on the website:

  • Access your Hawaii Business Express account by logging in. Choose "Manage" from the top menu, then select "Start a change request."
  • Look for and choose your business by name or identification number and select it from the list
  • To complete the X-7 Statement of Change of Registered Agent, locate and click "Fill out Form."
  • Fill out the form and include a $25 fee when submitting. You have two options for paying the fee: check or credit card.

3. Changing Your Registered Agent by Mail or In-Person

To change your registered agent in Hawaii by mail or in-person, we recommend following these detailed steps:

  • Download the Form: Access the Hawaii Business Registration Division website, and download the form to the Hawaii Business Registration Division, Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs website.
  • Complete the Form: The form should be filled out in black ink. You can either type the form or write it by hand and submit it to the Business Registration Division, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.
  • Payment: You need to pay a state fees of $25.
  • Submit Your Application: Mail or deliver the completed form and any additional documents, along with the filing fee, to the Business Registration Division's office:

State of Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

Business Registration Division

335 Merchant Street

P.O. Box 40 Honolulu, Hawaii 96810

4. Changing Your Registered Agent by Amendment

To change a registered agent in Hawaii by filing an amendment, you typically need to:

  • Obtain the Articles of Amendment form specific to your business type (corporation, LLC, etc.) from the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) website.
  • Fill out the form, including information about the current and new registered agent, and any other changes being made to the business entity.
  • Pay the filing fee; the fee for filing Articles of Amendment, which includes changing a registered agent for a domestic corporation in Hawaii, is $25.
  • Submit the form and fee to the DCCA, either online, by mail, or in person.

5. Changing Your Registered Agent by Annual Report

In Hawaii, businesses have the option to change their registered agent when filing their annual report.

This process allows for a convenient update of registered agent information alongside other annual updates.

Here's how:

  • Access the Filing System: Log in to the Hawaii Business Express website to access your business's annual report filing.
  • Update Information: In the annual report form, locate the section for the registered agent information.
  • Enter New Agent Details: Fill in the new registered agent's name and contact details.
  • Review and Submit: Ensure all information is correct, then submit the annual report along with the required fee.
  • Fees: The annual report filing fee for businesses in Hawaii is $15.00.

Who Can Be A Hawaii Registered Agent?

Businessman and businesswoman shaking hands

Hawaii registered agents are people or entities designated to receive legal documents and official correspondence on behalf of a Hawaii business entity, such as a corporation, LLC, or partnership [2].

According to Hawaii state law, a registered agent must meet the following requirements:

The registered agent must:

  • Have a physical street address in Hawaii.
  • Be available to receive legal documents and official correspondence on their behalf during regular business hours.
  • The registered agent must consent to serve as the registered agent for the business entity.

A business entity cannot serve as its own registered agent in Hawaii.

Therefore, many businesses hire a professional registered agent service to fulfill this role.

Not all registered agents are allowed to operate in every state. This means a company may choose to have the same registered agent for multiple states instead of having separate agents for each state.


How Long Does It Take The State To Process And Complete The Change Of Registered Agent In Hawaii?

The time it takes the state to process a complete change of registered agent in Hawaii varies depending on your chosen method. Online filings are usually processed within 5 business days; expedited review takes approximately one to three business days but requires an additional fee.

Is Consent Required From The New Registered Agent?

Yes, consent from the new registered agent in Hawaii is required as they must agree to accept legal responsibilities on behalf of the business.

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent in Hawaii?

Yes, you can be your own registered agent in Hawaii if you have a physical address in the state and are available during normal business hours to receive legal and official documents for your business.



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