Why Use a Registered Agent for LLC? (Advanced Guide)

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Last updated: May 3, 2024
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You will make many important decisions when starting a limited liability company (LLC). One crucial choice is whether to use a registered agent for your LLC.

Using a registered agent offers many benefits and can help ensure the smooth operation of your LLC.

As an LLC expert with over a decade of experience, I will explore why using a registered agent is wise and provides you with the expertise and trust you need to make an informed choice.

Quick Summary

  • Using a registered agent for your LLLC helps maintain privacy and protects your personal information.
  • A registered agent receives service of process on your LLC’s behalf and allows you to focus on running your business.
  • According to NASS data, over 90% of businesses consider organization crucial for maintaining good standing with the state and improving their professionalism.
  • According to my research, you have the option to appoint a member, act as your agent, or employ a registered agent service provider.

Why Should You Use a Registered Agent for Your LLC?

You should use a registered agent for your LLC to maintain your privacy and give your company a professional image.

"Choosing the appropriate registered agent and keeping abreast of state laws are essential steps to maintain your LLC's legal compliance and operational efficiency, thereby securing your business's success and durability."

- Delina Yasmeh, J.D./Tax LL.M, Distinguished Expert in Mergers & Acquisitions

These are some of the reasons why you should use a registered agent for your LLC:

1. Maintaining Privacy and Protecting Personal Information

Writing on a document to protect personal information

One of the key reasons to use a registered agent is to maintain privacy and protect your personal information.

Based on my experience, employing a registered agent when starting an LLC maintains privacy and keeps my personal information protected.

By using an LLC statutory agent, you can keep your personal information private. The statutory agent's address will be listed on the public record instead of your own, ensuring that your business address remains confidential.

Registered agents receive service of process such as lawsuits, subpoenas, and tax notices on your behalf during regular business hours.

This allows your business entity to maintain a professional image and ensures that legal matters are handled appropriately and discreetly.

Using a registered agent provides an added layer of security. They have systems to handle sensitive information securely, reducing the risk of identity theft or fraud.

2. Ensuring Compliance with State Requirements

Reading a state requirement to ensure compliance

Compliance with state requirements is crucial for the smooth operation of your LLC. Each state has specific rules and regulations that LLCs must follow, including having a registered agent [1]. According to the Iowa Secretary of State, approximately 70% of businesses successfully meet annual reporting requirements, underscoring the importance of adherence to maintain good standing.

Failing to comply with these requirements can cause legal and financial consequences such as penalties, fines, or even the dissolution of your LLC.

A statutory agent is well-versed in the state's regulations and ensures that your LLC remains compliant.

They receive important documents from the state, such as LLC annual report, reminders, and notices and forward them to you promptly.

Nellie Akalp, founder and CEO of CorpNet, adds that a good statutory agent provides peace of mind while maintaining confidentiality of your documents.

This helps you stay on top of your obligations and avoid potential penalties.

A resident agent can assist with forming and maintaining your LLC. They can help you navigate the complex paperwork involved in starting an LLC and file all the documents on time.

You also need to meet deadlines, which is where a registered agent can help you. They will keep track of important filing dates and ensure that documents are submitted on time.

This level of organization and attention to detail helps you maintain good standing with the state and avoid unnecessary disruptions to your business operations.

3. Staying Organized and Maintaining Good Standing

Using a registered agent for my LLC

Running an LLC involves many documents, meeting deadlines, and complying with requirements.

Designating an LLC registered agent will provide your company with an individual to handle all legal aspects of the business.

A registered agent helps you stay organized. They keep a record of the legal notices they receive and forward them to you, creating a paper trail that can be useful in case of disputes or audits.

This level of organization contributes to maintaining good standing with the state and instills confidence in your LLC's professionalism [2]. According to data from the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS), over 90% of businesses report that such organization is essential for maintaining good standing with the state and enhancing their professionalism.

Using a registered agent also allows you to focus on what you do best – running your business. 

You can dedicate your time and energy to growing your LLC and serving your customers by delegating the responsibility of handling legal documents to the best registered agent services.

LLCs Operating in Multiple States

A limited liability company that operates in multiple states needs a registered agent in each of the states. To avoid having to employ several representatives, you have the option to use a registered agent service provider that is licensed to operate in all 50 states.

Cost of a Registered Agent Service Provider

I remember when I helped one of my clients with registering their LLC in another state, the service only amounted to $150 per year.

You have the option to employ yourself as your own registered agent or appoint a member of the LLC. However, I always advise my clients to hire a registered agent for their expertise.

If your company operates in several states, it is advisable to employ a registered agent service provider, as long as they operate in the state where your business is located.

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Can I Be My Registered Agent for My LLC?

You can be your registered agent for your LLC. However, there are specific requirements you must meet, such as having a physical address in the state where your LLC is formed and being available during business hours to receive documents.

Can I Change My Own Registered Agent?

You can change your own registered agent by filing the appropriate forms with the state. Consult your state's regulations and consider using a professional registered agent to handle the process.

How Much Does a Registered Agent Service Cost?

The cost of a registered agent service varies depending on the provider and the level of service you require. On average, the annual fee ranges from $100 to $300.


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