How to File an LLC Annual Report in New Hampshire? (Guide)

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Last updated: April 10, 2024
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Operating a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in New Hampshire requires consistent maintenance and fulfilling several annual obligations, one of which is submitting an annual report.

As an LLC expert with over a decade of experience, I've helped multiple businesses file an annual report.

I understand the importance of keeping track of these obligations and how they can significantly impact the overall operation of your LLC.

In this comprehensive guide, with the assistance other LLC experts at Venture Smarter, I will guide you through the process of filing an LLC annual report in New Hampshire, covering everything from understanding its purpose to meeting deadlines and fees.

Quick Summary

  • To file an LLC annual report in New Hampshire, go to the secretary of state website and  fill the required form.
  • The report filing fee is set at $100. In addition, a late fee of $50 is imposed, which is payable in addition to the report filing fee. This fee is due annually.
  • Any business in the state that fails to file the annual report on time is subject to a $50 penalty.
  • The LLC industry in New Hampshire is growing tremendously, with each year witnessing over 7,000 new LLCs being formed.

What Is A New Hampshire LLC Annual Report?

A woman in an office filing for a New Hampshire annual report

A New Hampshire LLC annual report is a mandatory document that limited liability companies must submit yearly to the state [1].

This report provides the state with crucial information about your company, including the names and addresses of directors or managing members and the company's registered agent and principal office address.

Drawing from Venture Smarter's experience, the primary purpose of filing the annual report is to maintain good standing with the New Hampshire Secretary of State and to comply with state regulations.

How to File a New Hampshire Annual Report?

A woman in an office filing for a New Hampshire annual report

To file a New Hampshire annual report, you choose between online or mail filings.

1. Online

The following are the steps to file a New Hampshire annual report online:

  • Go to the NH QuickStart website
  • Create a new account and log in or log in if you already have an account
  • Click “Business services” from the NH QuickStart side menu on your dashboard
  • Click “File an annual report/fee”
  • Search your LLC by name or by its business ID
  • Select your LLC from the list and click “Continue”
  • You should see the current year selected. Click “File an Annual Report/Annual Fee/Nonprofit Report”

2. By Mail

You can file the annual report by completing the paper form and mailing it to the New Hampshire Secretary of State Office.

When trying this filing method, we went to the Secretary of State and request a paper form of the annual report. Once they emailed Venture Smarter the PDF document, we completed the business details and printed it.

You also have the option to contact the Annual Report Request Line at 603-271-8200 and leave a voicemail requesting that a Form be sent to you via mail.

To complete the process, you can pay for the filing using a check or money order payable to the Secretary of state.

Corporation Division NH Department of the NH Department of State

107 N. Main St., Concord, NH 03301

What to Include in the Annual Report?

Two business people having a discussion about the annual report

You need to include the business name, ID number, and mailing address in the annual report. The mailing address is different from the principal office address.

Other information that you typically need to include when filing your New Hampshire LLC annual report are:

  • Principal Office Address: The main business address of your LLC.
  • Registered Agent Information: The name and address of your New Hampshire registered agent
  • Name and Address of Managers or Members: If the LLC is member-managed, list the name and address of each LLC member
  • Nature of Business: A brief description of the primary activities of the business.
  • Authorized Signature: The report must be signed by an authorized representative of the LLC. 
  • Filing Fee: There is a fee associated with filing the LLC annual report
  • Date of Filing: The date on which the report is filed.

How Early Can I File My Annual Report in New Hampshire?

You can file an annual report in New Hampshire as early as January 1st. This deadline applies to all limited liability companies, both domestic and foreign.

"Regardless of the type of business you operate, we recommend understanding the specific filing requirements for your organization to maintain compliance with state regulations."

-Jon Morgan, CEO, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Venture Smarter

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What Is the Filing Fee for the Report?

A woman computing the annual report filing fee

The filing fee for the report is $100. However, the state also charges a late fee of $50, which will be paid besides the report filing fee [2].

This fee needs to be paid on an annual basis. If you submit the report online, there is an additional $2 fee for this convenience.

Venture Smarter often advises LLC owners to include the correct amount for their filing method (online or by mail) and any late fees, wen preparing your payment.

What Is the Due Date for Submitting the Report?

The due date for submitting the report is April 1 of each year. You should submit it to the New Hampshire Department of State, Corporations Division within this time.

Penalties for Not Filling out the LLC Annual Report

New Hampshire has over 40,000 active LLCs, that are required to file their annual report to help the state maintain its sixth position for business tax climate, as ranked by the Tax Foundation [3].

However, any business in the state that fail to file the annual report on time are subject to a $50 penalty.

Nonprofit organizations, while exempt from this late fee, still face the possibility of administrative dissolution or revocation for non-compliance.


Who Is Authorized To File the LLC Annual Report in New Hampshire?

An LLC officer/director, member/manager, or an external party like an attorney is authorized to file the annual report in New Hampshire. Alternatively, you can engage third-party registered agent services to handle the process, where they will prepare and submit your New Hampshire Annual Report for you.

Will You Receive a Reminder To File the New Hampshire Annual Report?

Yes, you will receive a reminder to file the New Hampshire annual report from the state 2-3 months before the deadline. You can also track the annual report deadline via your online dashboard on the SOS website.

How Can I Verify That My LLC Annual Report Was Successfully Filed in New Hampshire?

To verify that your LLC Annual Report has been successfully filed in New Hampshire, you can utilize the New Hampshire Secretary of State's business search tool on their website. By entering the name of your LLC, you can access its filing history. If your annual report has been filed and processed, this should be reflected in the business's records.



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