LawDepot vs Rocket Lawyer (Comparison & Test 2024)

Jon Morgan
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Last updated: June 21, 2024
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When it comes to the complex world of online legal services, having a reliable and trustworthy provider is crucial.

LawDepot and Rocket Lawyer are two prominent names in the industry, offering various services to assist individuals and businesses with their legal needs.

To determine which company is the best fit for your requirements, it's essential to consider their expertise, trustworthiness, and credibility.

As a business consultant with over a decade of practice, I had the opportunity to work alongside different online legal services for business formation and consultation purposes.

Leveraging my expertise, I conducted a comprehensive evaluation of LawDepot and Rocket Lawyer.

At a Glance: LawDepot vs. Rocket Lawyer

Comparing LawDepot to RocketLawyer

LawDepot was established in 2001 with the initial purpose of creating a platform that could generate legal documents. The company has over 10 million users since, with more than 20 million documents created.

Rocket Lawyer, on the other hand, was founded in 2008 with the intention of providing access to affordable legal services. To date, the company has nearly 30 million accounts.

1. LawDepot LLC Highlights:

  • Extensive document library
  • Document customization
  • Flexibility and editing options
  • Affordable pricing
  • Document management and storage

Our #1 Recommendation

Pointing at a document for LawDepot


Rated 4.73/5

2. Rocket Lawyer LLC Highlights:

  • Legal document creation
  • Attorney services and legal advice
  • Legal assistance and support
  • Collaboration and e-signatures
  • Document storage and organization

Our #1 Recommendation

Rocket Lawyer CTA

Rocket Lawyer

Rated 4.78/5

3. How LawDepot and Rocket Lawyer Stack Together

LawDepot and Rocket Lawyer both provide online legal services, with a focus on document preparation and legal assistance.

While you have the option to pick a package suitable for your personal or business needs, LawDepot offers more choices.

When we at Venture Smarter were helping one particular client form an LLC, we realized that LawDepot has a more affordable registered agent service. Rocket Lawyer, on the other hand, offered more additional services than its counterpart, which is definitely worth noting.

"Behind every successful business lies the courage decision to take a risk."

- Delina Chantel, Mergers & Acquisitions Specialist & Writer of Venture Smarter 

Side-by-Side LLC Plan Comparisons

LawDepot and Rocket Lawyer are online legal service platforms that do not feature standard LLC formation packages. However, after availing the services of both providers, Venture Smarter learned that both companies offer various pricing plans for its professional services.

1. Basic Plan: LawDepot Free Trial vs Rocket Lawyer Non-Subscriber Cost

  • LawDepot's One-Week Free Trial: Users can access templates to generate legal documents for one week. Once the free trial is over, you have the option to subscribe to their monthly or annual plans.
  • Rocket Lawyer's Non-Subscriber ($99.99 + state fees): For non-subscribers, Rocket Lawyer offers a basic LLC formation service priced at $99.99. This package does not include any additional upsell products or access to other online legal services. State filing fees are separate and not included in the $99.99 cost.

2. Mid-Level Plan: LawDepot Monthly Subscription vs Rocket Lawyer RocketLegal

  • LawDepot's Monthly Subscription: LawDepot's monthly subscription costs $35 per month. This plan includes unlimited document creation and printing, and it can be canceled at any time.
  • Rocket Lawyer’s RocketLegal Monthly Plan ($39.99 + state filing fees): Users can enjoy a free one-week trial, which automatically converts to a monthly membership if not cancelled. The plan includes legal services, customizable legal templates, RocketSign, and Document Defense.

3. Top-Level Plan Comparison: LawDepot Annual Subscription vs RocketLegal+

  • LawDepot's Annual Subscription ($107.88) This plan includes unlimited document creation and printing. LawDepot also offers a pay-per-document option, which starts at $7.50 to $119, depending on the document type.
  • Rocket Lawyer’s RocketLegal+ ($239.88 + state filing fees): The package includes all the features of the RocketLegal plan, complemented by a 50% discount on all available professional services, such as hiring a lawyer, RocketTax, trademark registration, and registered agent service.

Registered Agent Service

Registered Agent Service for RocketLawyer

LawDepot features a registered agent provider to act as a representative, but may outsource or delegate the service to Northwest Registered Agent for $125 a year.

In my experience, the application can be done online, and the price varies depending on which state your business is located in.

Rocket Lawyer offers professional registered agent services for $249.99. This service ensures proper handling and compliance with legal requirements.

Additional Services

Most additional services for both online legal service platforms come free of charge since it is included in the monthly package.

1. Business Formation Documents

LawDepot and RocketLawyer offer customizable legal documents for business formation, including articles of incorporation, partnership agreements, and operating agreements for LLCs.

LawDepot also provides a selection of free legal documents, offering a cost-effective option for small business owners.

2. Document Preparation

LawDepot allows users to customize and personalize the business formation documents by answering a series of questions tailored to their specific situation.

Rocket Lawyer handles the preparation of necessary legal documents required for business formation.

This includes drafting articles of incorporation, articles of organization, partnership agreements, and operating agreements.

3. Document Editing and Modification

LawDepot allows users to make edits and modifications to the generated documents as needed, providing flexibility in tailoring the content to suit individual preferences and legal requirements.

4. Entity Selection

Rocket Lawyer helps users determine the most suitable legal entity for their business, such as a corporation, LLC, or partnership, based on their specific needs and goals.

5. Filing Assistance

Rocket Lawyer guides users through the process of filing the required documents with the appropriate government authorities, such as the Secretary of State or similar agencies.

They also offer assistance in obtaining any necessary licenses or permits, simplifying the overall filing process for small business owners.

6. Compliance Support

Rocket Lawyer provides guidance on compliance matters, including ongoing requirements, annual reports, and maintaining corporate records, to help small businesses meet their legal obligations [1].

Their online legal services offer support for staying compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

Customer Service

LawDepot offers customer support via live chat, email support, and mail service. Aside from these, Venture Smarter also had the chance to talk to a lawyer and ask for legal guidance.

Rocket Lawyer provides customer assistance via email and phone to guide users through every step of the business formation journey.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews for RocketLawyer and LawDepot


Which is More Affordable, LawDepot or Rocket Lawyer?

LawDepot is slightly more affordable than Rocket Lawyer with regards to their monthly rates.

Which has a Higher Ranking for Online Legal Services, LawDepot or Rocket Lawyer?

Rocket Lawyer has a higher ranking for online legal services at number 1 while LawDepot is in the top 7.

LawDepot Vs Rocket Lawyer: Our Recommendation

Both LawDepot and Rocket Lawyer offer valuable online legal services for businesses.

LawDepot focuses on customizable legal document creation, while Rocket Lawyer provides a more comprehensive range of services, including attorney support and business formation assistance.

After personally considering the general features and services of both companies, I recommend Rocket Lawyer primarily due to the volume of users or subscribers.

However, if you're looking for an alternative that offers an all-encompassing approach to business formation and ongoing compliance, ZenBusiness is worth considering.

Our #1 Recommendation


Man with ZenBusiness logo overlay
Rated 4.95/5
  • Offers a wide variety of LLC formation services, including Starter, Pro, and Premium plans.
  • Starter package features a 1-year compliance service for free.
  • Pro and Premium plans feature 1 to 5 day expedited registration process.
  • Formation packages range from $0 to $349, which can be suited to the budget.
  • ZenBusiness has excellent customer feedback and reviews.
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of July
  • The registered agent is not included in the basic package.



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