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If you’re looking to form a Wisconsin LLC, you will need to know how to look up a business entity name. When creating your limited liability company, you’ll need to ensure your business entity name is available.

In this guide, we will guide you on performing a Wisconsin business name search to help you choose your desired business name.

How Do I Look Up An LLC Name In Wisconsin?

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To look up a Wisconsin business name, you can search for their business entity name to check your business name availability. This tool is called the Wisconsin Business Name Search or Wisconsin Business Entity search.

Information For Wisconsin LLC Lookup

To search your business names, you can visit the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions. You can search using uppercase or lowercase, and make sure to leave out commas or periods and LLC or limited liability company when you perform your LLC name search.

Interpreting Search Results

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If the results in the search show names that aren’t similar to yours, then your LLC name is available. For example, if your LLC name is Riverwalk Studios LLC and the only name that comes up in the search is Riverwalk Rentals, your name is available.

If no results show up, then your LLC name is unique, and your name reservation can be completed. To double-check, you can run your name availability search again with only part of your LLC name.

If your exact LLC name is on the list, then that name is not available because another Wisconsin LLC is using that name.

If your LLC name isn’t available, you will have to come up with another name for your business or a different variation of your chosen name.

Wisconsin Business Search Options

There are a few ways to search for available domain names and existing business entities to ensure your name availability.

Wisconsin Secretary Of State

Regardless of the state, every corporation, LLC, or entity type must register with the Secretary of State. Their search can be used to check the existing business entities registered for their LLC name. These online searches are free to the public.

Credit Bureaus

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Credit Bureaus also keep records of businesses registered with the Wisconsin Secretary of State. This includes LLCs and any corporation. These records also include information about the company, like business address, contact, and more.

These records can be accessed through the credit bureau website with any of these criteria, including LLC name, SSN or EIN, or location. You may also be able to tell the type of company they are based on their EIN.

Credit Bureaus typically charge for this service.

Search Engine

The simplest solution for a company name search is to check search records. Search engines will give you results on LLCs as well as any corporation. If you are using Google, they will likely find search records from an official government website.

Social Media

To find the business name and other crucial information about a corporation or LLC can be found on their social media. It can be a very effective way to look up business websites and other information about existing businesses. Best of all, it’s free.

Business Association

Trade associations and community groups can help you look up an LLC and all the information you need about a business. You can look at other LLCs or companies that do business in a similar field as your business.

Department of Financial Institutions

If you’re ever in doubt about where to search your business name, you can contact the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions to confirm that your Wisconsin LLC name is available.

The representatives are there to help you use the business name search to perform an availability search.

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Can I Name My LLC Anything?

No, you can’t name your LLC anything. Wisconsin, like other states, has restrictions, and you cannot include them in your LLC name. You can’t pass off your LLC as a government entity or bank. You cannot include the words Inc, corp, incorporated, corporation, or cooperative anywhere in your LLC name.

Do I Need A Name Reservation For Wisconsin?

No, you don’t need a name reservation for Wisconsin. You can simply file your Articles of Organization with your desired business name.

Does My LLC Need A DBA In Wisconsin?

No, your LLC doesn’t need a DBA or Doing Business As in Wisconsin. A DBA allows your LLC to do business under a name separate from its legal name as listed in the Articles of Organization.

What Does Distinguishable Mean For A Business Name?

Distinguishable means that no two businesses can do business with the exact same name. Each business name must be distinguishable according to Wisconsin.

How Do I Choose A Business Name?

The way you choose a business name is all up to you, but it’s more than selecting a name that you simply like. Your business name impacts your entire brand. Choose a name that is simple to spell and pronounce, one that is web-friendly, one that is consistent with your brand, and something that will be memorable but not overly unique.


Your business name is a crucial representation of your business and brand. Picking the right business name can be one of the most significant decisions you make when starting an LLC in Wisconsin.

There are several ways to look up your business name availability in Wisconsin. The easiest way is to use the Wisconsin Business Name Search and reach out to the Department of Financial Institutions for assistance with your search if necessary.

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