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If you’re forming a West Virginia business, such as an LLC or corporation, with the West Virginia Secretary of State, you must know how to do a business name search for your desired business name.

A West Virginia business name search will provide this information for free, but finding out how to get West Virginia business names can take a lot of time and effort.

This guide will guide you in performing a West Virginia business name search and the West Virginia naming requirements to help you choose your business name.

How Do I Look Up An LLC Name in West Virginia?

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To look up an LLC name in West Virginia, you can search existing business entities to check LLC name availability for your company. You can perform a search through the West Virginia Business Entity Search.

Information for West Virginia LLC Name Lookup

When looking up a business entity search with the West Virginia Secretary of State, there are a few key factors to follow.

Search your business name and leave out LLC or any variation of the word when searching LLC names. Also, leave out commas, periods, and other punctuation.

The search is made to use uppercase or lowercase letters, so no capitalization is needed.

To rule out any similar names to your organization name, search only part of your business entity name, and it’s also best to search in singles and multiples of the words.

For example, if your West Virginia LLC name is Boardwalk Studios LLC, try to search Boardwalk only, Boardwalk Studio, and Boardwalk Studios to rule out similar names.

Interpreting Search Results

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If your state business entity search results show names that aren’t similar to yours, then your limited liability company name is available.

Using the example above, if your limited liability company name is Boardwalk Studios LLC, and the only similar names are Boardwalk Rentals and Boardwalk Studio Starters, your name is unique from these results.

If no results appear in the state business entity search, that means that your limited liability company name is unique and available.

If your exact LLC name comes up in the list as one of the existing business entities registered, the name isn’t available to use.

You will have to choose a new available trade name or vary your name to make it unique from the other officially registered businesses.

West Virginia Business Search Options

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How do you search West Virginia business available domain names? You can look up an LLC by searching for a business name with the West Virginia Secretary of State.

This will generate key business details, including name, type of business, the status of the company, and details like address, location, and more.

Another thing to consider when performing a search is that even if the desired name is available, there may be a trademark associated with that name.

You can perform a trademark search through the state’s office electronic name search here.

If you’re struggling to choose business names, you can also look through expired names. If you believe an expired business name may work for your business name, you may confirm that it is available by calling the Secretary of State at 304-558-6000.

Social Media

Because we now live in a digital age, it’s also essential to check search records on various social media platforms to ensure your West Virginia business name is available on social media.

If existing businesses are using your name on social media regardless of filing with the West Virginia Secretary of State, this can lead to future problems.

Domain Names

It’s also a good idea to check if the domain name of your business is available. You can use websites like Nemechek or GoDaddy to check available domain names and suggest alternatives [1].

While a .com site is the most common domain, sites that end in .co, .net, and .io are becoming more common and can help you distinguish your website from others.


Does West Virginia Require LLC in West Virginia Business Names?

Yes, a West Virginia requires LLC as a designator at the end of West Virginia business names. This includes LLC, L.L.C, Limited Liability Company, or Ltd. Liability Co.

Do I Need A Name Reservation for West Virginia?

No, you don’t need a name reservation for West Virginia. You will simply file the Articles Of Organization with your LLC name.


Your West Virginia LLC name is one of the most key decisions you can make when starting your new LLC in West Virginia. The company’s name will be associated with your brand and will be how your customers identify with your business.

The easiest way to look up the availability of your West Virginia business entity name is through the Secretary of State’s website. Make sure to follow all of our tips on how to search and interpret the results.

Ensuring your business entity name is unique will help you register your LLC quickly.

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