How to Look up an LLC in Vermont? (The Most Effective Way)

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As an entrepreneur in Vermont, you should avoid using names already used by existing businesses to prevent legal complications.

Performing a thorough name lookup before you start a Vermont LLC is essential to ensure your business name is unique and available.

As an expert in business registration and legal procedures, I will guide you through the most effective way to conduct an LLC search in Vermont.

This post will discuss using the Secretary of State for a business entity search in Vermont. We'll also go over how to check if the name of a business is trademarked and the reasons for performing a Vermont LLC search.

Quick Summary

  • To effectively look for an LLC in Vermont, use the Secretary of State's website for a comprehensive business entity search.
  • Vermont provides various search options, including the Vermont Secretary of State's online database and contacting the Business Services Division by phone or email, among other alternatives.
  • According to the Vermont Secretary of State, Vermont boasts over 10,000 active LLCs, indicating a robust business climate.
  • From what I've seen, ensuring your LLC name is unique and not trademarked is vital for legal protection and establishing a distinct business identity in Vermont.

How to Search an LLC in Vermont?

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To search for an LLC in Vermont, utilize the Vermont Secretary of State's online database for a comprehensive name search.

This platform allows for a detailed examination of business names, ensuring uniqueness and compliance with state regulations.

Additional methods include direct inquiries via phone or email to the Business Services Division and other potential search alternatives the state provides.

According to the Vermont Secretary of State, the state has seen a significant increase in LLC registrations, with numbers rising to over 10,000 active LLCs, demonstrating Vermont's thriving business environment.

1. Use the Vermont Business Name Search Tool

To conduct a name search, the first step is to navigate to the Vermont Secretary of State federal website page and type the desired name into the first search area.

a. Name Search

Here are the steps you can take:

  • Access the business name search tool on the Vermont Secretary of State's website.
  • Enter the desired LLC business name you want to look up.
  • Click the search button to initiate the query for your specified business name.
  • Examine the list of names that appear to check for matches or similarities to your desired name.
  • Determine if your chosen name is unique and not already used by another registered business in Vermont.
  • If required, utilize advanced search criteria like entity number or executive name for more specific searches.

The primary method for searching for an LLC name in Vermont is through the Vermont Secretary of State's online database.

This tool allows you to enter the desired business name and check if it is already in use or too similar to existing names. Additionally, you can filter the results to include all companies with similar names and click Search.

A secondary page will show a list of names produced by your query's metrics.

If the name is already used, choose a different company name for your Vermont LLC.

b. Entity Number

If you have the specific entity number of an LLC, you can conduct a more targeted search.

This method is particularly useful if you are looking for detailed information about a specific registered LLC in Vermont.

Here, you can go through all the details on the concerned entity that have been made public.

To access the entity's business information you are searching for, click on the name in the far left row.

By choosing the tabs at the bottom of the page, you will also have the ability to check:

  • Filing record
  • Name history
  • Company shares

c. Executive Name

Sometimes, you may search for an LLC using the name of an executive associated with the business.

This method can be helpful if you are researching the business activities of a particular individual within the state.

You can narrow down and review the search results using the following criteria by using the advanced search feature on this website:

  • Company NAICS Code
  • City
  • Zip code
  • Name of the agent

2. Call the State

Dialing the telephone to contact the IRS

For personalized assistance or speaking to a representative, call the Business Services Division of the Vermont Secretary of State [1]. According to recent statistics provided by the Vermont Secretary of State's office, businesses that directly engage with the Business Services Division experience a 95% satisfaction rate with the assistance provided.

They are available at 802-828-2386 or toll-free at 888-647-4582. This service is particularly useful for clarifying doubts or getting guidance on the LLC name search process.

3. Send an Email

You can also email the Business Services Division at for inquiries related to LLC name searches.

This option suits those who prefer written communication or need to send specific documentation.

4. Other Business Entity Search Alternatives

A close up image of a person writing down the Vermont search options

Apart from the above methods, Vermont may offer additional ways to search for business entities.

These could include:

a. State Office Records

Apart from the above methods, Vermont may offer additional ways to search for business entities. You can explore physical archives or request specific reports from the state office to access detailed information about businesses. This can be particularly useful for historical or in-depth research.

b. Search Engines

Utilizing search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo is a straightforward and accessible method to gather information about a business entity in Vermont. These search engines can provide a broad range of results, including official websites, news articles, and more.

c. Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be valuable resources for researching businesses in Vermont. These platforms can offer insights into a company's online presence, interactions with customers, and promotional activities.

d. Review Websites

Websites like Yelp, Better Business Bureau, and Glassdoor provide reviews and ratings of businesses in Vermont from customers and employees. Checking these platforms can help you gauge the reputation and quality of services offered by a particular business.

In Vermont, you may access information about an incorporated LLC, including:

This information may be helpful if you're thinking about merging your Vermont business services with that particular liability corp.

How to Check If A Business Name Is Trademarked in Vermont?

Here’s how to check if a business name is trademarked in Vermont:

1. United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Database

The USPTO's online database provides a comprehensive search tool for trademarks across the United States. Since trademarks are federal, ensuring your chosen name isn't trademarked nationally is important. This is because federal registration provides stronger protection and precedes state-level filings.

2. Consult the Vermont Secretary of State’s Trademark Database

Vermont may have a state-specific trademark database accessible through the Secretary of State's website. This database can provide information on trademarks registered at the state level.

3. Seek Professional Help

Consider consulting with a trademark attorney or a professional trademark search firm. They can provide a thorough search and advice on the likelihood of a trademark conflict.

4. Check Online and Domain Availability

Sometimes, a quick online search and domain name check can reveal if a name is being used commercially, which might indicate a trademark.

5. Review Business Directories and Local Listings

Local business directories and listings can also provide insights into whether a business name is in use, potentially indicating a trademark.

Before finalizing your LLC name, it's crucial to ensure that it's not only unique in Vermont's state records but also not trademarked. Trademark infringement can lead to legal issues, so this step is vital.

Reasons to Perform an LLC Search in Vermont

Conducting an LLC search in Vermont is crucial for various reasons beyond just verifying the uniqueness of a business name.

Here are several key motivations for performing an LLC search:

  • Ensure the name adheres to Vermont's business naming laws and regulations.
  • Help establish a unique identity for your business, crucial for branding and marketing.
  • Prevent potential legal disputes with other businesses due to name similarities.
  • Assists in finding a suitable domain name for your online presence.
  • Verify the legitimacy and history of a business before partnerships or investments.
  • Gain insights into a company's financial stability and operational track record.
  • Identify potential competitors and assess the business landscape in your industry.
  • Check for any legal disputes or liabilities associated with a business.
  • Avoid infringing on existing intellectual property rights of other businesses.
  • Update and verify business records in anticipation of selling or transferring ownership.

"If your Vermont LLC's Articles of Organization (the document that establishes your Vermont LLC) are filed and the business name you've chosen is unavailable, there's no need to worry. The state will inform you and explain the reasons for the rejection of your filing."

- Jon Morgan, CEO, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Venture Smarter

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Can I Reserve A Desired Vermont LLC Name?

You can reserve a desired Vermont LLC name, especially if you don't plan on starting the company immediately.

Can I Change My Vermont Business Name?

You can change your Vermont business name. First, you must get a copy of the Certificate of Amendment from the Vermont Secretary of State website. Fill it out and submit it to their office.

Is there a Fee for Conducting an LLC Name Search in Vermont?

There is no fee for conducting an LLC name Search in Vermont. However, there may be fees for certain other services, such as reserving a business name or requesting detailed reports.



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