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Do you need to look up an LLC in Minnesota? If so, you've come to the right place! This article will discuss how to conduct a business name search in Minnesota.

We will also provide tips on effectively conducting your search and getting the most accurate results. Let's get started!

How Do I Look Up an LLC in Minnesota?

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If you need to look up an LLC in Minnesota, the best place to start is the business entity search or corporation search on the Minnesota State Secretary's website.

Once you have entered the business name, click the "Search" button. This will take you to the existing business entities search page.

You will be able to see a list of all businesses that match your correct search criteria. If you know the business name that you are looking for, click on the "View Details" button.

This will take you to the business detail page. On this page, you will see basic information about the business, including the business entity type, status, filing date, and registered agent information.

You can click on the "View Document" button if you need more information about the existing business. This will take you to the business's filing history, where you can view all documents that have been filed with the State Secretary.

Information for Minnesota LLC Lookup

The Minnesota Secretary of State's website is the best place to look up an LLC in Minnesota.

You can search for business entities by name, business ID, or file number.

You can also view a list of all business entities that have been formed in Minnesota.

If you need more information about the business entity, you can view a list of all filings by clicking on the "Filings" tab.

When searching for an LLC, it is important to remember that business entities can have different names. For example, an LLC may be registered under its business name, or it may be registered under a fictitious business name.

Minnesota Search Options

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The Secretary of State's website offers two search options:

  • Business Name Search
  • File Number Search

Search by Business Name

The easiest way to look up an LLC in Minnesota is by conducting a business name search with the Minnesota Secretary of State. You can search for businesses by name, entity type, or filing number.

Search by File Number

The Filing Number Search is a great option if you know the business entity's filing number. This number is assigned by the Secretary of State when the business files certain documents, such as its Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization.

You can enter the filing number into the search bar and click "Search."

This will take you to the document detail page, where you can view the filed document.

Minnesota LLC Name Requirements

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When you are ready to form your LLC, be sure to follow the naming guidelines set forth by the Minnesota Secretary of State. This will ensure that your LLC is properly registered with the state and that you can avoid any potential problems.

Some of the most important things to remember are:

  • The desired business name must end with "Limited Liability Company," "LLC," or "L.L.C."
  • The business name cannot include certain restricted words, such as "Bank," "Insurance," or "University."
  • The business name cannot be too similar to another business entity already registered with the state.

To learn more about LLC naming requirements in Minnesota, visit the Secretary of State's website or contact a business formation attorney.


Should I Name My LLC After Myself?

No, it would be best if you did not name your LLC after yourself. Your LLC's name should be distinct from your personal name. It should reflect your business and give potential customers an idea of what products or services you offer.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Your Name for Your Business?

Naming your LLC after yourself can create problems if you ever decide to sell the business or bring on new partners. It can also make it more difficult to open a business bank account or obtain business insurance.

How Much Does It Cost to Set up an LLC in Minnesota?

The cost to set up an LLC in Minnesota is $135 by mail and $155 to file online or in person. This fee is paid when you file your Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State.

How Long Does It Take for an LLC to Be Approved in Minnesota?

It usually takes the Minnesota Secretary of State about seven to ten business days to approve an LLC. However, the processing time may be longer if there are any problems with the Articles of Organization or the state is experiencing a high volume of filings.

Minnesota LLC Lookup: Conclusion

Now that you know how to look up a Minnesota LLC, you can start your LLC in Minnesota. Remember to use our tips to conduct an effective search and get the most accurate results. Good luck!

This article was meant to provide general information about LLCs in Minnesota. It is not legal advice, and you should consult with an attorney if you have questions about your specific business.

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